Layer Nineteen, Week Two – Sunday


Sunday’s Focus

Question your foundational beliefs about yourself. How do you feel about your innate Divinity?

Sunday’s Concepts

The Ethereal Body is the house of potential and the seat of your innate divinity. It holds the template for your enlightenment. It is also the incubator for your creativity, insights, and illuminations.

Your connection to the future – future potential and future time – is held within a body I could easily have called the Unknown, Intelligence, or Chaos Body. It holds potential and the possibilities for everything that is not yet known, experienced, understood, combined, or manifest.

Your Ethereal Body is where your curiosity and sense of wonder live. All learning is decoded, deciphered, and interpreted in your Ethereal Body before it enters your conscious awareness. It is your energetic de-tangler and puzzle master. It is the pantry that holds the potential for every idea you will ever have.

The ingredients for making the inconceivable conceivable live in your Ethereal Body. The recipe for channeling confusion to understanding exists in your Ethereal Body. It connects dots and projects future dots.

Your Ethereal Body is anchored to your seventh chakra. Your seventh chakra, Sahasrara, points skyward, toward the heavens (coincidence?) There will be a week dedicated to the seventh chakra soon. For now, remember that the anchor is in the middle of your head. Your Ethereal Body has a preferential placement around your head because of that. You can be balanced with your Ethereal Body just encompassing your head. To be expanded, you will encourage your Ethereal Body to envelope your entire body and the area around you.

Layer Nineteen, Week Two – Monday



Monday’s Focus

Contemplate and feel for the sensations of impossible. Feel for the sensations of other things like the color red or what the smell of orange blossoms feels like.

Monday’s Concepts

When I sit in front of my computer and actively wonder what to write, the ideas funnel in from the ether, through my Ethereal body, and into my mental and emotional body. Sometimes, it funnels directly to my physical body and I start typing before I give what I am going to write conscious thought.

Creating a relationship with my Ethereal body has been the most life-altering thing I have ever done. Embracing my ability to actively wonder, to expand my curiosity into the unknown has given us this course. It has given my life a sense of purpose and an overwhelming feeling of fulfillment. The Ethereal body gives me the opportunity to not only welcome the unknown, but lovingly embrace it.

Your gravity body will have a set of sensations that create a feeling of density, stability, and balance. Your ethereal body will have its own set of sensations. My experience is one of a cloud-like presence that lifts and enhances.

Layer Nineteen, Week Two – Tuesday



Tuesday’s Focus

When you are curious or in a state wonder, what does it feel like and where do you feel it?

Tuesday’s Concepts

If I over-engage my ethereal body, I feel disconnected. I remember a long meditation session with Paul and Suzee Grilley where it took me 15 minutes to move my physical body after the bell sounded ending the meditation. All my other bodies were equally vague. Even my energy body felt untethered.

As you’ve heard in this week’s movement video, the key to empowering your ethereal body is to encourage a downward saturation so that it surrounds your entire body and begins to merge with your Gravity Body. Another key is to consciously connect it to your Hara and Essence.

Your goal is to open a channel from all unmanifested potential into your Hara and Essence. When this channel is open, ideas erupt, resistance fades, and solutions abound.

Layer Nineteen, Week Two – Wednesday


Wednesday’s Focus

I talked about how my sugar addiction limits my Divinity in the concepts. What limits yours? Explore how.

Wednesday’s Concepts

I have some experience with psychoactives; Mushrooms, Ayahuasca, and Peyote. For me, those experiences helped to highlight the nature of my Ethereal Body.

Looking back on it and in talks with friends with similar experiences, I believe they expand or magnify the Ethereal Body and Essence while dulling the Gravity Body and Hara.

During my last experience with Ayahuasca on the shores of Lake Atitlán in Guatemala, I saw the disembodied heads of several of my mentors floating in front of me. Each of them said “You don’t need this” and “You can get where you are going without this.” It felt true and I’ve had zero desire to tweak my consciousness since. I don’t drink alcohol for the same reason. It feels like a disconnect. I do eat too many sweets. Sugar creates a similar disconnect, albeit, not as severe.

I have yet to meet anyone who regularly partakes in plant medicines, drugs, or alcohol that I would consider enlightened or even balanced. They elevate the value of the pollutant and discount their own innate divinity. They lose the plot. Intoxication becomes more important than the objective. In the end, every one of them I have met become disconnected, inauthentic, and manipulative.

I have the same experience with various yoga gurus, healers, seers, and clergy. Most of what they value is outside of themselves. What they sell becomes Divine. They center themselves on external things, beliefs, constructs, and projections. The construct becomes their drug. It eliminates the possibility of being balanced without using other things and people to offset their imbalance. Again, I am guilty of this with my sugar intake. Sweets become something that I value in a way that discounts my deeper principles and ideals. I discount my own Divinity by eating too much fudge.

An interesting side note about my experience with Peyote: I can still upwell the feeling of the plant in my system or my connection to it after 15 years. I feel it in the lower back part of my skull and between my heart and sternum as a tingling pressure. There is a quality of affection to it. It may be chemical residuals in my physical body or cosmic residuals in my energetic system, or it may just be the emotional and environmental fondness I have for the experience and the Navajo elders and singers I met. It might be some combination of all that.

