A Group of People Committed to Supercharging Their Lives and the Lives of Others.

Put the why here.Many programs are offering things like success, well-being, happiness… how is this diffrenet?

It’s different because its foundational and movement based. change the inside and things change all around us. Relationships, health, success, kindness, love all emanate from us when we change from the inside out. Ripple out new results by starting within. Blaming, and wishing things were different just creates more problems. Having tools to change the way you be in the world is powerful.

It’s also a collaboration of community. “i’m the only one” create connection with similar people in a similar place with similar struggles and the sense of community. A shared challenge is easier. In light of recent events peopel are asking “what work can I do” to change the world?

Is this for you?

Do you find yourself thinking things like:

  • I feel angry and afraid; what can I do to make a difference in this world?
  • How can I stop spinning my wheels, get unstuck and actually make progress?
  • Why do things feel so hard?
  • I’m smart, why can’t I figure this out?
  • What should I do next in my life?
  • Can I be the “real” me all the time?
  • I’m tired, stressed and overwhelmed, how am I going to find the time to change things?
  • I’m afraid of the unknown and not having enough money.
  • I want to have enough energy to do the things that are important to me.

Are you at a place in your life where you absolutely, positively want to change, grow and succeed? Do you want to:

  • have more ease and fun in your life?
  • be healthier and increase your fitness?
  • stop feeling so stressed?
  • change a habit or end an addiction?
  • improve your relationships?
  • learn how to trust yourself completely?
  • explore a new way to be and tap into your potential?

If so, and you want to build a new, powerful foundation, this program is for you.

What is it?

We can’t think our way to a different way of being. To be different, we need to act differently. For the world to change, people in the world must act differently.

To act differently we need to know and feel who, where, what and how we are now. We need to feel the present configuration of our mental, physical, emotional and energetic bodies that determine our actions, reactions, habits, patterns, successes and failures.

When we are aware of the components, we can begin to identify the transitions between our configurations. The sooner we can identify our transitions, the more self-determination we will have. We will replace our habits and reactions with beneficial actions that lead to progress, growth and success.

Put simply, we will give you the tools to feel in a whole new way to help you create a whole new you. You 2.0.

What you will “get” out of it:

Join the militia. Get the tools you need, support that works and change your world from the inside out!

The Discomfort of Kindness.

The Discomfort of Kindness.

My stepfather Dick (not a pseudonym) is incredibly kind. He is so kind it often makes others around him uncomfortable. His kindness enervates a room and can trigger others to tease or to create an opposing position. He is my role model for interpersonal relationships....

What if grief isn’t the pain of loss

What if grief isn’t the pain of loss

Yesterday, I got to hold a newborn. Mazzie, our precocious 3 year-old next door, has a beautiful baby sister. Today, it is my mom’s birthday. It has been over two years since her death. I am feeling waves of emotion … and then I thought … What...

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So, you and I use the word “Energy” a lot. How much of a relationship do the people coming into this program need to have with the concepts of “Energy”?

A. We are assuming that they are not going to have any relationship with their energy configurations whatsoever. The program is built from the ground up. Pretty much the entire first month is targeted toward feeling what they are feeling but from a new perspective – the feelings that they are having, the sensation, is energy moving. Emotion is energy in motion. People who have studied yoga or meditation will have it a bit easier but we are coming at it from a new direction, a concise foundational approach that interweaves energy into everything that they do in their lives; their relationships, exercise, career, creativity, the basics of their personality. They will develop an understanding of how everything is connected and how they can direct and enliven their actions to keep themselves centered, balanced and vital.

How is this different than yoga?

A. Yoga in this country is done as primarily a physical practice and as a way to relieve stress. That is a generalization, but generally true. Our program takes movement and stress relief and makes conscious movement something they will do as a way of being instead of just for the 60 or 90 minutes, two or three times a week that they are in yoga class. The tools we offer will become the way they live their life. It will be a place where they will consciously metabolize the energy in their environment and no longer take things on as stress, overwhelm or frustration. They will learn to use energy as fuel to get stuff done.

