Layer Thirteen, Week Two – Sunday


Sunday Focus

Layer Eleven, Week One Focus

Where do you place the limits on your happiness, kindness, strength, and connections? Where and how do you maintain distance?

When do you limit your presence? How intimate is too intimate with your partner, family, friends, coworkers, and strangers? What defenses do you maintain? What tension exists persistently?

Sunday’s Concepts

Layer Eleven, Week One Concepts

Understanding your tolerance levels will let you know how, when, where, and why you limit yourself. Finding resonance will allow you to connect deeply with yourself, those around you, and your environment.

Your tolerance levels are the limits set by you or your subconscious mind. This harkens back to our discussions on homeostasis and comfort zones (L6W1). Homeostasis is your physiology striving to survive. Your subconscious mind uses homeostasis to keep your non-physical bodies in a range that is familiar.

Homeostasis in all your bodies is not primarily concerned with what is healthy, beneficial, growth, or success. Homeostasis is about familiar. For something to be familiar, it must have history, some degree of security, and a level of established and embedded comfort or discomfort.

Most of what you do, think, see, feel, smell, hear, and touch is familiar. When you begin to do, think, see, feel, smell, hear, and touch things that are out of your familiar range, your subconscious mind ramps up its threat detectors and distraction protocols.

Your limiting ranges restrict, regulate, and restrain every aspect of every action and interaction that you have. Limiting ranges are the primary source of your triggers and you burn a huge amount of energy maintaining them. Limiting ranges require energy expenditures in all your bodies. If you fatigue or get exhausted blame your limiting ranges.

When you go outside and it is chilly or rainy, you have a choice. You can resist the weather or you can embrace it. If you resist, you will be reactive. You will resist by creating negative judgments and a demand that it be different. You will seek to limit your exposure (pun intended) and start looking for ways to distance yourself from it. You will create stories to confirm your disapproval. Usually, reactions set you up in opposition, contrast, competition, or conflict. Reactions move you away and create distance.

Responses are a convergence, conjunction, or union, they bring you closer and allow you to be a vital and integral part of the experience. When you embrace the weather, you open yourself up to new possibilities and previously unseen opportunities. You feel it as it is, connect to it, and begin to wonder how you can benefit.

Here is how to respond: acknowledge and be aware of the current condition by putting yourself in a place of allowance and acceptance. You meet the environmental conditions where they are without resistance, expectation, or judgment. You blend, merge, or intermingle. You become aware.

Next, shift the energies in each of your bodies to resonate with what is actually there, not what you want, demand, or judge should be there. You entrain with the current conditions without trying to change anything.

Awareness is very intimate, specific, and fluid. It has depth and breadth. You feel your surroundings and the people in it as extensions of yourself. You feel them like you feel the tips of your fingers, the back of your neck, or the ache in your hip. You feel the longing, heartache, joy, and wonder as if it were your own.

Once you are aware of the energy in all bodies of everything around you and have connected to it, you begin to radiate the qualities, movements, and components of the energies that meet your intention.

We have talked about the cycle: threat, familiarity, opportunity in L9W1 (Value is assigned hierarchically in three tiers. The first tier is threat, second is familiarity, and the third is benefit. and in L10W4 (First, they look at you and determine your threat level. Second, they look to see if you fit comfortably into their familiar configurations. Lastly, they look for any opportunities that might be present.)

Let’s talk a bit about the subtleties of radiating energy. First and most importantly, radiating is not projecting. When you project, you have an agenda or objective. There will be a demand or expectation. You want someone to do something or something specific to happen. Projecting will always have a motive; some degree of persuasion, coercion, manipulation, or seduction.

Radiating is an expression of passion without undercurrents. Pure radiant expression is rare. Learn your tolerance levels, find resonance, entrain with your environment, and then begin to raise your vibrations.


Layer Thirteen, Week Two – Monday


Monday’s Focus

Layer Eleven, Week Two Focus

What body do you limit the most? Where do you keep your contact superficial by using labels to maintain distance?

What aspect of your life feels impossible? How can you increase your sense of wonder and unlimit your perceptions enough to allow alchemy to happen?

Monday’s Concepts

Layer Eleven, Week Two Concepts

Understanding your limiting ranges is incredibly valuable. Your limiting ranges restrict, regulate, and restrain every aspect of all your actions and every interaction. Limiting ranges are the primary source of your triggers and you burn a huge amount of energy maintaining them.

