Layer Eighteen, Week Two – Sunday


Sunday’s Focus

Do this week’s kriya at different points through the day and allow yourself to feel. You might or might not feel anything. Even if you only do it for three breaths, do it. Do it often.

Sunday’s Concepts

Last week, you got a quick introduction to chakras and auras. Let’s look at each of them a little more closely and see if we can put them in perspective.

The main purpose of a chakra is to metabolize energy into your body. Auras are the field of influence of the energy generated by a chakra or a body.

Chakras are either a biological imperative or the result of thoughts, emotions, intentions, actions, or reactions. As with your nervous system, they can be sympathetic or parasympathetic. Chakra energy can be conscious or subconscious, voluntary or involuntary, or beneficial or non-beneficial. When you have a thought, you are organizing energy into a construct. That construct has an associated chakra and will have a field of influence, aura.

If something has energy, it has a chakra. The chakra is the organizing force of the energy. Auras are the influencing force of the energy held or moving through the chakras. If you had a bucket of water and used it to water your garden, the chakra would be the bucket, the energy would be the water, and the aura would be the area you could hydrate with the amount of water in that bucket.

The water will always have the potential to influence its environment. How you hold water can be a choice. The influence the water has can be a choice. The water can slop over the side of the bucket and have unintentional influence. You might start holding water in things that shouldn’t hold water, like your phone or the basement carpet. You might have trouble holding water. Pouring water over the top of a rubber ball will be a very inefficient way to hold water.

Energy will be the same. A healthy chakra is more like a garden hose and less like a bucket. It contains and directs energy from one place to another. The aura is what is being watered by the hose or what might be watered.

As chakras increase the amount of energy they are holding or helping to transit, they get bigger. A healthy pancreas will have a much bigger chakra than a diseased pancreas. A stagnant relationship’s chakra will be much smaller than one that is healthy or seriously dysfunctional. Chakra size matches the energy being held or being funneled. Unhealthy relationships burn a lot of energy. That energy is transported by the relationship’s chakra.

Layer Eighteen, Week Two – Monday



Monday’s Focus

Try doing the chakra awareness during different activities or in various positions. Do it standing in line at the supermarket, while watching Netflix, listening to your neighbor gossip about another neighbor, doing dishes, while jogging, or surfing social media. Try it while reclining on your favorite Barcalounger or in a hammock.

Monday’s Concepts

Let’s say you are motoring along the interstate in Pennsylvania and realize you are famished. You have the thought that a delicious homemade pie would allow you to go from famished to Amish’ed. As you start to look for pie possibilities, you focus your attention on every roadside stand until you finally find yourself an apple lattice-top pastry and a loaf of multi-grain bread for later.

In the beginning, there was a spark of hunger. As hunger was born, so too was an associated chakra and aura. Without a chakra, the hunger wouldn’t have a container. Without an aura, it wouldn’t have any influence.

Multiple factors determine where the chakra is formed. Sometimes, as you might expect, it is formed in or around the stomach. Other times, it might form in a place of resonance. If you have an overwhelming fear of starving to death, it might form near the place where you hold that fear like the low belly. Other times, if you have a tendency to analyze your hunger, it might form in or around your head.

Your hunger grows as the chakra absorbs energy. The aura reflects the increased energy and gains influence until it is able to influence your mental body to create a thought. That thought takes shape and gains specificity. You go from hungry to yearning for the sweet goodness of an Amish pie. The chakra gets bigger and the aura of the specific thought grows and influences and enlists your physical body to begin looking for roadside stands. The Want Amish Pie chakra and the Want Amish Pie aura gain energy until the intention is fulfilled or is replaced with another chakra like There is never going to be a roadside stand open, I give up chakra.  

The aura of every roadside stand would resonate with your intention with increasing specificity. In the distance, every stand would get a small measure of your attention. That interest would grow as you approached and made out details. If it appeared to have food, your interest would grow, and the stand’s influence (aura) would grow. As you slowed and were able to read signs or see details, your aura and the aura of the farm stand would connect and dialog looking for resonance. You would look to confirm the existence or non-existence of baked goods.

As you pull into the parking area of the farm stand and verify the fruition of fruity, flaky, phyllo filled with fantastic Fijis, your hunger’s aura and the aura of the pastries merge into a celebratory oneness. The find pie now chakra would then dissipate. The energy of hunger also dissipates even before you eat the pie. (Try this for yourself. Allow yourself to get hungry and then sit down in front of a big plate of food. Check on your hunger. You will find that it has magically all but disappeared. Once your system is confident you will eat, it stops sending hunger signals.)

Layer Eighteen, Week Two – Tuesday



Tuesday’s Focus

Be aware of your Manipura Chakra as you touch the chakra point for each of the other chakras – perineum, low belly, heart, throat, between brows, and top of the head. Do several breaths in each chakra location. See is you can feel a difference.

