2018 Intentions: On a quest to create something different, more fulfilling and  sustainable this year? This should help…

In the past many years I went from making goals, to visioning, to desires, to creating intentions and trajectories. These last two have pretty much changed my world in the past two years and the results have been meaningful and fulfilling AND … I haven’t lost any momentum as the months pass, it hasn’t been hard and I’ve actually gained more excitement in my commitment!

So this video is about 12 minutes long, so save it to watch when you are ready to create goals, intentions or resolutions for 2018 OR go grab a tea and enjoy the pause in your day 🙂

Here I share 5 things about

  • what kind of intentions have made such a difference
  • some things to consider when you make yours
  • how to use them day after day and not mentally fatigue or quit

This has changed my life, I love sharing about it so feel free to reach out with any questions or to get clarity because I squished a lot into 12 minutes! Hopefully this will plant some seeds as you move into this next year.


And HERE IS A LINK to my calendar if you want to take me up on the offer of a free call to discuss!

Choose to be curious,


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