Layer Twenty-Four, Week Two – Sunday


Sunday’s Focus

Spend some time with the movement Chakras, Auras, and Sensation. Verify that you can feel the relationship between those three things.

Sunday’s Concepts

L18W4 – Auras are the energy potential of Chakras – From one instant to the next, your configurations change. You create a new energetic version of yourself in every instant in each of your bodies, chakras, auras, and configurations. 

The movement for this week was Chakras, Aura, and Sensation. This practice brings together the sensorial awareness of the energies of the chakras, central power channel, auras, and energy metabolism. Energy metabolism is the experience of living. It is the change in state from one moment to the next.

Change happens as energy metabolizes and reconfigures, as it changes its level of specificity from general to specific or specific to general. Emotions, sensations, and thoughts are your perceptions of energy metabolizing and changing levels of specificity. They are energy moving through chakras and interacting with auras.

Chakras restrict energy movement by creating specificity, by focusing the energy in a less general way.

As energy moves, it brings with it potential, its aura. Each energy configuration (fluid, accumulating, centering, percolating, expansive, scattered, explosive, stagnant, isotonic, isometric, fluctuating, bleeding, compressive, and transitional) describes the movement styles of energy. Knowing the energy configuration will help you identify the size, strength, and quantity of energy held or moving through the chakras and radiating as auras.

Scattered is energy moving in multiple directions with different trajectories, intentions, or purposes. When distracted, your energy lacks focus and disperses between multiple points of interest. Scattered energy takes a portion of your total capacity and distributes it between multiple outputs.

Fluid energies will have very few temporary chakras and an aura that seems uniform and contiguous. Since the relevant energies align, there is not a chakra for divergent scenarios or sequences.

Accumulating energy configurations will create chakras that are one-directional. They will primarily allow energy in and limit interaction. Explosive configurations are also one directional but with the energy going out. They also limit interaction, collaboration, and connection.

Isometric and Isotonic energy is laced with resistance. It is energy that is moving with some level of fear. If the fear energy matches the desire for change, it is isometric. If the desire for change and the level of fear are unequal, the energy transition is isotonic. Drama is the feeling of energized resistance. Resistance is fear, whose energy forms outside of your core being, disconnected from your central power channel.

Stagnating energy happens when isometric and isotonic energy configurations wear themselves out – when all the air is out of the balloon. Stagnation is depleted resistance. Percolating creates a bubbling up of low-intensity chakras. Each will have little influence, a small aura, and will rarely persist. Sometimes, the low-intensity chakras will combine – when they resonate – into something with more influence.

Centering does what its name suggests. It consolidates your energy toward your center – toward your Central Power Channel. This is healthy and balancing because it removes superfluous chakras and influences (auras) from your energy field and focuses your energy on your major chakras. The Expansive energy configuration happens when you allow your existing chakras – major, minor, or specific – to increase in size and influence.

Compressive energy configurations happen with accumulating energies when you restrict energy movement. Lots of energy with a small aura is compressed energy. Transitional energy configurations are the in-between states from one energy configuration to another and can hold varying degrees of each. There is an inherent lack of stability with transitional energy.

Energy is going to expand, contract, compound, disperse, or stagnate. Chakras facilitate those energetic changes. Playing with the energy configurations will help you identify what the energies are doing inside and outside of your body. As you notice the configurations, you put yourself in a position to change them by altering your chakras.​


Layer Twenty-Four, Week Two – Monday



Monday’s Focus

Gravity Body Awareness helps you get a sense of how your values and what you are valuing feel.​ Please revisit this movement. It is an amazing resource to help you be responsive and intentional.

Monday’s Concepts

L19W1 – Introducing the Gravity Body – The Gravity Body transmits the sensations of value and purpose.

The movement for this week was Gravity Body Awareness. This movement will help you feel the weight of the people, places, thoughts, emotions, situations, and relationships you value. When you can feel value as easily as you do to your thoughts and emotions, you will feel what is in line with your foundational intentions and which are fear-based (distractions).

