Do you have great ideas, world-changing intentions, and tons of potential

but feel stuck, stressed or overwhelmed?

Stuck, unable to move forward?

You are already amazing, you have the knowledge and skills to make things happen. You want to get moving but your are afraid that you will become stressed and overwhelmed. Stuck feels familiar, unstuck is a scary unknown.

Stressed and overwhelmed?

You can’t find the time and the energy to get started and maintain momentum. You are exhausted, frazzled, and unfulfilled. There doesn’t seem to be a way to have it all. You want to believe but doubt your abilities.

Ready to explore what else is possible?

Imagine …

  • Starting and ending the day feeling relaxed, energized, and happy.
  • Feeling like you can be yourself, show up, and succeed.
  • Being healthier, stronger, and more flexible.
  • Having more fun with the people in your life.
  • Feeling powerful and completely confident.
  • Being the leader you are meant to be.
  • Getting off the treadmill and moving forward.
  • Actually doing what you know you are capable of and changing the world.

Create the life you want, explore your own potential,

feel fully alive, and change the world.


This program and community will give you the tools you need to

get unstuck, lower your stress, and believe in yourself.

By practicing the movements and concept in this system, you will get unstuck, feel happy, content, fulfilled, playful, and powerful … and really focus on being increasingly kind.

Simultaneously, you will begin to powerfully influence your friends, relationships, family, work, and community. Your way of being will change your world.

This program will drastically improve your health and wellness. It will affect the wellness of your family, your neighborhood, and the groups, communities, and businesses that you are a part of.


What is The Change Militia?

It is a self-paced wellness and personal development program that helps you get unstuck and evolve quickly with the support of an awesome grassroots community.

We are kindness warriors, strong, curious, and passionate people, committed to fun, playfulness, and fluidity. Welcome to the playground. Be ready to get unstuck, get big, and get moving.

Why Militia?

We chose the word militia because we envision a passionate community of people coming together for beneficial personal and social change. We want to change ourselves and then the world using curiosity, playfulness, and kindness.

We want to overthrow the oppression of stress, overwhelm, intolerance, and self-judgment.

¨I LOVE the Change Militia!  It’s a wonderful mix of enlightening concepts & easy practices that has improved my personal life, my family life and my business in a just 3 months. I´m so grateful and appreciative to be a part of this inspiring, supportive community.  I have truly changed the way I think, act and speak.

I have tools to work with now: when I feel scattered, I stop, and soften, and become really aware of how I feel.  I have a powerful kindness for myself.  It feels so good to have this new attitude of non – judgement, and thoughtful presence.  I no longer use the words ‘stressed out’, ‘overwhelmed´, or ´disappointed’.

And when I mess up, I don’t freak out about things anymore, or call my self damaging names. I have a profound knowing & trust for myself.  I feel calm and happy, and super excited about the future and what is possible for myself & my family!  That is the best gift I have ever received.

Suze, Chicago

Suze Solari

For the first time in a long while, I am making progress to being more at ease with myself and able to identify what I am feeling and how I can intentionally respond with purpose and clarity, not just react out of fear or defense. Shawn Diez

In the first month “I am no more a victim in my body. I always believed the way I felt was always caused by someone else. I know now that is not true. I can control or manage how I feel and that has led to better and easier relationships with my friends, my husband, and my kids.” Neeta, Canada

The pain I’ve lived with for over 17 year is less than 50% of what its been which is like a miracle in my life. The Change Militia is different than any other program I’ve ever come across.

My relationships have become more intimate and rewarding. I’ve learned to deal with the stress and overwhelm that used to run my life… now I use that energy as a positive to be playful and have FUN!”

Beth S, Arizona

Here are the features of The Change Militia:


Core Program Content

The program includes instructional and follow along videos, explanations of why it matters, underlying concepts, and everyday usability suggestions.

These practices will connect you in a whole new way to your life. The program will show you how to make growth, wellness and personal development fun and playful. Everyday, you will get a big picture view and a daily focus to keep your momentum up and make every day a success.

The Community aka The Militia

The group calls, Facebook group and mastermind calls are a playground where you can practice new ways of being, share your experiences and any challenges that arise.

This diverse group that is committed to seeing you, showing up and practicing along side you. This is your team, they will confirm that you aren’t alone and share your successes, as you will share theirs. Be seen, share, connect and create momentum.

Additional Resources to Help You Succeed:



Weekly Group Calls

Library of Meditations

Private Calls with Jeff or Kelly

Private FB Group

Monthly Mastermind Call

Email Reminders


Choose the best membership option for you.




$299/year or
  • Full Access to Program Content + Weekly Email Reminders
  • Private Facebook Group Access
  • Community of Awesome Like-Minded People
  • Library of Meditations
  • Bonus: Private call to set intentions and vision the year ahead
  • Bonus: Private distance healing to balance your system
  • Weekly Virtual Group Calls
  • Monthly Mastermind Calls
Join Bronze Now!

