Layer Twelve, Week One – Sunday


Sunday’s Focus

Refer to last Thursday’s Concepts, whom do you innately trust? Why? What energies do they emanate that soften your defenses?

Sunday’s Concepts

We will spend this week talking more about how to increase your transparent awareness. When you are transparently aware, you will maximize the opportunities you are able to perceive. It is the path to amplified empathy, perpetual momentum, unwavering fluidity, and intrinsic effortlessness.

You will feel balanced when you are absorbing and radiating at near your maximum levels. Your success, happiness, and fulfillment flow effortlessly when you are optimally balanced.

Higher levels of awareness (transparent awareness) will make you more sensitive to which opportunity is the most beneficial. You will use sensory awareness (empathy) to feel lack of energy movement and then use it again to verify that you are moving in the desired direction. Once you begin to move in the direction of your intended trajectory, you will begin to orient the energies of each of your bodies toward increasing and maintaining fluidity and the balance between Focus, Speed, Endurance, Strength, Flexibility, Stability, and Rejuvenation.

The above will apply to the energies, movements, trajectories, and momentum outside of your body as well. You will use empathy to determine current conditions of environmental components and then begin to align your energies to help entrain the environment to assist you in meeting your intentions. Higher awareness leads to greater collaboration, increased connection, and amplified intimacy.

Here is where it gets fascinating. When you align your energies to complement and collaborate with others and your environment, those people and things begin to align with your energies. When you are authentic (all your bodies aligned with the same intentions) and you radiate that into your environment, your environment responds.

You will move in ways that increase the momentum of your intentions and trajectories. If your intention is to be kind, you will assess the opportunities and then move accordingly. The environment will recognize your intentions and opportunities will begin to materialize.

Layer Twelve, Week One – Monday



Monday’s Focus

Where do you go that you feel most comfortable, accepted, and fulfilled? What does that feel like? Can you feel the energies that allow you to soften and expand?

Monday’s Concepts

A couple of weeks ago, I volunteered at a trail running race. I got there and the organizer was harried but not overwhelmed. The first of the three races (13 mile, 50 kilometer, and 50 mile) would start in three hours and he had a bunch of minor stuff to do.

Before introducing myself, I sensed his low level of anxiety and configured my systems to balance that energy. I shifted my energy lower in my body, quieted my mind, softened my emotions, and generated an energy field of acceptance without expectation. After introductions, when I asked him what I could do to help, my bodies were aligned. I was ready to do whatever he asked without judgment, demand, resistance, or expectation. It took a bit for his system to recognize that I was an asset, not just another thing for him to organize. He started giving me things to do. When I completed each task, I would return and wait for his next instruction or just jump in and help him with whatever he was doing.

My intention was to help. I didn’t have any desire to do something important. I didn’t have any expectation to be acknowledged, appreciated, or encouraged. I configured myself as a device. It felt like the most beneficial way to assist him.

If he was configured differently, say completely overwhelmed, I would have configured myself differently. I would have taken more of a leadership role, asked what I could take over for him and shifted the energies in my bodies to radiate strength and competence.

As the morning progressed, he shifted to relaxed and unhurried, I reconfigured myself to be more social, lighthearted, and playful. He asked that I position myself at an intersection where runners would have to turn. Depending on which race they were running, some would go right and some left.

I took my social, lighthearted, and playful self and spent the next few hours pointing and encouraging. A friend of one of the competitors hung out with me. He was social, lighthearted, and playful. Together we radiated a lighthearted playfulness to the runners. It was a fabulous day.

Layer Twelve, Week One – Tuesday


Tuesday’s Focus

Can you tell when someone trusts you? How about when they shift from habitual distrust to trust? Trust to distrust? Have you felt the trust of a group? Family?

Tuesday’s Concepts

The percentage of the ambient energies you are ready and able to absorb determines your level of perception and awareness. To be more aware, perceive more. Feel more and encourage your bodies to absorb the surrounding energies more fully.

To be more of something requires momentum and empathy. Happy, fulfilled, rejuvenated, successful, influential, playful, and curious all have a trajectory. You move in those directions. Movement generates momentum. To be aware of those movements, you must feel them.

Empathy gives you the ability to feel momentum. Empathy and momentum lead to increased transparent awareness and higher levels of subtle perception. Awareness is the sensorial state of energy and the perception of change.

You don’t think awareness, you feel awareness.

Enlightenment, the domain of the mystics and alchemists, is a flawless state of giving and receiving energy. Increasing your ability to be transparently aware requires that you increase your level of perception, reduce your resistance, and lower your predisposition to be defensive. Transparent awareness and all higher levels of perception are fearless, accepting, and inclusive. They absorb and radiate without boundary, expectation, or censure.

