Layer Fifteen, Week One – Sunday


Sunday’s Focus

How do you limit your engagement? Where do you hold back?

Sunday’s Concepts

How have you been doing creating a relationship with your Essence and Hara by connecting with them through the components and movements? Did you find that Hara and Essence have qualities that include curiosity, passion, and drive? Did you embrace and nourish those qualities to encourage their influence? Curiosity, passion and drive lower resistance, overcome fears, and cultivate momentum. The more Essence and Hara you cultivate, the greater your levels of curiosity, passion, and drive. The higher your levels of Essence and Hara, the more compelling, enchanting, and influential you will be.

Over the last two weeks, you have explored how Essence and Hara influence your focus and speed. This week, you will explore Strength.

First, check the value you place on strength. What does it mean to you, how does the concept of strength make you feel? How do you feel around someone or something that is strong?

Most people have some degree of association between strength and violence or being over-powered. Check yourself. Find where you limit the application of your strength or the absorption of other’s strength out of the fear of violence or the fear of controlling or being controlled.

Layer Fifteen, Week One – Monday



Monday’s Focus

Where can you unleash some aspect of yourself a little bit more?

Monday’s Concepts

Strength is all about accessibility. Power is useless unless it is available. Essence and Hara remove the barriers and impingements to accessing your strength. They allow you to engage your strength more fully.

As in Focus and Speed, Essence and Hara reduce resistance. They create an atmosphere where you think, compare, judge, contemplate, worry, anticipate, expect, demand, resist, and ruminate less. They allow you to be less vague and inattentive. Essence and Hara allow every aspect of your environment and the people in it to exist without disapproval and criticism.

Essence and Hara allow your systems to fully commit, to use all the strength the systems possess. When you expect to succeed, you usually do. Essence makes outcomes a foregone conclusion by clearing the path of all possible failure points.

Layer Fifteen, Week One – Tuesday



Tuesday’s Focus

How do your habits limit your engagement with others or some aspect of your environment?

Tuesday’s Concepts

To add Essence and Hara to your strength, feel your intention as a predetermined success. Move fluidly as if the outcome isn’t in doubt. Launch yourself into your movements, activities, and intentions. Commit as if there isn’t a decision to be made. Feel yourself invest without the constraint of your subconscious mind. As you lower your resistance to doing and completing, the task will be easier.

Watch Misty Copeland move. Being graceful requires softness. Being ecstatically graceful infuses Essence and Hara. Ms. Copeland is super strong. Her Essence and her Hara allow that strength to exist effortlessly. Watch the Misty Copeland video again and feel for her expression of Essence and Hara. She exudes and radiates. Can you feel her personality? Does she feel authentic? Can you connect to her joy? Are you willing to let her Essence infuse and influence you?

Does she seem worried or anxious? Does it seem like she is holding anything back? Is she present and aware? Watching the video invokes an overwhelming feeling of awe and amazement in me, what does it bring up for you?

Layer Fifteen, Week One – Wednesday


Wednesday’s Focus

Feel for your ability to infuse Essence and Hara to more fully engage your strengths and power.

Wednesday’s Concepts

Essence and Hara bring an effortless quality to strength. They help remove doubt. Doubt hog-ties the accessibility of your strength. If your strengths are not accessible, they can’t help you. If your strengths are actively limiting you, they are weakening you. The inverse of function is dysfunction.

Let’s look at strength as it applies to each of the bodies.

Mental Body:  Let’s say you are a smart professional basketball player having trouble making shots you would normally make. You study the game, understand the subtle aspects, and are known for your understanding of the game. Your intellect is one of your greatest strengths, but your shooting slump has you overthinking. Your mind gets in the way of the shooting mechanics your body has learned through thousands of hours of practice. The strength of your mind hinders your ability to shoot.

Essence reduces the influence your mind has over your movements. You get in the zone with a balanced and fluid presence. To access your fluidity, add Essence. It will absorb and transform excess and extraneous thoughts.

