Layer Nineteen, Week One – Sunday


Sunday’s Focus

Spend the day revisiting your core beliefs and most deeply held intentions. What is most important to you and how much value are you giving it? What is the nature of your foundation?

Sunday’s Concepts

In this Layer and the Layers that follow, you will explore how to increase and decrease the energy flowing to and through your chakras. You will discover some exciting and effective new ways to create, control, and project your auras. You will uncover tons of new ways to gain or regain your balance and increase your fluidity. You will become a chakra sculptor, aura artist, and energy evangelist.

Sculpting requires mastering the dynamics of energy movement. The process begins when you create a relationship with the energy entering, leaving, and residing in your body. It requires the tactile feeling of balance, resistance, momentum, and transition. You will feel the energy of your chakras, the feeling of their aura’s influence, and the energy and influence of the chakras and auras around you. After feeling them, you will begin to form and shape them to maximize their efficiency and impact.

Read that last paragraph again. It is the blueprint for the Layers to come.

But first, I am going to introduce you to a couple of new bodies, the Gravity Body and the Ethereal Body. The first five bodies are getting a couple of siblings.

Layer Nineteen, Week One – Monday



Monday’s Focus

What is the nature of your beliefs about your physical body? What truths do you hold about your physical capacity, health, and future? Is your baseline physical energy high or low? What is the nature of the relationship between your physical body and your other bodies? Is your physical body responsive or reactive?

Monday’s Concepts

Here is a review of the other bodies so that you can see where the siblings fit into the family.

The Physical Body is bone, tissue, and fluid. It is organs, nerves, and glands. It is touchable, visible, and scientifically confirmable. It is color, texture, sound, taste, smell, and touch. It is water, rock, pudding, and aardvark. It is the world of chemistry and geometry. The physical body has an illusion of permanence. It exists as if the current moment is the only moment.

The physical body is your sensing mechanism. Physical sensations are your conduit from energy movement to thoughts and emotions. Your body is your interface with other physical bodies. It is your best, biggest, and the most accessible window into your tension, resistance, and dysfunction.

Your physical body is the stage where your thoughts and emotions manifest their drama and trauma.

I took a long run on snow-covered back-roads and trails a couple of days ago. The route was uphill for the first seven miles and downhill the next seven. At the apex of the climb, I felt a sharp pain in the lower right side of my abdomen. That physical cue focused my other bodies to the possible threat. My mind started cataloging and weighing possibilities, my emotions upwelled with remembered fears and possible future scenarios. My energy reoriented itself to focus on that quadrant of my belly and I became much more aware of my environment.  My physical body was the reference point that the other bodies reacted to.

In addition to being a reference, the physical body provides anchors for the energy body. The energy fields, chakras, and auras are drawn, attracted to, center on, and orbit the physical body.

The physical body is the warehouse for your energy and potential. If your physical body is imbalanced by low energy, you will be over or underweight, sick, injured, diseased, or have some degree of immobility from tension or structural disability. Imbalances in the other bodies always have physical symptoms.

If your physical body has an over-abundance of energy, your imbalance will be a lowering of energy in one or more of your other bodies. If you are hyper-focused on your physical body, you will pull your other bodies out of balance by over-utilizing their energy, co-opting it to feed your desire to give the physical primacy. 

Layer Nineteen, Week One – Tuesday



Tuesday’s Focus

What is the nature of your beliefs about your mental body? What truths do you hold about your mental capacity, health, and future? Is your baseline mental energy high or low? What is the nature of the relationship between your mental body and your other bodies? Is your mental body responsive or reactive?

Tuesday’s Concepts

The Mental Body is thoughts, beliefs, values, and the hiding place for the subconscious mind. It is where you formulate all your judgment, intolerance, and deceit. More than anything else, the mental body creates comparisons.

Familiar and unfamiliar along with safe and unsafe account for most of your decision making. Like and dislike, should and shouldn’t, and won’t and must account for the rest.

All the things you consider food have energy potential, calories or kilojoules, a balance of carbohydrates, fat, and protein, and a mix of vitamins, minerals, and other nutrients.  The nature of the food and what you eat has very little to do with maximizing energy or potential. It has everything to do with how you mentally judge your options (and your emotional attachments to specific foods or food groups). What percentage of the food you eat is familiar, something that you have eaten in the last few weeks? I bet it is most of it. Yet, go into the grocery store, pick any aisle or department and start assessing all of the things you have never tried or that aren’t part of your typical meals.