What are limiting ranges and how do they affect your ability to be empathetic, kind, curious, and connected? Let’s take a series of possibilities to illustrate.

Scenario: You are about to walk into a supermarket and a 20-something kid approaches you wearing a filthy flannel shirt, tattered jeans, and an overstuffed knapsack. He smells like a foul olfactory soup of patchouli, body odor, and ganja.

Possibility #1 – Shrink Wrapping: Something deep inside your head instructs “Don’t look or acknowledge him, give a quick shake of your head and keep moving.” The limiting range here is profound and intense.

There will be physical tension as you assume a defensive posture. Emotionally, you deaden yourself and mentally, you shut down every other line of thought. You retract your environmental body so that it doesn’t extend past your skin. Energetically, you narrow your bandwidth into a tight box with two doors, fight or flight.

Possibility #2 – Buffering: Your subconscious mind flashes you the “Dirty Hippy” sign with the subtitle “probably wants me to give him money” and the subtext “he looks hungry, I’ll give him $5.00.”

This option brings you into superficial contact. You acknowledge his presence but not his individuality because the attached subconscious label remains. The label helps your subconscious mind to identify a comfortably secure space. The “Dirty Hippy” label links to the subconscious desire to evaluate threats. Your past safe experiences with dirty hippies allows your subconscious mind to move from threat assessment to familiar.

Possibility #3 – Compassion: You see the man as a “fellow human” and consider starting a conversation. You plan to ask questions and look for mutually beneficial opportunities. You think about how you might help and ways to offer as much support as you can. You begin to create an emotional connection to the idea. You feel the potential build, warm to it, and pat yourself of the back for being so caring. By the time your inner soliloquy is complete, you are on aisle 4 looking at organic coriander seeds and wondering how you got there.

This is how most people feel compassion. Create a generalized inner narrative that becomes the center of the universe. If this is you, you might invent a storyline and then start writing chapter outlines and filling in basic details. And the instant you start the process, you disengage from reality. You disconnect from every tangible action. You distance yourself by retreating into the warm butterscotch pudding of your imagination.

Possibility #4 – Projection: Your subconscious mind flashes you the “Underprivileged Youth” sign with the subtitle “He probably hasn’t had a decent meal in days” and the subtext “you must help, offer to buy him some food and drive him to a shelter.”  That is kinder and may be empathetic and shows greater desire to connect but doesn’t show any curiosity. It is complete presumption.

This possibility also creates a disconnect by generating a narrative. While compassion is a generalized narrative, projection is specific. You connect with the idea and not with the individual. You generate emotional energy toward the label underprivileged youth. You add emotional energy to the idea (not fact) that he is hungry. You compound that emotional energy by projecting the future kindness of gifting food and driving him to the shelter.

Can you feel how none of this is actually happening? Can you feel how this mental and emotional posturing removes you from being present in the moment? Your solution is based on the presumption that your story is correct. The instant you go into story creation, you disconnect from yourself, others, and your environment.

Possibility #5 – Alchemy: As you drive into the parking lot, you assess the energies and flows. You take it all in and use the energy to help radiate your intentions to be empathetic, kind, curious, and connected. This is not a thinking process. This is a feeling process.

As a young man approaches, you feel him, you feel his energy configuration and any ongoing transitions. You feel his habitual defenses. You feel his limiting patterns. You feel his depth and breadth, fears, and affections. You feel his heart and his soul.

You reconfigure your energy to resonate with his energy and dispel or soothe his fears. You smile welcomingly and greet him openly. As you feel him soften, you begin to increasingly radiate your feelings of empathy, kindness, curiosity, and connectedness. You wait in the unknown and allow the potential and opportunities to manifest.

For our purposes, let’s call this confluence, alchemy. From here anything can happen. He might tell you that you left your lights on, invite you to a Gathering of Souls, or just tell you how much he likes your Birkenstocks. He might tell you he is doing research for his book about prejudice and intolerance.

Let’s talk a bit about magic, alchemy, and mysticism. Mysticism is becoming one with God or the Absolute, any kind of ecstasy or altered state of consciousness. It is the attainment of insight into ultimate or hidden truths, and to human transformation supported by various practices and experiences. The last sentence is the one I would like to expand upon (pun intended).

