Layer Five, Week Three – Sunday


Sunday’s Focus

Spend the day identifying opportunities for rejuvenation. Opportunities will be anything that has any sort of movement (physical, mental, emotional, or energetic).

Sunday’s Concepts

The last but certainly not least of the components is Rejuvenation and the most under-recognized aspect of it is opportunity. You revive your energy to the degree your systems can recognize opportunities.

To be able to look for opportunities, your bodies must feel safe or be relaxed enough to not be defensive. You also must have some place to put the replacement energy; you need storage capacity.

To ensure your continued existence, you require energy and someplace to store it. Your systems need to be receptive, open to new opportunities. One of the many reasons fear, judgment, prejudice, and condemnation are so unhealthy is that they severely limit your opportunities and ability to metabolize and interact in a healthy way with your environment.

Imagine yourself at a baseball card convention (they still make baseball cards, right?) and your intention is to trade and upgrade as many cards as you can. If you spend the weekend in your hotel room, not a lot of trading will go on. If you are in the middle of the convention center playfully engaging with everyone you see, having fun, sharing your passion and enthusiasm; you will probably be able to amass a lot of cards.

To leave your hotel room, you need to feel safe enough or comfortable enough to seize the opportunity. The safer and more able you are to express yourself, accept others without being defensive; the more opportunities for rejuvenation will present themselves.


Layer Five, Week Three – Monday

Monday’s Focus

As you make your way through the day, classify the opportunities you encounter as awesome, acceptable, neutral, mildly offensive, or unacceptable. Feel your response to each and how much energy each is putting out and the percentage of each you can metabolize.

Monday’s Concepts

Another factor in rejuvenation is storage capacity. If you are out collecting and trading baseball cards, you need someplace to put them and a way to store them efficiently. To be prepared to increase your reserves, you need to be able to access your existing reserves. To trade one Fernando Venezuela for five Henry Aaron’s, you need to be able to find Fernando quickly.

The rejuvenating qualities of relationship are similar. If I compliment Kelly’s latest blog post for its veracity and insight, I need to be in a position to accept her gratitude, affection, and my own self-appreciation. If I am and I do, I increase my energy. If I am not prepared, I miss those opportunities and my compliment becomes an energy drain (for me). The more acts of kindness I perform, the more opportunities I will have to recharge my system.

Acts of kindness are incredibly rejuvenating … if you let them.

If I avail myself of the opportunities I encounter to rejuvenate myself, I will be able to metabolize only the amount of energy I have storage for. To increase my capacity for rejuvenation I need to rid myself of the things that take up space without providing usable energy.

Holding on to grudges, jealousies, past injuries, grief, regret, and shame will limit your storage capacity. Those things and things like them take up space without providing any benefit.

If you go into a new relationship (personal, sexual, or business) with the expectation that you will be hurt, taken advantage of, or disrespected, you will have a really hard time accepting any gifts of energy. You will constantly be defending against some possible future harm. If you are defended your system isn’t signaled to receive and the amount of energy you are holding onto for the future cataclysm is not usable in the moment.


Layer Five, Week Three – Tuesday

Tuesday’s Focus

Today, focus on fully metabolizing the awesome and acceptable opportunities. Try to ingest as high a percentage of them as possible. Lick the energetic plate each offers.

Tuesday’s Concepts

Sometimes rejuvenation requires regeneration. If you get a bruise, those tissues need to heal before they are fully functional again. The same thing occurs after the end of a relationship, the loss of a job, death of a loved one, or any change in circumstance. Trauma and injury require rejuvenation and regeneration.

After the death of a loved one, sometimes you will have to create an energy configuration that has never existed before. After my mom died, I had to create the mental, emotional, physical, and energetic patterns of being motherless. I had to adapt to my new reality by generating new energy configurations that allowed me to continue to exist in this new way. As I accepted myself as motherless, I gradually relaxed into that configuration and spent less energy trying to hold onto the past.

Grief is the suffering caused by the creation of and resistance to these new configurations. And the more you resist, the more it persists. The harder you resist, the more you suffer.

As I resisted, grieved, over the loss of my mother I reduced my ability to rejuvenate those part of me that identified as being my mother’s son. Grief is so incredibly fatiguing because it doesn’t allow for rejuvenation. We are desperate to hold on to the past and the effort required drains us.

We also try to insulate those parts of ourselves that we associate with that particular past. I longed to feel the physical, mental, emotional, and energetic connection that I had with my mom. After she died, I tried to keep that feeling alive. When I couldn’t, I tried to closet that part of me. With my gradual acceptance of her death, I gradually allowed the feelings of loss to be exposed. I allowed myself to feel deeply until those held feelings metabolized into the present moment. My grief faded as I fully reconfigured myself as motherless. Grief fades with acceptance.

Most types of energy healing are rejuvenation and regeneration. Healing replenishes and restructures your bodies, it can help your systems adapt to new configurations and help lower your resistance change.


Layer Five, Week Three – Wednesday

Wednesday’s Focus

Play with seeing how much energy you can gleam from the neutral energies you encounter. Look for ways to absorb something from each.

