Layer Twenty-Three, Week Four – Sunday


Sunday’s Focus

Spend some time with the movement Essence • Hara • Flexibility. This practice will help identify where your tolerance ends, and resistance begins. Expand your range of motion, emotion, energy, and thought.

Sunday’s Concepts

Okay, another week of reviews. These can be powerful. Concentrate on the movements and the underlying foundational principles as you make your way through . Make sure you are feeling the contents and the intention of the movements. Go back when you get to a week that doesn’t feel familiar. You are looking to identify resistance. Not remembering and confusion are freeze fears. Frustration is a fight fear. Wanting to push past without review is a flight fear. Convincing yourself you are okay not reviewing could be a fix or familiar fear.

L15W2 – Using Flexibility to Fuel Fluidity – Essence and Hara allow the component, flexibility, to become a tool for innovation, exploration, creativity, expansion, and growth.

The movement for this week was Essence • Hara • Flexibility. Infusing your flexibility with Essence and Hara will add dynamic range to your life. It opens up options that were limited by habits, limiting values, resistance, and other shades of fear.

The concepts for the week built on the previous three weeks by looking at how Essence and Hara interface and collaborate with the components. This week was flexibility.

Curiosity, passion, and drive lower resistance, overcome fears, and cultivate momentum. The more diverse the Essence and Hara you cultivate, the greater the range of influence your curiosity, passion, and drive will have. The greater your range your expression of Essence and Hara, the more compelling, enchanting, and influential you will be.

Flexibility will help find ways to infuse everything you do with your passion and determination. Adding a playful hunger to explore makes everything you do an opportunity to connect, express, and enjoy. 

Flexibility: Essence adds rhythm, agility, and equilibrium to flexibility. Essence gives you the ability to glimpse into the inconceivable.

Hara adds elasticity to your ability to be flexible. Hara makes flexibility dynamic as it stores energy when flexed and uses it to regain intention.

This week’s concepts then moved to explore how Essence and Hara influence each of the bodies.

Essence opens the door to the unknown. Essence increases the latitude your mind has for the unknown. It whispers, encourages, and cajoles your conscious mind to wonder. It brings the curious “Yeah, but what if” energy to the table. Essence is flexible; it accepts without judgment or rancor.

Hara infuses your flexibility with the determination to lower your resistance. Softening is letting go of held resistances, judgments, and beliefs. Hara keeps you from allowing yourself to get rigid in your mental judgements, discriminations, prejudices, and conclusions.

Essence and Hara require valuing your emotions differently. It entails feeling emotions as fluid states of energy potential. It requires depersonalizing your emotions into energy flows that you direct with your conscious mind as fuel to increase your momentum.

Essence makes the flexibility of each of your bodies more rhythmic. Hara takes the elasticity of your flexibility and turns it into momentum.

Layer Twenty-Three, Week Four – Monday



Monday’s Focus

Essence • Hara • Endurance • Rejuvenation will help you supercharge your ability to sustain and recover. This movement will help you shed some light on your habitual intolerances and find ways to metabolize more of the energy around you.

Monday’s Concepts

L15W3 – Essence, Hara, Endurance, and Rejuvenation – Essence and Hara allow the component, flexibility, to become a tool for innovation, exploration, creativity, expansion, and growth.

The movement for this week is Essence • Hara • Endurance • Rejuvenation. When you infuse your endurance and rejuvenation with Hara and Essence, you increase your capacity because you are lowering resistance and being more efficient.

Continued the trend of exploring the collaboration between Essence, Hara, and the components, this week tackled both Endurance and Rejuvenation.

You revive and endure to the degree you appreciate yourself, acknowledge your value, and prioritize your needs above those of others.

Hara overrides your tendency to be a martyr, to discount your worth, and it overrides your habit of putting other’s needs above and before your own. Essence allows you to nourish others with the overflow of your energetic container, not the contents. You give from the place of fullness. Getting full and staying full is the determination infusion you receive from Hara.

To add Essence and Hara to your rejuvenation and endurance, infuse a welcoming and grateful quality. Direct your rejuvenation to needed tissues, organs, body parts, or specific bodies. If you are primarily mentally fatigued, rejuvenate your mental body first. Allow yourself to give in to the signals to rest, eat well, and absorb proximal and distal energies.

