Layer Fourteen, Week Two – Sunday


Sunday’s Focus

The movement this week, Essence and Emotion, is challenging. Nothing will happen until it does. You probably won’t experience any partial success. Allow yourself the space to do the movement without the need to succeed.

Sunday’s Concepts

Last week we talked about the relationship between energy and Essence. This week, let’s explore how Essence influences and interacts with your Hara and the five bodies. Learning how Essence connects, communicates, and collaborates will help you create a conscious relationship with it which will allow you to utilize your Essence to help you change your world from the inside out.

Essence is on a different plane of awareness than your bodies. It is one level more foundational than Hara, two levels deeper than energy, and three levels beyond your physical body. Essence influences the other levels without directly contacting them. Your energy flows through your physical body following a set of pathways, both physical and subtle. Your essence radiates from your core through your other levels.

The Hara, when aligned and optimal, directs the energy body. It orients your movements from the gross to the subtle. It helps you maintain trajectories, fuels your intentions, and gives a backbone to your purpose, resolve, and fortitude.

Essence underlies your Hara. Hara expands in a direction, Essence radiates. Passion, dedication, and motivation happen when your Hara and Essence infuse your actions and responses. Essence adds a vibrancy to everything.

Layer Fourteen, Week Two – Monday



Monday’s Focus

See if you can make some time to experience your Essence in free moments during the day.

Monday’s Concepts

Your essence exists as a higher-level individuated system. It reacts and relates to your other systems but operates independently. It exists hierarchically above all your other systems and has a top-down influence. An example would be the hierarchy of a very well-run business. The enlightened CEO will have a great influence on all the lesser officers, managers, and employees. His or her influence will carry the most weight.

As Essence radiates and interpenetrates your bodies, it brings a feeling of fluidity, well-being, and self-confidence so powerful it becomes self-amazement and wonder. It clears the path around you of your self-set limits. It softens your resistance, releases tension, and increases elasticity. It invigorates. And it does it in each of your bodies.

As your Essence radiates beyond your environmental body, it beneficially influences your physical environment and the people in it. It compels. It enchants. It brings with it a quality of inclusion and reunification. You know that feeling when you meet up with someone you love after a long absence? Essence produces and conveys that feeling.

Layer Fourteen, Week Two – Tuesday



Tuesday’s Focus

Continue to do the movement without expectation and peek around for your Essence during the day as you can.

Tuesday’s Concepts

Mentally and emotionally, Essence adds another dimension. It adds depth and breadth. Energetically, Essence adds subtlety and increased sensitivity and discernment. Essence makes everything more vibrant.

Here is an organizational structure of your planes of awareness or conscious impact. At the top or center is your Essence. It has the most potential influence. Next is your Hara. The energy body, emotional body, mental body, environmental body, and then the physical body follow in that order.

The deeper the level, the more the potential influence. Your Essence can be the biggest contributing factor or the least. Same with your Hara. Both have enormous amounts of potential to affect change, growth, and success but only if they are activated and utilized.

Your mind and emotions can influence each other and your physical body. Aspects of your physical body influence other aspects. Physical compensations happen as cause creates effect. You step on a pebble and your knee buckles to take the weight off.

This influence goes both directions although the upward or inward travel is slower. Dysfunction or hyper-functioning of your physical body can influence your mind and emotions. It can also affect your level of intention and determination (Hara) and your degree of passion, fearlessness, and fluidity (Essence). A bruised rib can sap your mind and completely change your emotional configuration.

Layer Fourteen, Week Two – Wednesday


Wednesday’s Focus

Poke around for your Essence in different parts of your body when you have a free moment. Start with your upper chest and low belly and then move to other areas. Concentrate on a specific area for the time you have and choose another area at your next opportunity.

Wednesday’s Concepts

Essence has the most potential influence, your physical body the least. What do you think you would accomplish without thought, emotion, or energy? Your physical body responds to your other bodies, Hara, and Essence. Without input, your physical body wouldn’t do much of anything. Your Hara creates trajectories or pathways for the actions and responses of your other bodies. Your Essence infuses those actions and responses with passion and radiance.

Let’s explore the influence starting with the physical.

The physical body is primarily a series of chemical processes that repeat until failure. At the subcellular level, awareness is not very sophisticated. The parts of a single cell have basic jobs to do and they do them over and over. The plane of conscious awareness increases at the cellular level because it becomes organizational and collaborative. The cell communicates direction and intention to the parts of the cell.