Wednesday’s Concepts

Your systems (bodies and components) must metabolize energy to regenerate and rejuvenate. Metabolism and rejuvenation happen either by combining or breaking down existing energy. To rejuvenate, things must either break down and/or combine to allow energy to be stored. There are no exceptions.

Energy is released only when an object changes, when its old way of being ceases to exist. You eat an apple and the apple no longer exists as an apple. You and the apple combine to form something new. You are different after you eat an apple. Eating an apple changes you (not to mention what it does to the apple). That old saying “you are what you eat” is an irrefutable truth.

If you are going to convert fuel to energy, something must change. If nothing changes, no energy is released. Energy happens as things are composed (combined) or decomposed (broken down). To rejuvenate, things must either break down and/or combine to allow energy to be stored. There are no exceptions.

This is pretty easy to understand when it comes to food but the same mechanisms exist when we convert conversation to emotion, emotion to expression, touch to energy, thought to action, love to affection, etc.

You express a feeling and it transforms. As soon as you have a thought, it dissolves or combines into other thoughts. You are different after you eat an apple, pay for your lunch, wave to a stranger, and even when you exhale you change.

Energy is the result of change, either by construction or destruction, birth or death, multiplication, or division. Every interaction you have is an opportunity to collaborate or separate. Nothing is a foregone conclusion; you get to decide how you are going to metabolize the available energy. Metabolism uses rejuvenation as the mechanism to convert opportunities to fuel. Nothing remains the same. How you act, react, and respond to change determines its rejuvenation potential.


Layer Five, Week Three – Thursday

Thursday’s Focus

Allow for the possibilities that there are ambient (unseen, unrecognized, and inconceivable) energies swirling around you. Assume there are and open yourself to absorbing them.

Thursday’s Concepts

Rejuvenation requires the death of the existing configuration and the belief that what comes from that death will be beneficial. A prerequisite for rejuvenation is faith. Your bodies must believe that they are going to continue to exist in the new form.

Remember back to a time of incredible optimism or anticipation; can you recall how vitalized you felt? Hyper-rejuvenation and hyper-metabolism happened because no part of you feared the future.

Faith is the ability to project some aspect of the future as safe. The more of the future you can project as safe, the easier it is to feel the current moment as safe. The safer you feel in the moment, the greater your capacity to rejuvenate.

Years ago, I participated in a workshop with Joel Kramer and Diana Alstad, authors of The Passionate Mind and The Guru Papers. One thing said that has been a seed for me ever since is “when you have a direct experience of something, you no longer need a belief in its existence.” Faith is a belief that something will be as you imagine, predict, or prognosticate. Once you experience something as safe, faith isn’t required. The more aspects of your environment that you allow yourself to experience, the less faith and fear are necessary to appease your subconscious mind. Your static safety factor and ability to rejuvenate will be optimized to the degree the environment is familiar.

Speaking in front of a large group of people will be much more terrifying the first time than the fiftieth. It will be difficult to absorb the energy of the audience the first time you speak. As your systems acclimatize, your ability to absorb the energy of the room will increase.


Layer Five, Week Three – Friday

Friday’s Focus

Feel your resistance to the energies swirling around you that you classify as negative. Feel your resistance to them. Feel for how you spend energy trying to maintain a distance from them.

Friday’s Concepts

The power of positive thinking can be rejuvenating if it is accompanied by optimism in all the other bodies. If you only think positively, you are just burning energy because the rest of your systems aren’t following suit. When you think positively but are emotionally fearful, positive thinking increases your emotional fear. Your physical and emotional bodies feel the mental demand to expand and that triggers each into some sort of tension or reaction … burning more energy and requiring your mental body to try even harder to be optimistic … which burns more energy … which triggers greater emotional fear and physical tension.

Emotional rejuvenation involves the acceptance and welcoming of the sensations you are feeling. Emotions are the labels we give to specific sets of sensations. When you are able to grasp this, you realize that emotions don’t exist until you label them. Before the emotional label, your systems are sensing your environment and that sensing has a set of sensations. Once your subconscious mind assigns a label, your system configures or reconfigures to match your memory of that label. Depending on the label, you will either increase or decrease your ability to rejuvenate.

Emotional labels like confused, exhausted, distrustful, numb, insecure, and disgusted will all decrease your ability to rejuvenate. They are limiting, stagnating, or compressive.

Emotional labels like curious, passionate, joyful, content, enthusiastic, confident, loving, trusting, proud, and secure will increase your capacity for rejuvenation. The above feelings all have an element of assumed safety. You are open to possibilities these emotional qualities suggest. They are expansive and allow you to expand into the opportunities around you.


Layer Five, Week Three – Saturday

Saturday’s Focus

Try lowering your resistance to the opportunities you label as negative. What would it feel like to allow the energy in without taking on the negativity?

Saturday’s Concepts

Your environment and the people in it can contribute to your rejuvenation to the degree you accept it and them as safe and beneficial. As we’ve discussed before, there is no bad or negative energy. Energy exists; how you metabolize it is a choice you make. The efficiency in which you take in the world around you determines your capability and capacity to rejuvenate. The power of acceptance, allowing, tolerance, and welcoming the world in all its colors, flavors, and incarnations can’t be overstated. It is the lowering of your resistance to the existence of everything that you don’t agree with, don’t believe in, and that causes you fear. It is placing yourself firmly in the moment and then exploiting every opportunity to fuel your trajectory, find pleasure, and collaborate.

