100% success rate in reducing or eliminating anxiety! I’m amazed!

So back in May I announced that Jeff and I would be writing a book. At the time I wasn’t sure what it would be about and Jeff suggested it should be about eliminating anxiety and sharing actionable practices from The Change Militia.

What?!?! Anxiety?! No way! I felt incredible levels of resistance. I had always had a negative view of anxiety … because what successful high functioning person would have that! 😳😬

My head was seriously in the sand because shortly after that denial conversation I had an epiphany – When I say I feel so much more ease from these practices, that is the opposite of anxiety – so I used to have anxiety – DUH Kelly! We all have our blind spots. 😂

Our members all have high achieving mindsets so they are always seeking more. And THAT causes anxiety! The fear of not being or doing enough or being too much or missing out, etc. There are so many causes for anxiety – low grade to the level of panic attacks.

Recently I’d been doing interviews with past and current members for the book found that:

💥100% of the members that have used the practices have resolved huge amounts of anxiety, stopped panic attacks and even reduced medication use!💥

They report experiences of ease, curiosity, wonder, self-appreciation, etc. – and the world changes when you approach it with these states of being.

Wowza!! I realized that by not sharing more often, I’ve been in the way of more people knowing this is an option. 🌟

What blew my mind was that every single interview I did was full of celebrations! What a turn around from our initial calls. I sprouted tears four times one week just because I was so stoked for my friends in there.

Life is so different without that underlying anxious feeling. We’ve gotten so much from these practices including a rad community of friends who are also exploring.

I think I am going to start sharing some pieces of the interviews so you might explore if this is an option for you because I am incredibly appreciative that this program has been so powerful. I am amazed by what we can do as humans when we know ourselves better.

BTW that is what’s so different, the practices help us get to know ourselves. We shift our foundation, our way of being, NOT just our mindset and this creates long term change!

💥💥As Shawna (a member of the program) said “Now the power is within me.”💥💥

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