Layer Fourteen, Week Three – Sunday


Sunday’s Focus

The movement this week is explored in the concepts. If you haven’t, take a quick read of them before doing the movement.

Sunday’s Concepts

Let’s look at how Essence and Hara interface with the components and energy movements.

The seven components are focus, speed, strength, flexibility, rejuvenation, stability, and endurance.

The movements are direction, size, density, resonance, momentum, time, proximity, and gravity.

Gravity, wind resistance, fluid dynamics, surface tension, oxygen saturation, chemical interactions, and the like all influence your physical body in ways that are usually easily distinguishable. Unless you are sleeping or comatose.

Picture yourself in a boat on a river … the sun is in your eyes. You are sitting near the front with four beetles on your shoulder. You feel the spray from the bow, the wind buffeting your body, and the sun. You can see the tangerine trees on the bank and the marmalade skies overhead. You are conscious and aware of the energies influencing you.

Now picture yourself in the same scenario sleeping deeply. What will you be aware of? Does it still exist? Of course they do … but sleep prevents your conscious recognition.

Layer Fourteen, Week Three – Monday



Monday’s Focus

Spend some time making sure you understand the component of focus. See if you can distinguish it from the other components as you explore.

Monday’s Concepts

As you increase your conscious awareness, you can change the influence the environmental energies have. Gliding by a tangerine grove while sleeping won’t have much value. Awake, you can choose how much value the grove will have. You can increase the influence by appreciating the sights, smells, and remembered tastes. You can begin to long for citrus. You can steer the boat to the shore and liberate a handful. You might introduce yourself to the owner of the orchard and offer yourself as an apprentice. You can start a GoFundMe campaign to plant a gazillion Tangerine trees on a five-year worldwide expedition.

The tangerine grove can be of little interest or it can directly influence the course of your life. It is a choice you can make.

Layer Fourteen, Week Three – Tuesday



Tuesday’s Focus

Continue to explore focus while feeling for the influencing energies of Essence and Hara. Remember to soften.

Tuesday’s Concepts

Your Hara and Essence are influencing energies. They exist with or without your conscious awareness. Like the tangerine grove, they exist without the necessity of your awareness. As Essence and Hara become part of your conscious awareness, you have a choice. You can embrace and nourish the influence, or you can ignore, resist, or devalue it. Your Essence and Hara can sleep or you can wake them up and use them to help directly influence your life.

You can access your Essence and Hara by connecting to them through the components and movements. Hara and Essence have qualities. By embracing and nourishing those qualities, you encourage their influence. The more influence they have, the greater your levels of curiosity, passion, and drive.

Curiosity, passion and drive lower resistance, overcome fears, and cultivate momentum. Let’s take a look at each of the components and movements and explore how Essence and Hara can develop, improve, and expand your curiosity, passion and drive and the influence they have.

Layer Fourteen, Week Three – Wednesday


Wednesday’s Focus

Play with expanding your ability to focus into previously unexplored realms. Soften and feel for deeper, richer, and fuller qualities.

Wednesday’s Concepts

Starting with the components:

Focus: Essence radiates focus and Hara illuminates it. As you add Essence to focus, you gain perspective and depth. You can focus spherically. Your range of focus will increase. You become focused on a greater area. Hara brings clarity to what you are focusing on. It sharpens the edges and adds another level of discernment. Hara will also help entrain all your bodies into focusing on the same thing. Hara forestalls distraction.

To add Essence and Hara to your focus begin to add specificity. Find aspects to feel more deeply curious about. Confirm your foundational intentions. Be very clear about what is most important and begin to feel for attributes that match your intention. Feel for your desire for participation or accomplishment. Feel your yearning to learn and explore. Allow those feelings to grow, expand, and gain momentum.

Layer Fourteen, Week Three – Thursday


Thursday’s Focus

Feel for the distinct and specific energies and essences of what you are exploring. See if you can feel unique Essences or qualities.

Thursday’s Concepts

Focal specificity – When you add Essence to your focus, you will be acknowledging, accepting, and welcoming all the things that make up whatever you are focusing on. You will focus on the essence of the action, response, movement, task, intention, trajectory, and foundational value. You will feel an ever-increasing number of aspects and their influence and confluence.

Let’s say you are washing the dishes … dish washing can be an unpleasant chore if you focus on the unpleasantness. There are options that can make washing the dishes an ecstatic experience … when you infuse the task with Essence and Hara.