Your endurance will increase when you prioritize refueling the bodies, components, and tissues that are consuming the most fuel.

Essence and Hara play in optimizing rejuvenation and endurance is to maintain the ideal balance. Being out of balance is inefficient. It takes more energy to get things done. The more energy it takes to perform and execute tasks, movements, interactions, or goals; the more energy you will require to refuel and endure.

Essence infuses you with an innate tolerance and lowers your resistance. You are much less likely to be reactive and oppositional when you are radiating love and appreciation.

Resistance accumulates into resentment. Essence eliminates the building up of anger, bitterness, animosity, annoyance, impatience, and indignation. When you don’t hold onto your suffering, you have more capacity for rejuvenation and endurance.

Layer Twenty-Three, Week Four – Tuesday



Tuesday’s Focus

Revisit the movement Essence • Hara • Stability if you want to remain balanced and enlivened, and lower your tendency to be stressed, intolerant, or overwhelmed. Learn to settle, center, and soften, and allow yourself to coalesce into a welcoming and undefended foundation.

Tuesday’s Concepts

L15W4 – Essence, Hara, Endurance, and Stability – Essence and Hara allow the component, flexibility, to become a tool for innovation, exploration, creativity, expansion, and growth.

The movement Essence • Hara • Stability showed you how to create a foundational presence that will allow you to find and maintain fluidity.

Stability is the closest ally to Essence and Hara. When you are stable in each of your bodies, you are foundationally balanced. When your bodies balance, your Essence will radiate, and your Hara will have a strong footing. Hara allows you to prioritize stability. It helps to filter out your subconscious mind’s desire to stay defended, hard, and intolerant.

Stability also enhances your other components. It is much easier to be mentally and physically focused when you are emotionally stable. It is much easier to flex when you have something to hold on to.

Stability also creates sustainability. Physically, it means that when you are stable, you are healthy. Every cell, tissue, organ, and system in your body has perimeters in which it is most efficient. Efficiency promotes endurance and longevity.

You create stability in your environment and relationships by letting go of your demands, expectation, judgments, and intolerances. All those things create friction, derision, resistance, and separation … which generate imbalances.

All forcing currents create imbalance. Stability is not something that you do or something you make happen. You can’t force stability, the pushing energy will always either isometrically or isotonically force energy away from stable configurations.

As you accept, tolerate, and embrace the inherent nature of things, people, circumstances, opportunities, and potential, you guarantee your stability. You get off-balance when you think, want, or demand that something or someone should be different.

Layer Twenty-Three, Week Four – Wednesday


Wednesday’s Focus

Oh, this is a good one! Your entrenched predispositions are windows to your fears. Default Energy Configuration is a great tool to understand how your habits, patterns, and personality create limiting, reactionary postures.

Wednesday’s Concepts

L16W1 – Energy Configurations and Resistance – Essence and Hara allow the component, flexibility, to become a tool for innovation, exploration, creativity, expansion, and growth.

The movement Default Energy Configuration shows how you configure yourself to some perceived or projected threat and how to identify your predispositions. If you haven’t, spend some time with this movement. It is one of the most powerful in the course.

Week One of Layer Sixteen begins exploring how energy configurations connect and communicate with the bodies and the part Hara and Essence play.

Energy configurations are the specific forms your resistance takes. The configuration with the least amount of resistance is fluid. All of the others define how you are limiting energy.

Most of your habitual daily energy configurations are situational and reactive. You transition from one set of configurations to another as the people, places, and circumstances change. These configurations make up the way you relate to, connect with, and limit yourself and the world around you.

Your personality is the outward display of your typical and habitual energy configurations. Your personality isn’t who you are, it is how you are, how you react and respond. It is how you organize and align yourself with the opportunities presented.

How Essence and Hara interface with your energy configurations determines how you resonate with others and how you perceive yourself. Frenetic can come across to others as genius or space case. Percolating as thoughtful or unsure. Explosive as dynamic or dysfunctional. Isotonic as determined or stubborn.

How the energy configures and the qualities that convey it generate the perception, the message the energy sends. That message can bring you closer or create distance. If the perception elicits a response, you will increase connection. If the message produces a reaction, you will reduce your connection.