Layer Nineteen, Week Two – Thursday


Thursday’s Focus

What limiting beliefs do you hold about things outside of the normal? How does not believing serve you?

Thursday’s Concepts

Your environmental body is where you create relationships on the mental, physical, and emotional plane with people, plants, animals, and insects. Your Ethereal Body also connects to those things but in a little different way. It taps into the Community of Souls (this downloaded from the Ether directly to my fingertips. I’ve never used the term or don’t remember ever hearing it used. Google doesn’t show any pertinent hits. Weird, huh?! But it fits). If all forms of consciousness exist on some higher plane, they would form a community of their consciousnesses or souls. As you ascend your consciousness to this level, you will be able to access beings on this level. Some will be human, others not so much.

I have had experiences with bodiless beings of consciousness. I’ve seen ghosts, talked to the dead, and communicated with fantastical beings which I’m sure have been the inspiration for thousands of fiction novels. I’ve connected my consciousness to organs, tissues, diseases, and bodily fluids. I’ve interfaced with trees, plants, rocks ecosystems, and galaxies. It felt real but it may have been an overactive imagination. Some of what I have learned in these interactions has been verified in the material world. The exchanges have evolved over the last 25 years and grown more subtle, distinct, and targeted.

As I allow for new possibilities, other, even more uncommon experiences present themselves and the things I had trouble accepting as too fanciful become commonplace.

Given the above, my understanding of the Ethereal Body is still evolving. The more I experience, the broader its influence becomes. My jumps in understanding are usually preceded by a certain set of sensations. It feels like my consciousness wavers or shimmers for a few days or a week before. I get a little spacey feeling, a little disquieted and uncertain. Sometimes, it feels like the world is coming at me faster than I am coming to it. I believe it is one or more of my systems reconfiguring to accept some new potential. The first time it happened, I thought I was coming unhinged. Now, I soften into it and wait for whatever is next. Not unlike this.

Layer Nineteen, Week Two – Friday


Friday’s Focus

Reflect on a time when you were mentally and/or emotionally unstable. Can you recall how disconnected you felt? Watch others who are out of balance and see if you can feel their disconnect from their true nature.

Friday’s Concepts

The mental, emotional, and environmental imbalances I’ve felt and experienced in myself and others all have common attributes. One of them is a lack of balance in the Ethereal Body which always seems to be undercharged or overcharged. Usually, the Ethereal Body loses its connection to the 7th Chakra, Hara, and Essence.

In my healing practice, a disconnected Ethereal Body is common. Even in those that are connected, it hovers around and above the head and rarely influences anything below the neck.

As opposed to the Gravity Body, the Ethereal Body is valueless. If everything is potential, nothing would will have more potential than anything else. Potential would equal potential. Every possibility would just be a possibility rather than the possibility. Love, birth, murder, bat guano, piano recitals, and hummingbirds are all equal. The Ethereal Body views them as states of existence, neither good nor bad, but a confluence of energy and possibility.

The sensations of the Ethereal Body match this confluence of potential. There is a feeling of infinite space meeting complete density. Chaos is the natural state of being within the Ethereal Body. When constructs enter this realm, they are dissolved into potential and chaos is restored.

As an example, when I have a belief and I let it loose in my Ethereal Body, it disappears into a zillion alternatives, equally valid. If I believe I am addicted to sugar and bring that belief into my Ethereal Body during meditation, I realize first that my addiction is a habit, I feel its past and the path I followed to where I am. I feel the influences, fears, expectations, distractions, and distancing that sugar brings. My sugar addiction becomes a conglomerate of circumstances … which dissolve into another layer of possibilities and so on. In my Ethereal Body, I can feel the potential for the transformation of my addiction into anything and everything else.

After writing this and doing some meditations, I am going to try to resolve my sugar addiction by allowing it to swim in my Ethereal Body every morning. I’ll let you know how it goes.

Layer Nineteen, Week Two – Saturday


Saturday’s Focus

Question your religious beliefs. Which ones serve you? Which ones allow you to be more kind, tolerant, and empathetic? How do your beliefs limit or empower your spiritual ascension?

Saturday’s Concepts

My guess is that most people having Religious Experiences are actually in the midst of a moderate or greater imbalance in or toward their Ethereal Body.

I’ve stayed away from the topic of religion, worship, and the Divine. Here are my thoughts if you are interested.

Religions take the energy of the Ethereal body and tries to make sense of it with beliefs, stories, prohibitions, and covenants. Religions put those things into books or stories and generally seek to get others to believe the same things in the same way they do … so that they feel less adrift in the sea of unmanifested potential. Religions give their Gods human or humanistic attributes to help them put a face on the infinite energy that exists outside of all current knowledge or knowing.

Religion creates boxes that devotees can enclose themselves in to feel safe.

And who knows, one or more of the religions might be right. God may want the Giants to win the World Series or the Superbowl. God may want to strike down all, including infants, who don’t believe in the same way as is written in one of the sacred texts – but I doubt it.

What humans may have perceived as God; I feel as unmanifest potential swimming in the pool of my Ethereal Body.  

Next week, you will begin your journey through each of the major chakras, starting with the root or Muladhara Chakra.

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