Scenario #1 – You hate washing dishes. You are resentful and resistant. You blame and complain. Dish washing intrudes on your life. You dislike that you are not able to do something enjoyable instead. Unpleasantness ensues.

Scenario #2 – Dishes are something that need to be done and you make the best of it. First, before you begin, you congratulate yourself for being in a position to do a thing that needs to be done. You connect to how great it feels to have a clean kitchen. Next, you set an intention to do the dishes the same way you would like to live your life. You intend to be joyful, playful, fulfilled, kind, efficient, and successful. As you begin, you start looking for specific ways to bring those intentions into the washing of dishes. You begin to infuse dish washing with those intentions. This is Hara.

Layer Fourteen, Week Three – Friday


Friday’s Focus

Feel for the cumulative energies and essences of what you are exploring. See if you can feel the Essences that are compounding.

Friday’s Concepts

You will use the washing of dishes as another opportunity to be determined in your desire to live up to your core values. Get specific. How can you wash dishes joyfully? What would it take, what qualities could you bring that would make dish washing more fun? How could you feel more deeply while dishwashing? How could you use the sensations of washing dishes to connect more fully with your environment? In what ways can you use dish washing as an avenue to increase your awareness and to practice presence?

Adding Essence to the washing of dishes will increase your curiosity, your sense of wonder about things that currently are outside of your capacity. Essence fuels your desire to explore the unknown. Hara is the explorer, it is the vehicle you will use to search.

Layer Fourteen, Week Three – Saturday


Saturday’s Focus

Feel for the interaction between the Essence you are focusing on and your Essence. Explore how your Essence influences its Essence and how its Essence influences your Essence.

Saturday’s Concepts

Here is a specific example. As you wash dishes you pick up a plate. That plate has an energy and an essence. It feels a specific way that is different than other dishes and even other plates. As you wash it, you can begin to discern its qualities. The plate will have a personality. Your Essence will allow you to connect to the Essence of the plate. The plate’s essence is a compounding of the energies and essences that designed, manufactured, delivered, and sold it. It is also a compounding of the materials used to make it. It will have the essence of the place where it was made, the areas traveled through, and a bit of essence from everyone it came in contact with.

As you wash it, you can revere those qualities. Every time you wash that particular plate, you can get to know it a little better and connect with it a little more deeply. That requires focus. It requires looking for specificity outside of your current range of conceivability.

As your connection with the plate increases, as you recognize and acknowledge its Essence, feel for how its Essence is influencing you. The Essence in deep, intimate love allows for the sharing of Essence, each influencing the other which in turn creates a comingled Essence. This compounded, collaborative, and comingled Essence will have qualities specific to it. The Essence of every relationship is different because they are compounded from different sources. Now you know why you can’t ever go back. Today’s compounded Essences are different from yesterday’s. Today’s relationship is different from yesterday because you and the other person are different from yesterday.

This week was about focus. Next week, we will explore speed.

Essence • Hara • Focus

Step 1 – Every experience in which you focus as a human can be improved and enlivened by the infusion of Essence and Hara.

Step 2 – One of the primary ways you will add Essence and Hara to your focus is to soften into specificity … as counterintuitive as that may seem.

Step 3 – As you begin to practice adding Essence and Hara to your focus you will relax and set an intention to experience whatever you are doing in a fuller, deeper way.

Step 4 – You will start with the assumption that the solution will be currently unknown. Increasing your focus will require that you find new ways that lie outside of existing boundaries and understanding. Allow for the possibility without demand.

Step 5 – Start experiencing with a curious softened sense of wonder. You are going to allow in experiences that were previously inconceivable.

Step 6 – See, feel, hear, smell, and energetically connect in unexpected, unanticipated, and unpredictable ways. Feel for the Essence and Hara, feel for the compounding energies and underlying determinations. Search for the individuality and personality. Feel for unique expressions of energy, Hara, and Essence.

Step 7 – Don’t forget to soften, this is impossible unsoftened. Embrace the unknown.

Why it Matters – As you move through the next seven weeks of movements and explore Essence and Hara as it relates to the components, you will begin to experience yourself, others, and the world in new and unfathomable ways. This is the beginning.

Everyday Usability – These movements will allow you to express and experience Essence and Hara more fully. They will allow you to be more authentic and to feel the underlying authenticity of the people and world around you.

Progression – The progression is to feel the Essence and Hara of each of the bodies and their relationship to each other and the path they take to influence internally and externally.

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