That’s it. The explanation of the 7 components of balance is complete. As a reminder, they are focus, stability, speed, strength, flexibility, endurance, and the above-referenced rejuvenation. Each of your bodies (physical, mental, emotional, energetic, and environmental) will be balanced when each of the components is balanced. You will be balanced when each of the components in each of your bodies is balanced with each other.

As you gain and increase your ability to feel the qualities of each of the components in each of your bodies, it will be easier to discern your balances and imbalances. Balanced will feel different than imbalanced. You will be able to feel the transition from balanced to imbalance sooner and sooner and then identify the opportunities to take corrective (beneficial) actions.


Seated Horse

Step 1 – Stand with your feet wider than hips with your feet in line with your upper legs in front of a chair or seat. Maintain your foot, leg, and upper body position as you allow yourself to sit down.

Step 2 – Do a Current30. Connect and relate to your environment. Connect to your mental and emotional bodies.

Step 3 – The intention for this movement is to collect energy into the center of your head and then encourage it to descend into your lower belly. Inhale dynamically (stronger than normal) and exhale dynamically. Inhale and exhale through the nose if possible.

Step 4 – Feel as if you are vacuuming the energy from your environment into your head and then pushing it down the front of your spine into your low belly.

Step 5 – Inhale/exhale 5 or 6 times and then assess your energy. Does it feel like the energy is staying in your head? Can you feel the energy descend into your belly?

Step 6 – If you start to feel light headed, take a break and begin again. Try inhaling more slowly.

Step 7 – Gradually increase the force and intention of the exhale.

Step 8 – Try to feel the energy transitioning from the center of your head down the front of your spinal column to your low belly.

Step 9 – At the bottom of the breath, take a moment and feel the energy being pulled into your low belly.

Step 10 – Gradually increase the length of the pause at the bottom of the breath. Feel free to take a couple of slow gentle breaths as you assess what you are feeling.

Step 11 – Feel for something that you have never felt before. Feel for a new experience, something that previously unlabeled, inconceivable, or unimaginable.

Step 12 – As you feel something new, see what you can feel around that. How can you experience that new feeling with greater depth and breadth?

Why it Matters – In the coming weeks and layers you will gain a greater and more subtle understanding of your energy, how it moves, and how to direct and control it. This dynamic practice can help you feel energy move in a powerful way. This exercise will also begin to habituate your system to feel for the unknown.

Everyday Usability – This Kriya can be used for every situation. Having dinner with the in-laws or a gang of outlaws, this will help you experience your existence without getting frustrated, frazzled or frantic. On an overcrowded bus in a hot and humid South American country, this will keep you cool.

Progression – Try this in what would typically be stressful situations. Try it when you are around friends, coworkers, or stuck in traffic. Try it in a dark closet or in the middle of a blizzard.

Energy Distribution – Emotional Balance

Step 1 – Find a comfortable seat and allow yourself to deeply and completely settle.

Step 2 – Do a Current30, assess your physical body and your environment.

Step 3 – Begin to assess the energy configuration of your body from an emotional standpoint.

Step 4 – Determine your general emotional state or configuration. What qualities are present for you? Name at least two.

Step 5 – Place your palms up in a comfortable, relaxed position.

Step 6 – Picture your emotional qualities in the palms of your hands as if you were holding a balloon.

Step 7 – Imagine your emotional qualities existing outside of you as separate beings.

Step 8 – Feel each of your emotional qualities and allow that they can coexist.

Step 9 – Continue to identify emotional qualities, configurations, or labels. Give this some time. See if you can feel each quality individually. See if you can feel the weight of each. Feel each as a presence.

Step 10 – As you can connect to the feeling in each hand, try to feel them as somehow detached from you, separate. Feel yourself without them.

Step 11 – As you connect to yourself without the configurations in your hand, see what else you can identify.

Step 12 – Choose to let go of one of configurations you are holding and replace it with a new find.

Step 13 – Continue to identify and replace configurations.

Step 14 – As you near the end of your allotted time for this exercise, take another Current30. This exercise will bring you closer to balanced. Can you feel the difference?

Why it Matters – This practice will help you feel and increase the balance in your emotional body. It will help you detach from the labels you have become accustomed to assigning. This Kriya will help you feel what is under your labels. As you begin to feel yourself without your emotional labels, you will have a much better sense of the depth of your capacity and the breadth of your capability.

Everyday Usability – Use this Kriya anytime you are emotionally volatile, stuck, or overwhelmed. Use it to release the energy and create a new pattern. I have not found a better way to release sticky emotions like jealousy, resentment, and expectation than this Kriya. This, maybe more than anything else we’ve shared, can bring about liberation from your past, your emotions, and your limiting beliefs.

Progression – The next step in this would be to try it with your mental images and beliefs. What would it feel like to let go of your truths? What would you feel like without the recurring thoughts and distractions?

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