Essence and Hara will always encourage intimacy, connection, community, and collaboration. Essence and Hara will always encourage movement or change toward unity.

Your ability to enlist, engage, and enchant depends on your ability to be authentic. You are authentic to the degree you are radiating your Essence and moving in line with your Hara.

Panic, anxiety, and the startle reflex are misunderstandings. Your subconscious mind blocks out the reasoning of your conscious mind and signals you to freak out.

When your Essence and Hara align and activate, your subconscious mind never has the power to overwhelm your conscious mind, divert your attention away from your intentions, or stifle your mojo. Essence and Hara ensure you remain aware, present, centered, soft, and playful.

Playful and Freak Out can’t coexist. Centered, present, soft, and aware outmaneuver freak out every time.

Essence will also bring a quality of tolerance and empathy to the energy configurations in your environments. You will have empathy for the fears present and be able to understand the underlying context. You will see every interaction as an opportunity for mutual benefit.

Layer Twenty-Three, Week Four – Thursday


Thursday’s Focus

Stagnation and Compression will show you the ways your resistance manifests as freeze fears, slowing and stopping momentum. It will highlight oppositional intentions, tug-o-wars that isometrically leave you in park mode.

Thursday’s Concepts

L16W2 – Energy Configuration – Stagnant and Compressed – Essence and Hara allow the component, flexibility, to become a tool for innovation, exploration, creativity, expansion, and growth.

The movement Stagnation and Compression explores how your choices collude with your fears and can leave you feeling stuck and heavy.

This week’s concepts explore the relationship individual energy configurations, like stagnation and compression, have with the bodies, Essence, and Hara.

The natural state of energy is movement, change. If energy is stagnant, there is active containment happening. So, if you, any of your bodies, components, or relationships feel stagnant, it is because you are containing the energies present.

Stagnation is opportunity overpowered by the fear of change.

Stagnation feels like there is no energy present because of the diametric opposition of energies canceling each other out. Movement wants to happen (100%) and fear doesn’t want movement to happen (-100%) with the result being the feeling of zero energy.

As you reduce, relax, or soften your fear, the energy gains momentum. Movement happens … and stagnation disappears.

Compressive gets your attention. Compressive differs from stagnant because it generates heightened sensitivity. It is the rumbling of the volcano that precedes the eruption. It might never erupt, but it lets you know it could if it wanted to because it is pressurized. You are much more trigger likely when your energy compresses.

Compressive can be passive-aggressive but it is always defensive. It is a marshaling of energy toward some projected future threat or as a container for resentment or past suffering. Compressive energies structure as beliefs about yourself, others, or the world. They are buttons ready to push and triggers ready to pull.

Anxiety, anticipation, expectation, demand, judgment, worry, jealousy, envy, humiliation, irritation, exasperation, etc., all are easy to feel when there is more sensation condensed into a smaller space. The more energy, the more sensation.

You have a bunch of choices on how you might decompress or begin decompressing your energies. All of the unconscious choices will be reactive. There is no long-term benefit when you decompress reactively.

Anything that you do without a conscious and intentional decision will help to relieve the discomfort of compression by venting your vitality. I have referred to this as diffusion, dysfunction, and habitual patterns. You vent your energy to return to some more familiar energy level. You vent to relieve the pressure brought on by your compressive energy configurations.

When you are present and aware enough to make your decompression conscious, your choices can have long-term benefits. If I am feeling compressed, I can choose some movement that is in-line with my intentions. I can use Hara to determine the method my energy will move. I can infuse those decisions with my Essence to give them depth, breadth, and momentum.

The energy you reactively vent is lost. You are directing your energy toward something beneficial when you responsively vent . Beneficial energies have a positive return on investment – you get back more than you put in.

Softening your defensive posturing is one of the best ways to get the compressed energies to move. Essence empowers and enlivens softening. Hara sets the intention. As you upwell and expand your Essence, your fears subside. Fear is the box that holds each of your compressed energies.

Layer Twenty-Three, Week Four – Friday


Friday’s Focus

Smile Kriya will give you a direct personal experience of the transitions that happen in your bodies, components, and configurations. Once you can readily track the transitions, it will be easier to shift them toward more beneficial outcomes.

