Layer Eleven, Week Four – Sunday


Sunday’s Focus

Diffuse internally. As you make your way through the week, practice allowing what feels like excess energy to circulate around your system.

Sunday’s Concepts

As a review, last week I gave you the first six of the ten enigmas. They were #1 Make A Foundational Decision, #2 Take Personal Responsibility, #3 Increase Your Awareness, #4 Question Your Values, #5 Tolerate Healthy Discomfort, and #6 Diffuse Internally.

Numbers five and six will lead to:

#7 – Embrace the Adaptation Response. Welcome and cherish the challenges of growth. Challenge yourself to identify and push past your limiting patterns.

In the organic cotton example last week, Patagonia embraced the adaptation response.

Yvon knew it was going to challenge his people to convert to organic cotton. The company would need to adapt to a new way of being. Every item that had cotton would need to be re-sourced and the production sequence altered. It was going to be a lot of extra work for his people. It was also going to cause a reduction in the company’s margins and profits. He went forward knowing discomfort awaited. His people adapted … and then the outdoor industry adapted … and then other major clothing retailers adapted.

His people learned that it was doable and that the results could be worth the discomfort. That adaptation made subsequent reconfigurations less uncomfortable. They used their increased bandwidth to take on the challenge of reimagining wetsuits, clothing repair, and fair-trade sourcing. They used the intelligence they gained with organic cotton to help mitigate the obstacles, drag, and resistance of future endeavors.

Approach the challenges of growth with determination, conviction, and tolerance. Associate the discomfort (growing pains) with passionate intentions, clear trajectories, and beneficial outcomes.

When you change your associations, you change your experience.

Layer Eleven, Week Four – Monday



Monday’s Focus

As you are able to diffuse internally, see if you can embrace the adaptation response. Begin to revalue the challenges of growth from discomfort to incremental success.

Monday’s Concepts

#7 – Embrace the Adaptation Response (continued)

For you and most others, embracing the adaptation response might be the most challenging of the keys. It is a fundamental change in how you reflexively relate with the world. Most of us were taught to blame and disassociate our actions/reactions from our results. Blame and disassociation is modeled for us in society. How often do you see fingers pointed inwardly on the news or TV shows? How many people do you encounter on a daily basis who automatically take personal responsibility? When do you hear people give you the cause of their dramas and experiences?

When I took responsibility for spilling the birdseed, I bypassed my conditioned (habitual) response. In doing so, I stayed present, aware, and connected to the energy existing in the moment.

When you disassociate your reactions from your results, you disconnect the energy of those reactions from the consequences. You react, project your energy into the environment, and then allow it to take on a life of its own. It becomes a thing. That energy continues to exist but it is no longer available to you. It becomes an obstacle and an impediment. It clouds your energy field. It becomes part of your drag and resistance. It becomes an anchor your subconscious mind uses to stop future momentum.

I bet a whole slew of companies looked into adding organic cotton to their product mix around the time Patagonia did and I bet most of them abandoned the idea as complicated, ineffective, and unprofitable. It is easy to find ways that things won’t work. It takes insight and tolerance to find solutions. As an example, when Patagonia made the change to organic, their cost of producing t-shirts instantly tripled, over a 300% increase. They figured it out.

Challenge yourself to take responsibility, it focuses and draws energy into your system. Self-responsibility initiates expansion. Expansion opens the door for adaptation. The adaptation response stimulates growth. The challenges that accompany growth will become your signal that you are achieving the incremental successes you seek.

Recognize that the self-appreciation of success will help you gain and maintain momentum to push past your limiting patterns. Continual acknowledgments of fractional successes will transform your base nature from threat potential to opportunity assessment. Challenging will be a bright neon sign that the steps to success are within reach.

Layer Eleven, Week Four – Tuesday


Tuesday’s Focus

Begin to track how often you disassociate. Feel for the disconnect, both energetically and socially, when you catch yourself in blame, projection, recrimination, or judgment.