Layer Fifteen, Week One – Thursday


Thursday’s Focus

Are you aware of the influence Essence and Hara have on your capacity to influence?

Thursday’s Concepts

Physical Body: The easiest to identify. You know what strong feels like and you can identify plenty of examples where you have used your strength anaerobically.

Essence changes the quality of the effort. Essence brings a fullness. Full strength feels very different than hard work. Essence infuses effort with a joyful playfulness.

Hara enlists all necessary tissues inclusively and comprehensively. Hara unifies. It creates a pull toward collaboration. Hara orients your body toward the objective. It encourages and focuses your strength with the power of specificity.

Layer Fifteen, Week One – Friday


Friday’s Focus

Explore how Essence and Hara diminish the influence of your subconscious mind.

Friday’s Concepts

Emotional Body: Essence and Hara add a vivid vibrancy to emotions. Strong emotions that generate momentum are filled with Essence and Hara.

When your emotional body lacks Essence and Hara it will feel stagnant, sluggish, or stifled. You will feel depressed, thick, and disheartened.

Strong emotions that are infused with Essence will defy labels. Ecstatic, euphoric, blissful, exulted, rapturous, and jubilant are probably as close as you will get to labeling. Full-spectrum emotions might be another way to describe it. Emotions leavened with Essence will radiate through your whole body and proximal environment. They will be rich, opulent, and lush.

Weak emotions without Essence are like walking across a lawn. Powerful emotions with Essence are like crashing head-long through a dense rainforest filled with birds, flowers, and loving godlike beings bathing you in a soft, warm light.

Hara adds an orienting flow to emotions. Strong emotions can fuel or obstruct your trajectory. When your emotions support your intentions, you are emoting with Hara. You lack Hara when your emotions distract, estrange, dissuade, discourage, or detach you from your goals. The stronger the emotions, the more they can help or hinder your success.

Layer Fifteen, Week One – Saturday


Saturday’s Focus

Give yourself permission to fully express yourself. When you do, which body seems to be the most reluctant to engage fully?

Saturday’s Concepts

Environmental Body: Essence and Hara help you harmonize and unify with your environment and the people in it. Essence and Hara help divergent energies blend. They both embrace, engage, and enliven the commonality of purpose.

The easier divergent energies blend, the more powerful they become because you will spend less energy in the collaborative process. There is less energy spent negotiating. No energy is set aside for possible future conflict. If you and I are working together and I love and admire you, I am not holding anything back. I am more committed to our shared purpose when I am without fear or resistance. The strength of our collaboration is determined by our ability to blend our resources without conflict or insecurity.

The strength of your passion and determination have much more influence than any of the individual bodies, components, or energy movements because they create resonance, congruence, and coherence. They fuel your dreams and give them direction.

Passion is the strength emanating quality of Essence. Determination is the strength emanating quality of Hara. Get some!

Essence • Hara • Strength

Step 1 – Essence allows strength to happen with more engagement.

Step 2 – Hara allows strength to engage in the most beneficial way.

Step 3 – Essence and Hara allow you to not hold back.

Step 4 – Essence and Hara unleash your potential, embrace the darkness of the unknown, and commit fully.

Step 5 – Essence overcomes innate resistances.

Step 6 – As you make your way through your day, seek moments where you can unleash yourself. How can you be yourself more fully in every moment?

Step 7 – How can you actively engage more fully in each action, movement, response, and interaction?

Step 8 – Ask yourself where you are limiting your strength and actively wonder how you can unleash yourself more fully.

Why it Matters – Infusing strength with Essence and Hara will increase your capacity to be present and maintain a greater presence. You will feel and be more authentic because you will be have more available energy to engage.

Everyday Usability – Strength, infused with Essence and Hara increases power and your capacity to influence. It reduces the influence of your subconscious mind.

Progression – Essence and Hara have a compounding effect. As you add them to your components, their influence will begin to grow, amplify, and proliferate.

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