“Disease and dysfunction are not the WHY, but the WAY you limit your joy, success, contentment, intimacy, and fulfillment.”


When Jeff shared this a few years ago it was like a light went on… or more like a nuclear reactor of possibility exploded! Everyone and every system had been teaching me my whole life that I had to react to my dysfunctions and that they were something I had to deal with, talk about, process through, meditate on, get rid of, etc.


Talk about a power shift!!! This awareness empowered me in a new way… what if I was so damn powerful that I was simply using my dysfunctions to keep me small and comfortable? What if I was simply afraid that if I was TOO happy, intimate, big, radiant and bodacious that I would feel out of control … well that is EXACTLY what I realized had been happening for the 30 years prior.

I wasn’t afraid of not being enough, I was afraid of being too much!


Too successful, too radiant, too fucking awesome and then I might not be accepted anymore. BAM!💥

I always knew I was capable of more but I wasn’t sure how. This was a doorway out of the mainstream limitations I had experienced into the more I desired!

Where are YOU are also using your dysfunctions and disease as a really effective way to limit yourself?

Choose to be curious,

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