Tuesday’s Concepts

#8 – Facilitate Transparent Awareness. Become Increasingly Empathetic. Feel the fear, demands, and projections of yourself, others, and your environment and adjust your energy flows to maximize opportunities and benefits.

From Layer Seven, Week Two:

You communicate to increase or decrease the rate, degree, and amount of change. Most oral communication is used to verbalize resistance (fear) and to limit change.

Transparent communication happens when you are clear about what you fear and what you are trying to limit. Most communication is not transparent, it seeks to hide the fear and obscure the demand.

From Layer Nine, Week Three:

You are authentic because you are fully present and being yourself without resistance. When your bodies and components are in balance, you are fluid, efficient, and move effortlessly.

Authenticity doesn’t have any cross currents of energy. When you are authentic, all your bodies, components, and movements will align with your intention and your present state of being. If not aligned, the movements, direction, size, density, resonance, momentum, time, proximity, and gravity will pull you out of balance.

Authenticity adds gravity by resonating a shared experience. Authentic expressions connect at a subconscious level where deeply held fears resonate without a threat of death. Authentic communication connects shared emotional triggers. 

Authenticity celebrates emotional expression and is transparently empathetic. To be empathetic, you must be internally authentic. You must know yourself and not allow your subconscious mind to convince you to rationalize and validate your fears, judgments, and resistances. When you connect to your fears without trying to mitigate them, your ability to communicate empathically will skyrocket. If you are present and connected to your fear of death, you will be able to feel and relate to it in others.

Authenticity allows an increase in empathy by reducing the restriction of the energy flows in and out of your system. It allows you to feel more without obscuring those feelings with your fears, judgments, or demands.

Layer Eleven, Week Four – Wednesday


Wednesday’s Focus

As you identify your disassociations, feel for the individualized energy constructs (separated and unavailable). Where do your disassociations become a thing that has a life of its own, one that requires feeding and maintenance?

Wednesday’s Concepts

#8 – Facilitate Transparent Awareness. (continued)

Transparent Communication is authentic. Authenticity happens when you communicate the same message with all your bodies.

Transparent Listening requires absorbing the energy of others and your environment with all your bodies. It requires overcoming your fears, dropping your demands, and stopping all judgment. It requires a centered balance and openness to the unknown. It requires letting go of the need to control. Transparent listening embraces the chaos of constant change.

Transparent Awareness happens when you simultaneously communicate and listen transparently. When you do, you enter the flow state. Energy absorbs and radiates without interference or resistance. You become connected deeply with everyone and everything around you. You aren’t identified as other, you feel familiar and trustworthy, you feel like an integral and integrated part of the environment.

Transparent awareness requires a higher level of consciousness. It requires optimal balance and a playful willingness to engage without constraint. It requires an amplified sense of curiosity and wonder.

Professional basketball is a game of runs. When one team has transparent awareness, they are efficient and productive, they connect at a different level than their competition. They seem to communicate at a different level. Their movements and interactions are more fluid and seem effortless. The energy between them increases. Collaboration becomes automatic. They become a unit, one entity functioning at a higher level. Teams that can find that flow state most often are the most successful and they seem to have the most fun.

Salespeople, writers, couples, individuals, and organizations can all achieve similar states of flow. When it happens, it feels different. There is so much momentum that success seems to manifest with a minimum of effort. Creativity, productivity, and inspiration upwell seamlessly.

Layer Eleven, Week Four – Thursday


Thursday’s Focus

Make it a habit to gauge your conversations as necessary facts or statements of fear. When you talk, become increasingly aware of what underlies your desire to speak.

Thursdays Concepts

#8 – Facilitate Transparent Awareness. (continued)

So, what keeps you and those around you out of the flow state? Why isn’t your endeavor, business, or organization flourishing? What is stopping you from having transparent awareness?

Limiting patterns inhibit the flow state. Fear, demand, judgment, and assumptions stop momentum from starting or building.