There are physical, emotional, or environmental components to your diet, but you eat what your mind says to eat. It compares and contrasts your proximal options and makes a choice for you. There will be conscious and subconscious aspects to your decisions and the mind will listen to your other bodies but in the end, the decision will be mental, and the decisions will be primarily familiar.

The mental body is the fastest and most changeable. It is the quickest to act toward rationality or react to irrationality. It is also the most disembodied of the bodies.

The mental body holds energy in constructs, beliefs, and judgments that live apart from your core energy. The saying “You are out of your mind” should probably be “Your mind is out of your body.”

If your imbalance is distinctly mental, you will draw too much energy from your reserves and other bodies to your thoughts. Thoughts will become your center point and pull your other bodies out of balance to support your mind. Most of your energy will be spent in verifying or vilifying your comparisons to what is familiar or unfamiliar, safe or unsafe, and satisfying or unsatisfying for your current fears, demands, and intolerances.

Decreased mental energy happens when you are stopping or limiting energy from vitalizing your mental body by being invested in remaining confused, scattered, or stagnant. Low mental energy will also cause or be caused by an imbalance in one of the other bodies.

Layer Nineteen, Week One – Wednesday


Wednesday’s Focus

What is the nature of your beliefs about your emotional body? What truths do you hold about your emotional capacity, health, and future? Is your baseline emotional energy high or low? What is the nature of the relationship between your emotional body and your other bodies? Is your emotional body responsive or reactive?

Wednesday’s Concepts

The Emotional Body holds the sensory constructs that the mind creates. You feel a set of sensations, your mind gives it a label, and then you create an emotional construct with those parameters. You group the sensations into a thing like angry, sad, happy, disgusted, or confused.

Fear is emotional. It will connect to the other bodies but without emotion, fear will not have any energy. You create a fear scenario and your emotional body holds on to it. It gives or releases energy as that scenario is mentally projected or physically triggered. Your emotional body is the structure that holds undigested past events, images about the world, beliefs about good and bad, and the energy of your constructed and unconstructed fears.

The emotional body is the primary storehouse for habitually held fears, undigested past events, and future fear stories. It is the control panel for your personality and the guard at the gate that determines your levels of intimacy, connection, and collaboration.

Who you are and how you show up is determined by what you fear and how you limit yourself because of that fear. A small part of your personality is determined by what you are passionate about or emotionally attracted to.

Your Emotional Body is the principal way you gain, maintain, or stop momentum.

Overly emotional people rarely have the ability to sustain momentum. Their emotional imbalance roots them to their fear of some projected future moment or some valued past event. Those fear constructs exist outside their core energy.

Emotional fear debilitates because the energy it pulls can’t be used for rejuvenation of the other bodies. The energy fear unleashes is used to reinforce and recharge the container that holds the fears and beliefs.  

Unemotional people, people who lack affect, empathy, and intimacy, have little energy flowing to their emotional body. Sometimes, it is a stopping of the current energy, but it is more often a lack of development. They stopped the emotional flow at some point in their past and their emotional body was never given the chance to grow and mature.

Layer Nineteen, Week One – Thursday


Thursday’s Focus

What is the nature of your beliefs about your energy levels? What truths do you hold about your capacity, health, and availability of your energy? Is your baseline energy high or low? Do you regularly feel anxious, stressed, or overwhelmed? How often are you exhausted?

Thursday’s Concepts

Your Energy Body facilitates. It is the workforce and the building blocks for the other bodies. It takes direction from the mental, physical, and emotional bodies. Without energy, none of the other bodies would exist. Nor could they do what they do without energy. Your energy body does what is asked by the other bodies or in reaction or response to internal or environmental stimuli.

At its heart is a powerplant with the ability to generate what might be an infinite amount of energy. The chakras and auras are the mechanical aspects of the energy body. They are the equipment it uses to move energy to where it is required – to pull, hold, push, and balance.

If the mental and emotional bodies are artists, the energy body is the paint, brush, and canvas.

The energy in your energy body is variable. When healthy and balanced, it will manifest and metabolize sufficient energy to each of your other bodies to meet the current demands. When unbalanced, the energy sent to each body will be imprecise. It will overwhelm or underwhelm. It might collect, condense, or dissipate. Balanced energy flows effortlessly and fluidly without resistance or impedance.