Tuesday’s Concepts

After finding pie, the intention changes. You are no longer looking for pie. You transition to evaluating whether that specific pie meets your criteria. As you transition, your hunger chakra and hunger aura change too. Simply, they go from looking for pie to eat and appraise pie.

The configuration of your energy shifts and with it the configuration of your chakras and auras. Your intention changes and your chakras and auras follow. As the energy shifts, it needs a new container or it shifts to an existing container.

The same thing happens when you go from looking for a partner to finding a possible candidate. You change your intention. Your looking-for-partner energy configurations transition to the is-this-the-one? energy configuration.

Those configured feelings of looking and finding are your aura. Your aura influences you and the world around you. There is a shift in the way you feel, think, and act. Those changes alter the amount of energy you are giving to every aspect of your being. Your aura influences how you are perceived and how you perceive the world around you. If you think you’ve found Mr./Ms. Right, every other person will have less resonance with the looking for Right construct.

As the energy requirements change, your chakras change.

If you are doing a bunch of push-ups, you shunt more blood to your arms. When you start doing squats, you shunt more blood to your legs. Blood supplies energy. As your intentions, actions, or reactions change, you shift your energy to increase efficiency, capacity, and capability.

When you transition from calm, centered, and focused to angry, distracted, and frenetic, you are altering your state of being and where you are directing your energy. That change happens in your chakras and is mirrored by your auras. The influence your state of being has on you and your environment is determined by your auras. You determine the influence by setting intentions.

Layer Eighteen, Week Two – Wednesday


Wednesday’s Focus

Put two index fingers near each of your major organs for several breaths while doing the chakra awareness. Heart, lungs, liver, stomach, small intestine, large intestine, lungs, brain, eyes, ears, throat, mouth, skin, and sexual organ.

Wednesday’s Concepts

Your chakras and auras configure your state of being. Where and how much energy you are metabolizing determines the strength and breadth of your auras which determines the amount of influence you will have. This all starts with an intention whether conscious or unconscious. Hara and Essence generate the beneficial configurations and your subconscious mind determines the rest.

So, if you want to alter, direct, or influence your state of being, you can control the energy coming into and out of your chakras which will determine the level of influence in the associated chakras. Health, growth, happiness, fulfillment, and contentment are states of being where the energy coming into your major chakras is balanced and enlivened. Non-beneficial states of being will have energy imbalances between the major chakras.

As an example, you set an intention to go to the gym after work but you get more and more resistant to the idea as the day goes on. You convince yourself that you are tired, stressed, hungry, too busy, don’t have the right clothes, getting sick, or you are afraid of getting cooties from the sweaty Neanderthals. By the time five o’clock rolls around, your resistance overwhelms your intention to improve your health. You created and empowered a don’t want to go to the gym chakra.

Resistance is a configuration that has a general chakra and an aura and a chakra and aura for each of your bodies. And you can probably feel this. There is mental resistance, you think about not wanting to go to the gym. There is emotional resistance as you feel your opposition and physical conflict as your body wills you, through tension or fatigue, to decline the opportunity. Your environmental body creates resistance by enlivening the thoughts and emotions that relate to getting to the gym, working out, and interfacing with the staff, members, and equipment.

Layer Eighteen, Week Two – Thursday


Thursday’s Focus

Be aware of your Manipura Chakra during interactions with others. Track your mental and emotional configurations during the interaction and see if you can feel a corresponding shift in the energy in your solar plexus chakra.

Thursday’s Concepts

As the spark of resistance forms in your subconscious mind, a chakra forms to configure the idea into a construct. As soon as the chakra materializes, it begins to have influence, an aura.

At this point, three general things can happen. The first is the construct doesn’t resonate with any of the bodies or existing auras. Without resonance, no additional energy will flow into the chakra and the chakra will cease to exist. The thought, feeling, or sensation will pass.

The second is when there is enough resonance to maintain but not grow the chakra and aura. The construct will continue to exist nebulously. Nagging doubts, unformed negativity, and vague feelings of sadness, nausea, frustration, etc. are examples.

The third is when the construct resonates sufficiently to enlist the other bodies, chakras, components, or beliefs into supporting its growth. When an idea or feeling resonates it gets fed by other resonating resident resources.

If you have a belief that you are not enough, a similar construct that energizes that belief will resonate, like don’t want to go to the gym. That story instigates collusion. The I am not enough belief gives some of its energy to the don’t want to go to the gym chakra. If you have a body part that is injured, undercharged, or weak, it will resonate with your don’t want to go to the gym resistance. If you are feeling emotionally overwhelmed or mentally stressed, those bodies will collude with your resistance chakra as a vent to help keep them from getting overwhelmed and triggered. The more energy that is transferred, the stronger the resistance to your gym visit.

