Layer Nineteen, Week Three – Sunday


Sunday’s Focus

Explore one of your biggest hypersensitivities, challenges, fears, or points of conflict. Feel for the energy it holds and where you feel that held energy in your body.

Sunday’s Concepts

This week, you will get to know the first major chakra and the prevalent energies it manages. Understanding the function and responsibilities of the chakras will help you stay balanced. It will also help you understand why others aren’t.

Each chakra will have a primary benefit and deficit potential. How those impact you and your relationships is the next level in understanding your potentials, fears, relationships, and resistances.

The ancient teachings and my experience suggest that each major chakra takes on a different responsibility for every aspect of your life. A simple analogy would be your organs. Organs have a primary function, an area of your physiology they address. The heart pumps blood, it doesn’t metabolize fat.

Each chakra will also have a primary body, component, and configuration(s) that it will manage. In addition, chakras act as caches for held energy. Memories, beliefs, trauma, values, incomplete cycles, and everything unresolved in your life must have energy to continue to exist. That energy is held within constructs that give structure, form limits, and hold a specific resonance.

Constructs are the boxes that hold the energy. These constructs are connected to the chakras by the associated fears. An example would be a spider hanging out at the edges of its web waiting for food. When something touches its web, the vibrations trigger the spider to move. The spider is feeling for specific vibrations. He or she knows the difference between wind, wombats, and wasps

To keep the constructs from allowing the energy to be assimilated, the subconscious mind creates these energy containers, constructs, with locks or seals that release with specific words, gestures, thoughts, emotions, intentions, and/or sensory input like sights, smells, taste, texture.

I have shared previously that I am hypersensitive to the word Asshole. That hypersensitivity requires that I have energy stored that can be triggered. Magma must be present and pressurized within the volcano before it can erupt and spew lava. No magma, no lava. No held energy, no sensitivity. My subconscious mind holds onto the energy of my previous experiences so that I have energy ready to meet any future potential threat. It holds it in constructs that attach to chakras. The constructs are like energy packets with specific sensitivities.

For me, it is not just the word Asshole, it is the context and intonation in which the word is used. How someone says it is a large part of the combination that releases those held energies.

I am sensitive to the word with all my bodies. They are all hypersensitive. This is important and something to keep in mind as you progress. Fear connects past drama or trauma to current and future potential by maintaining and remaining excessively watchful in all aspects of your being …  where ever it can seep to reap the weep and keep you off your feet in a heap.

When you allow it, fer will exist in each body, component, and chakra. Its purpose is to limit energy flows. Usually, specific fears will have a primary chakra they inhabit. You will also have a chakra that holds most of your fears. As you learn about the chakra in the coming weeks, you might discover where your primary fear chakra is.

For me, it was my solar plexus when I first started exploring the chakras. It seems to have shifted to my low belly chakra. Most people hold most of their fear in one of the middle chakras. You’ll discover why in the weeks to come.

Where and how you feel financial fear will be different, maybe very different, then how and where you feel relationship fear.

Layer Nineteen, Week Three – Monday



Monday’s Focus

Consider your family’s belief systems. As you identify them, feel for the energy they hold and where you warehouse it.

Monday’s Concepts

Let’s look at the first chakra and its predispositions.

  • Common Name: Root Chakra
  • Vedic Name: Muladhara Chakra
  • Number: One
  • Location: In front of tip of coccyx, just above perineum
  • Vortex Opening – Downward
  • Primary Responsibility – Connection to foundational energies, general vitality
  • Body: Gravity
  • Component: Stability
  • Healthy Configurations: Fluid, Centering
  • Unhealthy Configurations: Stagnant, Compressive

The first chakra, Muladhara, is also called your root chakra. Its general location is just in front of the tip of your coccyx (tailbone) at the base of your central power channel. Its vortex opens downward and manages your connection to the foundational energies around you. Things like the Earth, your foundational beliefs, and the major stabilizing energies of your environment.

The past influences it connects you to are your lineage, familial, and social belief systems. Like where a branch connects to the trunk of a tree, it roots you into the underlying tenets of your self, family, neighborhood, region, and culture. Those influences or resonances will flow into and out of this chakra as a default. This chakra is involved in very few future projections (none that I can think of).

Layer Nineteen, Week Three – Tuesday



Tuesday’s Focus

Acknowledge one of your foundational beliefs. Feel for where you hold that energy and the sensations it  contains.

Tuesday’s Concepts

I have a foundational belief that humans are much more impacted by their fears than they are influenced by their dreams. My belief is that fear usually drives the bus for all of us most of the time. When my energy configuration is centered and balanced, that belief aids in my ability to be empathetic to myself and others. I can tolerate other’s fear better when I am fully accepting that most thoughts, emotions, and decisions are reactions brought on by those fears.

If my first chakra is active and healthy, I will know that unkindness, thoughtlessness, inattention, and hypersensitivity have nothing to do with me. When my Muladhara is efficiently metabolizing and collaborating with the ambient energies, I will be patient, kind, empathetic, and present.

I will be hypersensitive to other’s fear if my first chakra is weak, misaligned (not connected to the central power channel or if the vortex isn’t pointing straight down), or not spinning in a healthy direction. The less connected I am to my foundational beliefs, the more I reactive I will be to things that trigger my fears.

The first chakra can bring a disproportional amount of energy into your system. It is voracious. When you want to optimize your components like strength, focus, endurance, emphasize your first chakra.

Layer Nineteen, Week Three – Wednesday


Wednesday’s Focus

Just after doing this week’s movement, feel your degree of stability, groundedness, and centeredness. Begin to create a relationship with those sensations.