To accelerate your growth we offer private sessions with Kelly or Jeff. Contact us HERE and we will set up a call.

You see you are not alone. It helps me relate to other people better.

I am constantly asking what is the next big thing I can do, what’s the next movement I can make to be bigger, to feel better, to be more empowered. I’ve learned to stop overthinking and just start doing.”

Karen G, Martha's Vineyard

Cups and Kali Designs

“I was stuck. I had the “knowing”, the knowledge, the skills, the tools I needed except I wasn’t able to do it. I didn’t know how to take the next step. Now instead of getting overwhelmed, I just start doing it.

I’m not being blown by the wind anymore, I know exactly where I am going and what I am doing.”

Melissa Robertson

“I am thrilled to say that one of the hugest benefits of the program is to help me sleep.  I have always had horrible sleep patterns.  I woke up about 2-3 times a night, exhausted the next day. Now, I wake up earlier and go to bed earlier and am not exhausted.” Karen C, New York

What is Movement Based Wellness & Personal Development?

The movement we talk about in Movement Based Wellness & Personal Development is life-force (energy, prana, ch’i, mojo, Shakti, Qi, The Force). We use meditations and physical movement as the primary doorway because they most closely translate to energy movement (life-force).

When you challenge your familiar habits, you give yourself an opportunity to make different decisions. As you consistently make different choices, you change your habits. As your habits change, you change and then your life changes.

Movement brings about change.

When you change, your world begins to change. You will have more power to influence others and make change happen in the world.

world changer - The Change Militia

When you change from the inside, your world changes on the outside.

It’s that simple. You are that powerful.

Frequently Asked Questions

(And Answers)

How much time will I need to dedicate? Generally, an hour on Sunday and 10-15 minutes, twice a day. Some of the exercises and meditations can be done while you are doing other things. Most importantly, these practices will show you where you are wasting time, probably hours a day.

♥ What makes The Change Militia different from other programs? This isn’t therapy or coaching. This program isn’t about your trauma, drama, story, or short term goals; it is about improving your foundation, increasing your strength, elevating your presence, and teaching you new ways to feel, connect and expand.

♥ How long until I feel results? Most people feel dramatic results in the first two weeks.

Is this right for me? Yes, if you are ready and willing to do things differently. You will have tons of energy, and increase your opportunities for happiness, success and fulfillment.

♥ What if I want to cancel my membership?  We want to make sure you feel absolutely secure in your choice to spend this year with us. That’s why we’re offering a MONEY BACK GUARANTEE. If after 10 days you’re not over-the-moon happy with the experience we’ve created, we will give you a full refund.

Are there any physical qualifications to participate? This will be accessible to everyone that is willing to endure some healthy discomfort and who is determined to change, grow and succeed. The challenges will be based on where you are, not some detailed model. You will find your personal edge and explore from there.

Is this different than yoga, other personal development and exercise programs? Yes, this program teaches fundamental and foundational awareness. It will amplify your results from any other program you are doing. You will love to challenge yourself, find new determination and learn to celebrate your successes.

♥ I don’t know which membership option is right for me. Help!

Get the silver package! The weekly virtual group calls are a treasure trove. You will see and hear others experiences with the practices. You will find that you are not alone in your questions and challenges and it is a great way to become a part of the community.

If it is in your budget, the gold package will be your quickest and most effective avenue for dramatic change. The weekly private calls will help focus and individualize the content.


“Jeff and Kelly are brilliant and this has been a way to slow down, take a breath and get present with myself … in creating more Joy and a deeper sense of ease.” Trish K, Virginia

Joy Rising

“In the first two months I realized I was listening better than perhaps I ever have.


And then I started noticing that everyday I would have spontaneous feelings of joy and happiness. I used to have a narrow definition of fun but yes, these practices are fun! Holy smokes, some days I think I´m going to burst. Now when I have these good feelings … I don´t have to shut them down.”

Linda Hanson, Oregon

Linda Hanson Paintings

¨Net gain from The Change Militia so far:  acquiring new tools and greater consciousness to shape the life I want.

First, it is deceptively simple in its design and practice.  Each day, you experiment with how to use movement to become more conscious and aware of your resistance, energy flows and ability to shift how you feel.  Second, it is amazingly elegant in how each simple lesson and practice builds on each other resulting in sudden, new understanding and awareness as you move through them each day.  Third, it is steeped in deep wisdom and knowledge that places the simple practices in an enormously meaningful and powerful context.  And, finally, it is led by two wonderful people who are committed to helping each of us approach our lives with more fun, playfulness, curiosity, healing and love.¨

Mary Jaensch, Connecticut

Last Big Gig

Get the tools you need, support that works, and change your world from the inside out!

world changer - The Change Militia

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