Your friends, family, associate’s, and customer’s limiting patterns will lead to preconceptions and presumptions. If you want to be transparently aware, your job is to connect with them where they are. Empathy, the ability to feel what someone else is feeling in the way they are feeling it, becomes the connection point. It plugs you into their system in a way that is comforting to their subconscious mind. To comfort their subconscious minds, you must understand how who you are, what you do, and what you offer influences them in each of their bodies and in the three tiers of fear, familiarity, and opportunity.

Their subconscious mind is constantly assessing possible threats, looking to place habitual labels, and limit variation (change). It tries to match current scenarios with past scenarios. Their subconscious mind will try to put you, what you do, or what you offer into a safe and familiar box … and then forget about it. It looks for the easiest and least amount of change possible.

Their subconscious minds will automatically discount every opportunity because opportunity requires change.

If you want to change the world, you must get past the existing predispositions of your audience. To influence, you must create and maintain the energy configurations required to bypass the fears and familiar and get their systems to start looking for opportunities. You will influence them with empathy and momentum.

Influence happens in the same three tiers as everything else. First, your friends, family, associates, and customers or potential customers do a threat assessment. They lead with their subconscious mind, which looks for any excuse to trigger any fear that will lead to fight, flight, or freeze, all of which stop momentum from building.

When you, your products, or offerings don’t trigger some kind of fear in your customers, their subconscious minds will begin to determine if what you offer is familiar and within their comfort zones. If it is, the subconscious tendency will be to discount it. Nothing new to worry about transitions to nothing to worry about and then to nothing to think any further about. The subconscious mind wants to box and then looks for a box and then closes the box. (fight, familiar, forget)

When you can get past the fear and familiar tests, then the conscious mind kicks in and starts to determine and evaluate if what you offer is an opportunity. But how do you get to opportunity phase if the subconscious mind is constantly looking to close the box? The answer is empathy and momentum.

Empathy will allow you to get past the first two tiers. Empathy creates a connection. Empathy will not only allow you to connect with their fears, it will allow you to connect with the consciousness and higher consciousness in each of their bodies. That connection stimulates feelings of safety, confidence, reliability, and trust. When you connect deeply with your friends, family, customers, or clients, they innately trust you. Trusted energies bypass fear and trust generates instant feelings of familiarity. Trust draws people like moths to a light. Trust.

Trust creates momentum by ensuring the potential is not depleted by fear or familiarity. The energy continues to move. When it does, it looks for someplace to go and the subconscious mind looks for someplace to put it. Since it doesn’t fit into an existing fear or familiar box, it starts looking for options (opportunities). Those options are outside the habitual parameters, outside the purview of the subconscious. Options (opportunities) become conscious or are born in the higher conscious. Curiosity, creativity, and inspiration radiate from the higher conscious mind. Opportunities give potential a trajectory. Potentials on a trajectory create momentum for change.

To recap: Facilitate Transparent Awareness by Becoming Increasingly Empathetic. Feel the fear, demands, and projections of yourself, others, and your environment and adjust your energy flows to maximize opportunities and benefits.

We will talk much more next week about how to adjust your energy flows to maximize opportunities.

On the darker side of this, one of the reasons gurus, teachers, and other authority figures or entities can manipulate, seduce, or coerce so effectively is that they are in inherent positions of trust that bypass the natural tendency to question. As you increase your transparent awareness, coercive energies will be much more discernable.

Sheep are the first ones to get the wool pulled over their eyes.

Layer Eleven, Week Four – Friday


Friday’s Focus

Gauge your level of authenticity by how effortless things feel. If something feels hard, challenging, or like you have resistance, examine how you might be limiting your awareness and presence.

Fridays Concepts

#9 – Discover the power of kindness. Use kindness as your compass. Develop a practice that makes kindness a focal point in your life.

Kindness is inherently empathetic and a portal to higher consciousness. When all your bodies configure in kindness, you glide into the flow state naturally.

When you are explicitly kind, you aren’t in threat assessment or worried if the energies around and inside of you are familiar. You look for ways to assist others in meeting their potential and as you do, you get closer to yours. You focus your intentions, trajectories, and strengths on mutually beneficial opportunity assessments.

