Layer Twenty-Three, Week Three – Sunday


Sunday’s Focus

Spend some quality time with the Personality Attachment movement. Accept and allow that you have limits and that those personality limits are variable, changeable, and environmentally specific.

Sunday’s Concepts

Wow, it has been a long time since we did a few weeks of recap. So, let’s! As you make your way through this review concentrate on the movements and the underlying foundational principles. Make sure you are feeling the contents and the intent of the movements. When you get to a week that doesn’t feel familiar, go back. You are looking to identify resistance. Not remembering and confusion are freeze fears. Frustration is a fight fear. Wanting to push past without review is a flight fear. Convincing yourself you are okay not reviewing could be a fix or familiar fear.

Be determined and tenacious, review until it feels integrated and fluid.

Use some of the Hara you began to develop in L23W2 and tackle the discomfort that reviewing or going back brings up.

Having said that, we are going all the way back to Layer 13, Week Three. Yikes!

L13W3 – The Personality Prison – The intention of this week is to help discover where your personality confines you and how to feel and identify Essence.

The movement is Personality Attachment. It shows you how to find the places where you limit your expressions and experiences of happiness, playfulness, fulfillment, gratitude, kindness, and understanding. It will help you find the places where you lack tolerance, are quick to anger, and where you get reactive.

This week’s content deals with the limiting aspects of personality and how you use habitual reactions to stay in a familiar zone that stifles the expression of your Essence.

You value your personality differently in every social setting, personal interaction, physical and emotional situation, and when you are alone. That value will have a ton of different, constantly changing, labels.

Those labels will have an attachment and corresponding value in each of your bodies, components, and energy configurations. Underneath that value is judgment, labeling, comparison, conflict, association, reflection, projection, confidence, condemnation, acceptance, and rejection. Beneath those things is the collection of your habits, biases, predispositions, and fears. Under that is your Essence.

The You that is you without resistance and without the projections of your fears is your Essence. We will explore Essence much more deeply in the coming weeks and months.

The more Essence you develop and cultivate, the more you will influence your environment in beneficial ways. As you grow your capacity to feel, to experience your Essence, you will grow your capacity to radiate that Essence as an influencing energy.

If you can’t readily upwell your Essence, go back and revisit the concepts, focuses, and movement.

Layer Twenty-Three, Week Three – Monday



Monday’s Focus

Feeling Your Walls will help you figure out the dynamics of the habitual expression of your energy movement; your normal limiting patterns and how to be more expressive.

Monday’s Concepts

L13W4 – You Version 2.0 – Active Incremental Evolution: your personality is a box and evolutionary changes happen when you choose to explore what lies outside of that box.

The movement for this week is Feeling Your Walls. It gives you some tools to figure out how, where, when, and why you limit your Essence. Your personality is the habitual expression of energy movement. You do what you normally do. This movement will help you find ways to be more energetically expressive – happier, more fulfilled, increasingly influential, and playful.

Awareness and empathy allow you to discern current and transitional energy movements. What is changing and what consequences will there be (how are the changes affecting other energies and what will the effects be)? Why are things changing? Is it fear or opportunity? Why aren’t things changing? Is it fear or habit?

Your non-optimum energy configurations, imbalances, and inefficient energy movements lead to the habits that make up your limiting personality. What impinges your ability to grow is your attachment to those personality traits and less than optimal habits.

Your subconscious mind is the greatest restrictive factor for your Essence. Most of your limiting beliefs are mental. Consciously or subconsciously, you think something is true and stop looking for proof, examples, or opportunities that will challenge those beliefs. Bias, judgment, and predisposition inhibit evolution.

Check-in with your emotional habits. How do you emotionally react and what else could you do that would be more in-line with the new you? What emotional values are you assigning, consciously or subconsciously, that you could revalue? How do your beliefs about your personality limit your emotional expressions, especially your beneficial emotional expressions?

Emotional Essence is the easiest to feel. Warm and fuzzy is Essence. Love is emotional Essence. Happy, playful, and fulfilled are expressions of your Essence. As you create a conscious connection to your Essence, your experience of emotions will deepen dramatically. As you align your emotional body with the feeling of Essence, it will gain momentum. It will also begin attracting more resonate Essences into your awareness. Loving, vibrant people are compelling. Being less than that is the result of your limiting habits and personality.

What are the most common ways you configure the energy of your personality to curtail your Essence? Why does that feel beneficial in the moment? How could you increase your expression and be more beneficial? How can you evolve?

Your personality is a product of the bodies. As you act, react, and interact with your environment, you project or radiate your physical, mental, and emotional energies. Those projected and radiated energies compound, conflict, or circumvent the surrounding energies. The result is how the world perceives you, how your personality lands on your audience.

The beauty of relationship is that sharing your Essence with others allows you to remain in opportunity assessment longer. If you are with someone with whom you can allow your Essence to expand, it will expand.