Q. So this is a complement to your yoga practice?

A. Yeah, this program will completely change your relationship with your yoga practice. If you are doing yoga because you are so stressed out and you have so much stress in your job, and then you do yoga and then you feel better and then you go back to work and get stressed again, so you go back to yoga to maintain an equalibrium. That is a very short cycle. This program will help put you on a growth trajectory. You will get to yoga feeling great and your yoga practice will become an opportunity to expand and grow. It will become a place to increase the momentum. Yoga will also become an opportunity to experience the energetics of the movements. You will feel your yoga practice internally instead of just mirroring a teacher or trying to achieve some physical or postural ideal. It is not about the pose or the posture, it is really about your way of being. In the later layers we get into the idea of fluidity. This program will bring a huge amount of fluidity into your life which will translate into your yoga practice as grace, effortlessness and passion.

Are there any physical qualifications to participate or to do these practices?

A. This will be accessible to everyone that is willing to endure some healthy discomfort and who is determined to change, grow and succeed. There are a lot of physical challenges but the challenges will be based on where individuals are, not some detailed model. It will be about finding and moving at their current edges. The program will give tons of opportunity to explore and play with healthy edges. If you are comfortable; you are not growing. To grow, you have to be in the healthy discomfort zone. You will feel your edges not only in the physical but also in  the mental and emotional ranges. We will challenge your patterns, your beliefs and those aspects of your personality that limit you.

We learn from a really young age that someone else is the authority. We go and go and they tell us when we can stop, when we've had growth and when we've had success.

A. Yeah, and that’s probably the other underlying part of our foundation; you’re going to become your own guru because your cues for your actions, intentions and trajectories are going to be internal and not external. You are going to be active instead of reactive. You are going to gradually devalue the opinion of everyone and everything in your environment and move from a very centered place of what is really, really important to you.

Q. Also known as the place of true power!

A. Yes! And that’s Fluidity. If we are being completely fluid, it doesn’t matter what’s going on in our environment, what people think, who is sick, how we are feeling, whether or not we are tired. We have an intention and determination and we are going to happily move forward, loving what we are doing and nothing else matters. And it will be incredibly easy to get rid of, 86, all of the things in our lives that don’t serve us.

How will the group healings benefit the participants?

A. It can be likened to the surge we feel at a major sports event, concert or even watching a great movie in a packed theatre. The energy of the group compounds and has a much greater effect/affect than what we would feel solo. The group healings will help us to help create a mutually beneficial shared intention and a stronger foundation for the entire group. They will help us to build and sustain momentum, to improve our lives and our way of being.

Q. Is this something the participants will feel? Will they know you are working on them?

A. Eventually. This program will increase their subtle awarenesss; the ability to feel their energy, the energy of their environment and the people in it. As they build that “muscle,” they will absolutely, positively, feel it.

This sounds like some serious life-changing work. How serious is this in regard to serious commitment to change, versus fun and play and those kind of ideas?

A. The growth that will come from this will come from having a playful curiosity, exploring, being passionately curious and introspective. All of it is going to bring about fluidity. It is going to loosen tension, help them let go of their overwhelm and they will have a completely different relationship with stress. They will become less goal oriented and focus more on trajectories which will help eliminate the ceiling they create for themselves with their limiting beliefs and patterns. For some people, this can easily be a “Personality-ectomy.” A way for them to drastically change their way of being and become someone that they love, admire and have affection for.

Q. Another question I have and I’m going to go back to the serious vs. playful question because I’ve seen it in the personal development and coaching world, “This is serious business and we people that do this work are serious and we don’t joke about it” and one of the things I know is that you are are pretty playful. Tell me about playfulness and the value of play in the realm of self-growth.

A. I think anytime we are not playful or completely playful we are some level of fearful, defended or resistant. If we are completely playful, there is not really any room to be fearful, worrisome or tense. Maintaining a playful intention, atmosphere and trajectory ensures that we are open for growth, open for new ideas, paradigm shifts and new ways of being. Every workshop, retreat or seminar that I have ever been to that doesn’t have that atmosphere of playfulness ends up having a sense of fearfulness; ”Am I good enough, am I doing this right, am I in over my head, will this work for me?“ Playfulness gives us a license to be ourselves, to exist comfortably where we are. By making this a movement based system, we have made the movement, physical and energetic, the center and if you do the movement your life will change from the inside out. Playfulness removes the resistance to move, to try something new, to have new and different experiences. You can’t get there without letting go. Playful movement works better than anything I have ever tried or experienced to help metabolize change and stimulate growth. And not just grow but grow in leaps and bounds.