I spent ten days in Florida every other month for four years going to the Barbara Brennan School of Healing. One of the amazing things about the school was the level of acceptance and diversity.

In the beginning, I had to consciously relax. I had to make an effort to allow myself to receive and absorb the energy of the school. It was hard. My system didn’t have much experience being a part of something that was inherently accepting. By my third or fourth trip, my system adapted to the high levels of tolerance, affection, presence, and curiosity that an overwhelming majority of the teachers and students exhibited. I got better at absorbing and learned how to radiate more authentically.

As my systems (bodies and components) became increasingly fearless, accepting, and inclusive, I could feel the shift before even getting to school. I remember being on a plane from Los Angeles to Miami crying and sobbing for no apparent reason. I realize now that my systems were softening in anticipation of my healing school configuration. As they softened, the fear, defensiveness, and tension softened. When it did, that energy flooded my system. Crying and sobbing on the plane became a regular occurrence.

On the flight home, I could feel my expanded self radiating the communal energy of the school. I could feel the expansion in each of my bodies. That expansion, and my increased awareness of it, led me to explore most of what I have shared with you so far. Absorb and radiate. Create momentum. Become transparently aware. Change the world from the inside out.

Layer Twelve, Week One – Wednesday


Wednesday’s Focus

When you talk to your friends, colleagues, or neighbors, how defensive are they? How trusting are they? What are their energy configurations before you begin and how do those configurations change during the conversation

Wednesday’s Concepts

Let’s look at the qualities for each of the components to absorb and radiate. (You can review the components in detail here: L4W2, L4W3, L4W4, L5W1, L5W2, and L5W3.)

Focus, Speed, Endurance, Strength, Flexibility, Stability, and Rejuvenation.

Focus is your ability to discern the difference between benefit and distraction. Focus is the ability to absorb and radiate the energy of the relevant aspects of the task, trajectory, or connection you are making. Focus is your level of efficiency. When sending or receiving energy, Focus is your ability to identify and absorb momentum potential.

You radiate focus by orienting your movements, actions, and communication toward your intention and trajectory. You stay on task. If you are running, you radiate your movements in the way that most efficiently transmits your energy into your environment while you absorb the energy from your environment.

Transparent awareness is the ability to focus your energy on what is most relevant and beneficial. That benefit will be internal and external. You will focus on how much you can possibly absorb in any given situation and focus on how much radiant energy the environment and the people in it can absorb.

Stability comes into play to help you stay connected internally and externally. Stability gives absorption and radiation a predictable flow. Stability infuses moving energy with a sense of unwavering presence. Stability encourages unity because it lowers the fear of change.

Great mediators, leaders, and parents have a very stable energy field. They absorb and radiate in a very predictable fashion. Their countenance becomes an anchor for the erratic or volatile energies around them. Stability absorbs all energy and radiates presence, tolerance, and patience.

Transparent awareness is stable. If you and I are having a conversation and I am rooted in presence, your systems will not be triggered by my imbalances … because I am balanced. Very quickly, your system will soften because there isn’t any hint of the unpredictable. Stability disarms triggers.

Higher levels of awareness will always listen and communicate to equal degrees. The balance between listening and communicating will create a stable platform.

There is a totality and innate balance when you are completely stable, present, and aware. You continuously absorb and constantly radiate. It is your foundational way of being.

Speed amplifies existing energies by absorbing them and then channeling (radiating) them with an increased efficiency in a specific direction. Speed absorbs and radiates momentum, technique, and purpose. Speed works like a funnel. Speed harvests existing moving energies and co-opts them to its purpose.

The peregrine falcon can achieve speeds in excess of 200mph in its stoop (dive). It accelerates as it dives by entraining with gravity and streamlining its body to reduce wind resistance. Falcons dive to attack prey. The faster they go, the less time the prey has to react and the better the falcon’s chances of eating. The falcon is always influenced by gravity but it only aligns with gravity when it serves its purpose. When flying horizontally, gravity is a hindrance. The falcon chooses to align himself with gravity so that he can be a more efficient hunter.

If you want to fly, you must overcome the influence of gravity and air pressure. You do that by lift and deflection. Wings on airplanes deflect air downward which increases the air pressure under the wing and decreases the pressure above the wing which generates lift. The more air the plane is able to deflect and the greater differential of pressure, the more lift is generated. The shape of the wing and the efficiency of the rest of the plane determines how much of the incoming energy is absorbed and funneled, channeled, or radiated toward the intention of lift. Speed makes lift more efficient. The faster a plane goes, the easier it is to keep airborne.

