What The Members Are Saying

There was low level anxiety all the time. I was easily confused about everything. Everything. In my business I was in a constant battle with my mind. I would get total clarity and then the next day I would be thinking I don’t know what I am doing. So it would be this back and forth where “I know, I don’t know, I am constantly confused.” And that took a toll on my self esteem because I would think I don’t know what I am doing, I totally suck. It was like that in my relationship, in my business, the pattern just perpetuated itself everywhere. I was constantly trying to “figure it out.”

Now, I don’t have to be a victim to my emotions or my mind, the over thinking. Overall the practices remind me that I have the power to get centered. That relaxed playfulness instantly connects me back to myself, I instantly feel at ease, joyful no worries, and I am just here. They are so valuable. Now I am able to take a deep breath and find it within me. I have a knowing.

Amy Birks, New York

The pain I’ve lived with for over 17 year is less than 50% of what its been which is like a miracle in my life. The Change Militia is different than any other program I’ve ever come across.

My relationships have become more intimate and rewarding. I’ve learned to deal with the stress and overwhelm that used to run my life… now I use that energy as a positive to be playful and have FUN!

Beth S, Arizona

Before it was a lot of indecisiveness, a lot of not being sure of myself. And I would let other people influence me a lot. And not that I would do things but more where I wouldn’t do anything at all. A lot of “maybe I should.” A lot of not having my own center and not being solid in myself. There were a lot of stories going on in my head, like I’m not as good or I’m no good. With anxiety, I had a lot of issues of being very drained by people and I think it was because I felt like I always had to be looking and smile expressively and give, give, give. But it’s hard to remember because I no longer think like that!

Overall I am so much more solid in who I am and what I want and what I like. For me its become very, very spiritual. Now I am super grounded, I have a sense of wonder and connection and sense of spirituality, though I don’t even know exactly what that means. 

The best way to describe this program is its opened this door, like a sliver, a door to a whole other world and I didn’t even know the door was there, I had no idea, I was blind to the door and now its just peeked open and I didn’t even know it was there and I haven’t even seen everything on the others side and it’s just opening wider and wider. What was I so afraid of?!

Nicole Vitale, New Jersey

I was stuck. I had the “knowing”, the knowledge, the skills, the tools I needed except I wasn’t able to do it. I didn’t know how to take the next step. Now instead of getting overwhelmed, I just start doing it. I’m not being blown by the wind anymore, I know exactly where I am going and what I am doing.

Melissa Robertson, Oregon

I felt like I wasn’t living up to my potential but I need to know how to channel it and get rid of the background noise. I suffered from anxiety in all aspects of my lifeIt shut me down in every way and in every aspect. It consumed me. I felt like I couldn’t live a normal life. Sometimes it was so severe that my whole body would react in panic attacks, my chest would tighten and it felt like there was not way out. Even though I’ve had these attacks before and come out of them before when you are in each attack you feel like there is no way out and you are never going to be ok. Life would feel like “this is it, I’m never going to feel happy again, I’m never going to be myself, I’m going to be stuck here forever.” I didn’t feel like I was powerful enough to get out of them.

I have a choice now. I don’t struggle with anxiety like I used to. I don’t deal with the depression at all. TCM has helped me recognize anxiety and drama in a second. Pre-TCM I had no idea that these concepts existed. I feel like I can read a practice, put it to use that day and wake up the next day changed. These changes happen so fast that you can be a different person week to week. A better version of you in a week´s period. It’s so cool to know that we´re not stuck being these stagnant old storied versions of ourselves. We can become so much. Its so exciting, its made me such a better person in all aspects of my life. 

Shawna Haynes, Oregon

I didn’t feel like I had a life going forward, I just felt like I was sort of running around in circles. I was grieving the loss of Jimmy and I had had for years, this feeling that I wasn’t living up to the potential that I could, that there was something there that was blocking me and it wasn’t any one huge thing it felt like a lot of little things but I couldn’t put my finger on it enough to make it go away. A real lack of follow through, motivation to follow through on any ideas.

I was always anxious about not being clear. Mine was sort of a low level anxiousness often times mixed with a depression. But yeah, there was always that feeling of the other shoe was going to drop or what next or how am I going to know what’s coming or how am going to know what to do next. Always that constant chatter. Now, I can live without feeling anxious.

A major piece is that this allowed me to think a lot clearer. When we started, I told you, I could not focus. I had a hard time even reading a book, now I can quiet my mind enough to concentrate. This clarity makes everything much more expedient, I don’t hem and haw and piddle away a bunch of time figuring out what to do. Now I quiet my mind I can get clear on what I need to do.

Nick Coman, California

How do I begin to express my gratitude to Kelly and the Change Militia? I have no idea because two months ago I couldn’t fathom feeling this free and happy.

