Layer Fifteen, Week Three – Sunday


Sunday’s Focus

Can you feel how you limit your rejuvenation and endurance? Where are the edges of your range and how do you experience them as fatigue?

Sunday’s Concepts

This week, you will explore Rejuvenation and Endurance. If you can’t easily and readily relate the components to Essence and Hara, consider going back and spending a bit more time creating that relationship. Your intention is to develop specificity and authenticity. You should feel your edges with each of the components and feel the discomfort that challenging those edges brings. As you move forward from here, lack of specificity will seriously hamper your ability to metabolize the content.

Curiosity, passion, and drive will lower your resistance, help you overcome fears, and assist you in generating sustainable momentum. The more diverse the Essence and Hara you cultivate, the greater the range of influence your curiosity, passion, and drive will have. The greater the range of your expression of Essence and Hara, the more compelling, enchanting, and influential you will be.

Essence and Hara allow you to be yourself more completely, for longer, and without fatigue.

Layer Fifteen, Week Three – Monday



Monday’s Focus

Where can you expand your range a little bit more? How, when, and where can you be more self-appreciative, self-confident, and self-gratifying?

Monday’s Concepts

Rejuvenation and Endurance are the by-products of self-appreciation, fulfillment, tolerance, self-confidence, and gratification.

You revive and endure to the degree you appreciate yourself, acknowledge your value, and prioritize your needs above those of others.

Hara overrides your tendency to be a martyr, to discount your worth, and it overrides your habit of putting other’s needs above and before your own. Essence allows you to nourish others with the overflow of your energetic container, not the contents. You give from the place of fullness. Getting full and staying full requires the determination you receive with an infusion of Hara.

Layer Fifteen, Week Three – Tuesday



Tuesday’s Focus

How does your habitual resistance limit the breadth of your rejuvenation? How do you resist or lack the tolerance to endure?

Tuesday’s Concepts

Rejuvenation and Endurance: Essence and Hara supercharge rejuvenation. Essence works like a giant amplifier to enliven your rejuvenation processes. Essence makes the process more alive and vibrant. As with the other components, Essence lowers your resistance. You rejuvenate more easily, effectively, and quickly because Essence overrides your subconscious mind’s desire to moderate your revitalization.

Fatigue happens when your energy expenditures outpace your ability to rejuvenate. Essence allows you to refuel faster with less effort. You endure because you don’t run out of fuel.

Hara optimizes rejuvenation hierarchically. It directs energy flows to the primary bodies and tissues needed to optimize efficiency, productivity, and endurance.

To add Essence and Hara to your rejuvenation and endurance, infuse a welcoming and grateful quality. Consciously direct your rejuvenation to needed tissues, organs, body parts, or specific bodies. If you are primarily mentally fatigued, rejuvenate your mental body first. Allow yourself to give in to the signals to rest, eat well, and absorb proximal and distal energies.

Your endurance will increase when you prioritize refueling the bodies, components, and tissues that are consuming the most fuel.

Layer Fifteen, Week Three – Wednesday


Wednesday’s Focus

Feel for your ability to infuse Essence and Hara to engage your rejuvenation and endurance more fully. How can you absorb more of the energy in your environment?

Wednesday’s Concepts

The second part Essence and Hara play in optimizing rejuvenation and endurance is to maintain the ideal balance. Being out of balance is inefficient. It takes more energy to get things done. The more energy it takes to perform and execute tasks, movements, interactions, or goals; the more energy you will require to refuel and endure.

Your car gets much better gas mileage when all its cylinders are firing, its tires are at the correct pressure, and you are consciously applying the most efficient amount of pressure to the accelerator. Your gas mileage suffers when your tires are underinflated, spark plugs or injectors are not firing, you are pulling a trailer full of junk, or when you are reacting to every obstacle by slamming on the brakes and then stomping on the gas.

Essence infuses you with an innate tolerance and lowers your resistance. You are much less likely to be reactive and oppositional when you are radiating love and appreciation.

Resistance accumulates into resentment. Essence eliminates the building up of anger, bitterness, animosity, annoyance, impatience, and indignation. When you don’t hold onto your suffering, you have more capacity for rejuvenation and endurance.

Layer Fifteen, Week Three – Thursday


Thursday’s Focus

Be aware of the influence Essence and Hara have on your capacity to maintain optimal balance. Can you feel how resistance accumulates in your body, mind, emotions, and relationships?

Thursday’s Contents

Let’s explore the influence Essence and Hara have on rejuvenation and endurance in each of the bodies.

Mental Body: For most people, mental fatigue is a daily occurrence. The more complicated your life, the more mental energy you expend trying to keep up. Modern life, full of technology, is inherently taxing. You can reduce your mental expenditure by lowering your values, demands, judgments, resistances, and distractions.

