Layer Eighteen, Week Four- Sunday


Sunday’s Focus

Spend an inordinate amount of time taking a bite of fruit. Feel for the relationships you create. Feel for the sequencing and collaboration within and outside your body. Feel for the complexity inherent in every action, movement, and relationship.

Sunday’s Concepts

Energy moves into and out of your system. To do something, for change to occur, a relationship is created between what is and what will be, between the present and the future state of being. The relationship will have multiple flows of energy. Energy will come in, energy will expend and combine, and the energies that are changing will collaborate with the energies around them. Energy will move from general to specific and back. It will transition from proximal to distal and vice versa. It will build and fade, combine and fracture, focus and dissociate, and compress and diffuse. Each of these transitions will have a relationship with the future version and the past, and with every other energy present and their histories and futures.

If I am going to eat a banana, the change from not eating to eating requires a relationship. There must be a banana and its energies must yield to my intention of consumption. If the peel resists, it will impede my ability to consume. If my shoulders, arms, hands, and fingers don’t work together to bring the banana to my mouth it might impale my forehead and end up making me look unicornish.

Every task is infinitely complex. I use a third of the skeletal muscles in my body when I eat a banana, either in direct movement or in a stabilizing action. Each of those muscles will have hundreds of thousands of cells. In total, the human body has over 30 trillion cells. To eat a banana, trillions of those are going to cooperate, to come into a cooperative relationship with a unifying intention. My bodies will also cooperate. My physical, mental, environmental, and emotional bodies must align to the same trajectory.

You are aligning your chakras and auras for each of your bodies and the energies that you wish to collaborate with. You are creating specificity and influence. If you consider eating a general function, eating a banana is more specific. The process gets increasingly specific as you take a measured bite, chew, swallow, and begin to digest.

Emotions are the labels you give to sets of sensations.

Sensations are your perception of energy moving through tissue and atmosphere.

Thoughts are the creation and movement of energy constructs as they merge, separate, generalize, or gain specificity.

Emotions, sensations, and thoughts are your perceptions of energy metabolizing and changing levels of specificity. They are energy moving through chakras. Thoughts may seemingly arise with specificity but what probably happens is that the ability to sense the transition from general to specific is out of the realm of current conscious awareness. It happens in a millisecond and feels instantaneous. The key is to be able to sense the beginning, middle, and end of each millisecond to become aware of the transition. This is something that I am currently exploring. When I successfully plumb the depths, I will pipe up.

Layer Eighteen, Week Four – Monday



Monday’s Focus

Feel for a change in the level of specificity in energy movement. Feel for the confluence as energies merge and combine into thought, action, and emotion.

Monday’s Concepts

Chakras restrict energy movement by creating specificity, by focusing the energy in a less general way. Picture rainwater falling into a funnel. The water collects and funnels toward the spout. The funneled water changes from a stochastic mélange to a confluence that has a more direct influence. Rain influences in a general way. The same amount of water moving together in a much smaller area will have a more focused or specific impact.

You have learned about energy configurations. As a reminder, they are fluid, accumulating, centering, percolating, expansive, scattered, explosive, stagnant, isotonic, isometric, fluctuating, bleeding, compressive, and transitional.

As energy moves, it brings with it potential, its aura. Each of the energy configurations describe the movement styles of energy. Knowing the energy configuration will help you identify the size, strength, and quantity of energy held or moving through the chakras.

Energy configurations highlight the underlying nature of the energy transfer patterns of chakras and auras.

Being able to sense the energy configurations will tell you what chakras must be present, what the energy is doing and where it is going. Understanding energy configurations will help you comprehend the influences of the associated auras. The energy configurations will give you the answer to why the energy is moving the way it is. They will provide a template or road map you will be able to follow to understand how fear, passion, curiosity, and creativity are born, live, and die.

Let’s examine some energy configurations in relation to chakras and auras. What happens with your chakras and auras when your energy configuration is scattered?

Scattered is energy moving in multiple directions with different trajectories, intentions, or purposes. When distracted, your energy lacks focus and disperses between multiple points of interest. You create chakras to corral energy in a direction or toward a purpose. If your energy is scattered, you are creating multiple chakras for multiple purposes.

Let’s say you are trying to fold the laundry while thinking about your master’s thesis, itching the poison oak on your wrist, and feeling sad about the end of the sailing season. At the same time, you are avoiding thinking about your pending root canal, feeling anger at your cheating spouse, and ignoring the rumbles of your stomach.

Scattered energy takes a portion of your total capacity and distributes it between multiple outputs. You limit your energy input because you are focused on multiple sources of output in the form of projections. Most distracted energy constructs and their chakras offer little net input. Thinking and worrying are primarily draining.