My recent trip to our trade show was the best I have ever experienced. I mean the practices that I have learned in this short time work … It was AMAZING. The opportunities that arose were brilliant and unexpected filling me with so much love I thought I might explode. I wish I was more eloquent with words to explain my deep feelings of love to all of you and appreciation of who you are and what you have given me…. Thank you from the bottom of my heart!

Valori Wells Kennedy, Oregon

The Change Militia has changed my life! Here are two ways: First, the tools and movements made my birthing experience amazing, beyond what I could have imagined. Magical. Second, I am now constantly asking what is the next big thing I can do, what’s the next movement I can make to be bigger, to feel better, to be more empowered. I’ve learned to stop overthinking and just start doing. You see you are not alone. It helps me relate to other people better.

Karen G, Martha's Vineyard

I literally had to pull over because I was feeling so good and I wanted to tell you this about The Change Militia, I am a changed person! When I feel scattered I stop now. I have an overwhelming kindness for myself. And when I mess up, I don’t freak out about things anymore. 

I have a profound knowing & trust for myself.  I feel calm and happy, and super excited about the future and what is possible for myself & my family!  I LOVE the Change Militia!  It’s a wonderful mix of enlightening concepts & easy practices that has improved my personal life, my family life and my business in a just 3 months. I´m so grateful and appreciative to be a part of this inspiring, supportive community.  I have truly changed the way I think, act and speak.

Suze Solari, Chicago

In the first two months I realized I was listening better than perhaps I ever have.

And then I started noticing that everyday I would have spontaneous feelings of joy and happiness. I used to have a narrow definition of fun but yes, these practices are fun! Holy smokes, some days I think I’m going to burst. Now when I have these good feelings … I don’t have to shut them down.

Linda Hanson, Oregon

I feel fear in my body, mainly in my chest and it literally feels like I am having a heart attack. I have taken more anti-reflux medication than I care to think about. This was part of my daily routine prior to joining the Change Militia as I was living with and in fear. It is not like  fear of spiders where you want to jump and run away. But it was a fear of being me and speaking up for what I wanted. It was literally like I was frozen in my own body. I felt it in my heart and I also felt it in my back with constant back pain and a tightness in my back and hips.

I soon learned to recognize fear and how it was inhibiting my life – in my work, relationships, and studies. As I move along the layers and work more with the practices, I have aligned my life and movements with my intentions. Now, I don’t have as much fear. I would say it switched from 90% fear to 30% fear. I am still fearful at times, but mainly , comfortably uncomfortable. And that leaves me with a sense of curiosity and wonder.

Renee Bowers, Ontario

For the first time in a long while, I am making progress to being more at ease with myself and able to identify what I am feeling and how I can intentionally respond with purpose and clarity, not just react out of fear or defense.

Shawn Diez, Oregon

I am no more a victim in my body. I always believed the way I felt was always caused by someone else. I know now that is not true. I can control or manage how I feel and that has led to better and easier relationships with my friends, my husband, and my kids.

Neeta, Canada

These tools help you remember who you want to be. They remind me of what is already inside of me. With all of the decluttering in my head, I’ve noticed I’m not alone, there is this amazing community all around me.


Some of my results from the Change Militia so far:

* became part of a group of fun and amazingly diverse people learning and practicing these tools
* learned simple tools that have become part of my day, every day
* transformed the free-floating anxiousness that has been with me all my life
* got to learn concepts so much better with Jeff’s movements
* love living life way more undiluted
* trust me much more

Madeleine E, Portland, OR

Net gain from The Change Militia so far:  acquiring new tools and greater consciousness to shape the life I want.

First, it is deceptively simple in its design and practice.  Each day, you experiment with how to use movement to become more conscious and aware of your resistance, energy flows and ability to shift how you feel.  Second, it is amazingly elegant in how each simple lesson and practice builds on each other resulting in sudden, new understanding and awareness as you move through them each day.  Third, it is steeped in deep wisdom and knowledge that places the simple practices in an enormously meaningful and powerful context.  And, finally, it is led by two wonderful people who are committed to helping each of us approach our lives with more fun, playfulness, curiosity, healing and love.

Mary Jaensch, Connecticut

The CM practices have helped me gain perspective, balance, and connection. It’s helped me see ways I can grow, be more kind and intimate.
I have grown personally. The concepts gives me a focus, and the practices are applicable to my experiences. I feel more present and aware on a daily basis.

Rima Givot, Oregon


I am thrilled to say that one of the hugest benefits of the program is to help me sleep.  I have always had horrible sleep patterns.  I woke up about 2-3 times a night, exhausted the next day. Now, I wake up earlier and go to bed earlier and am not exhausted.

Karen C, New York

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