The process you have been playing with in the last 42 weeks has brought you to this point. The concepts, focuses, and movements have prepared you to bridge the gap between the conceivable and the inconceivable. You are on the precipice of discovery but it will take a leap of faith, an allowance that what your mind perceives is just a fraction of what is available to experience.

I believe you can decide to rewrite your conscious awareness, to increase its scope, and to feel your existence in a new way. A new way that transcends what you believe is possible, attainable, or even real. It starts with increased awareness, progresses to sensory acuity, which develops into empathy, and from there to what lies beyond in the realm of the alchemists and the mystics.


Layer Thirteen, Week Two – Tuesday


Tuesday’s Focus

Layer Eleven, Week Three Focus

When do you typically have success taking personal responsibility? Where do you still fall into blame, demand, and expectation?

Which of your current values could you reconsider? Which ones feel like they are hardwired into who you are? What fears do you have that inhibit your ability to change everything about you?

Tuesday’s Concepts

Layer Eleven, Week Three Concepts

Empathy will open the door for you to have the clarity and grandeur of the mystic and the world altering talents of the alchemist. My intention is for you to revel in the magnificence of your life, function at a higher level of awareness, and beneficially impact your world.

Subjugate your subconscious mind and then subjugate your conscious mind. Bend them to the will of the higher-level awareness that exists beyond your current realities.

To do this, become a mystic and an alchemist. See the pieces and arrange them differently, better, more loving and kind. Opening to the mystic majesty of your life requires lowering your resistance, removing obstacles, and reducing drag. Continually explore your limiting ranges and expand your tolerance for healthy discomfort.

Here is a brief overview the ten enigmas to enter the land of the mystics and the world of alchemy.

#1 – Decide that powerful personal growth is more important than all the things that cement you in your habits, beliefs, and limiting patterns. Let your decision be the foundation for your life.

The decision must be rooted in your heart and soul. It must inhabit your center. Your Hara must align with it. The thoughts, feelings, and sensations that accompany your decision must pull you toward your optimal balance point. Use empathy to deeply connect with others and your environment. Your empathy will highlight previously unseen opportunities and dramatically increase your awareness.

#2 – Take personal responsibility for every aspect of your life. Empower yourself by all means necessary, stop blaming others, and accept that success is an internally fueled journey.

I made a commitment to myself to wash and put all the dishes I use during the day in the drying rack. As I leaned a cookie sheet against the rack, it touched a bag of birdseed on the counter. The seed bag fell over and a cascade of bird seed rained down on the carpet. My initial reaction was to blame Kelly. My next reaction was to realize that I had knocked it over and that I could have taken it to the garage where it lives. I could have moved it as soon as I saw it. If I had moved it before I started the dishes, I would not have knocked it over.

#3 – Become more aware. Deconstruct sensory input, develop a whole-body practice, and feel your zones and edges as degrees of Being.

I’ve been exploring the challenges I feel when I run. As I run, I feel what running feels like in as many parts of my physical body as possible and in as many aspects of my other bodies as I am able. As I acquire information, I question my beliefs about running, aerobic fitness, balance, tolerance, determination, gravity, momentum, pain, effort, fluidity, playfulness, fulfillment, and my limiting patterns.

I question how the knowledge I am discovering jives with my existing beliefs. I explore new ways of running and new ways of maintaining fluid balance as I run. Under it all, I am using the knowledge that I gain to understand how I can live more fully, fluidly, and effortlessly. I want to live seamlessly within my environment. I want to use running as a testing ground for eliminating any boundaries between my environment, others, and me.

Pure empathy is feeling everything without separation. Empathy removes the border between where I stop and something else starts. It is a cessation of the boundary between me and not me. When I can remove all distinction and the judgment, fear, and limits that go with boundaries, I become my environment. What I do becomes universal. I change and the world changes simultaneously.

#4 – Question your values. Identify your habitual beliefs, set hierarchical intentions, and devalue drama.

Years ago, I was a vendor for Patagonia. The owner, Yvon Chouinard, made a decision that the company would only use organic cotton. He determined that using non-organic cotton was contrary to the principals of being an environmentally conscious company. Patagonia had been using conventionally grown cotton for 20 years. They had established resources, systemized product flows, and excellent profit margins. He reaffirmed that being an environmentally conscious company was more important than profit margins.