Each of the scattered chakras will have little influence, a small aura. Each of these smaller chakras will have a limited ability to generate and maintain momentum. Being scattered and distracted are fatiguing because their chakras require a constant effort to maintain and it is challenging to rejuvenate when your energy inputs are marginal or valueless (fictional projections).

Layer Eighteen, Week Four – Tuesday



Tuesday’s Focus

Practice disconnecting your labels from the underlying sensations and energies. Feel for energy movement without subjectification – without giving it a name, designation, or set of qualities.

Tuesday’s Concepts

Energy Configurations: Fluid, accumulating, centering, percolating, expansive, scattered, explosive, stagnant, isotonic, isometric, fluctuating, bleeding, compressive, and transitional.

Components: Focus, stability, strength, speed, endurance, flexibility, rejuvenation, and stability.

Let’s compare scattered to fluid. Fluid energies will have very few temporary chakras and an aura that seems uniform and contiguous. Since the relevant energies are aligned, there is not a chakra for multiple scenarios or sequences. If you are going to run with near-perfect form, you won’t spend much energy compensating for imperfections. Your energy will remain aligned with the most efficient and healthy transfer of energy from your intention to your action. If you are loving washing dishes, laundry won’t distract you.

Fluidity has very little distractive influence. Distraction fragments energy. Balance and efficiency funnel energy in and out of the primary chakras. When fluidly running, you absorb the energy of the impact of your feet hitting the ground and elastically redirect it to forward momentum.

When you are fluid, each major chakra is absorbing energy at the same rate and each will have similarly sized auras. You will be balanced – top to bottom and front to back. As your major chakras are balanced, your bodies are balanced, and your components balance – your influence harmonizes.

Some people see auras in color, I am not one of them. I sense them in what might be most easily described as degrees of clarity or opacity. Clear auras feel healthy and the more opaque they are, the less healthy. There also feels like they have a texture – the more heavy, sludgy, gritty, or dense they feel, the less healthy. Healthy auras have a density to them that is denser than the air around them but somehow inviting. Unhealthy auras feel dissonant, disconcerting, or off-putting to me, like an unpleasant smell. I sense auras by allowing all my senses, conscious and non-conscious to coalesce into a sense of knowing. If I am talking as I do energy work, what I am feeling comes out as words without my giving any thought to what I am saying.

How you feel auras might be different. It will be something you develop. My suggestion is to approach it with a sense of wonder – feel for things you have never felt before. And as with most esoteric or subtle awareness, it won’t be a thinking process.

Layer Eighteen, Week Four – Wednesday


Wednesday’s Focus

Pick a moment when you are distracted and identify your points of interest or intention. Feel for how your energy is scattered and the balance between outgoing and incoming energies.

Wednesday’s Concepts

The other configurations will all have their own chakra and aura biases. Accumulating energy configurations will create chakras that are one directional. They will primarily allow energy in and limit interaction. The auras will not be spherical, they will be unbalanced and reaching toward or pulling any fuel sources within energetic reach. Explosive configurations are also one directional but with the energy going out. They also limit interaction, collaboration, and connection.

Here is an example using someone emotionally embroiled in a story. Jaime was fired today. He doesn’t believe he deserved to be sacked for refusing to help a cashier pack groceries into bags. Jaime is angry, blaming his boss, and feeling singled out. The firing triggered Jaimie’s story that he is always misunderstood and constantly treated unfairly. Once triggered, he started looking for confirmation of what he is feeling and maybe more importantly, seeking confirmation of his habitual projections.

He rejects everything that doesn’t fit his story and begins to hoard the energies that do. He calls up old memories and feeds off the emotion they still hold. He calls friends that he knows will agree with him and feeds off their collusion. He chooses to see the world and its potentials with a limited belief system. Those limits shut out all options that don’t align with his drama. At some point, usually after another trigger, Jaime will vent all that accumulated energy by changing his energy configuration to explosive.

Jaime has no desire to balance. His desire is to be more unbalanced. Jaime creates drama by creating chakras and auras that are selective in the energy they absorb and influence. Jaime also creates chakras that are defensive and offensive. He looks for ways to keep others from connecting and for ways to create distance from everyone who might be a threat to the continuation of his story. His actions and reactions are geared toward hording the accumulation of mental and emotional energy. His physical and energy bodies will also begin to accumulate energy as tension.

His chakras will pull energy in and hold onto that energy. Jaime will feel vibrant. His system will wrestle to hold on to something whose nature is movement – like a feral cat in a bag – a lot of movement without progress. Energy wants to flow. When held, the energy and the holding energy push and pull against each other. Each chakra moves energy toward the central power channel as a default – until that natural tendency is overridden by fear, habit, intolerance, or bias. Resistance is the energetic bullying of energy.