The week’s content starts out reviewing the other bodies. Refer to the complete content if any of the following isn’t super familiar.

The Physical Body is bone, tissue, and fluid. It is touchable, visible, and scientifically confirmable. It is the world of chemistry and geometry. The physical body is your sensing mechanism. The physical body provides anchors for the energy body. The energy fields, chakras, and auras attracted to, center on, and orbit the physical body.

The Mental Body is thoughts, beliefs, values, and the hiding place for the subconscious mind. It is where you formulate all your judgment, intolerance, and deceit. More than anything else, the mental body creates comparisons. It is the quickest to act toward rationality or react to irrationality. It is also the most disembodied of the bodies. The mental body holds energy in constructs, beliefs, and judgments that exist apart from your core energy.

The Emotional Body holds the sensorial constructs that the mind creates. You feel a set of sensations, your mind gives it a label, and then you create an emotional construct with those parameters. You group the sensations into a thing like angry, sad, happy, disgusted, or confused. The emotional body is the primary storehouse for habitually held fears, undigested past events, and future fear stories.

Your Energy Body facilitates. It is the workforce and the building blocks for the other bodies. It takes direction from the mental, physical, and emotional bodies. Without energy, none of the other bodies would exist. The chakras and auras are the mechanical aspects of the energy body. They are the equipment it uses to move energy to where required – to pull, hold, push, and balance.

Your Environmental Body is your interface from your other bodies to the bodies other than yours. It connects, collaborates, and defends. It is the referee, negotiator, and mediator for energies that influence or are influenced by the energies of your other bodies. It connects your mental and emotional constructs to the mental and emotional constructs around you. It maintains the resonance or dissonance. It is the concierge of relationships.

A healthy Gravity Body transmits the sensations of value and purpose. Its aura helps you feel energies and their relative resonance or dissonance to your Hara. The feeling of weight and mass from your gravity body are based upon Hara and Essence. Your gravity body helps you to hold and sense those energy potentials, the possibilities that will collaborate with your intentions.

Everything you choose to value, consciously or unconsciously, becomes part of your personality. What you give credence, energy, attention, and emotion to is a choice based on the amount of gravity (value) you give it.

An unhealthy gravity body transmits the value you give your subconscious mind. These are the energies of resistance and fear that you give weight and mass. They are your images, beliefs, projections, judgments, and intolerances. They have the gravity (value) you give to their assigned significance. You hold on to them to give you a reference. They become tipping-point between good/bad, should/shouldn’t, can/can’t, etc.

Fear is a projection that is given weight by the subconscious mind and held in the gravity body where it influences all the other bodies.

When the totality of what you are valuing is in line with your Hara and Essence, your gravity body will balance. To the degree you allow fear to have gravity/value, your gravity body will be unbalanced.

Layer Twenty-Four, Week Two – Tuesday



Tuesday’s Focus

Intro to Ether will help you connect to the potential inherent in chaos.

Tuesday’s Concepts

L19W2 – Intro to Ether – The Ethereal Body holds potential and the possibilities for everything that is not yet known, experienced, understood, combined, or manifest. It is your interface with the unknown, not-yet-known, and the conduit to creativity, to creation.

The movement for this week was Intro to Ether. This week, I recorded a meditation to help you connect with your Ethereal Body. Honestly, it isn’t the best meditation I have ever recorded, but it will give you a starting point. I plan to do a part two video at some point and will focus on your Ethereal Body as the conduit for organizing chaos into opportunity. As you revisit this movement, when you get to the part of activating your sense of wonder, feel for the chaos, unmanifested/unstructured energy, around you.

Your Ethereal Body is where your curiosity and sense of wonder live. All learning is decoded, deciphered, and interpreted in your Ethereal Body before it enters your conscious awareness. It is your energetic de-tangler and puzzle master. It is the pantry that holds the potential for every idea you will ever have.