Essence soothes the mind. Hara will help keep you on track. As you infuse your mind with Essence you will allow things to exist as they are without feeling the need to control, manipulate, seduce, or cajole. As Essence bathes your mind, your subconscious will be less reactive and will interpret fewer events and interactions as threats.

Physical Body: Fatigue, in the physical, is simple math. Fuel in, fuel spent, availability, and capacity; you fatigue to the degree your cells and tissues can’t rejuvenate. You endure when your cells and tissues are replenishing as fast or faster than they consume fuel.

Resistance lowers your capacity because it both burns energy and inhibits refueling. Your endurance is less when you are fighting the movement. When you resist taking in energy, it impedes your rejuvenation.

Layer Fifteen, Week Three – Friday


Friday’s Focus

Explore and experience how resistance burns energy and inhibits refueling. Early in the program we called it the Double Deficit.

Friday’s Concepts

Emotional Body: Emotional rejuvenation is the ability to metabolize the energies present. Essence allows you to absorb energies without the limiting effect of your subconscious mind. Without Essence, your subconscious mind labels energy as good or bad, healthy or toxic, too much or not enough, right and wrong, etc. That labeling restricts ingestion and assimilation.

Picture yourself on a boat, a big boat, like a cruise ship and picture a giant buffet. All the food has energy. If you ate all the food, you would absorb that energy to the capacity of your digestive system. But in reality, you have foods you like, foods you can stomach, and food you dislike. The energy of the disliked foods will probably not be ingested, and you will limit the total quantity of the food you consume. The energy is available, but you choose not to take advantage of it.

Emotional endurance is your ability to welcome the fluid movement of energy.

I’m not suggesting you should eat the entire buffet. I am highlighting the potential. Emotionally, you have a buffet of energy potential around you all the time, most of which you choose not to absorb. Essence lowers your resistance. It allows you to accept the energies that you would normally dislike.

Empathy expands with Essence. Your ability to endure emotional volatility is determined by how much energy you expend resisting it or embracing it. Essence also changes the tipping point from okay to too much. With Essence, your tolerance level will skyrocket. You will have more patience, feel more love, and relate much more deeply to the challenges of others. Hara encourages you to tolerate more than is comfortable.

Layer Fifteen, Week Three – Saturday


Saturday’s Focus

Challenge yourself to remain present and undefended longer. Practice absorbing energies that are uncomfortable.

Saturday’s Concepts

Environmental Body: Essence allows you to forestall your limiting beliefs and your reactions. You will not get triggered quite so quickly. Your subconscious mind is constantly trying to place blame. Essence eliminates blame. It removes the labels from energy movement. Essence illuminates presence. It reduces your subconscious mind’s desire to compare the present to the past or some projected future.

Intimacy is the ability to remain present and undefended.

Essence and Hara allow you to be intimate, connected, and collaborative for longer without fatigue. Your subconscious mind spends a ton of energy evaluating proximal energies. As you expand your Essence and engage your Hara to accept and allow that all energy is good energy, you won’t fatigue, and you will open yourself to an infinite amount of energy.

Next week, stability, after that we will look a little more closely at how the components connect and communicate between the bodies and the parts Hara and Essence play in that dialog, collaboration, and communion.

Essence • Hara • Endurance • Rejuvenation

Step 1 – Hara keeps you on track. It helps maintain your determination and prioritization of rejuvenation.

Step 2 – Endurance is a by-product of your ability to revitalize your systems and bodies.

Step 3 – Essence and Hara bring a loving, curious, and passionate quality to the edges of your typical interactions, movements, and collaborations. They lower your resistance to the beneficial movement of energy.

Step 4 – Essence and Hara unleash your potential for tolerance so that you are less reactive are able to metabolize more of the energy around you as you expend less.

Step 5 – Essence and Hara overcome your habitual resistances.

Step 6 – When you feel yourself being stressed, fatigued, overwhelmed, exhausted, impatient, or intolerant, feel for your resistance to movement or absorption.

Step 7 – Feel for ways you can increase your wonder, passion, and curiosity. How can you unleash your inner explorer?

Why it Matters – Infusing Essence and Hara into your life will increase your capacity to move and rejuve. You will increase your capacity to present, authentic, patience, and intimacy.

Everyday Usability – Rejuvenation, infused with Essence and Hara, gets much more efficient. It will give you the ability to metabolize every energy that is present, not just the ones that feel safe to your unconscious mind.

Progression – Essence and Hara have a compounding effect. As you add them to your components, their influence will begin to grow, amplify, and proliferate.

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