The longer you are in that configuration, the more it will expand, strengthen, and grow.

Layer Twenty-Three, Week Three – Tuesday



Tuesday’s Focus

Explore the Finding the Door movement to find ways to be You more. Use this movement to allow Essence to influence your actions and responses.

Tuesday’s Concepts

L14W1 – You Not You – Relationships are the bridge between your internal environment, external environment, and threat evaluation.

The movement Finding the Door helps you connect to the sensation of Essence. As you consciously connect to it, Essence will influence every action and interaction. It will allow you to be more you, more of the time.

Your environmental body is the energetic connection you create, maintain, and grow from what you consider you and what you consider not you. Relationships are the primary way your subconscious mind determines possible threats. Every relationship is a potential threat. Have you felt frustrated, jealous, overwhelmed, stressed, fearful, confused, put-upon, bullied, or smothered with love? All those are aspects of a relationship that feel threatening.

The threatening nature of relationships creates a predisposition for reactivity. As you play with this, you will find that most of what feels like caring, attachment, and love is the fear of something familiar changing. You attach to patterns because they are familiar.

Your subconscious loves to feel familiar. Your love is the energetic expression of the value you give to an attachment.

I mean this to be sobering. What if you don’t love what you think you love the way you have convinced yourself that you love it? What if you are just afraid of the unknown? What if you are continuing to act loving because you fear the loss of the familiar? What if you hate because you are afraid of the loss of the familiar?

If love and hate have the same foundational objectives, are they really that different? Aren’t they both aspects of fear that you use to maintain your status quo?

Most of what you feel as love and hate are products of your subconscious mind. They are the paint on the walls of your boxes.

Essence is you being you without fear, without the fear of consequences, change, loss, and expectation. Essence radiates from your core, from the place in you that knows that we are all connected, that everything connects. Essence radiates from the place that knows that kindness is inherently mutually beneficial.

Essence doesn’t have a contrasting aspect. An analogy might be light. It radiates. That is its only state of being. If there is light, it is radiating. A prism or laser can manipulate light, but it still radiates. As it radiates, it doesn’t seem to involve itself with what or how it illuminates. It is not preferential or judgmental. When you turn on a lamp, it lights up everything it touches, the good, the evil, the beautiful, and discarded. It lights up the applauded and abhorred, the wanted and the unwanted, and the gross and the subtle.

Essence disarms resistance. When you radiate Essence, it brings with it harmony, acceptance, and a fearless knowing. In the threat/familiar/opportunity sequence, Essence quells threat and feels deeply familiar. Essence highlights opportunities. It makes opportunities feel more beneficial. Essence compels because it brings with it the qualities of charisma and enchantment.

As your Essence blends with other Essences, you will readily recognize your sameness, the universal oneness that exists between all things. With that realization, experience, and acceptance, your internal actions become universal. You change the world from the inside out.

Layer Twenty-Three, Week Three – Wednesday


Wednesday’s Focus

The Essence and Emotion movement will give you the opportunity to enlist your Emotional body to connect more powerfully to your Essence.

Wednesday’s Concepts

L14W2 – Enlist, Engage, and Expand Essence exists as a higher-level individuated system above Hara and the bodies. It reacts and relates to your other systems, but operates independently.

The movement for this week is Essence and Emotion. It will help you connect to your Essence by referencing and expanding your emotional body. The Focuses for the week will give you some additional guidance to help you get to know your Essence. 

Learning how Essence connects, communicates, and collaborates will help you create a conscious relationship with it. It will allow you to use your Essence to help you change your world from the inside out.

Essence is on a different plane of awareness than your bodies. It is one level more foundational than Hara, two levels deeper than energy, and three levels beyond your physical body. Essence influences the other levels without directly contacting them. Your energy flows through your physical body following a set of pathways, both physical and subtle. Your Essence radiates from your core through your other levels.

The Hara, when aligned and optimal, directs the energy body. It orients your movements from the gross to the subtle. It helps you maintain trajectories, fuels your intentions, and gives a backbone to your purpose, resolve, and fortitude.

Essence underlies your Hara. Hara expands in a direction, Essence radiates. Passion, dedication, and motivation happen when your Hara and Essence infuse your actions and responses. Essence adds vibrancy to everything.

As Essence radiates and interpenetrates your bodies, it brings a feeling of fluidity, well-being, and self-confidence so powerful it becomes self-amazement and wonder. It clears the surrounding path of your self-set limits. It softens your resistance, releases tension, and increases elasticity. It invigorates. And it does it in each of your bodies.

As your Essence radiates beyond your environmental body, it beneficially influences your physical environment and the people in it. It compels. It enchants. It brings with it a quality of inclusion and reunification. It adds depth and breadth.

