Layer Twenty-Four, Week One – Sunday


Sunday’s Focus

Spend some time with the movement Offsetting Your Offsets. Resistance is a counter-balancing energy. Explore the general and specific nature of your resistance.

Sunday’s Concepts

Okay, another week of reviews. These can be powerful. Concentrate on the movements and the underlying foundational principles as you make your way through. Make sure you are feeling the contents and the intention of the movements. Go back when you get to a week that doesn’t feel familiar. You are looking to identify resistance. Not remembering and confusion are freeze fears. Frustration is a fight fear. Wanting to push past without review is a flight fear. Convincing yourself you are okay not reviewing could be a fix or familiar fear.

L17W1 – Making Friends with Opposing Forces – Understanding resistance requires that you understand its Isometric and Isotonic components. Resistance is the result and by-product of these two offsetting energies.

The movement for this week was Offsetting Your Offsets. Resistance is a counter-balancing energy. Your subconscious mind pulls when you want to push and pushes when you want to pull to try to keep you in a limited range. This practice gives you a model to explore the general and specific nature of your resistance.

Resistance is the offsetting of two or more energies. This week’s concepts will help you relate to why things feel hard and why you stubbornly resist beneficial changes and movements.

Resistance is the energy held in opposition. That opposition stops or limits movement. Resistance with movement is isotonic, resistance without movement is isometric.

In the nature of energy configurations, isotonic and isometric are movements happening against resistance. Every movement of everything on the planet is isometric or isotonic because there is always some resistance. Even the vacuum of space has some resistance. 99.9999999% of your body is empty space.

If you want to evolve, transform, alter, or innovate – your success depends on something changing. The Status Quo is isometric, change requires that existing energy configurations shift away from isometric. Isotonic energies allow change, but at a price – the continued resistance to change is draining.

Anything and everything you are holding onto persists because of fear – even the good stuff.

In any moment, you have thousands of isometric and isotonic energies held in each of your bodies. We call that tension, resistance or stress. Depression is the value you assign to the heaviness of those held energies. Ever wonder why sensations like elation don’t last? It is because there isn’t a corresponding fear. There is an absence of resistance when you feel elation. That is why it is hard to recreate the feelings of elation.

Enlightenment is the absence of resistance. Approaching Enlightenment happens as you identify your isometric and isotonic energies and remove the offsets. If you feel stuck, depressed, or overwhelmed, it is because you are valuing offsetting energies equally to your intentions. To get unstuck, value one thing more and/or the other thing less. Create movement by transitioning away from your isometric and isotonic patterns and habits.

Bunch more good stuff this week. Look back at the week and review. It is totally worth your time.

Layer Twenty-Four, Week One – Monday



Monday’s Focus

Watching the Pot is a great practice in letting go and devaluing your distractions.​

Monday’s Concepts

L17W2 – How You Drain the Swamp – As your system metabolizes energy, you expand. Your subconscious mind might decide that expanded is unsafe and look for ways to vent. Bleeding, percolating, and explosive energy configurations are the ways you typically vent.

The movement for this week was Watching the Pot. This meditation will help you get acquainted with your diffusionary patterns. It is also a great practice in letting go and devaluing your distractions.

The Bleeding Energy Configuration is pretty common. Review the video from Layer Seven, Week Four. Everyone has things in their life that are slow energy drains. From old habits to friendships that suck your energy, poor food choices, excess alcohol, lack of exercise, jealousies, resentments, fatalistic thought patterns, recurring emotional suffering, etc. Bleeding type energy drains include frustration, demands, expectations, strongly held beliefs, black and white thinking, and any habits, practices, conversations, and relationships.

The percolating energy configuration happens when energy moves in a hesitant or reluctant way. Review the video from Layer Eight, Week One here. Urges and insecurities percolate. Unformed ideas percolate. Vagueness percolates. Percolation happens in the background like an afterthought or a quick excuse. Persistent dysfunctions that aren’t explosive usually percolate.

You can review the Explosive energy configuration video here. You know what explosive looks like and feels like. The key to explosive is that it expels large amounts of energy with no return. It flushes your system.

Physically, you can flush large amounts of energy out of your system with primal screams, vomiting, diarrhea, and to a lesser degree, sneezing and coughing. When your thoughts or emotions get overwhelming and you choose to react, you physically explode. Your environmental, emotional, and mental bodies collude with your physical body. Explosive emotions express physically.

You bleed, percolate, and explode because your system, primarily your subconscious mind, cannot tolerate current energy levels. You deem the potential in the moment as unsafe and your subconscious mind looks for habitual ways to lower your potential to a range that feels familiar.

One thing the bleed, percolate, and explosive configurations have in common is that they lack presence, awareness, and intentionality. If you are expanding your Essence, you will tolerate increases in your energy field without allowing your subconscious mind to react. Hara will allow you to identify the subconscious directive and disregard it.

The solution:

  • Identify where, how, and when you bleed.
  • Acknowledge that the bleeding is in reaction or preemption of some current or future fear potential.
  • Make a conscious decision to stop the bleeding.
  • Identify a beneficial alternative with equal or greater energy expenditure.
  • Engage your Hara and elevate your Essence to help you tolerate or even embrace your increases in energy.

