Layer Thirteen, Week Four – Sunday

  • Read Week Four Concepts
  • Watch videos and read description for Feel Your Walls


Sunday’s Focus

Watch the Feeling Your Walls video through one time with an intention to let your body absorb it and your energy body to connect to it. Set aside 15 minutes, get comfortable, allow yourself to unwind, soften, and then watch.

Sunday’s Concepts

You, Version 2.0 – In last week’s content, I said my intention is to help you create an evolutionary change in your energy systems. We have talked about how your personality is a box and evolutionary changes happen when you choose to explore what lies outside of that box. If you want to climb out of your boxes, expand your energy beyond the existing walls, ceiling, and floors that make up your personality and habits. That is active evolution.

Passive evolution is when your environment or the people in it change and you adapt. When your dog eats your homework, you have the opportunity to adapt and grow without consciously choosing that growth. When you feed your dog your homework so that you can explore your ability to adapt, that is active evolution. (Don’t try this at home … unless you are in culinary college and your homework is healthy and edible for canines.)

Active evolution will translate into changes in all your bodies, components, and configurations. It will change your actions, reactions, and interactions. It will change your relationships, social life, and career. As you evolve, your influence on your environments will increase and changes will happen … everywhere.

I am going to start using the word evolution instead of growth. Growth takes you from walking to a better walker. Evolution is the transition from walking to running to flying to teleportation. Time to evolve.

Layer Thirteen, Week Four – Monday



Monday’s Focus

Watch the video again and see if you can identify where you have resistance or disconnect. What feels impossible or beyond your current capacity? What do you discount as unnecessary? Where can you feel yourself distancing from it?

Monday’s Concepts

The Change Militia content is all about active evolution. You made a decision to join us and are actively doing the movements, being persistent, and determined. You are actively evolving. What you are evolving is your personality, your habitual ways of acting, reacting, and interacting. As your personality evolves, your essence expands.

The mechanics of active evolution are awareness, empathy, and tolerance for healthy discomfort. Sound familiar?

Awareness and empathy will allow you to discern current and transitional energies. What is changing, how is it changing, and what consequences will the change bring about? How are the changes affecting other energies and what will the effects be? Why are things changing? Is it fear or opportunity? Why aren’t things changing? Is it fear or habit?

Empathy and awareness will also allow you to determine the balance between your and your environment’s bodies and components. Are you mentally unbalanced and/or physically fatigued? Is someone in your environment emotionally unfocused or actively rejuvenating? Are you compressed and projecting the blame elsewhere?

Your non-optimum energy configurations, imbalances, and inefficient energy movements lead to the habits that make up your limiting personality. What impinges your ability to evolve is your attachment to those personality traits and less than optimal habits.

As you overcome your attachments, your essence will expand. As you consciously connect to your essence, those expansions will be perceptible. As you recognize the ways of being that expand your essence, you can encourage evolution toward those trajectories.

Layer Thirteen, Week Four – Tuesday



Tuesday’s Focus

Make a few opportunities to express yourself more fully today. Push at your walls, just a little. Smile more often, soften your defenses, radiate a little extra warmth, and express your exuberance.

Tuesday’s Concepts

Let’s look at the bodies and how your personality and habits limit your evolution.

Physical Body – What do you believe you are physically capable of? What do you believe your body is incapable of physically? The lines between your values and beliefs, between capable and incapable, are the limits your subconscious mind has established.

I have grown as a runner. I believed that I couldn’t run long distances. I am changing the value I place on long distances. Long distances used to mean 10 miles, now, long distances are anything over 30 miles. I will evolve as a runner when I soften into the possibility that I can run as far as I want to. As I evolve as a runner, I will let go of my fears and resistance to running. My physical body will adapt in evolutionary ways. Emotionally, I already mentally believe running can be as effortless as breathing – as my other bodies believe, it will happen.

My beliefs about running are mental but those mental beliefs infuse the physical tissue. Fear responses in tissue happen on the mental level in the consciousness of the cell. As the cells believe they are safe, they will spend less energy on threat assessment and defensive posturing. The cells will readily rejuvenate during high levels of activity because those high levels will feel safe, within the homeostatic ranges the cell now believes are normal.

As the cells adapt, evolve, to increased levels of rejuvenation, my essence will expand. My essence is limited by my cellular beliefs.

This is the quandary. It is hard to change a belief when I haven’t had a cellular experience and it is hard to have a cellular experience if I don’t have the belief. It is the which came first scenario. How can you have a chicken if there wasn’t an egg? How can you have an egg if there wasn’t a chicken?

