Layer Fifteen, Week Two – Sunday


Sunday’s Focus

How do you limit your flexibility? Where do you limit your range?

Sunday’s Concepts

Over the last three weeks, you have explored how Essence and Hara influence your focus, speed, and strength. This week, you will explore Flexibility. If you can’t easily and readily relate the last few weeks components to Essence and Hara, consider going back and spending a bit more time creating that relationship. You want to cultivate specificity and authenticity. As you move forward from here, lack of specificity will seriously hamper your ability to metabolize the content.

Curiosity, passion, and drive lower resistance, overcome fears, and cultivate momentum. The more diverse the Essence and Hara you cultivate, the greater the range of influence your curiosity, passion, and drive will have. The greater your range your expression of Essence and Hara, the more compelling, enchanting, and influential you will be.

By being flexible, you will find ways to infuse everything you do with your passion and determination. Adding playfulness and a hunger to explore makes everything you do feel like an opportunity to connect, express, and enjoy.

Layer Fifteen, Week Two – Monday



Monday’s Focus

Where can you expand your range a little bit more? How can you be more tolerant and accepting?

Monday’s Concepts

Flexibility: Essence adds rhythm and equilibrium to flexibility. Essence gives you the ability to glimpse into the inconceivable.

Hara adds elasticity to your ability to be flexible. Hara makes flexibility dynamic as it stores energy when flexed and uses it to regain intention like a mainspring in a mechanical watch.

To add Essence and Hara to your flexibility, use your flexibility like a dancer, infuse your movements with an elastic quality, passively absorb the energy of the flex and then release it synchronistically. Feel your bodies flex and rebound in a smooth, rhythmic arc to pull you back into the most beneficial configuration. Essence and Hara increase your responsiveness.

Layer Fifteen, Week Two – Tuesday



Tuesday’s Focus

How do your habits limit the breadth of your engagement with others or some aspect of your environment?

Tuesday’s Concepts

Let’s explore the influence Essence and Hara have on flexibility in each of the bodies.

Mental Body: To move into the inconceivable, you will have to resolve your existing disbelief. Things may currently be inconceivable either because you have judged them impossible or because you haven’t considered them at all.

Here is an example. In the future, you will type with your mind. You will think your text and some piece of electronics will interpret your brain waves into words. Today, you either agree, think it is impossible, or you have never given it any thought.

Your subconscious mind’s job is to identify threats. It wants to acknowledge reactive energies first, potentially reactive second, familiar third, unfamiliar fourth and that doesn’t leave much awareness left for things that it doesn’t acknowledge exist. It ignores everything it can’t identify … until it crosses from unknown to known. Your subconscious mind is highly biased toward recognition. It gives no value to anything it can’t identify as either a threat or a short-term benefit.

Essence opens the door to the unknown. Essence increases the latitude your mind has for the unknown. It whispers, encourages, and cajoles your conscious mind to wonder. It brings the curious “Yeah, but what if” energy to the table. Essence is inherently flexible, it accepts without judgment or rancor.

Hara infuses your flexibility with the determination to lower your resistance. Softening is the process of letting go of held resistances, judgments, and beliefs. Hara keeps you from allowing yourself to get rigid in your mental judgements, discriminations, prejudices, and conclusions.

Layer Fifteen, Week Two – Wednesday


Wednesday’s Focus

Feel for your ability to infuse Essence and Hara to engage your flexibility and elasticity more fully.

Wednesday’s Concepts

Physical Body: Your physical body reacts quickly but responds slowly. You can get completely tense instantly but totally relaxed takes a while. Essence lowers your reactivity to stressors. You stay more relaxed as the default. When your physical body is flexible and fluid, it is less reactive and its reactions are less severe. Essence helps to moderate physical fear by maintaining a larger perspective. It flattens the roller-coaster of your physical body’s fear reflex.

Hara helps you to maintain responsive and agile as a trajectory. Hara encourages you to keep flexibility as an intention.

Essence is the primary ingredient in the fluid configuration or flow state. Essence enhances your rhythm and adds elasticity to your movements.

Check out this video of the amazing Larry Griswold and keep in mind that he choreographed the entire thing. The agility and fluidity he displays is the expression of his Essence and Hara. Imagine the determination it took to make the stumbles, falls, and stunts look authentic. His love for the expression of his passion fueled him beyond the failures, bruises, and the inevitable learning curve.