Layer Twenty-Four, Week One – Tuesday



Tuesday’s Focus

The movement for this week was Feeling the Pot Fill. This practice will identify how you limit your presence. It will show you the ways you fuel your dysfunctions, lack awareness, and limit your intimacy.

Tuesday’s Concepts

L17W3 – Accumulate and pressurize or Expand and Radiate – The basic difference between the Expansive configuration and Accumulating is that one radiates, and the other doesn’t.

The movement for this week was Feeling the Pot Fill. Experience the feeling of energy accumulating. When you feel energy accumulating, you will know you are energizing some fear. This practice is a great way to identify when you are limiting your ability to be present, fueling your dysfunctions, lacking awareness, and limiting your intimacy. Expansive energy will radiate at about the same level it is metabolizing.

This week content explores what energy does after metabolization. It highlighted the energy configurations of accumulating and expansive and the influence your Essence and Hara can have on them. The basic difference between expansive and accumulating is that one radiates, and one doesn’t

As the name suggests, accumulating energy is the one that doesn’t radiate. You accumulate energy when you take in more energy than you expend. Accumulating energy associates with things like impatience, nervousness, anxiety, lust, etc. It also happens in the milliseconds before snap judgments. You see Sally wearing shoes that clearly don’t match her dress and then you judge. You instantly accumulate energy about the stylistically bereft combo and then expend it.

Accumulating energy can also be systemic, in specific bodies or components, or it can target an image, belief, person, relationship, event, or construct. You can accumulate energy toward past, present, or future things. Accumulating energy targets something static. Getting nervous before a public speaking engagement is an example. You accumulate energy leading up to the event like asking your boss for a raise, telling your spouse that you bought a new $1800 Cappuccino machine, saying goodbye, getting your blood drawn, etc.

Accumulating energy allows your subconscious mind to prepare for fight, flight, or freeze. It prepares your bodies for a projected assault, battle, or defense. It couches or harbors energy for a projected burst or to keep your energy bottled up. Tension is accumulated energy that has attached itself to one or more of the bodies.

Accumulating energies are inherently unbalancing because they target a person, place, thing, event, or construct. The exception is when you accumulate energy with Essence and Hara. In Layer 18, you will begin exploring Kriyas that will help you accumulate energy in a balanced and invigorating way.

When your energy expands equally in every direction, it becomes Spherical. Spherical expansion is balanced – linear expansion isn’t. Radiating energy spherically is a practice. Doing something kind with no expectations of gratitude or return is something you learn to do. Linear energy is limited in its scope. That limitation shows fear, demands, and expectations, a narrowing of opportunity and awareness.

Healthy expansive energy will have some universal qualities. It will balance, and it won’t have the hook associated with judgments or demands. Each of the components associated with it will also feel balanced. You will feel strong, flexible, stable, and rejuvenating. It will feel focused, effortless, and fluid. The energy will expand quickly without resistance. It will expand from each of your bodies equally.

When you accumulate energy generally instead of specifically, you are much less likely to feel anxiety, overwhelm, or stress. Without specificity, your subconscious mind doesn’t have a label to attach or fears to trigger. Specific accumulations of energy overfill quickly. Overfilling your entire system takes much longer. That added time gives your system a chance to adapt.

Layer Twenty-Four, Week One – Wednesday


Wednesday’s Focus

The movement for this week was Finding Exceptions. You limit your fluidity by creating energetic containers for your resistance. This practice will help you identify the culprits.

Wednesday’s Concepts

L17W4 – Fluidity = Minimized Resistance + Maintained Balance – Fluidity happens when you devalue and silence your subconscious mind and all its fears. Fluidity is the mental, emotional, physical, and environmental embodiment of playfulness. It is non-judgmental and undefended. It is the spherical upwelling of Essence choreographed by your Hara.

The movement for this week was Finding Exceptions. You limit your fluidity by creating energetic containers for your resistance. Those containers come between you, others, and the world around you. They come between you and your parts, aspects, bodies, and components. They come between you and Potential. This practice will help you identify the culprits.

To achieve fluidity and all its benefits, you don’t have to do anything. You will stop doing the things that get in its way.

Fluidity exists as the default. Without intervention, you would always be in a state of fluidity. Your fears, resistance, and subconscious mind create ways to keep you from being fluid. They keep you from expanding your capability and increasing your capacity to be fluid by stagnating your growth and limiting your movement.

You can review the fluid movement here.

Use the bodies, components, and energy configurations to help you find out where, why, how, and when you lack fluidity. Make better choices, be more present and aware, and allow yourself to explore the unknown and embrace healthy discomfort.

Do it every day, in every minute, with everyone and everything around you. Do it from the inside out. Change your personality, habits, and beliefs. Lower your intolerance, stop making judgments, and let go of your demands. Be infinitely curious, uncomfortably playful, and embrace joyful exuberance.

That’s it. Wash, rinse, and repeat.

