Layer Fifteen, Week Four – Sunday


Sunday’s Focus

Begin to feel for ways you destabilize yourself? How, when, and where do you move your energy away from an optimized balance into something that distracts, defends, or increases intolerance?

Sunday’s Concepts

The final component you will explore is Stability. By now, you should be able to feel your edges with each of the components and feel the discomfort that challenging those edges brings.

Stability is the closest ally to Essence and Hara. When you are stable in each of your bodies, you are foundationally balanced. When your bodies are balanced, your Essence will naturally radiate, and your Hara will have a strong footing.

Stability also enhances your other components. It is much easier to be mentally and physically focused when you are emotionally stable. It is much easier to be flexible when you have something to hold on to.

Layer Fifteen, Week Four – Monday



Monday’s Focus

Where can you expand your range a little bit more? How, when, and where can you be softer; more centered, tolerant, and undefended?

Monday’s Concepts

Stability happens when you are soft, centered, tolerant, and undefended not the other way around. Stability is the result, not the cause. When you feel unstable, unbalanced, unhinged, or deranged, try softening, centering, and lowering your defenses. You will be amazed at the results.

When you add Essence to your softening, centering, and tolerance, you supercharge the effects. You will settle faster, be more stable, and stay that way longer. Hara allows you to prioritize stability. It helps to filter out your subconscious mind’s desire to stay defended, hard, and intolerant.

Layer Fifteen, Week Four – Tuesday



Tuesday’s Focus

How does your habitual reactivity limit the depth of your stability? Where can you replace your typical reactions with measured responses?

Tuesday’s Concepts

Stable is very absorbent. As you maintain your stability, you will prime yourself to metabolize the energies available to you. Stable is responsive, not reactive. Reactivity entails a fear response. Fear responses burn energy, generate resistance, and shut down metabolization. Essence and Hara both encourage responsiveness. They welcome ambient energy flows.

Truly stable is also fearless, without judgment, and without any energy directed toward past or future threats. There is an innate stability to presence. Essence and Hara enhance presence. When your presence is enhanced by Essence and focused by Hara, you are engaging, enchanting, and enthralling.

Essence and Hara choreograph stability and fluidity. Essence enriches, Hara organizes. Together, they create sequences that enliven and direct energy toward patterns that expand potential and benefit.

Layer Fifteen, Week Four – Wednesday


Wednesday’s Focus

Feel for your ability to infuse Essence and Hara and engage your creativity. How can you absorb more of the energy and potential in your environment?

Wednesday’s Concepts

Let’s explore the influence Essence and Hara have on stability in each of the bodies.

Mental Body: This one might not be what you expect. Stability increases creativity, inspiration, and insight. Stability increases your ability to be mentally fluid. It reduces your predispositions and preconceptions. When you are stable, you are less fearful, anxious, distrustful, nervous, and wary. Without those limiting qualities, you have more capacity to vision and create. Your inspiration comes from a more expansive foundation.

Consider your actions the last time you were stressed, overwhelmed, or angry. Did it feel like you were able to make the best possible decision? Why not? Probably because your mind was consumed by the fear that accompanies those imbalanced mental states. Settling, softening, and centering increases fluidity. Mental fluidity requires balance and stability. Moving meditations serve to help focus the mind on the process of moving. Things like running, yoga, Tai Chi, and anything that refocuses your mind to something other than your current fears will bring your mind back into balance. Complex movements require conscious awareness. Tai Chi or the others work until the movements become habit.

Following the path of mastery requires that you constantly look for greater subtle understandings. That search keeps the mind focused and balanced.

Layer Fifteen, Week Four – Thursday


Thursday’s Focus

Be aware of the influence Essence and Hara have on your capacity to maintain stability and optimal balance. Can you feel how resistance destabilizes your body, mind, emotions, and relationships?

Thursday’s Concepts

Physical Body: Hara provides a centering determination to movement. Physical movement is stable, directable, and sustainable when balanced. Essence enlivens physical movement. Essence adds an enchanting quality to movement, it compels.