Challenging yourself and being determined don’t have to be serious. When I am out doing something challenging physically, I am grateful for the opportunity to test myself. I am celebrating and joyful the entire time. You notice I haven’t said anything about relaxation because the model society has given us is to do nothing or to do something at a reduced effort. For me, its much more about being big, being playful and I want to be loud, all of the time, even when I am sitting quietly in meditation. I am seeing how much energy I can move. I am alwyas feeling for ways to charge and rejuvenate my system.

And honestly, I really can’t think of anything where I have to be serious to be effective. I beleive that is a fallacy put forward by martyrs and passively aggressive people too afraid to be playful.

Kelly’s own experience with tools shared in The Change Militia:


“I have been working with Kelly and have completely revolutionized the way I approach thinking about, marketing my business and working with clients.

I now show up BIG, everywhere I go, I have BIG goals for myself;
I have discovered that I have value, love & kindness for myself,
and that I can bring these core human attributes to my clients, helping
them remove fear and achieve an extraordinary life.

Kelly is a STUD business consultant, with a most powerful way of affecting change with a spiritual focus; unlike ANY coach I have ever talked to or worked with.”

Suze Solari, www.suzesolari.com

“The Amy I am today is 180 degrees different from the Amy I was a year and a half ago when Kelly and I met. And I’m grateful every day since then that the universe dropped her into my world!

If you’re ready to transform and want the most fun, supportive, committed, intuitive partner to help you do it, go NOW and at least have a conversation with Kelly to see if you’re a good fit for the magic she’s bringing to the world.

I GUARANTEE you won’t be sorry you did.”
Amy Birks, www.amybirks.com

“Jeff Sanders’ work is AMAZING!

I had energy work from him after I was hit by a car 5 years ago as well as when I have had headaches over the years. I continue to work with him, as well using his coaching techniques and insights in my personal and business life. He is incredibly gifted and talented!

I am loving the feeling of vibrancy with this momentum in my life – I have been so big and spectacular – and it is really feeling fabulous!

I would suggest taking Kelly and Jeff up on this spectacular offer. You will not be disappointed. I am open to share my experiences if anyone is interested.”

Karen Giannakopolous, Cups and Kali Designs

“Hey Jeff, Thought I’d let you know what I noticed after the healing. I pretty much spent the weekend tying up loose ends, taking care of many of the things that have been on my to do list for weeks/months but hadn’t ranked high enough in terms of priority to be accomplished. I felt very relieved after doing that and it seems as though that opened the way for a lot of possibilities.

I’ve been busier this week than any time I can remember for months. I’m adding bigger, better things to my to-do list, and seem to be getting more done.

So thank you for the work. It really made a difference.”

Former Client of Jeff's

“Thank you, Jeff. Working with you has changed the way I live in the world. I have gained the tools to communicate what I want and need more clearly. I see which habits limit me in my personal and business life and now have the tools to make changes. I pay attention to my body more and relate the sensations in my body to my whole life and decisions I need to make. I feel more grounded and aware. Overall, I feel more at ease, happier and more fulfilled from working with you. Thanks again!

I have to say that my experience in my body has been soooo incredibly different since my session with you and my confidence about putting up boundaries between my ex and I has been really powerful! ”

Former Client of Jeff's

“It’s true….This was my 5 year plan, but…Kelly Sheets, helped me realized that I actually wanted to do it NOW (well, a year ago). So, off we went!

If you have a deep desire to do “SOMETHING ELSE” and need help realizing ‘it’…CALL Kelly Sheets. She has been there with me for a full year + as my business coach! Hands-down it has been Kelly’s amazing direction, support, visioning, and guidance that has helped me continue to move forward, steadily….! She is WORTH EVERY PENNY! Call me and let me tell you WHY Kelly Sheets is the BOMB!!! Just watch me…..there’s the proof!”

Kathy Kemper-Zanck, www.KatalystKampus.com

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