As opposed to the Gravity Body, the Ethereal Body doesn’t give value. If everything is potential, nothing would will have more potential than anything else. Potential would equal potential. Every possibility would just be a possibility rather than the possibility. Love, birth, murder, bat guano, piano recitals, and hummingbirds are all equal. The Ethereal Body views them as states of existence, neither good nor bad, but a confluence of energy and possibility.

The sensations of the Ethereal Body match this confluence of potential. There is a feeling of infinite space meeting complete density. Chaos is the natural state of being within the Ethereal Body. When constructs enter this realm, they dissolve into potential, and chaos is restored.

In this week’s content, I also delved into my experiences with psychedelic drugs and ghosts. Revisit if you are interested.

Layer Twenty-Four, Week Two – Wednesday


Wednesday’s Focus

The movement for this week was First Chakra Kriya. The Muladhara Chakra has the most potential to vitalize your system. Make friends with it, encourage it, and reap the rewards.

Wednesday’s Concepts

L19W3 – The Chakras – Muladhara – The First Chakra’s vortex opens downward and manages your connection to the foundational energies around you. Things like the Earth, your foundational beliefs, and the major stabilizing energies of your environment.

The movement for this week was First Chakra Kriya.

The first chakra, Muladhara, connects you to influences from the past – your lineage, familial, and social belief systems. Those influences or resonances will flow into and out of this chakra as a default. Your first chakra has the most potential for metabolizing energy. It is a big dog with an enormous appetite.

A healthy first chakra will ensure that you are stable, grounded, and connected to the foundational aspects of your life. The healthier your first chakra, the more tolerant you will be. Think of a kite string. Your subconscious mind is the kite and whatever is holding the kite, keeping it from blowing away, is the energy flowing to and from your first chakra.

Maintaining a healthy first chakra substantially increases your stability and your ability to tolerate change. It will help you manage internal and environmental discord and dysfunction. Patience abides in your first chakra. Your ability to be tolerant, understanding, and empathetic directly relates to the enervation and health of your first chakra.

As you gain awareness of the energies transiting your first chakra, you will sense the held energies as well. Undigested emotions about your current incarnation, limiting familial belief systems, and unhealthy social expectations all live in and around your first chakra. As you become aware of them, you can choose to release them and free up the energies they are holding hostage.

All chakras move energy by ingesting, storing, and expending. Imbalances in your first chakra are a sign your energy is not being distributed equally between your other chakras, bodies, and/or components.

As you transition from balanced to unbalanced, the subconscious mind takes over. The first thing it does is shunt energy away from your first chakra. When your energy is stable, it disregards the subconscious mind’s attempts to fuel fears, projections, and drama.

Fear can only exist in an energetically destabilized environment.

Remember the last time you felt anxious, frenetic, scattered, or confused. Can you recall the feeling of being disconnected or adrift? That is the feeling of an unbalanced or undercharged first chakra. When focused, your first chakra will enliven, engage, and efficiently metabolizing energy to help you remain stable and balanced.

Before you get distracted, anxious, stressed, or overwhelmed, your Muladhara chakra will disconnect, destabilize, deflate, or distort. Chakras can also lose their structure, like a house of cards collapsing.

Over-thinking and irrational emotions can only exist when your first chakra is out of balance, undercharged, or not optimized. Every imbalance requires that one or more chakras, bodies, and components be out of balance.

If one chakra, body, or component is out of balance, there will always be at least one other chakra, body, or component that is compensating and also out of balance.

The first chakra aids in helping you to remain centered or in re-centering. When active or actively rebalanced, it pulls distracted, diffused, or frenetic energy down and in, making it available to for absorption and utilization by your central power channel.

The Muladhara Chakra is closely associated with your Gravity Body. It enervates and stabilizes it. As the aura (influence) of the first chakra changes, so too does the Gravity Body. When you connect powerfully with your Gravity Body, it will naturally balance and enliven your first chakra.