Transparent awareness requires speed. The quicker you can absorb, the quicker you will have the capacity to radiate. Speed outpaces resistance by helping to maintain or increase momentum. Speed helps you get energetically bigger faster and helps to increase the volume you are able to radiate.

Arriving on the scene of a domestic disturbance, a police officer must very quickly assess the energies, configurations, trajectories, and relationships. The quicker he can take in the situation, the more effective his response will be.


Layer Twelve, Week One – Thursday


Thursday’s Focus

Explore the power of kindness. Be explicitly kind and track your results. Be uncomfortably kind. As you are kind, exude kindness from all your bodies.

Thursday’s Concepts

Fourth in the list of components is Strength. Strength is the maximum amount of energy you muster against opposing forces. It is how powerfully you can hold or maintain your desired configuration, trajectory, or intention without submission. Strength overcomes resistance.

In terms of absorption and radiation, strength also funnels and channels. Speed channels energy by entraining with its environment. Strength channels energy in opposition to existing energies. Speed with, Strength against.

Strength happens when your systems align with a common goal against opposing forces. If the forces weren’t opposing, it wouldn’t require any strength. Strength is the ability to channel energies cooperatively to the degree that it causes a change in orientation. Check this out!

If you watch the video, you can see that a change happens after they align their systems. Their individual physical strength didn’t change. What changed was the alignment of their individual and collective intention toward their goal. They also individually and collectively lowered their resistance and they did it in each of their bodies. They aligned collaboratively, internally and externally. The stacking of the hands served to focus their strength (energy) toward a common trajectory (overcoming gravity).

Transparent awareness needs strength. It requires a powerful resolve to channel energies away from resistance, stagnation, and non-beneficial habits and beliefs. You will need strength to absorb energies that you might label as fear-inducing, wrong, bad, negative, or distasteful. Strength will allow you to be more transparently aware by giving you the energy to push past your limiting patterns.

Component number five, Flexibility, collaborates with existing energies. The energy of flexibility courses like water in a river. Flexibility is elastic and non-oppositional. It bends without breaking or braking. It absorbs while limiting exertion. It uses existing energies efficiently. It employs and manipulates.

Strength generates beliefs. Flexibility disintegrates beliefs.

Do you know anyone who seems to skate through life? Someone who never studied for tests, a natural athlete, captivating and charismatic? I will guarantee you that they are great at aligning with existing energies almost effortlessly. They absorb the energy of others and their environment disproportionately to their expenditure. They seem full of life because they are. They are constantly replenishing themselves by taking advantage of the energy surrounding them.

Transparent awareness is inherently flexible. It flows effortless and in the perpetual cycle of absorb and radiate. Growth happens to the degree you can be flexible enough to maximize the efficiency of your absorption. Influence happens to the degree that you can radiate your energy in the most resonant and digestible ways.

Layer Twelve, Week One- Friday


Friday’s Focus

Feel how your expanded kindness and transparent awareness allow the energies of others and the environment to entrain with you. Feel for the shift.

Friday’s Concepts

The sixth component is Endurance. Endurance passively absorbs energy and radiates at minimal and optimal levels. Flexibility is active. Endurance is thrifty. Endurance exists as the state of energy that is perpetually moving at sustainable levels. Life exists as an enduring energy … until it doesn’t.

Marriages endure either as a loving co-mingling of energy and affection or, at the other end of the spectrum, as a quagmire of unmet expectations, resentment, and strife. All enduring marriages have something in common. Energy moves equally between absorption and expenditure. In the first instance, large amounts of mutually beneficial energy are absorbed and radiated. In the second, energy exchanges are still equal but not necessarily beneficial and one party is usually predominately pushing energy while the other typically pulls.

The last of the components is Rejuvenation and its most under-recognized aspect is opportunity. You revive your energy to the degree your systems can recognize opportunities to absorb energy. To be able to look for opportunities, your bodies must feel safe or relax enough to not be defensive, to lower the inherent resistance. You also must have a place to put the replacement energy; you need storage capacity.

Any energy you radiate can serve to rejuvenate others or your environment to the degree it is allowed to be absorbed. To be absorbed as rejuvenation, the radiated energy must be resonant, non-threatening and it has to slip past existing resistances and defenses.

Consider two of your friends or family members. Friend or family member number one is rude, domineering, and demanding. The other is kind, empathetic, and playful. After spending time with the first, you are exhausted. Any time spent with the second leaves you invigorated and fulfilled.