Your Environmental Body is your interface from your other bodies to the bodies other than yours. It connects, collaborates, and defends. It is the referee, negotiator, and mediator for energies that influence or are influenced by your energy. It connects your mental and emotional constructs to the mental and emotional constructs around you. It maintains the resonance or dissonance. It is the concierge of relationships.

Kelly and I were fun-housing with my early-rising grandson this morning while his mom got a couple of hours of additional and well-deserved rest. As he stood at the living room table, I thought he was standing on something and then I realized he wasn’t. He was taller than I remembered. It took my other bodies a minute to adjust to the physical reality. His physical body interfaced with my physical body through my sight, I enlisted my mental body to compare his past self with his current self, and then I allowed my emotional body to be lovingly astounded.

If you have a strong dislike for brussel sprouts, your environmental body alerts you to their presence and signals your other bodies to head for Antwerp or Ghent instead.

Layer Nineteen, Week One – Friday


Friday’s Focus

What is the nature of your beliefs about your environmental body? What truths do you hold about the capacity, health, and future of your relationships? Are you generally responsive or reactive with others or when changing environments? Do you transition toward or away from intimacy as things change?

Friday’s Concepts

Drumroll please – the first new body you will get to know is the Gravity Body. Your gravity body does a couple of beneficial things and a few non-beneficial things. It can get unbalanced like the other bodies.

Your gravity body has two aspects (for lack of a better word). The first aspect transmits the sensation of weight and mass. Its aura helps you feel energies and their relative resonance or dissonance to your Hara. The weight and mass aren’t based on the gravitational pull of the Earth or actual physical characteristics. The weight and mass of your gravity body are based upon Hara and Essence. When your Hara is engaged, it acts as a force-field pulling potential toward you and you toward potentials that resonate, compliment, and compound. Your Hara has a deep knowing of the paths to take and the directions to follow. Your gravity body helps you to hold and sense those energy potentials, the possibilities that will collaborate with your intentions.

The value you give to the things that really matter is multiplied by your Essence. Your Hara holds it, and your Essence multiplies and radiates the energy back out into the world. The result is passion, fulfillment, and the feeling of aligning fluidly with some deeper purpose. That sensation of deeper purpose is felt in your gravity body.

When healthy, your gravity body creates a balance and reference point for your other bodies like a plumb bob. All the bodies and their components are maximized when you are moving in-line with your Hara and Essence. You are stronger, faster, and have more focus, endurance, stability, and flexibility. You channel your actions, movements, thoughts, and emotions toward your intentions, the things that have purpose and long-term value.

The Gravity Body transmits the sensations of value and purpose.

Everything you choose to value, consciously or unconsciously, becomes part of your personality. What you give credence, energy, attention, and emotion to is a choice based on the amount of gravity you give it. Value, importance, purpose, and the associated gravity are a choice. That choice is housed in your gravity body. Your gravity body is your internal accountant for the energies held in your other bodies. It sets the degree of importance.

The second aspect is the gravity of choice. It is based upon the value you give, consciously and subconsciously, to thoughts, emotions, sensations, and energies that don’t arise from your Hara. These are the energies of fear that you give weight and mass. They are your images, beliefs, projections, judgments, and intolerances. They have the gravity you give them.

If they didn’t, they would dissipate. You hold on to them to give you as a reference. They become tipping-point between good/bad, should/shouldn’t, can/can’t, etc. All your fears exist in all your bodies. The second aspect of the gravity body is really just your subconscious mind co-opting the concept of gravity to help keep it driving the bus.

If you have an extreme fear of flying, it will be felt in all your bodies. You will get mentally frenetic, emotionally reactive, physically frantic, and chaos will reign in your energy body. It will also have value; it will feel important. It will feel like it has a purpose (to keep you safe). That feeling of significance is felt in your gravity body.

But, the fear of flying isn’t a direct threat. Its importance is based upon the highly unlikely possibility that the plane will crash, and injury or death will occur. It is a projection that is given weight by the subconscious mind and held in the gravity body.

Layer Nineteen, Week One – Saturday


Saturday’s Focus

Spend the day feeling the weight of your fears. Feel for the unsettling nature of your fears and the feeling of settling as your fears subside.