The power of kindness is that it transforms everything, every action, and everyone into a connection, collaboration, and instant community. Kindness is the fascia that will link you to the higher consciousness of the world.

As you link to the world and the people in it with kindness, their energies will entrain with yours. They will inexorably find themselves being more kind, collaborative, and connected. They will deepen and begin to access their higher consciousness.

Kindness is expansive, intimate, and fearless.

Kindness brings unexpected and unforeseen beneficial consequences. The more kindness, the more benefit.

Picture yourself feeling every interaction as an opportunity. Wonder what it would feel like to never judge, condemn, or criticize. Explore the parts of you that resist being kind or being kinder. Find kindnesses that you never believed yourself capable of. Do it now, do it today, do it until the world changes.

Layer Eleven, Week Four – Saturday


Saturday’s Focus

Track the times when it feels like you are in the flow state. What does it feel like? What is your level of consciousness, awareness, and presence? How might you get there more often?

Saturdays Concepts

#10 – Become an alchemist and a mystic. Get increasingly supernatural by increasing your ability to utilize opportunities. Fine-tune your magic detector. Learn to manifest the inconceivable, unbelievable, and incredible. Astonish yourself with regularity.

Organic cotton wasn’t the first thing Patagonia did to change the clothing world. They led the way with converting recycled pop bottles to clothing and started an initiative they called 1% for the Planet. They decided to donate 1% of their sales or 10% of their profits, whichever is greater, to environmental causes they support. They started it and invited other companies to join them. It is now a growing global movement of more than 1000 companies that donate 1% of their sales to a network of more than 3000 approved environmental organizations worldwide. They created it, gave it life and a trajectory, and then radiated that intention with an invitation for collaboration. They changed the world from the inside out.

As you get increasingly alchemical and expand your supernatural abilities, two things will happen. One of the things that will intensify is your capacity to radiate and connect to the world around you. The other is your ability to sense and attract opportunity. You will get bigger and gain influence. Every action you take will affect your world more deeply.

As you become a mystic, you will feel more intimate, present, and aware than you ever thought possible. The world will feel like your world, boundaries will disappear and you will exist in perpetual fluidity, effortless infusing the world with your divine mojo.

Don’t get caught up in semantics. If you have resistance to the words supernatural, alchemist, or mystic, think of it as accessing more of who you are, your divine nature, being an innovator, or the power of your God infusing you. Find the words or descriptions that work for you.

Find higher levels of transparent awareness and spend more time there. Invest in yourself. Tolerate the discomfort, welcome beneficial change, and expect to succeed.

Work hard, play harder, and allow yourself to keep moving forward.

Next week, you will revisit the components and investigate how they absorb and radiate energy.

Transparent Awareness

*I reference a Change Militia movement … that wasn’t a movement in the Change Militia. It was in my book, The Discomfort of Happiness, pps. 97-98

My first spring living in Central Oregon I fundamentally changed the value I placed on cold water. I was trail running in Vibram FiveFingers over patchy snow. There would be a twenty to two-hundred-foot section of snowpack and then a similar portion with no snow. I would sprint over the snow and walk the trail. Every time I came to a stream, I would stand with my fivefingered feet in the icy water. The initial systemic response is probably what you would expect. I contracted and had a strong desire to flee, flight bias.

Over a period of several immersions, I was able to relax and experience my physiological response. I can only describe it as transcendent, surpassing all previous experiences I had known. When I learned not to resist, when I expanded my contact bias, there was a fire hose of energy that traveled up my legs and all the way to my head. Allowing intimate contact with my environment totally energized me.

Exercise – You guessed it, Feats of Ice. If you have circulatory or cardiac issues proceed with caution. Get a pan, bucket, or bowl big enough for your feet to rest flat. Fill with ice and water. Stand or sit. Relax, take inventory and a couple of deep breaths, and then submerge your pedis (feet). Keep them in the water for as long as you can tolerate or until the sensations moderate. Register your pre-immersion state, your initial-immersion state, your post immersion state, and the changes that occur. Maintain your connection to your feet. You may be predisposed to ignore or block out sensations or you may be predisposed to be laser focused on a narrow range of sensations. Feel spherically. Broaden your perceptions with the intention to completely relax and experience.