Here is how I am trying to resolve the quandary. First, I connect to my essence before my run and allow my existing beliefs to expand outside of my current limits, I create the opportunity to have an amplified personal and cellular experience. Second, I increase my essence and augment my current belief. Third, as I believe I can run a little farther or faster, I give myself the opportunity. Fourth, as I achieve, it is easier to believe I can do even more. The feeling that accompanies that expanded belief is my essence evolving.

My foundational intention is Active Incremental Evolution.

Layer Thirteen, Week Four – Wednesday


Wednesday’s Focus

See if you can sense when you constrain or contain your appreciation, affection, and gratitude today with someone you love. Where are you limiting your feelings? Where do you express less than you are feeling?

Wednesday’s Concepts

Mental Body – Your subconscious mind is the greatest restrictive factor for your essence. Most of your limiting beliefs are mental. Consciously or subconsciously, you think something is true and stop looking for proof, examples, or opportunities that will challenge those beliefs. Bias, judgment, and predisposition inhibit evolution.

As you saw above, the cells and tissues also have beliefs. You have chronic tension because those tissues believe they are at risk and are contracting in fear. The instigating factor is the belief. As the tissue contracts, it uses up the available energy in the cell and then a physiological defensive reaction happens. The cell starts sending signals that it is overwhelmed and freezes in a contracted position.

Changing the cells belief requires relearning. It needs to develop new habits and a belief that it doesn’t need to statically or reactively contract. As it learns to accept that it is safe, it learns to refuel while it works. It becomes opportunistic. It looks for every possibility to rest and rejuvenate. It collaborates with other cells to increase efficiency and share the work. The cell goes from threat assessment to, you guessed it, opportunity assessment. As it harvests more and more opportunities, its movements become fluidly effortless.

After you begin to operate in opportunity assessment mode, your other bodies, components, and configurations will entrain. Mental evolution begins with that change in priority. As opportunity assessment becomes an integrated part of your new personality, your rate of evolution will increase.

Opportunity is potential. Potential is energy. Energy is essence. The clearer and cleaner the energy, the purer the essence. Essence is you without resistance, fear, or judgment. Opportunities appear to the degree that you are without resistance, fear, and judgment.

Layer Thirteen, Week Four – Thursday


Thursday’s Focus

Catch yourself curtailing your appreciation, affection, and gratitude today with friends, colleagues, neighbors, or your local barista. When you catch yourself, try something new, something fuller.

Thursday’s Concepts

Emotional Body – Consider the relationship between your emotions and your personality. When you do, you will find repeating patterns of feelings, labels, and reactions. You emote in very habitual ways, especially with the people and situations you encounter regularly.

As you accept that your emotions are primarily habitual and primarily serve to maintain your status quo, you will position yourself to overcome the limiting emotional beliefs that inhibit your evolution.

I had a wife and she would occasionally and probably accurately use the term “asshole” when she would talk and refer to me. She didn’t use it very often, but when she did, it would profoundly affect me. I would feel the word as an injury. It wasn’t. For whatever reason, when she directed the word at me, almost as an aside, it was beyond my ability to manage gracefully. I would shut down and stew … like a crock-pot. (excerpt from pg. 38 of my book)

The above story was over fifteen years ago. Rereading it today still changes my emotional configurations. I don’t react as drastically and I can quickly re-center but my reaction feels almost hard-wired. She placed a very different value on the word. It didn’t have the same energy for her. I chose to give it the energy I did. I could have found it humorous or reacted in any of several hundred other ways that wouldn’t have been nearly as debilitating. Some of the ways, like laughing or using the opportunity to take personal responsibility, could have led to greater intimacy, collaboration, and an increase in the energy of our relationship.

Check in with your emotional habits. How do you emotionally react and what else could you do that would be more in-line with the new you? What emotional values are you assigning, consciously or subconsciously, that you could revalue? How does your beliefs about your personality limit your emotional expressions, especially, your beneficial emotional expressions?

Emotional essence is the easiest to feel. Warm and fuzzy is essence. Love is emotional essence. Happy, playful, and fulfilled are expressions of your essence. As you create a conscious connection to your essence, your experience of emotions will deepen dramatically. As you align your emotional body with the feeling of essence, it will gain momentum. It will also begin attracting more resonate essences into your awareness. Loving, vibrant people are compelling. Being less than that is the result of your limiting habits and personality.

Layer Thirteen, Week Four – Friday


Friday’s Focus

Actively radiate your essence today in some new or richer ways. Increase your non-verbal expressions past what feels comfortable.

Friday’s Concepts

Energetic Body – Your energy configurations are habitual as well. You configure your energy to maintain a familiar mental, emotional, and physical construct. People whose personality is angry, martyred, spacey, sarcastic, narcissistic, or explosive are that way because that is how they typically and habitually configure their energy. It is a choice they are making to mask their fear and remain in a familiar, if unhealthy, place.