As a human, Yvon Chouinard had empathy for the planet and the people impacted by the chemicals used to grow conventional cotton. He embraced his empathy and used it to increase his awareness and perception. That increased perception highlighted the benefits and value in organic cotton. He alchemized the clothing industry using the heightened awareness brought on by his empathy and acquired knowledge. He is a mystic.

#5 – Increasingly tolerate healthy discomfort. Acknowledge that growth requires discomfort, expand your capacity to expand, and use the actuality of the moment to diffuse pain. Let your expansion elevate your awareness.

Back to the story of the birdseed from #2. I didn’t tell Kelly about the spill (well, until she proofreads this). I scooped up what I could, vacuumed up the rest, ziplocked the bag and put it in the garage.

One of the many benefits of taking personal responsibility is that the energy generated from the spill stayed in my system. My initial frustration and desire to blame brought up lots of emotion. My subconscious mind told me I should instruct Kelly on the proper and correct way to handle bird seed. I felt it in my body as uncomfortable tension. My head and upper chest felt inflated. If I had unloaded on Kelly about leaving it on the counter, I would have unloaded all that energy.

Maintaining my composure (composite energy), triggered my system into an adaptation response. It started looking for ways to expand my capacity so that the increased level of energy was tolerable.

#6 – Diffuse Internally. Advance your physical practice, learn to rotate your energy, and continually soften, absorb, and confirm.

As it was, I tolerated the discomfort (frustration and recrimination) and took personal responsibility. As I conceded that I could have done a better job putting things away, I felt a sense of relief and a feeling of conclusion. My energy body realized the curtain had come down on the drama and absorbed all the energy flowing through my physical, mental, and emotional bodies. Spilling a bag of seeds germinated into revitalization, invigoration, and rejuvenation.

One of the ways my body absorbed the energy was self-appreciation. I allowed that I was proud of myself for handling (pun intended) the spill the way I did. I confirmed mentally and emotionally that my actions aligned with my intentions. I allowed the energy of frustration to transform to satisfaction and fulfillment. As I did, I felt myself soften.

Self-appreciation is the catalyst that initiates fulfillment and softening. Self-appreciation connects me to the higher levels of awareness that exist beyond my limiting patterns. Enthusiastically loving my self connects me to the higher awareness within and allows me to connect to the higher awareness of everything.

Active self-appreciation opens the door for empathy, which opens the door to alchemy and leads to the realm of the mystics.


Layer Thirteen, Week Two – Wednesday


Wednesday’s Focus

Layer Eleven, Week Four Focus

Diffuse internally. As you make your way through the week, practice allowing what feels like excess energy to circulate through your system. Begin to revalue the challenges of growth from discomfort to incremental success.

Gauge your level of authenticity by how effortless things feel. If something feels hard or challenging, examine how you might be limiting your awareness and presence.

Wednesday’s Concepts

Layer Eleven, Week Four Concepts

As a review, the first six of the ten enigmas were #1 Make A Foundational Decision, #2 Take Personal Responsibility, #3 Increase Your Awareness, #4 Question Your Values, #5 Tolerate Healthy Discomfort, and #6 Diffuse Internally. Numbers five and six will lead to:

#7 – Embrace the Adaptation Response. Welcome and cherish the challenges of growth. Challenge yourself to identify and push past your limiting patterns.

For you and most others, embracing the adaptation response might be the most challenging of the keys. It is a fundamental change in how you reflexively relate with the world. Most of us were taught to blame and disassociate our actions/reactions from our results. How few people do you encounter who automatically take personal responsibility? When do you hear people give you the cause of their dramas and experiences?

Challenge yourself to take responsibility, it focuses and draws energy into your system. Self-responsibility initiates expansion. Expansion opens the door for adaptation. The adaptation response stimulates growth. The challenges that accompany growth will become your signal that you are achieving the incremental successes you seek.

#8 – Facilitate Transparent Awareness. Become Increasingly Empathetic. Feel the fear, demands, and projections of yourself, others, and your environment and adjust your energy flows to maximize opportunities, benefits and success.

From Layer Seven, Week Two: Most oral communication is used to verbalize resistance (fear) and to limit change. Transparent communication happens when you are clear about what you fear and what you are trying to limit.