Resistance is the limiting of flow and fluidity of energy through the chakras to and from the Central Power Channel. All accumulating energy configurations will have resistance. The resistance will be to change, to the simultaneous energy of giving and receiving. Explosive energy is when the feral cat gets out of the bag.

Stagnating energy is what happens when isometric and isotonic energy configurations wear themselves out – when all the air is out of the balloon. Stagnation is depleted resistance.

Layer Eighteen, Week Four – Thursday


Thursday’s Focus

Find your inner Jaime. See if you can feel into something similar that you have experienced or experienced from others. Feel how there are different energies, chakras, and auras that create, limit, and dissolve a wide array of relationships?

Thursday’s Concepts

The chakras that enliven Jaime’s story do so by pulling energy into his mental and emotional construct (being misunderstood and treated unfairly). It will feel real, tangible, and important – but it won’t be. It will be energy in suspension, not allowed to be a part of his inner being. It will exist as a disconnected entity that he is trying to remain attached to.  

We will talk about this later in more depth but see if you can feel into how the story is a thing, it is not Jaime. Feel how the energy flows to the story Jaime created and not Jaime. It is not rejuvenating, it is fatiguing, depressing, and destabilizing because the energy accumulation leads to Jaime getting increasingly unbalanced. It reduces his influence and his presence. He limits himself to a presence as the guy that is upset because he was fired. The other aspects of his being almost cease to exist while he is enthralled with the drama of his story. He creates a discontinuity to all the other things that are important to him. His other constructs, relationships, and every other aspect of his personality fade – as do the associated chakras and auras.

If Jaime is a fantastic accordion player, that part of his being gets squeezed out by the drama. The energy and influence that his music brings to the world stop as do every other part of his being that is not part of or connected to the drama.

For Jaime, this feels real. It feels important. He feels the energy flowing and emotions erupting. It takes over his mental and emotional hierarchy. It becomes the most important thing in his life. It becomes life and death. It isn’t. It is his subconscious mind desperately trying to maintain its beliefs about being misunderstood and treated unfairly. If his subconscious mind lets go of that story, Jaime would have to change. He would have to adapt to a world where his results are a consequence of his actions. 

Energetically, he accumulates energy into his construct and it never reaches his central power channel. When he vents or explodes, the energy is coming from that construct – not his central power channel. People doing things out of principle are fueled by the energy of their fear, judgment, and intolerance – like Jaime.

Drama is the feeling of energized resistance. Resistance is fear, whose energy is formed outside of your core being and disconnected from your central power channel.

Layer Eighteen, Week Four – Friday


Friday’s Focus

Pick an energy configuration that you habitually fall into and explore the energy movements and influences. Feel for asymmetry. Feel for the fears, intolerances, and other limits that are present.

Friday’s Concepts

Let’s take a quick trip through the other energy configurations and explore how their chakras and auras present.

Centering does what its name suggests, it consolidates your energy toward your center – toward your Central Power Channel. This is healthy and balancing because it removes superfluous chakras and influences (auras) from your energy field and focuses your energy on your major chakras. This increases efficiency and reduces distraction, fragmentation, and resistance. As you center, the chakras and the auras of your distractions disappear. Things seem and feel clearer because your energy is consolidating and unifying. As you center, your fear and its resistance will wane.

Percolating creates a bubbling up of low-intensity chakras. Each will have little influence, a small aura, and will rarely persist. Sometimes, the low-intensity chakras will combine – when they resonate – into something with more influence. This is how percolating transitions to expansive. Percolating energies can be pressure releasing, either as distractions or unconscious movements like twitching, hair twirling, jaw clenching, etc. Random thoughts or disconnected emotions are percolating energies that manifest as short-lived chakras with insignificant auras.

The Expansive energy configuration happens when you allow your existing chakras – major, minor, or specific – to increase in size and influence. An idea might percolate up, resonate with some other ambient energy already in your field, and then get your attention. As you give it attention (energy), the chakra increases in size and its aura grows. As that chakra grows, it starts getting the attention of your major chakras – which also start to get bigger. Expansion happens when your chakras share a common intention. That expansion is rarely, if ever, perfectly spherical. Energies will always have some major or minor resistance, some fear or distraction, debris, or habit that pulls or pushes it out of round.

Expansion isn’t always healthy. Healthy is relative. The healthier expansion is, the more symmetrical and spherical the aura. To the degree that expansion is not healthy, it is deformed by fear, resistance, judgment, etc. That deformation creates the Isotonic energy configuration. Most of the energy is going and coming from your intention but there are some chakras/auras that are holding you back or trying to pull you in another direction. Isotonic is intention with resistance.