Energy pools, flows, leaks, or absorbs in repetitive and cyclical patterns. As you begin to feel those cycles and patterns in yourself and others, you will feel how they support existing mental, emotional, and physical belief sets. You will also feel how they limit the expression of essence.

What about you? What are the most common ways you configure the energy of your personality to curtail your essence? Why does that feel beneficial in the moment? How could you increase your expression and be more beneficial? How can you evolve?

For me, my current active evolution is to shift my energy to be less contemplative and more playful. That evolution will require me to process and metabolize incoming energy much more quickly. I contemplate because my processing is slow. My processing is inhibited because I am filtering incoming energy through my existing belief systems. I evaluate energy based on its possible influence. Incoming energy goes through my threat detectors. It doesn’t have to. I can absorb energy as fuel without judgment or censure.

The faster I can absorb energy, the less time I will spend contemplating. When I spend less time contemplating, I will have more time to assess opportunities to be playful. Being more playful will position me to identify other opportunities more easily. Playfulness is very expansive and has very little resistance or threat assessment. Lack of resistance increases my opportunities to expand my essence.

The playful absorption of energy as my default will be an evolutionary change for me. My next evolution might be to shift from passive absorption to active attraction of essence-filled opportunities. The first evolution will be toward more fluidity, the second will be toward more momentum. Fluidity and momentum precipitate effortless radiance and profound influence.

Explore your feelings around temptation. How does it feel to be pulled toward something amazing? What if you could harness the ability to generate and attract essence?

Layer Thirteen, Week Four – Saturday


Saturday’s Focus

Actively expand your essence as you move through the world. Can you feel how your expanded essence influences your environment and the people in it? See if you can create the habit of perpetual radiance.

Saturday’s Concepts

Environmental Body – Your personality is a product of the other bodies. As you act, react, and interact with your environment, you project or radiate your physical, mental, and emotional energies. Those projected and radiated energies compound, conflict, or circumvent the energies around you. The result is how the world perceives you, how your personality lands on your audience.

If you project insecure, angry, and frenetic energies, that is how you will be perceived … even if you are not insecure, angry, or frenetic.

The beauty of relationship is that sharing your essence with others allows you to remain in opportunity assessment longer. If you are with someone with whom you can allow your essence to expand, it will expand. The longer you are in that configuration, the more it will expand and the more you will evolve.

And the relationship doesn’t have to be people. It can be with a place, concept, or activity. I can share my essence with the idea of you reading this, the forest, mountain biking, baking, or even Facebook. Anything I connect to deeply without resistance will expand my essence. What do you connect to deeply? How can you lower your resistance or expand your beliefs to allow your essence to magnify?

How can you take your ability to expand your essence from the typical to the non-typical? What would it feel like for you to infuse essence into everything you do and everyone you encounter? Try it!

Feeling Your Walls

Step 1 – The intention behind this exercise is to begin to identify and qualify how, where, when, and why you limit your essence.

Step 2 – If you haven’t felt the upwelling of essence from last week’s movement, allow yourself to go back and create that foundation.

Step 3 – Throughout the week, feel for the times when you stop, curtail, or truncate your expressions of love, happiness, playfulness, gratitude, appreciation, and fulfillment.

Step 4 – Find your boundaries, the edges of your habitual expression. Find the places where you hold back part of what you are feeling. Your essence will feel deep, profound, it will be moving, touching, or poignant. It will feel tender and vulnerable.

Step 5 – As you identify your walls, try to allow yourself to go a little beyond what you would typically do. See if you can express yourself more thoroughly.

Step 6 – Allow yourself to challenge your discomfort. You are searching for feelings that you might describe as extravagant, sumptuous, expansive, inclusive, effusive, overt, audacious, bold, brassy, edgy, heroic, or uninhibited.

Step 7 –Feel your current limits, feel for what is just outside of them and welcome it expression.

Step 8 – When you do, you will feel your essence upwell to meet your intention. That feeling of upwelling essence is your goal.

Step 9 – Play with this in every interaction, in every instant of awareness, and every time you realize that you are living a moment in time that will never repeat.

Why it Matters – As you allow your essence to upwell, it will enhance your internal feelings of self. As you connect to your essence more deeply, it changes you. As it changes you, it deepens the impact you have on others and your environment. Your essence is influential.

Everyday Usability – The bulk of your Essence lies outside of your current personality. Every day, in every action and interaction, challenge yourself to be fuller, richer, and warmer. Be more kind and loving, increase your empathy and intimacy. Soften your edges and welcome what lies outside of your current box. As you do, you will change the world … from the inside out.

Progression – Practice will lead to an accelerating expansion of your potential and influence. This is the next step on the path to You, version 2.0.

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