Friday’s Concepts

L16W3 – Configuration: Transitioning – Essence and Hara allow the component, flexibility, to become a tool for innovation, exploration, creativity, expansion, and growth.

The movement Smile Kriya is a practical exploration of transitioning energy configurations and the sensations that accompany them.

Week Three of Layer Sixteen takes a deep dive into how and why you change, move, adjust, and react.

Your subconscious mind’s biggest goal is to keep you from shifting out of what is familiar. You, your bodies, and components always configure in some way. They will stay configured that way until the momentum for change overwhelms the energy you are expending to maintain the current configurations.

Simple and complex movements (like habits) will persist until sufficient energy marshals in opposition. You have habits that persist until something becomes more important. The energy to change must be stronger than the existing energy.

Everything in your life is the same way. Want a more loving relationship, better fitness, higher paying job, or less anxiety? Find a motivation that has more energy – that is more vibrant – than the factors that power your current habits and patterns. Nothing else will work.

Transitions hold the key to incremental improvement. As you can bring conscious awareness to more subtle transitions and to notice transitions earlier in the cycle, it will be easier to shift toward the beneficial.

To change the trajectory of an existing movement, you will either overpower, devalue, or deform it. To maintain a healthy trajectory, you will need to overpower, devalue, or deform any energies that challenge your intention.

Every action, distraction, reaction, or response has a transition. You are doing, thinking, or being one thing … and then you allow yourself or decide to be another. Some transitions happen so quickly you might not be able to discern them. A flash of anger, fright, or embarrassment might seem to be instantaneous, but they are not. Every movement or change of state involves transitions. Cellular metabolism, heartbeats, and cross-country trucking all transition from one state to another.

Essence and Hara will a play a part in every transition and so will your subconscious mind. The value you give your fears will determine the amount of resistance to the transition. The quality and quantity of your Essence and Hara will determine your intentionality, fluidity, and momentum.

As you get better at feeling your resistance to transitions, you will feel more subtle levels of resistance. As you get better at expanding your Essence and empowering your Hara, you will get better at devaluing resistance.

Layer Twenty-Three, Week Four – Saturday


Saturday’s Focus

The practice Monster in the Closet is a great way to lower your distractability. Most of your distractions are habitual based on your entrenched fear predispositions. Explore this body by body, component by component, and each of your configurations. It will have a profound effect on your productivity.

Saturday’s Concepts

L16W4 – Scattered and Fluctuating Transitions and Compressed – Essence and Hara allow the component, flexibility, to become a tool for innovation, exploration, creativity, expansion, and growth.

The movement Monster in the Closet will give you tools to free yourself of your scattered and fluctuating energies. It will allow you to make progress, elevate your vitality, and deepen your connections.

This focus of this week’s content were the configurations of Scattered and Compressed.

Fluctuating happens when your system(s) can’t decide what to transition toward. They shift from one configuration back to the original to another, back to the first, on to a third, back to the second, etc. When the transition doesn’t stick, it is fluctuating.

Scattered happens when you divide your energy and attention between more than one construct at the same time. Fluctuating bounces between configurations and Scattered configurations try, ineffectually, to multi-task. Scattered is half-assing multi-tasking.

Fluctuating energies are fear bubbles bursting to get your attention. Scattered energies happen when you try to keep your attention on multiple bursting bubbles. Scattered will often follow fluctuating or you will oscillate between Fluctuating and Scattered.

Fluctuating is the on-going process of deconstructing as soon as something is constructed. In Legoland, it would put a piece in place and then take it apart again. Scattered is trying to build several Lego projects simultaneously without a clear idea what you want to end up with, which you want to finish first, and what you’re going to do with them when finished.

Most of what you do is habitual and doesn’t require much of your attention. Your mind can process a ton of data. When you don’t consciously decide, your subconscious mind starts deciding for you. It looks for things to fluctuate and scatter.

Essence allows you to disregard the bulk of your mind’s chatter. It softens and devalues the cacophony of thoughts and allows you to place more value on the things your Hara is directing you toward. Essence and Hara help your thoughts, emotions, movements, and energy merge into a unified, intentional, and motivated trajectory.

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