A simple example is our biological fear of death. It shapes everything we do to some degree. I can seem to be perfectly content, playful, loving, and engaged … but my fear of death is also there. It might not be conscious, but I have energy held in reserve for when I feel threatened. My content, playful, loving, and engaged aura is misshapen by the pull of my fear of death. That fear will limit my expansion. To the degree that I engage with it, it will anchor me to it. Fear is resistance to some type of death – death of an existing idea, situation, relationship, projection, habit, or configuration.

Your intention may be unhealthy. If it is, it is probably Isometric or Isotonic. When you are stressed out, feeling overwhelmed, and contemplating KondoMari’ing your entire life, that idea resonates with other existing energies – fears, intentions, social pressures, etc. Those collude, combine, and generate a trajectory by focusing their attention in a similar direction/focus. If the energy builds without moving, it is isometric. If it moves with resistance, it is isotonic. Resistance is what limits the movement of the energy that is building.

Stagnant energy configurations have chakras that prohibitively limit energy moving in or out. As you can imagine, their auras are very small with little influence because very little energy is moving. Compressive energy configurations happen with accumulating energies where influence is purposefully limited. Lots of energy with a small aura is compressed energy. Transitional energy configurations are the in-between states from one energy configuration to another and can hold varying degrees of each. There is an inherent lack of stability with transitional energy. The aura will not have a clear shape or texture. The energy flows will be disjointed.

Layer Eighteen, Week Four – Saturday


Saturday’s Focus

Find an uplifting event or moment of happiness, fulfillment, or excitement. Feel it as completely as possible. As you do, feel for your fear of death or some other energy that is limiting the other expression.

Saturday’s Concepts

Energy is going to expand, contract, compound, disperse, or stagnate. Chakras facilitate those energetic changes. Playing with the energy configurations will help you identify what the energies are doing inside and outside of your body. As you become aware of the configurations, you will be in a position to change them by altering the nature of your chakras.

Let’s take an example. You are trying to solve a math equation: the internal area of an egg minus the surface area of the shell. That is a very mental body specific movement. Your mind focuses on the formula, the variables, and begins to unscramble possible solutions. As your mind focuses, your other bodies are not actively engaged. The other bodies don’t assert their ability to ingest and assimilate the energies around them. Sedentarianism leads to lethargy, lethargy leads to stagnation, and stagnation leads to toxicity. If you spend 20 minutes trying to get a yoke on the answer to the egg question, that 20 minutes will be depleting. Keep at it for hours and you will probably be exhausted. 

Since it is hard to focus your energy on just the math problem, you must exert more force to get a sufficient amount of energy/influence. Focusing on math isn’t a natural human function. There is no biological imperative for math. When you gather wild berries, you engage your body, mind, and emotions as you interface with the environment. That full-body engagement expands your chakras to allow energy to flow into your systems. Playfully picking persimmons for four faithful friends is revitalizing. Spending hours on your taxes is … taxing. Ever wonder why you get so fatigued by thinking, now you know.

To move with the most efficiency, you will move from all your major chakras. The energy from your major charkas is the least diluted and the most balanced. When you approach the math problem with all your bodies and major chakras, you create a balanced relationship. You connect to the math problem with your emotions, energy, and physical body. You connect to the math itself as an entity, you create a relationship with it (environmental body). As you do, the math becomes a source of wonder and curiosity, an opportunity to expand your capacity, knowledge, and intelligence. Full-body engagement will be invigorating.

The same will apply to everything you do, all your relationships, and every task you undertake.

Next, you will get to know the chakras, what their primary influences are and how to maximize the energy they metabolize as fluidly as possible.

Chakras, Auras, and Sensation

Step 1 – Find some time in a place that is quiet and with a low level of distraction.

Step 2 – Sit and adjust your posture so that your ears are over your shoulders and your shoulders over your hips. Find an erect and stable posture.

Step 3 – Take a couple of deep breaths and allow yourself to settle and soften.

Step 4 – Take a few minutes and feel the energy traverse your Central Power Channel. (CPCA – L18W1)

Step 5 – Focus your awareness on your Manipura Chakra. (L18W2)

Step 6 – Feel the Manipura Chakra, its aura, and the energy entering and being metabolized into the Central Power Channel.

Step 7 – As you can feel Step 6, do the same steps for the other major chakras.

Why it Matters – This exercise is a great experience of cause and effect. It will give you a felt sense of how energy influences and invigorates you. It will connect the dots from energy to vitality. This practice will demonstrate the nature of Life Force, Prana, Shakti, or Mojo.

Everyday Usability –Detecting auras will help you communicate empathetically. Selectively being able to vitalize your chakras will help you balance yourself and knowing the feeling will help you verify that what you are doing is working.   

Progression – Next week, you will take your ability to feel and use it to explore a new body.

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