From Layer Nine, Week Three: You are authentic when you are fully present without resistance. When you are authentic, all your bodies, components, and movements will align with your intention and your present state of being. To be empathetic, you must be internally authentic. You must know yourself and not allow your subconscious mind to convince you to rationalize and validate your fears, judgments, and resistances.

Transparent Awareness is authentic. Authenticity happens when you communicate and receive the same message with all your bodies. It requires overcoming your fears, dropping your demands, and stopping all judgment. It requires letting go of the need to control. Transparent Awareness embraces the chaos of constant change. When you do, you enter the flow state. Energy absorbs and radiates without interference or resistance. You become connected deeply with everyone and everything around you.

#9 – Discover the power of kindness. Use kindness as your compass. Develop a practice that makes kindness a focal point in your life. Kindness is inherently empathetic and a portal to higher awareness. When all your bodies configure in kindness, you glide into the flow state naturally.

When you are explicitly kind, you aren’t in threat assessment or worried if the energies around and inside of you are familiar. You look for ways to assist others in meeting their potential and as you do, you get closer to yours. You focus your intentions, trajectories, and strengths on mutually beneficial opportunities.

Explore the parts of you that resist being kind or being kinder. Find kindnesses that you never believed yourself capable of. Do it now, do it today, do it until the world changes.

#10 – Become an alchemist and a mystic. Get increasingly supernatural by increasing your ability to utilize opportunities. Fine-tune your magic detector. Learn to manifest the inconceivable, unbelievable, and incredible. Astonish yourself with regularity. As you get increasingly alchemical and expand your supernatural abilities, your capacity to radiate and connect to the world around you will intensify. Your ability to sense and attract opportunity will expand.

Don’t get caught up in semantics. If you have resistance to the words supernatural, alchemist, or mystic, think of it as accessing more of who you are, your divine nature, being an innovator, or the power of your God infusing you. Find words or descriptions that allow you to connect to the concepts with the least amount of resistance.

Layer Thirteen, Week Two – Thursday


Thursday’s Focus

Layer Twelve, Week One Focus

Explore the power of kindness. Be uncomfortably kind and track your results. Feel how your expanded kindness and transparent awareness allow the energies of others and the environment to entrain with you. Feel for the shift.

Feel how your ability to absorb energy influences others. What happens when you actively absorb a conversation? What happens when you walk into a room and actively engage with all the energies present?

Thursday’s Concepts

Layer Twelve, Week One Concepts

When you are transparently aware, you will maximize the opportunities you are able to perceive. It is the path to amplified empathy, perpetual momentum, unwavering fluidity, and intrinsic effortlessness. When you are absorbing and radiating at near your maximum levels your success, happiness, and fulfillment will flow effortlessly.

Higher levels of awareness (transparent awareness) will make you more sensitive to the most beneficial opportunities. This applies to the energies, movements, trajectories, and momentum outside of your body as well. Higher awareness leads to greater collaboration, increased connection, and amplified intimacy. When you align your energies to complement and collaborate with others and your environment, those people and things begin to align with your energies.

Enlightenment, the domain of the mystics and alchemists, is a flawless state of giving and receiving energy. Increasing your ability to be transparently aware requires that you increase your level of perception, reduce your resistance, and lower your predisposition to be defensive. Transparent awareness and all higher levels of perception are fearless, accepting, and inclusive. They absorb and radiate without boundary, expectation, or censure.

Focus, Speed, Endurance, Strength, Flexibility, Stability, and Rejuvenation. Let’s look at the qualities for each of the components to absorb and radiate. (You can review the components in detail here: L4W2, L4W3, L4W4, L5W1, L5W2, and L5W3.)

Focus is your ability to discern the difference between benefit and distraction. Focus is the ability to absorb and radiate the energy of the relevant aspects of the task, trajectory, or connection you are making. Focus is your level of efficiency when sending or receiving energy.

You radiate focus by orienting your movements, actions, and communication toward your intention and trajectory. You stay on task. If you are running, you radiate your movements in the way that most efficiently transmits your energy into your environment while you absorb the energy from your environment.

Stability comes into play to help you stay connected internally and externally. Stability gives absorption and radiation a predictable flow. Stability infuses moving energy with a sense of unwavering presence. Stability encourages unity because it lowers the fear of change. Stability absorbs energy and radiates presence, tolerance, and patience.