Conscious Awareness brings about collaboration and relationship. Levels of awareness continue to increase as cells become tissues, organs, and systems. These overlapping planes of awareness create a chain. A movement anywhere in the chain influences every link.

Layer Fourteen, Week Two – Thursday


Thursday’s Focus

Continue to feel for your Essence in body parts. Don’t forget your internal organs (heart, lungs, liver, etc.) and major systems like circulatory and nervous.

Thursday’s Concepts

Something to remember is that every element in the chain has its own plane of awareness. It is independent and chooses to collaborate or resist. Take a minute and rub one of your calves with your thumbs. Place one thumb on top of another, apply pressure, and make slow circles over your calf. As you do, feel for knots. A knot in a muscle is your confirmation that cellular conscious awareness exists.

The tissues that make up the knot are choosing to statically contract and not follow the nervous input of the rest of the muscle. Wanting pizza when everyone else wants Thai is the same thing. Your Awareness of your individuality enables the freedom of choice.

Each cell and every component of every cell has an Essence and a Hara. These form chains too. The links get progressively bigger as the complexity increases. The Essence and Hara of your leg are exponentially greater than that of a single skin cell on the back of your knee. The collective Essence and Hara that is You is the compounded Essence and Hara of all the parts and the whole. This is true for your energy body as well. You have an energy field, your liver has its own field, and each liver cell has a field.

Optimal health requires that each plane be healthy. A healthy liver will have an energy field that is flowing without resistance, a Hara that is singular in its intention and strongly determined, and an Essence that radiates the liver’s passion and presence.

Layer Fourteen, Week Two – Friday


Friday’s Focus

As you are able, feel for Essence in your brain, the actual organ, not your mind.

Friday’s Concepts

Essence and Hara influence your bodies like heat and wind. Essence stirs and warms. Hara makes moving in the most beneficial direction easier like running with the wind. Essence softens resistance by bringing with it the feeling of unification, confirmation of relationship, and communicating resonance. Hara infuses determination, focus, and persistence. And each of those can compound as they make their way up the chain.

You have the opportunity in every moment to enlist, engage, and expand the influence of your Essence and Hara. It is a practice you will be exploring in the coming weeks. As you gain mastery, you will experience how world-changing Essence and Hara can be.

Looking back on history, you will find countless examples of how the upwelling of Essence and the persistence of Hara have changed the world. Mahatma Gandhi, Martin Luther King, Jr., and Susan B. Anthony had dreams. They infused them with their Essence and Hara. They were passionate and driven. They enchanted and entrained others to feel the same passion and drive. History records their triumphs and the cultural shifts that followed.

Layer Fourteen, Week Two – Saturday


Saturday’s Focus

Continue doing the movement and try adding some additional time. If you are giving it two minutes, try five. If you are giving it 15, try 25. The more of an opportunity you give yourself, the sooner you will have success. Remember, allow yourself the space to do the movement without the need to succeed.

Saturday’s Concepts

One of the keys to your illumination is to find your inner world changers. Somewhere in each of your bodies there lives a Gandhi, MLK, and Susan B. You can cultivate that passion and determination and allow it to stimulate and provoke other parts of your bodies. Rattle the chain and let it reverberate.

There is a sweet-spot in your physical body and in each of your other bodies, someplace you can tap into and effortlessly rattle your chain. There is an aspect of your Essence and your Hara that may or may not correspond to those sweet spots. Wherever they are, find them, stimulate them, and tolerate the expansion, expression, and radiance that ensues.

When you do, you will feel different, you will be different. Other’s will look and respond to you differently. Things will change and entrain.

Next week, we will talk about Essence and the seven components.

Essence and Emotion

Step 1 – The intention behind this exercise is to create a reference for your Essence with a known emotion.

Step 2 – Find a comfortable seat, allow yourself to soften and settle until you feel relaxed and present.

Step 3 – Connect to your Essence and as it upwells, feel for a familiar emotional quality.

Step 4 – As you link your Essence to your emotional body, the potential that exists in your essence will infuse your emotional body. It will be profound and startling.

Step 5 – This might take a while and it probably won’t happen incrementally. It will more of a whoosh than a sparkle.

Why it Matters – As you infuse your emotional body with your Essence, you will experience a new level of emotion, unlike anything you have felt.

Everyday Usability – Once you have expanded your emotional body to this new level, it will be available for your other emotions. You will be able to experience love, happiness, fulfillment, excitement, and enthusiasm at this new level.

Progression – As you get to know your Essence, you will move toward feeling it closer and closer to the moment. Eventually, your Essence will supplant your mind as your primary decision maker.

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