Next, time proximity will uplevel your resistance. As the day progresses, the influence your resistance aura has will grow as it feeds off the resonance from the other sources. You get gradually more resistant because the resistance aura is growing as it ingests energy. The closer it gets to gym time, the more resonance and collusion the associated auras will have. Your resistance ramps up because your aura gets influential as it expands. The associated fears have more resonance the closer they are. The held energy in fear unleashes as the thing that is feared gets closer.

Layer Eighteen, Week Two – Friday


Friday’s Focus

Do a Current180 and then do the Manipura Kriya for ten minutes. Feel for the difference in the energy in and around you before and after. Get specific. Where do you feel change and what does the change feel like?

Friday’s Concepts

For some people, this cycle is debilitating. It completely shuts them down. Anxieties that become panic attacks follow this cycle. Germ phobias that keep people house-bound, fears that breed incessant anger, on-going abusive relationships, and most habits, tendencies, and dysfunctions follow this pattern.

Going back to the gym resistance example, the chakra and aura associated with your workout resistance will resolve themselves most of the time when you either go to or don’t go to the gym.

If you don’t go to the gym, as soon as you internally confirm your choice or externally confirm your choice by not going in the direction of the gym, your system downcycles and the chakra and aura lose their power sources because they no longer resonate.

If you go to the gym, the configurations also downcycle either completely or partially. If it feels like you are resisting your workout as you work out, you are still giving the resistance configuration energy from other chakras. If that feeling of resistance abates, you have redirected and reconfigured your energies, the chakras, and the associated auras.

Habits form when you generate chakras and auras repeatedly. Your system gets good at it. It also creates a bias. If you resist going to the gym for a week, the resistance imbeds in your system and is harder to overcome. At some point, there is nothing to resist because your desire fades.

Resistance requires conflict. There must be opposition for resistance to continue to exist. When you no longer want to go to the gym, there is nothing to resist.

Layer Eighteen, Week Two – Saturday


Saturday’s Focus

Actively try to absorb energy directly into your solar plexus first in a meditative setting, then outside, and finally with others.

Saturday’s Concepts

Your field of influence has a recognizable feeling. Your aura is the manifestation of your physical, mental, emotional, and environmental bodies. You exude influence. Your bodies have an energetic field that influences you and the world around you. Auras are that projected energy.

An aura of smell can be attractive or repulsive. Smell can evoke thoughts, emotions, and physical reactions. Smell is an easy reference for the affects of your auras.

When you consider influence, think about who and how others influence you. Some are great thinkers that you admire. Their knowledge, intelligence, and creativity alter your perceptions of them and yourself. Some people are extremely emotive. The aura of their emotional body changes the way you feel internally and externally. Physically imposing people alter your physical response. All the above examples will also influence all your other bodies. Overtly emotional people might trigger a physiological response like adrenalin release, physical tension, or a fear response. You might cry when someone displaying signs of grief or you might want to distance yourself.

If, while hunting wild boar, you stumble upon a super smart Aphrodite visibly grieving over the loss of her beloved Adonis, it will evoke lots of changes in your systems. As situations change, you reconfigure your chakras. You might add or subtract energy or increase or decrease size and throughput. With each reconfiguration, your chakras and auras will change to meet the new energy demands. As you change, your chakras reconfigure to shunt energy to meet the needs or perceived needs of the current situation. When you do, your auras and the resulting influence changes.

Your influence will influence your environment. The effects of your auras will affect Aphrodite. Depending on the resonance, Aphrodite might smite, ignore, or embrace you. Your influence will have very little effect on Adonis, ‘cause he is dead, gored by a wild boar.

In the Layers that follow, you will learn some exciting and effective new ways to create, control, and project your auras. You will learn how to increase and decrease the energy flowing to and through your chakras and you will learn tons of new ways to gain or regain your balance and increase your fluidity.

Manipura Kriya – Solar Plexus Chakra Awareness

Step 1 – Find some time in a place that is quiet and with a low level of distraction.

Step 2 – Find an erect and stable posture. Sit so that your ears are over your shoulders and your shoulders are over your hips. Maintain the natural curves of your spine.

Step 3 – Take a couple of deep breaths and allow yourself to settle and soften.

Step 4 – Cup your hands in front of your solar plexus like you are going to catch a basketball or volleyball.

Step 5 – As you breathe, feel for the energy residing in and entering your solar plexus.

Why it Matters – The ability to feel energy moving in each of your chakras will help you feel energy moving in your extremities and then in the world and people around you. This is a foundational practice that we will build on.

Everyday Usability – This is a great meditation to experience a new sensation. It will help you settle and focus. It is a great meditation to do when you have any sort of relationship conflict or strife.

Progression – You will begin exploring the energy sensations in your other chakras and then the sensations as the chakras exchange energy.

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