Transparent awareness is stable. If you and I are having a conversation and I am rooted in presence, your systems will not be triggered by my imbalances … because I am balanced. Very quickly, your system will soften because there isn’t any hint of the unpredictable. Stability disarms triggers.

Speed harvests existing moving energies and coopts them to its purpose. Speed amplifies existing energies by absorbing them and then channeling (radiating) them with an increased efficiency in a specific direction. Speed absorbs and radiates momentum, technique, and purpose. Speed works like a funnel.

Transparent awareness requires speed. The quicker you can absorb, the quicker you will have the capacity to radiate. Speed outpaces resistance by helping to generate, maintain or increase momentum.

Strength is how powerfully you can hold or maintain your desired configuration, trajectory, or intention without submission. Strength overcomes resistance. Strength happens when your systems align with a common goal against opposing forces. Strength is the ability to channel energies cooperatively to the degree that it causes a change in orientation.

Transparent awareness needs strength. It requires a powerful resolve to channel energies away from resistance, stagnation, and non-beneficial habits and beliefs. You will need strength to absorb energies that you might label as fear-inducing, wrong, bad, negative, or distasteful. Strength will allow you to be more transparently aware by giving you the energy to push past your limiting patterns.

Flexibility collaborates with existing energies. Flexibility is elastic and non-oppositional. It bends without breaking or braking. It absorbs while limiting exertion. It uses existing energies efficiently. It employs and manipulates.

Transparent awareness is inherently flexible. It flows effortless and in the perpetual cycle of absorb and radiate. Growth happens to the degree you can be flexible enough to maximize the efficiency of your absorption. Influence happens to the degree that you can radiate your energy in the most resonant and digestible ways.

Endurance passively absorbs energy and radiates at minimal and optimal levels. Endurance is thrifty. Endurance exists as a state of energy that is perpetually moving at sustainable levels.

Marriages endure either as a loving comingling of energy and affection or, at the other end of the spectrum, as a quagmire of unmet expectations, resentment, and strife. In all enduring marriages, the Energy moves equally between absorption and expenditure. In the first instance, large amounts of mutually beneficial energy absorb and radiate. In the second, energy exchanges are still equal but not necessarily beneficial and one party is usually predominately pushing energy while the other typically pulls. If incoming and outgoing energies didn’t balance, the marriages would get increasingly imbalanced and fail.

The last of the components is Rejuvenation and its least recognized aspect is opportunity. You revive your energy to the degree your systems can recognize opportunities to absorb energy. To be able to look for opportunities, your bodies must feel safe or relaxed enough to lower the inherent resistance. You also must have a place to put the replacement energy; you need storage capacity.

Any energy you radiate can serve to rejuvenate others or your environment to the degree it is allowed to be absorbed. To be absorbed, the radiated energy must be resonant, non-threatening, and it has to slip past existing resistances and defenses.

Your bodies will most efficiently absorb and radiate energy when each of the components is balanced. As a reminder, Balance is when you are the most efficient, strong, and equally fluid in all your bodies and every component. Your ability to be transparently aware will depend on your ability to sense energy movement.

Optimal balance happens when you are absorbing a little bit more than you are radiating or expending. When you consistently absorb more than you radiate/expend, you increase your capacity, you grow your energetic container. Bigger containers hold more energy. With a bigger container, you can absorb more without feeling overwhelmed. As your capacity to absorb increases, your capacity to radiate increases. The bigger you get, the more you can give without feeling fatigued or spent.

Layer Thirteen, Week Two – Friday

  • Read Friday Concepts
  • Do one or more of the movements from earlier in the week that you didn’t do.


Friday’s Focus

As you read the today’s concepts, pick a sentence or two that feels hard to digest or feel and give yourself permission to let it percolate and see what comes up. 

Friday’s Concepts

That’s it. Layer One-Twelve Review over. How did you do? Let’s review the foundational aspects in each layer. If you don’t unhesitatingly acknowledge these concepts, I urge you to revisit the layer and find your resistance.

Layer One – Resistance is your mind letting you know it is fearful. Discomfort is your mind letting you know energy is moving. All energy is positive, bad energy doesn’t exist. Stress and overwhelm are constructs of your mind. Every belief you have is limiting you in some way. Healthy growth requires healthy discomfort. Emotions are a set of sensations. Every habit is sub-optimal. Every reaction you have drains your energy. Your personality isn’t hard wired; it is habit wired.