Layer Twenty-Four, Week Two – Thursday


Thursday’s Focus

Two movements this week – Second Chakra Kriya and Ascending and Descending. One helps orient you to the nature of the Svadisthana Chakra and the other to a practice to feel energies merge between your values and your innate divinity.

Thursday’s Concepts

L19W4 – The Second Chakra – Svadisthana – The Second Chakra’s vortices (vortexes) point forward and back, perpendicular to your hips. It manages your relationship with yourself, your sense of self, and the foundational beliefs you hold about your personage.

The movements for this week were Second Chakra Kriya and Ascending and Descending

Energies that are preferentially absorbed by your Svadhisthana have to do with how you value yourself and any confirmations or threat to those values. Confirmations would be things that corroborate your Hara and Essence. Threats would be anything that communicates with your subconscious mind and the internally held fears you have and hold on to – the habitual ways you devalue or mitigate your self-worth, the dramas and traumas that limit your fluidity, and self-judgments. Self-judgments are the primary initiator of resistance.

A healthy second chakra will ensure that you are fluid, centered, expansive, and powerfully connected to the energies and people in your environment. The healthier your second chakra, the more present and self-confident you will be.

Maintaining a healthy second chakra will increase your ability to connect and tolerate distraction. It will help you manage your subconscious mind and drastically reduce environmental discord and dysfunction. Acceptance abides in your second chakra. Your ability to determine, motivate, and enchant directly relates to the enervation and health of your second chakra.

As you gain awareness of the energies moving through your second chakra, you will be able to sense the held energies as well. Undigested emotions about your self-worth, will to live, and lack of innate potential all live in and around your second chakra. As you notice them, you can choose to release them and free up the energies they are holding hostage.

Your second chakra is the area of confluence and convergence for each of your bodies except the ethereal. This is a bit counter-intuitive, but see if you can feel what I describe.

The second chakra is located very close to your physical center of gravity. It is around where your torso meets your hips and legs. Most sports and martial arts focus on this area of the body as the center of not only balance but power and fluidity.

The mental body divides between your subconscious mind and conscious mind. Your subconscious mind’s primary concern is survival. It efforts to create distance between you and everything it believes, thinks, is not you. It is constantly trying to differentiate you from your environment and from yourself. The subconscious mind is centered in the head. The conscious mind centers on your whole being with its true center at the second chakra.

Your subconscious mind tries to convince you that you are something other than balanced and fluid. One of the ways it does this is to shift your energy from your second chakra upward, around or above your head. This is destabilizing… which helps sell the lie that you are in danger.

When your subconscious mind is idle and the chatter stops, your mental body centers around your second chakra. Your conscious mind inherently balances. When centered and aware, you recognize the frivolity of your subconscious mind, disregard it, and follow your Hara and Essence. That is a sign of an active and healthy second chakra.

Refer to the week’s content to review how the other bodies center on the second chakra.

The primary component of the second chakra is flexibility. When you have high self-worth and self-appreciation, you are open to change, growth, and opportunity. When you are fearful, defensive, and lacking self-confidence, your ability to be flexible will be severely restricted.

Your Hara point is near your second chakra, but on a different plane of existence. Hara is your personal ability to remain focused, determined, and motivated. When you are relentlessly pursuing your goals, intentions, and aspirations, your Hara is strong. A strong sense of self helps to bolster your Hara. It will feel much easier to remain dedicated to a task or aim when you like, admire, and respect yourself – all things an enervated second chakra will enable.

Essence is the energetic expression of your self-love, humor, curiosity, and wonder. When you radiate your Essence, you are radiating your passion and the passion for who you are. The more energy you can bring to your self-worth, the more fuel that will be available to radiate your Essence.

Layer Twenty-Four, Week Two – Friday


Friday’s Focus

The movement for this week was Heart Chakra Awareness. Revisit this movement to reconfirm that energy is neutral. There is no good or bad energy. The purpose of the chakras is to unbiasedly metabolize energy.