Essence and Hara influence your bodies like heat and wind. Essence stirs and warms. Hara makes moving in the most beneficial direction easier, like running with the wind. Essence softens resistance by bringing with it the feeling of unification, confirmation of relationship, and communicating resonance. Hara infuses determination, focus, and persistence. And each of those can compound as they make their way up the chain.

You have the opportunity in every moment to enlist, engage, and expand the influence of your Essence and Hara. As you gain mastery, you will experience how world-changing Essence and Hara can be.

Layer Twenty-Three, Week Three – Thursday


Thursday’s Focus

Essence • Hara • Focus is the first in a series of movements to help you connect each of the components to Essence and Hara (and vise versa).

Thursday’s Concepts

L14W3 – Creating Spherical Focus As you focus on Hara and Essence, you will expand conscious awareness.

Essence • Hara • Focus is the movement this week. This movement will help you express and experience Essence and Hara more fully, be more authentic, and feel the underlying authenticity of the people and world around you.

As Essence and Hara become part of your conscious awareness, you have a choice. You can embrace and nourish the influence, or you can ignore, resist, or devalue it. Your Essence and Hara can languish, or you can use them to help directly influence your life.

You access your Essence and Hara by connecting to them through the components and movements. Hara and Essence have qualities. By embracing and nourishing those qualities, you encourage their influence. The more influence they have, the greater your levels of curiosity, passion, and drive. Essence lowers resistance, overcomes fears, and cultivates momentum.

Focus: Essence radiates focus and Hara illuminates it. As you expand your Essence, you gain perspective and depth. As you learn to focus spherically, your range of focus will increase. Hara brings clarity to what you are focusing on. It sharpens the edges and adds another level of discernment. Hara will also help entrain all your bodies into focusing on the same thing. Hara forestalls distraction.

To add Essence and Hara to your focus, add specificity. Find aspects to feel more deeply curious about. Confirm your foundational intentions. Be very clear about what is most important and feel for sensations that match your intention. Feel for your desire for participation or accomplishment. Feel your yearning to learn and explore. Allow those feelings to grow, expand, and gain momentum.

By creating a spherical focus, you are opening your aperture to take in more possibilities and opportunities. By being aware of more energies in your environment, you value your fears, resistances, habits, and intolerances less.

As your connection with the world increases, as you recognize and acknowledge its Essence, feel for how it is influencing you. Essence in deep, intimate love allows for the sharing of Essence, each influencing the other, which creates a commingled Essence. This compounded, collaborative, and commingled Essence will have qualities specific to it. The Essence of every relationship is different because they compound from unique sources. Now you know why you can’t ever go back. Today your compounded Essence will differ from yesterday. Today’s relationships are different because you and the other person changed from yesterday.

All your self-development trajectories will require focus. Two of the biggest areas for development are Hara and Essence. Hara will help you maintain focus on your foundational values and Essence will enliven your determination with passion and curiosity.

Layer Twenty-Three, Week Three – Friday


Friday’s Focus

Today’s movement review is Essence • Hara • Speed. Speed allows you to be responsive more quickly, increasing your presence and spherical awareness.

Friday’s Concepts

L14W4 – Becoming Energetically AerodynamicEssence and Hara bring a quality of effortlessness to your movements which will allow things to move, change, and grow more quickly.

The movement this week is Essence • Hara • Speed. Infusing the speed component with Essence and Hara will increase your ability to be present and maintain presence. Your response time will be faster. You will be and feel more authentic because you will be more responsive to changing energies and configurations. Speed lowers your response time. It gives your subconscious mind less time to react. The faster you respond, the less you will react. The less you react, the more efficient you will be.

This week’s content explored how SPEED influences and is influenced by Hara and Essence. By reducing and devaluing the resistance inside and outside of you, Essence makes going faster more effortless. Hara adds precision to your trajectory. You go faster by following the most efficient path and by maximizing your agility.

Speed emphasizes the counterintuitive nature of Essence and Hara. To get more, you do less. You think, compare, judge, contemplate, worry, anticipate, expect, demand, resist, and ruminate less. You allow yourself to be less distracted. Find ways to soften and allow every aspect of your environment and the people in it to exist without censure.

To add Hara to your speed, soften and harmonize. Softening into speed happens when you let go of preconceived notions, judgments, and biases. Softening devalues fear. As it devalues fear, beneficial aspects of your actions and responses can express more easily. Less resistance equals more speed. Hara increases by consciously conforming to your intended trajectory. You move in the most efficient way, which is always the fastest.

Part of Hara’s streamlining process is the devaluation, discounting, and reduction of thought. Every non-essential thought slows you down and creates a foothold for distractions to proliferate. Your mental body is the principal way you limit your expression of Essence and constrain your Hara.

Essence and Hara are efficient. They influence quickly because they have no resistance, no drag, and no obstacles.