Layer Two – Compensation and resistance is how you limit your presence, connection, and engagement. You get stuck because your subconscious mind fears what will happen next. Every distraction is a fear reaction. Every belief you have is limiting you and creating an imbalance. Your personality is the outward display of your subjectivity. Fear is the root of every belief. You are attached to the degree you fear loss.

Layer Three – Beliefs limit your productivity and lower your efficiency. When you take personal responsibility, you will empower yourself, stop blaming others, and unlimit your opportunities. You get distracted when you are out of balance. As you add value to distractions, they get harder to ignore. Your optimal balance point is constantly changing. Maintaining your balance is the solution to stress. Your energy and vitality are compromised by your habits.

Layer Four – When distracted, you react in ways that takes you out of balance, costs you energy, and limits your potential. You achieve balance when there is an equal amount of energy in each of your bodies. Awareness is the ability to sense and redistribute energy in a way that optimizes balance. Stress is the subconscious decision to hold on to tension. Focus is your level of efficiency. Stability happens when you accept what is. Speed is how fast you can digest incoming energy. Strength requires collaboration against opposing forces.

Layer Five – Flexibility is your tolerance for discomfort and your ability to multi-task. Endurance – every emotion, and thought needs an on-going energy supply to continue to exist. Energy releases when an old way of being ceases to exist. Emotions don’t exist until you label them. Your greatest strength is your biggest imbalance. Your second most prominent imbalance is your blind spot.

Layer Six – Your greatest weakness is your most effective distraction. Your subconscious mind co-opts homeostasis to keep you thinking and emoting in a familiar and narrow range. The energy you give to your thoughts and emotions create potential. When you assign a label, your body reconfigures itself to co-exist with the label. Every label is manufactured to limit opportunities.

Layer Thirteen, Week Two – Saturday

  • Read Saturday Concepts
  • Sit quietly for 30 minutes and allow yourself to soften. Feel the emotion in your breath and the energy being absorbed.


Saturday’s Focus

Find something in today’s review that you disagree with or aren’t able to full accept and send me an email with a quick description. I will reply and we can start a discourse.

Saturday’s Concepts

Layer Seven – Empathy creates intimacy. Every thought, emotion, and sensation you have is energy changing from one configuration to another. You have thousands of spoken and unspoken, conscious and unconscious, agreements with everyone in your life. In every moment, every aspect of your body is in a state of transition. Distracted is an unbalanced state. Worry and stress happen because your subconscious mind doesn’t have enough to do.

Layer Eight – Being centered and balanced is a juggling act. Respond to imbalance by making decisions that will move you toward your current optimal. Empathy will give you a fuller understanding of what is holding you back, what is holding others back, and the tools to remove those impediments. What feels charged now will be undercharged in the future. Achieving overall balance will require that you bring your non-dominant bodies up to the levels of your dominant bodies.

Layer Nine – The sensing mechanisms of each body seek and evaluate or detect and react. If your system is always in threat detection, there is rarely any time or energy for you to assess opportunities. Intimacy and authenticity are fluid because there is a clear intention, energies are expanding, and there is no hesitation. To be empathetic, you must be internally authentic. When you are happy, your energy will radiate toward the subject of your happiness.

Layer Ten – Fear takes on a life of its own as it creates a separate and individualized energy configuration. Fear is always reactive. To conquer fear, be opportunistic. To be less reactive, you must decide to release the value you place on your fears. Beliefs are your conscious mind colluding with the falsehoods created by your subconscious mind to stifle growth, expansion, and change. Your personality is the composite of your habitual reactions to your fears.

Layer Eleven – If you resist, you will be reactive. Responses bring you closer and allow you to be a vital and integral part of the experience. Awareness is very intimate, specific, and fluid. Awareness bridges the gap between the conceivable and the inconceivable. Self-appreciation connects me to the higher levels of awareness that exist beyond my limiting patterns. If something feels hard or challenging, you are limiting your awareness and presence.

Layer Twelve – Empathy gives you the ability to feel momentum. Empathy and momentum lead to increased transparent awareness and higher levels of subtle perception. Awareness is the sensorial state of energy and the perception of change. You don’t think awareness, you feel awareness. Enlightenment, the domain of the mystics and alchemists, is a flawless state of giving and receiving energy. All higher levels of perception are fearless, accepting, and inclusive.

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