Wednesday’s Concepts

Why it matters: A healthy first chakra will ensure that you are stable, grounded, and connected to the foundational aspects of your life. The healthier your first chakra, the more tolerant you will be. Think of a kite string. Your subconscious mind is the kite and whatever is holding the kite, keeping it from blowing away, is the energy flowing to and from your first chakra.

Your first chakra has the most potential for metabolizing energy. It is a big dog with a big appetite.

Everyday usability: Maintaining a healthy first chakra will greatly increase your stability and your ability to tolerate change. It will help you manage internal and environmental discord and dysfunction. Patience abides in your first chakra. Your ability to be tolerant, understanding, and empathetic is directly related to the enervation and health of your first chakra.

Progression: As you gain awareness of the energies transiting your first chakra, you will be able to sense the held energies as well. Undigested emotions about your current incarnation, limiting familial belief systems, and unhealthy social expectations all live in and around your first chakra. As you become aware of them, you can choose to release them and free up the energies they are holding hostage.

Layer Nineteen, Week Three – Thursday


Thursday’s Focus

Contrast what you felt while doing yesterday’s focus with how you feel when you are anxious, frustrated, impatient, or distracted.

Thursday’s Concepts

All chakras move energy by ingesting, storing, and expending. Imbalances in your first chakra are a sign your energy is not being distributed equally between your other chakras, bodies, and/or components.

As you transition from balanced to unbalanced, the subconscious mind begins to take over. The first thing it does is shunt energy away from your first chakra. When your energy is stable, it disregards the subconscious mind’s attempts to fuel fears, projections, and drama.

Fear can only exist in an energetically destabilized environment.

Remember the last time you felt anxious, frenetic, scattered, or confused. Can you recall the feeling of being disconnected or adrift? That is the feeling of an unbalanced or undercharged first chakra. When focused, your first chakra will be enlivened, engaged, and efficiently metabolizing energy to help you remain stable and balanced.

If your first chakra is in optimal health, fear cannot derail you.

Before you can be distracted, anxious, stressed, or overwhelmed, your Muladhara chakra will disconnect, destabilize, deflate, or distort. Chakras can also lose their structure, like a house of cards collapsing.

Over-thinking and irrational emotions can only exist when your first chakra is out of balance, undercharged, or not optimized. Every imbalance requires that one or more chakras, bodies, and components be out of balance.

If one chakra, body, or component is out of balance, there will always be at least one other chakra, body, or component that is compensating and also out of balance.

Layer Nineteen, Week Three – Friday


Friday’s Focus

Find a time when you are unbalanced and do this week’s movement. Your subconscious mind will resist. Allow yourself the opportunity and note the changes.

Friday’s Concepts

The healthy configurations most associated with the first chakra are Fluid and Centering.

Unhealthy Configurations typically found are Stagnant and Compressive.

The stagnant energy configuration happens when your first chakra holds energy and constipates energy flows for an extended period of time. Fears, possibilities, and potential that resonate with stagnation (lack of movement) will collect, condense, and decay. That stagnating energy compresses and weighs you down. It feels heavy because no energy is allowed to travel up the central power channel and invigorate the rest of your body.

Your mind and emotions will feel depleted, motivation will be lacking, and your other major chakras will feel vulnerable and isolated. This stagnant and compressive energy configuration can often lead to feelings of depression. Stagnation compresses fear into lethargy.

The first chakra helps bring about and maintain the fluid energy configuration by lowering your center of being. It becomes the conductor of the orchestra that is your bodies and components. It sets the tempo. It lowers the focal point of your energy in-line with your Hara point. Together, they keep you on the most rhythmic, efficient, and productive path.

The first chakra aids in helping you to remain centered or in re-centering. When active or actively rebalanced, it pulls distracted, diffused, or frenetic energy down and in, making it available to be absorbed and utilized by your central power channel.

Layer Nineteen, Week Three – Saturday


Saturday’s Focus

Recall someone in your life who took advantage of their authority. See if you can feel the disconnect between their actions and their underlying integrity. Can you feel that their gravity body is unbalanced?

Saturday’s Concepts

The Muladhara Chakra is closely associated with your Gravity Body. It enervates and stabilizes it. As the aura (influence) of the first chakra changes, so too does the Gravity Body. The Gravity Body is an energy field and the aura of the first chakra is an influence field. They are similar but exist separately. Energy, chakras, and auras are ephemeral, responsive, and highly reactive to internal and external stimuli. The Gravity Body is more stable and less changeable. The Gravity Body abides.

When you connect powerfully with your Gravity Body, it will naturally balance and enliven your first chakra. The inverse is usually true, but it is possible to charge your first chakra and still not connect to your Gravity Body.

As an example, there have been lots of yoga gurus in the last few years who have been accused of some form of impropriety. I know several of them. The ones I know are all accomplished yogis. They can move energy, understand the esoteric realities of Prana, and can be wonderful teachers … until they aren’t.

They are rooted to their modalities and their craft but lose the connection to their deeper intentions. They spent years developing their physical, energetic, and ethereal bodies. Their practice neglected the other bodies, especially the Gravity Body. That imbalance led them to lose contact with the foundational beliefs that set them on their path.

When I’ve felt this in myself, it is usually tied to over-thinking and placing too much value on the what and not enough on the why.

Any leader, parent, friend, partner, or colleague that takes advantage of their authority may have a strong first chakra but will definitely have an underdeveloped Gravity Body.

Next week, an exploration of your second chakra, Svadhisthana.

First Chakra Kriya .


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