Friday’s Concepts

L20W1 – The Fourth Chakra – Anahata – The Fourth Chakra’s vortices (vortexes) point forward and back, at the level of the center of your ribcage. It absorbs, metabolizes, and manages the potential of environmental energy, including relationships.

The movement for this week was Heart Chakra Awareness. This movement explores the relationship between the chakras and auras as well as explaining relationship energy.

The Anahata Chakra is at the middle of your sternum and just in front of your spine. Its vortices (vortexes) point forward and back. Your heart chakra has very little direct connection with your heart muscle or its innervation. The heart has its own powerful energy field.

The Anahata Chakra and its aura manage the energy of your relationships. It opens, expands, contracts, and closes, depending on your willingness to engage.

The greater your authenticity in relationships, the bigger and more functional your fourth chakra will be. As you curtail your self-expression in relationships, as you let fears limit your vibrancy, your heart chakra and its aura respond by getting smaller and reducing the exchange of energies.

Auras create a resonance, an energy field with a specific amplitude and frequency. They also condition incoming energies. When balanced and radiating healthy energies, all incoming energies transform into a healthy wavelength. When you are unbalanced, incoming energies distort toward your imbalance.

The Anahata Chakra and its aura manage the energy of your relationships. It opens, expands, contracts, and closes, depending on your willingness to engage.

The greater your authenticity in relationships, the bigger and more functional your fourth chakra will be. As you curtail your self-expression in relationships, as you let fears limit your vibrancy, your heart chakra and its aura respond by getting smaller and reducing the exchange of energies.

Beyond the ability to interact authentically, a healthy fourth chakra allows you to exist effortlessly in any environment, situation, and interaction. The energy you metabolize in your heart chakra will probably feel the most fulfilling. Connecting to your environment is the easiest way to feel connected to something larger than yourself. Absorbing energies fearlessly and effortlessly from the people and things around you gives you the feelings of presence, connection, and collaboration.

The growth and development of the heart chakra will be toward MORE. More energy in and more energy to its aura. As you develop your heart chakra, your ability to be authentic, intimate, and connected will increase. It is important to remember that this growth potential is infinite. Your subconscious mind will try to convince you that there is a limit to how much you can love, how deeply intimate you can be, and how fully you can connect and collaborate with the people, situations, and things in your environment.

If you didn’t have fear, your relationship with everything and everyone in every situation would have the potential to be the same. Fear creates limits of acceptability, tolerance, pleasure, pain, safety, comfort, intimacy, connection, and collaboration. Your subconscious mind wants to keep you safe, so it tries to manage your relationships.

Your heart chakra wants to remove the limits from your relationships. Its intent is to absorb, expand, and merge with everything and everyone around you.

So why don’t you just connect completely with everyone and everything? Why aren’t you immersed, embedded, and involved with everything? Partly because your fear holds you back, but your Essence and Hara also play a part, as does your biology. You attract and repel. Some things, people, situations are resonant and others dissonant. Pheromones, hormones, axillary steroids, smells, sounds, and energy configurations all prioritize, sensitize, and categorize.

Social, familial, religious, and ethnic programming play a part. Familiarity is another big contributor. It is harder to love, connect, and blend with something, someone, or any situation in which you have no reference, exposure, or history. Biases define your ability to absorb environmental energies.

Your heart chakra opens in response to internal and external stimuli. A heart charka absorbs energy to the degree it is open. As it opens, it increases the range or field in which it can absorb. Have you ever noticed that when you are feeling love that everything else seems more attractive? Your heart chakra is open to receiving and absorbing a broader range of energies.

The state of your heart chakra influences your emotional body. The more open you are, the more emotional energy you can feel (permeate) from your environment and the more of that energy that can absorb into the aura of your heart chakra.