Saturday’s Concepts

Hairstyles, or lack of one in my case, are something most people value. There is a feeling of weight associated with the value placed on a hairstyle. Feel for it, what is yours?

I shave my head with electric clippers once every couple of weeks. After I do, I feel more settled. As what little hair I have left grows back, I feel gradually more unsettled. There is no actual importance to how long my hair is. It doesn’t serve a purpose or impose any physical impedance.

The value is something I assign. Even though it doesn’t have any actual value, purpose, or deep meaning, I feel different based on the length of my scalp stubble. Since I choose to give it gravity, it influences me. I associate a freshly shorn head with self-confidence, leadership, and authenticity – I feel more enchanting, better looking, and more playful.

Since I value it as such, I create gravity and make no mistake, a large part of the value I give to my hairstyle (hairless style?) is based on my fears. I value not being fearful about my appearance.

Beneficial gravities settle and non-beneficial gravities are unsettling. Fear is universally unsettling. Its energy always moves you away from your Hara and Essence. Fear arises out of your gravity body as your subconscious mind pulls energy to feed and fuel its projections.

Your subconscious mind co-opts your gravity body by placing value on the reduction of fear.

The energy in your other bodies will all have some degree of gravity based on how you are valuing those energies. With practice, you will be able to feel the value and purpose in every situation, action, and relationship.

As the name suggests, some things will have more gravity than others. That gravity will feel different. The gravity from your Hara will feel different from the gravity of your thoughts, beliefs, emotions, and fears.

The energy of beneficial gravities will be more settled and feel like they are descending, being pulled into a feeling of grounded centeredness. Non-beneficial gravities will feel unsettling and like they are pulling your energies up toward or above your head. They will feel destabilizing. They might also feel like they are pulling you in one or more non-vertical tangents, away from your intentions.

Kindness might be something you value generally. It might be very important to you to be kind. You may value kindness as a fundamental part of your being. When you are unkind or less than optimally kind, it is because you are applying a different hierarchical value in that situation. You are allowing fear to have more value/gravity than kindness. The underlying feeling of kindness and being unkind feels different. Get to know that underlying feeling. That is your gravity body.

Kindness is very, very important to me. I believe myself to be kind. But I am never perfectly kind. Sometimes, I am unkind. When I am very unkind, I know that some held fear has more gravity than the value I am placing on kindness. The fear is trying to pull me as far as possible away from the connection and collaboration that kindness brings. My unkindness is subjective and situational. It creates distance from the beneficial gravities of my Hara.

Relationships have the value and gravity you give them. You have read a lot about this in the preceding layers. When you give them more value than they actually have, you get unbalanced. Your gravity body is the same way. When the totality of what you are valuing is in-line with your Hara and Essence, your gravity body will be balanced. To the degree you allow fear to have gravity/value, your gravity body will be unbalanced.

Have you stayed in a job, relationship, check-out line, or movie longer than is healthy? If so, you were giving too much energy and value to non-beneficial gravities. Your fear of change kept you from aligning with new potentials.

Next week, you will be introduced to your Ethereal Body and your first primary chakra and the prevalent energies it administers.

Gravity Body Awareness

Step 1 – Find some time in a place that is quiet and with a low level of distraction.

Step 2 – Sit and adjust your posture so that your ears are over your shoulder and your shoulders over your hips. Find an erect and stable posture.

Step 3 – Take a couple of deep breaths and allow yourself to settle and soften.

Step 4 – Bring your awareness to your low belly. Feel for the gravity of the moment. Feel for the weight or the value of your current circumstances.

Step 5 – Bring something to mind that feels solid, unchanging, a given in your life. Something that doesn’t have much of a fear component. Allow the value you place on that to infuse your system. Feel the gravity it holds. What are the sensations that accompany it?

Step 6 – The feeling of your gravity body won’t be mental or emotional. It will have a different quality.

Why it Matters – You are feeling for the value you place on something solid in your life. When you can feel that, you can feel for the qualities you assign to other things. Understanding the amount of energy you are giving to things that you don’t value will help you make better choices and be more responsive.  

Everyday Usability – When you can associate the feelings of value as easily as you do to your thoughts and emotions, you will begin to see what values are in-line with your foundational intentions and which are fear-based (distractions).   

Progression – You will begin to feel for the gravity difference between Hara inspired gravity and fear inspired gravity.

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