Both are rejuvenating. The first rejuvenates himself or herself with your energy. They suck you dry. The second rejuvenates you by radiating energy in a way that you can absorb.

You could rejuvenate from either if you are able to let go of your demands and expectations that they not be rude, domineering, and demanding. If you accept them as they are, any energy sent in your direction will be absorbable. As it is, you spend a ton of energy to keep their energy away.

Layer Twelve, Week One – Saturday


Saturday’s Focus

Feel how your ability to absorb energy influences others. What happens when you actively absorb a conversation? What happens when you walk into a room and actively engage with all the energies present?

Saturday’s Concepts

Each of your 5 bodies (physical, mental, emotional, energetic, and environmental) will be transparently aware when each of your bodies are optimally balanced. Your bodies will most efficiently absorb and radiate energy when each of the components is balanced.

As a reminder, Balance is when you are the most efficient, strong, and equally fluid in all your bodies and every component. Your ability to be transparently aware will depend on your ability to sense balance or imbalance of energy movement.

You will feel balanced when you are absorbing and radiating at near your maximum levels. Your success, happiness, and fulfillment flow effortlessly when you are optimally balanced.

Optimal balance happens when you are absorbing a little bit more than you are radiating or expending. When you consistently absorb more than you radiate/expend, you increase your capacity, you grow your energetic container. Bigger containers hold more energy. With a bigger container, you can absorb more without feeling overwhelmed.

As your capacity to absorb increases, your capacity to radiate increases. The bigger you get, the more you can give without feeling fatigued or spent.

Transparent awareness happens to the degree that you can effortlessly absorb the energy in your environment with all your bodies and then radiate it to almost the same degree from each of your bodies.

Transparent Awareness – Part Two

Step 1 – Begin to track to what degree you absorb the components in your environment in each of your bodies. How much do you allow yourself to take in?

Step 2 – Track your expressions of energy and feel for the places or bodies where you limit those expressions.

Step 3 – Become increasingly aware of which body you are letting energy into. Track the people, places, things, actions, and reactions that you stop or only partially absorb.

Step 4 – Identify the aspects of your fear, resistance, and defensiveness that make you stop or create a boundary and which body has the boundary.

Step 5 – What do you try to ignore or discount physically, emotionally, or mentally? What aspects of your environment do you actively ignore?

Step 6 – Open yourself to the idea that all your bodies can exist without boundaries.

Step 7 – As you become aware of your limiting behaviors, allow yourself to soften, lower your resistance, and absorb. Allow each body to absorb a greater percentage of the energy available in your environment.

Step 8 – Do the same thing with your communication or expressions of energy. Find the places where fear, resistance, and defensiveness create limits or boundaries to a specific body and allow that body to soften, expand, and express itself more completely.

Step 9 – Find the aspects of each of your bodies that are holding back and unleash them. Find the aspects of your bodies that are limiting absorption and open them.

Step 10 – Play with absorbing, digesting, and communicating simultaneously. Feel and radiate. Allow the energy to flow in and out of each body in a balanced way.

Why it Matters – This Kriya is the single most powerful tool to help you experience life more fully, to engage more completely, and increase your connection and intimacy. Tracking the balance will make it even more powerful

Everyday Usability – As you gain proficiency, you will be more present to yourself, others, and the opportunities that are available. As you increase the efficiency and balance between your bodies, your ability to absorb and radiate will multiply.

Progression – This Kriya is the training ground for the fluidity of higher consciousness. As you progress, you will achieve greater levels of understanding and connection to yourself, others, and the world around you.

Diffuse Internally

Step 1 – When you find yourself overwhelmed, find a comfortable seat, and begin to take some deep breaths.

Step 2 – On the inhale, set an intention to bring all the energy of your feeling of stress and overwhelm down to your low belly.

Step 3 – On the exhale, allow those energies to circulate down and around your groin, up your back, over your head, and into your third eye or the center of your head.

Step 4 – On the next inhale, pull the energy back down the front of your body to your low belly or Hara point.

Step 5 – Continue this circulation with each breath.

Step 6 – As you circulate your energy, pull any feelings of stress or overwhelm into the stream. Allow them to entrain with your energy flow.

Step 7 – Begin to include the energies from each of your bodies to the flow. Allow this to be a full-body expression of energy.

Why it Matters – This Kriya is a great way to rebalance and begin to tolerate increased expansion without diffusing. This keeps the energy in your system.

Everyday Usability – As you gain proficiency, you can do this while driving, waiting in line at Krispy Kreme, or while shadow boxing with a Kangaroo.

Progression – As you add this to your toolbox, try it during a challenging interaction or to diffuse conflict.

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