Layer Fourteen, Week Four – Sunday



Sunday’s Focus

How do you limit your curiosity, passion, and drive? Where do your limiting beliefs make you cautious, deliberate, or restrained?

Sunday’s Concepts

Your Hara and Essence are influencing energies. They exist with or without your conscious awareness. As Essence and Hara become part of your conscious awareness, you have a choice. You can embrace and nourish the influence, or you can ignore, resist, or devalue it. Your Essence and Hara can sleep or you can wake them up and use them to directly influence your life.

Create a relationship with your Essence and Hara by connecting with them through the components and movements. Hara and Essence have qualities that include curiosity, passion, and drive. Embrace and nourish those qualities, encourage their influence. Curiosity, passion and drive lower resistance, overcome fears, and cultivate momentum. The more Essence and Hara you cultivate, the greater your levels of curiosity, passion, and drive. The higher your levels of Essence and Hara, the more compelling, enchanting, and influential you will be.

The next component you will explore is Speed.

Layer Fourteen, Week Four – Monday





Monday’s Focus

Where and how do you create drag and lower your efficiency? Where do you slow yourself down? Which body has the most drag?

Monday’s Concepts

Speed: Essence adds an energetic aerodynamic to speed by lowering drag. Essence negates resistance. Less resistance equals more speed.

By reducing and devaluing the resistance inside and outside of you, Essence makes going faster more effortless. Commercial jets fly at 35,000’ because the air has less resistance than lower altitudes. They can go faster and use less fuel.

Hara adds precision to your trajectory, you go faster by being following the most efficient path and by maximizing your agility. There is an altitude sweet spot for aircraft. Higher altitudes have less resistance but get too high and the plane doesn’t have enough oxygen to allow efficient combustion.

Speed emphasizes the counterintuitive nature of Essence and Hara. To get more, you do less. You think, compare, judge, contemplate, worry, anticipate, expect, demand, resist, and ruminate less. You allow yourself to be less distracted. Find ways to soften and allow every aspect of your environment and the people in it to exist without censure.

Allow flow to grow and throw the status quo out the window.

Layer Fourteen, Week Four – Tuesday





Tuesday’s Focus

Explore and experience the myriad of ways your thoughts impede the expression of your Essence and Hara. How and when do your beliefs and fears limit your expression?

Tuesday’s Concepts

Picture excited kids or rambunctious dogs unleashed in a playground. They let loose. What they let loose of is the belief that they need to limit their expression. They abandon fear. They stop thinking and start expressing. They play without regard to social niceties. They entrain their movements with their environment.

They feel playground feelings and encourage the mental, emotional, and physical expression of those feelings. They embrace their relationship with the playground. They share and embrace the essential nature of playgrounds. They engage and harmonize with the personality of the playground. They eliminate the boundaries between themselves and the playground. They meld and commune.

And those things happen instantly. They don’t think about whether or not they should play, they play. Essence and Hara allow them to quickly integrate the opportunity by eliminating resistance.

To add Hara to your speed begin to soften and conform. Softening into speed happens when you let go of preconceived notions, judgments, and biases. Softening devalues fear. As fear is devalued, beneficial aspects can be expressed more easily. Less resistance equals more speed. Hara is increased by consciously conforming to your intended trajectory. You decide to move in the most efficient way, which is always the fastest.

Layer Fourteen, Week Four – Wednesday




Wednesday’s Focus

Play with softening into speed. Find ways to devalue your fears and release the resistance they generate. Feel the softening translate to speed.

Wednesday’s Concepts

Part of Hara’s streamlining process is the devaluation, discounting, and reduction of thought. Every non-essential thought slows you down and creates a foothold for distractions to proliferate. Your mental body is the principal way you limit your expression of Essence and constrain your Hara.

Hara also streamlines the physical and emotional bodies. Physically conforming to your intentions is as simple as not thinking about movement before moving. Purposefully walking down the street doesn’t require any thought after the initial decision. You just walk faster than normal. You stop walking faster than normal when your subconscious mind gets involved.