The difference between compelling movement and reactive movement is the quality in which it originates. If you want your actions to be compelling, infuse them with essence. Essence adds authenticity, passion, courage, and confidence. Reactive movements lack stability. They result from from fear feedback.

Stability, Hara, and Essence create a foundation for the ecstatic dance of fluidity.

Stability also creates sustainability. Physically, it means that when you are stable, you are healthy. Every cell, tissue, organ, and system in your body has perimeters in which it is most efficient. Efficiency promotes endurance and longevity.

When stability becomes a habit, your efficiency and productivity improve. Your liver will do a better job when it is soft, centered, tolerant, and undefended. Hara gives your liver its determination and Essence adds a jubilant energy. Your Essence-enhanced liver will love, enthusiastically, producing bile and filtering your blood. Hara helps to keep your liver from becoming distracted by fear, overwhelm, or stress.

Layer Fifteen, Week Four – Friday


Friday’s Focus

Explore and experience how resistance burns energy and inhibits refueling. Feel how being soft, centered, tolerant, and undefended helps you to increase your stability, balance, and joie de vivre.

Friday’s Concepts

Emotional Body: Stability keeps your emotions from being biased, presumptive, and limited in scope. When you are soft, centered, tolerant, and undefended, your emotions can flow effortlessly in any direction. Essence infuses emotional energy with a joie de vivre, an exultant and comprehensive joy. Hara helps maintain the intention to be emotionally stable, but not stable in a stagnant way. Stable in an I am ready for anything and everything, bring it on! kind of way.

Consider something simple like humor and your reaction or response to it. When you are soft, centered, tolerant, and undefended; do you find more or fewer things humorous? Do you find yourself playfully amusing when you are unbalanced, irrational, or intolerant? Freely expressing humor is an expression of Essence. Maintaining your balance so that you are in a position to find humor is a function of Hara. Essence puts the twinkle in your eye, Hara keeps you looking for it.

Layer Fifteen, Week Four – Saturday


Saturday’s Focus

Challenge yourself to remain present, tolerant, and undefended longer. Practice delaying your subconscious desire to distance, label, and judge.

Saturday’s Concepts

Environmental Body: Essence allows you to forestall your limiting beliefs and your reactions. You will not get triggered quite so quickly. Your subconscious mind is constantly trying to place blame. Essence eliminates blame. It removes the labels from energy movement. Essence illuminates presence. It reduces your subconscious mind’s desire to compare the present to the past or some projected future.

Intimacy is the ability to remain present and undefended.

Essence and Hara allow you to be intimate, connected, and collaborative for longer without fatigue. Your subconscious mind spends a ton of energy evaluating proximal energies. As you expand your Essence and engage your Hara to accept and allow that all energy is good energy, you won’t fatigue, and you will open yourself to an infinite amount of energy.

Next week, stability, after that we will look a little more closely at how the components connect and communicate between the bodies and the parts Hara and Essence play in that dialog, collaboration, and communion.

Essence • Hara • Stability

Step 1 –Energetic stability creates a foundational presence that leads to fluidity.

Step 2 – The fluid configuration is where you will be the most happy, fulfilled, productive, successful, intimate, connected, and collaborative.

Step 3 – Essence and Hara bring a loving, curious, and passionate quality to the edges of your typical interactions, movements, and collaborations. They lower your resistance to the beneficial movement of energy.

Step 4 – Essence and Hara unleash your potential for tolerance so that you are less reactive are able to metabolize more of the energy around you as you expend less.

Step 5 – When you feel yourself being stressed, fatigued, overwhelmed, exhausted, impatient, or intolerant, feel for your resistance to movement or absorption.

Step 6 – As you settle, center, and soften, and allow your frenetic energies to coalesce back into your optimal, undefended foundation.

Why it Matters – Infusing Essence and Hara into your stability will increase your capacity to be fluid. You will increase your capacity to be present, authentic, patient, and intimate.

Everyday Usability – Stability, infused with Essence and Hara, increases your opportunities to absorb potential, be creative, and to be deeply present. Stability will decrease your stress, overwhelm, and intolerance.

Progression – Essence and Hara have a compounding effect. As you add them to your components, their influence will begin to amplify and proliferate.

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