Focus – See what it takes to really relax before putting your feet in. After you can relax before, see if you can relax during. Feel your entire body. Mark where you are tense, check your jaw, shoulders, neck, chest, belly, diaphragm, low back, hands, and urinary sphincter as you continue to experience what is happening in your feet. See if you can feel your entire body as a single element.

Final Consideration – Your world will forever be changed after you can relax enough to feel this electromagnetic energy transfer without resistance. This is a great way to have a direct experience of your life force, prana, chi, mojo, wah, or élan vital.

How this Exercise Applies – It is a fallacy that you can’t maintain control of your emotions. This exercise can clearly demonstrate how what was judged as pain can be valued as supreme pleasure. This exercise will also give you a somatic experience of overcoming fear and fear reactivity. As your capacity to metabolize stimuli increases, the value you assign to your environment changes. When you can feel intense emotions as large amounts of energy moving, labels fall away, judgments cease, images fade, resistance recedes and reactions retreat. You exist in a perpetually energized state of joyfulness, and success.


Back to our regularly scheduled program – Transparent Awareness Kriya

Part One

Step 1 – Begin to track to what degree you absorb the components in your environment. How much do you allow yourself to take in?

Step 2 – Track your expressions of energy and feel for the places where you limit yourself.

Step 3 – Become increasingly aware of what you are letting in. Track the people, places, things, actions, and reactions that you stop or only partially absorb.

Step 4 – Identify the aspects of your fear, resistance, and defensiveness that make you stop or create a boundary.

Step 5 – What do you try to ignore or discount?

Step 6 – Open yourself to the idea that you can exist without boundaries.

Step 7 – As you become aware of your limiting movements, allow yourself to soften, lower your resistance, and unwind. Allow yourself to absorb a greater percentage of the energy available in your environment.

Step 8 – Do the same thing with your communication or expressions of energy. Find the places where fear, resistance, and defensiveness create limits or boundaries and allow yourself to soften, expand, and express yourself more completely, succinctly, transparently, fluidly, and fully.

Step 9 – Find the aspects of each of your bodies that are holding back and unleash them. Find the aspects of your bodies that are limiting absorption and open them.

Step 10 – Play with absorbing, digesting, and communicating simultaneously. Feel and radiate. Allow the energy to flow in and out.

Why it Matters – This Kriya is the single most powerful tool to help you experience life more fully, to engage more completely, and increase your connection and intimacy.

Everyday Usability – As you gain proficiency, you will be more present to yourself, others, and the opportunities that are available.

Progression – This Kriya is the training ground for the fluidity of higher consciousness. As you progress, you will achieve greater levels of understanding and connection to yourself, others, and the world around you.

Kindness is Enlightenment

Step 1 – Increasingly radiate the energy of kindness.

Step 2 – Start with one body and gradually add the others.

Step 3 – Radiate Kindness authentically by verifying that all your bodies are on the same trajectory, with the same intention, and equal amounts of energy in each of the seven components.

Step 4 – Monitor your bodies and confirm that you are not holding some part of yourself back. Find ways you may be limiting your energy flows, either in or out.

Step 5 – Connect your energy to your actions. Connect the energy of each of your bodies to your actions. Connect the energy of the environment (incoming energies) to your actions.

Step 6 – As you radiate kindness, what opportunities present themselves that didn’t seem to be there previously? As you increase your presence and lower your defenses, what can you feel that was previously unknown?

Why it Matters – Radiating kindness, if done effectively, eliminates resistance, drag, judgment, and intolerance. If you infuse every action you take with kindness, you will be present, aware, and connected. Fluidity and the flow state will happen effortlessly.

Everyday Usability – This Kriya will help train your bodies to align and entrain with your intentions and trajectories. Doing this regularly will help you increase your ability to respond.

Progression –  As you get better at this, you will enter higher and higher levels of consciousness. Your world will transform into something that is currently unimaginable.

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