Have you ever had a joyful upwelling of emotion? That feeling where a ball of energy bubbles up from your low belly into your throat and floods out as a laughing sob? That is happiness infused with Essence.

Have you felt your reluctance to allow that feeling to bubble up? Can you imagine what that feeling would feel like if you weren’t limiting it? Is the potential inconceivable? You resist Essence for the same reasons you resist energy expansion: fear, limiting beliefs, and habit.

Speed is inherent. Without gravity, resistance, or obstacles, everything would be infinitely fast. Essence and Hara allow things to happen faster because they override your habitual patterns that limit the expression and metabolization of energy.

Speed generates and encourages momentum. Essence and Hara allow momentum to maintain its speed and trajectory without the burden of fear. Speed increases presence by allowing you to adjust to changing dynamics more quickly. Essence reduces the resistance to change and allows you to adjust more quickly.

And finally, a word about balance. Imbalance impedes speed. Physical, mental, and emotional efficiency can’t happen when one body is overcharged or undercharged. One quality of Essence and Hara is that they balance by entrainment. They create communion. When the bodies balance and entrain, they are efficient; they meld and conform to the intention (Hara). Essence infuses the bodies with a joyful abandon, allowing them their full expression. With Essence and Hara, the bodies encourage and support each other.

Layer Twenty-Three, Week Three – Saturday


Saturday’s Focus

Play with this: Essence • Hara • Strength. Consider and feel your capacity. How much can you allow yourself to maximize your radiance and drive?

Saturday’s Concepts

L15W1 – Accessing Your Power – Power is useless if it is unavailable. Essence and Hara remove the barriers and impingements to accessing your strength. They allow you to engage your strength more fully.

The movement this week is Essence • Hara • Strength. Infusing strength with Essence and Hara will increase your capacity to be present and maintain a greater presence. You will feel and be more authentic because you will have more available energy to engage. Strength is volume. More strength will increase the size and scope of your responsiveness.

 In this week’s Concepts, you explored how Strength can maximize.  Essence and Hara allow your systems to commit fully, to use all the strength the bodies possess.

Essence and Hara reduce resistance which makes every strength you have more accessible. They create an atmosphere where you think, compare, judge, contemplate, worry, anticipate, expect, demand, resist, and ruminate less. They allow you to be less vague and inattentive. Essence and Hara allow every aspect of your environment and the people in it to exist without disapproval and criticism. As you lower your resistance to doing and completing, every movement, task, and trajectory will be easier.

Mental Body:  Let’s say you are a professional basketball player having trouble making shots you would normally make. Known for your deep understanding of the game, your intellect is one of your greatest strengths, but your shooting slump has you overthinking. Your mind gets in the way of the shooting mechanics, hindering your ability to shoot. Essence reduces the influence your mind has over your movements. You get in the zone with a balanced and fluid presence. To access your fluidity, add Essence. It will absorb and transform excess and extraneous thoughts.

Physical Body: The easiest to identify. You know what strong feels like and you can identify plenty of examples where you have used your strength anaerobically. Essence changes the quality of the effort. Essence brings a fullness. Full strength feels very different from hard work. Essence infuses effort with a joyful playfulness. Hara enlists all necessary tissues, inclusively and comprehensively. Hara unifies. It creates a pull toward collaboration. Hara orients your body toward the objective. It encourages and focuses your strength with the power of specificity.

Emotional Body: Strong emotions that generate momentum fill with Essence and Hara. When your emotional body lacks Essence and Hara it will feel stagnant, sluggish, or stifled. You will feel depressed, thick, and disheartened. Emotions leavened with Essence will radiate through your entire body and proximal environment. They will be rich, opulent, and lush. Weak emotions without Essence are like walking across a lawn. Powerful emotions with Essence are like crashing head-long through a dense rainforest filled with birds, flowers, and loving godlike beings bathing you in soft, warm light. Hara adds an orienting flow to emotions. Powerful emotions can fuel or obstruct your trajectory. When your emotions support your intentions, you are emoting with Hara. You lack Hara when your emotions distract, distance, dissuade, discourage, or detach you from your goals.

Environmental Body: Essence and Hara help you harmonize and unify with your environment and the people in it. Essence and Hara help divergent energies blend. The easier divergent energies blend, the more powerful they become because you will spend less energy in the collaborative process. The strength of our collaboration determines by our ability to blend our resources without conflict or insecurity.

The strength of your passion and determination has much more influence than any of the individual bodies, components, or energy movements because they create resonance, congruence, and coherence. They fuel your dreams and give them direction. Passion is the strength emanating quality of Essence. Determination is the strength emanating quality of Hara.

Okay, that was seven weeks of content and seven movements. If it feels like you have embodied the movements and concepts, move onto next week’s reviews. If not, take some time, allow yourself to explore your uncertainties and resistance. Reach out with questions.

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