Layer Fifteen, Week Two – Thursday


Thursday’s Focus

Be aware of the influence Essence and Hara have on your capacity to influence outside of your familiar patterns.

Thursday’s Concepts

Emotional Body: This is the most interesting to me. Finding the link between emotional flexibility, Essence, and Hara requires valuing your emotions in a completely different way. It entails feeling emotions as fluid states of energy potential. It requires depersonalizing your emotions into energy flows that you direct with your conscious mind as fuel to increase your momentum.

Expanding your Essence will allow you to feel emotions and be emotional without reacting to the internal or external triggers. Imagine if you were able to view every emotion you have as an upwelling of your energy. Imagine the flexibility that would give you to respond in the most beneficial manner. Essence allows you to value every emotion from ecstatic joy to simmering resentment, profound grief, or rage as equal expressions of your subconscious mind and the fears it holds.

Layer Fifteen, Week Two – Friday


Friday’s Focus

Explore and experience how the addition of Essence and Hara to your flexibility allows you to be less reactive.

Friday’s Concepts

Emotional Body (continued): Hara provides the flexibility necessary to endure the discomfort and limits you habitually assign to emotions. Hara fuels the acceptance, forbearance, and patience necessary to adapt your emotional body to a new way of being.

Essence is also the tool you will use to increase the quality, volume, and duration of the emotions you are able to feel. It will allow you to experience fuller, deeper, more complex, and vibrant feelings. It will increase how much you are able to feel your energy flows and the amount you allow that energy to flow.

Intimacy is a great example. You limit your tolerance for intimacy, we all do. You have a typical and habitual range for how close you allow yourself to be and how close you allow others. Essence and Hara will allow you to be more flexible, to explore what is currently inconceivable. Essence and Hara allow you to be you in new, richer, and fuller, ways.

Layer Fifteen, Week Two – Saturday


Saturday’s Focus

Find instances to be more intimate and authentic, allow yourself to stretch your comfort zones.

Saturday’s Concepts

Environmental Body: Essence and Hara give you the ability to engage with flexibility. They allow you to see and feel the collaboration that is possible in every moment rather than the potential conflict.

Essence and Hara are the tools you will use to craft marvelous lemonades out of the lemons you find. Every action, interaction, response, and reaction have the potential to be beneficial. Every beneficial movement has a way to be more beneficial. Essence and Hara increase the scope, depth, and breadth, of every relationship you have.

Your depth of engagement will also determine your ability to be enchanting. Essence and Hara enhance your ability to enchant and the energy transfer between you and others. You will be more compelling and be able engender greater growth, success, and fulfillment in others. Essence and Hara make minor transformations into seismic shifts.

Essence • Hara • Flexibility

Step 1 – Essence allows flexibility to expand past typical, comfortable, and conceivable limits.

Step 2 – Hara encourages you to make flexibility a priority. It softens your resistance to moving out of your familiar range.

Step 3 – Essence and Hara bring a loving, curious, and passionate quality to the edges of your typical interactions, movements, and collaborations.

Step 4 – Essence and Hara unleash your potential for tolerance so that you are less reactive and you are able to stretch yourself farther.

Step 5 – Essence overcomes innate resistances including the resistance to expansion beyond what is conceivable.

Step 6 – As you make your way through your day, seek moments where you can expand your range of motion. How can you be yourself in a richer, fuller, deeper, or more intimate way?

Step 7 – How can you actively engage a greater aspect of your being in each action, movement, response, and interaction?

Step 8 – Ask yourself where you are limiting your flexibility and actively wonder how you can unleash yourself more fully.

Why it Matters – Infusing flexibility with Essence and Hara will increase your capacity to be tolerant, present, and maintain a broader presence. You will feel and be more authentic because you will be moving energy into areas that are typically dormant or ignored.

Everyday Usability – Flexibility, infused with Essence and Hara, increases dynamic range and the latitude with which you influence. Infused flexibility reduces the reactivity of your subconscious mind.

Progression – Essence and Hara have a compounding effect. As you add them to your components, their influence will begin to grow, amplify, and proliferate.

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