When one or more of your bodies is imbalanced or unhealthy, you can project energy out of a chakra to try to manipulate your environment. Your subconscious mind can reverse the spin of the chakras, which changes the direction of the energy flows. This can happen with any of your chakras, but is common in the heart chakra. Can you feel why? You are much more likely to manipulate relationships or something environmental.

Things usually feel hard because you have resistance, environmental resistance. Your subconscious mind assigns a negative value and looks for ways to curtail, slow, or stop change from happening. When you allow your heart chakra and its aura to flourish, you will use the energies around you as fuel for movement, action, and transformation.

A healthy heart chakra will make it easier to maintain fluid and expansive energy configurations. This should feel very true after this week’s concepts. The expression open-hearted is a splendid example of a healthy Anahata Chakra.

Since the heart chakra is your primary energetic connection to your environment, it is also the one most likely to be triggered by your environment and influenced by your subconscious mind. That feeling of emotions flooding out of your chest is actually energy spilling out of a heart chakra that is spinning the wrong way.

Most emotional overwhelm happens because of something or someone in your environment. You use your heart chakra to absorb environmental energy. When you are unbalanced or have reached the threshold of your capacity, the resonance/dissonance of some particular energetic configurations triggers the subconscious mind into a fear reaction. You purge energy through your emotional body. 

Layer Twenty-Four, Week Two – Saturday


Saturday’s Focus

Solar Plexus Nexus explains how the third chakra can help you ascertain your level of authenticity and feel when you are limiting your self-expression.

Saturday’s Concepts

L20W2 – The Third Chakra – Manipura The Third Chakra’s vortices (vortexes) point forward and back, at the level of the bottom of your ribcage. It absorbs, metabolizes, and manages energy as the arbiter of relationships and self-expression. I think of it as the referee between the energies of the second and fourth chakras.

The movement for this week was Solar Plexus Nexus. This movement will help you identify your level of authenticity, when your internal relationships (with your self and foundational beliefs) match your external relationships (your expression of those foundational beliefs).

You have a relationship with yourself. That is second chakra energy. You have relationships with others. That is fourth chakra energy. The third chakra tries to find a middle ground between who you are and who you are in relationship. When your second and fourth chakra align and balance, you stay enlivened and authentic. When not aligned, you act, react, and respond differently, internally and externally. You diverge from who you are into something less.

The third chakra also deals with current threat assessment. The sixth, the third eye chakra, Ajna, deals with threat assessment too, but it looks forward toward future threats. Getting to know your third chakra will help you feel when you are not being authentic. It will alert you to imbalances in your bodies, chakras, components, and intentions.

A healthy Manipura Chakra will allow you to digest internal and external energies more easily. It will be an early warning system for when you are limiting your expressive potential. When you feel an overly active third chakra, you know that you are hypersensitive to current threats.

Your third chakra tries to digest the conflicting energies and reach a compromise. If it can’t reach a compromise, it tries to stop the incompatible energies from conflicting. If you’ve had butterflies in your stomach, you’ve felt the energy of your third chakra working. This is your third chakra in current threat assessment mode.

The third chakra is very mental, but its primary body is the emotional. It focuses on how you feel about yourself, in and out of relationship. Your mind gets involved when it is playing referee or mediator. Your mind takes over when it is in threat assessment.

The body most aligned with the third chakra is the Emotional Body. When you are expressing yourself fully and authentically, your emotional body will balance and enliven. When you limit your self-expression, your emotional body restricts.

The mental body is secondary to the emotional in your third chakra. It processes the differences between the second and fourth energy configurations. Worry lives primarily in your third chakra. Worry is the projection of current and future limits of self-expression.

When healthy, your environmental body usually only relates to your third chakra peripherally, through your second and fourth. You feel your environment and relationships with the second and fourth chakras and process them with the third.

When unhealthy and in threat assessment mode, your third chakra reaches out and tries to find solutions and compromises that will allow the second and fourth chakras to align. Most unhealthy relationships have cords connecting the third chakras of all parties involved. There are agreements to continue dysfunctional and imbalanced energy configurations.

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