Layer Fourteen, Week Four – Thursday




Thursday’s Focus

Search for ways you create drag. What do you do that reduces your aerodynamics? When does the reduction happen? What are the typical mental stories that precipitate drag? Find your resistance to radiance.

Thursday’s Concepts

Essence and Hara are incredibly efficient. They influence very quickly because they have no resistance, no drag, and no obstacles.

Have you ever had a joyfully upwelling of emotion? That feeling where a ball of energy bubbles up from your low belly into your throat and floods out as a laughing sob? That is happiness infused with Essence.

Have you felt your reluctance to allow that feeling to bubble up? Can you imagine what that feeling would feel like if you weren’t limiting it? Is the potential inconceivable? You resist Essence for the same reasons you resist energy expansion: fear, limiting beliefs, and habit.

As you create deeper relationships with your Essence and Hara, they become tools you will use to influence, enchant, and motivate yourself, others, and the world around you. They become the instrument to illuminating your brilliance.

Essence and Hara are the catalysts that shift the unimaginable to the commonplace.

Layer Fourteen, Week Four – Friday




Friday’s Focus

Find situations, places, and opportunities to give yourself permission to express your Essence and Hara more fully. Let loose, soften, and conform to your intentions.

Friday’s Concepts

Speed is inherent. Without gravity, resistance, or obstacles, everything would be infinitely fast. Time appears to be linear because of the constraints you apply to it. Your understanding of time influences your experience of time. Time happens at the speed you allow it to happen.

Everything else that you do also happens at the speed you allow it to happen. Essence and Hara allow things to happen faster because they override your habitual tendencies that limit the expression and metabolization of energy.

Speed generates and encourages momentum. Essence and Hara allow momentum to maintain its speed and trajectory without the burden of fear.

Speed increases presence by allowing you to adjust to changing dynamics more quickly. Essence reduces the resistance to change and allows you to adjust more quickly.

Layer Fourteen, Week Four – Saturday




Saturday’s Focus

As you give yourself permission to express yourself, which body seems to be the most reluctant? Use affection and empathy to help overcome the held fear.

Saturday’s Concepts

Ideas without momentum are just fleeting thoughts. Thoughts become ideas when they are infused with Essence and Hara. Local, national, and global movements happen when an idea gets infused with sufficient Essence and Hara. The expression of the idea becomes compelling as it is infused with Essence and propelled by Hara. For others to get behind your idea, it needs to be big enough to get behind and it needs to be moving fast enough to create a vacuum.

And finally, a word about balance. Imbalance impedes speed. Physical, mental, and emotional efficiency can’t happen when one of the bodies is overcharged or undercharged. One of the qualities of Essence and Hara is that they balance by entrainment. They create communion. When the bodies are balanced and entrained, they are efficient, they meld and conform to the intention. Essence infuses the bodies with a joyful abandon allowing them their full expression. With Essence and Hara, the bodies encourage and support each other.

Essence • Hara • Speed

Step 1 – Essence allows speed to happen with less resistance.

Step 2 – Hara finds the path of least resistance. It adds a specificity to the trajectory.

Step 3 – Begin to look for ways to lower your resistance to movement. What qualities can you bring that will make your movements easier.

Step 4 – As you move through the day, explore ways to transition more quickly.

Step 5 – Find opportunities to ramp up your energy more quickly.

Step 6 – Feel for ways you are resisting movement, action, and interaction. Feel how your resistance slows down your awareness.

Step 7 – Explore your resistance and reluctance to ramp up the level of Essence and Hara you bring to your moment to moment presence.

Why it Matters – Infusing speed with Essence and Hara will increase your ability to be present and maintain presence. You will be and feel more authentic because you will be more responsive to changing energies and configurations.

Everyday Usability – Speed lowers your response time. It also gives your subconscious mind less time to react. The faster you respond, the less you will react. The less you react, the more efficient you will be.

Progression – As you get faster, one or more of your bodies and/or components will lag. The progression is to maintain a balanced increase in speed.

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