Take what you have learned in the first seventeen layers – 71 weeks of concepts, movements, and focuses – and craft a life of constant growth through tolerating healthy discomfort, increasing kindness, and intensifying presence. Your reward will be fulfillment, happiness, and intimacy. You will maximize your ability to change the world and you will have fun doing it.

So, why aren’t you there yet? It’s been at least 71 weeks. Why aren’t I there? It has been much longer than that for me. The answer lies in the patterning of the subconscious mind and its misinterpretation of homeostasis.

Your subconscious mind believes its primary role is to keep you safe by alerting you to threats and then triggering your body into fear reactions. It is a very primal, even animal, tendency that creates limiting beliefs, habits, and tendencies. Your subconscious mind concocts, connives, and colludes with your fears to create resistance. It believes the safest place is some place you have already been. It looks for repetition. It wants to cycle from one habit to the next without ever trying anything new.

The path of fluidity is an unknown. The reason it is so difficult to find and maintain is that your subconscious mind is constantly trying to keep the unknown hidden. It fears what it cannot predict, control, and recount. When your subconscious mind detects unknown potentials, it emphasizes known possibilities hoping to overshadow what it perceives as fearful.

Assisted by Essence and Hara, fluidity happens when your conscious mind exists freely in the unknown. Fluidity occurs when you choose to not predetermine. Fluidity materializes when you allow yourself to be fearless, to take a step without knowing where your foot will land.

Evolution is fluid. Creativity is fluid. Both happen when unknown potentials arise and connect.

You can’t maintain fluidity without all the components in each of the bodies being in balance and vital. To have mental fluidity, you must be stable, focused, flexible, strong, rejuvenated, speedy, and endurance. The same will hold true for fluidity in the other bodies.

When a single body is fluid, you are still out of balance. You probably know super smart people who have a limited emotional breadth or reduced physical presence. One or more of their emotional and physical components is lagging.

Fluidity is the anti-configuration. It is anti-fear and anti-resistance. When fear and resistance vanish, fluidity materializes.

I’m sure you’ve heard some WooWoo jargonized version of “You are perfect the way you are,” “You are a divine being of light,” “You were created in God’s image,” or my favorite “You are Love.” All are true… when you are fluid, without fear, judgment, intolerance, and resistance.

Track the relative balance between your bodies. Let the components be your coach, scorekeeper, and cheerleader. Give more attention to your weaknesses and less to your strengths. Spiral toward your center. Use the feedback from your body and energy field to guide you.

Layer Twenty-Four, Week One – Thursday


Thursday’s Focus

C•P•C•A – Central Power Channel Awareness is a foundational practice to help you regain balance and discern the movement of energy in your body. Once you can easily feel it internally, you will more readily feel it externally.

Thursday’s Concepts

L18W1 – Chakras, Channels, and Areas of Influence – As you understand the foundational principles of energy and how they apply to your life, it will be easier to connect to them and then use them in ways that may seem impossible.

The movement for this week was C•P•C•A – Central Power Channel Awareness. This is a foundational practice to help you regain balance and discern the movement of energy in your body. Once you can easily feel it internally, you will more readily feel it externally.

Starting with this Layer, you related everything to energy movement by focusing on your energy body and the energy bodies around you. As you expand your experience of energy, you create a framework for future experiences that might currently be inconceivable.

All your major energy inputs (chakras) connect into your Central Power Channel or Sushumna like funnels draining into a pipe. The Sushumna distributes the energy throughout the chakras, physical body, and other bodies.

Beyond the major chakras are minor chakras. Minor chakras will absorb energy specifically. Beyond the minor chakras, there are chakras with increasing specificity. Your emotional body chakra brings in energy to help fuel your emotions. Each organ has a chakra, as well as each cell. Every thought, emotion, and interaction will have a chakra.

Each body (physical, mental, emotional, energetic, and environmental) has its own set of chakras that coexist and interpenetrate each other. Each component (focus, speed, flexibility, stability, strength, endurance, and rejuvenation) has a corresponding set of chakras.

The levels and sublevels of energy that the chakras represent give specificity to the energy. With increased specificity, possibilities and potentials narrow. As energy makes it way to a specific emotion or internal organ, it configures itself for that usage. The closer it gets, the less likely it is to become something else.

If you like someone, you configure your energy to confirm that belief. You give specific beliefs preference. Every belief has its own chakra. When you see someone you adore, the chakras that metabolize affection will have preference. You will allow more energy to enter and exit your system through those chakras and that configuration.

Energy exists as an energy field, and every chakra has its own field. In the parlance of Esoterics, an Aura. In my experience, the Aura is an area or sphere of influence. Chakras have auras, you have auras, each of your bodies and components have an aura. Your community has an aura. Trees, Skittles, and cartoons all have auras.

Auras are influencing fields that move, pulse, expand, and contract. Picture the steam coming off a pot of boiling water. The steam influences the air around it directly and proximally. The closer you are to the source, the more influence it will have. The steam from a boiling pot changes the humidity in the room. If you are in the room, you may or may not feel its influence depending on your proximity to the pot and your level of awareness.

Auras influence like the steam influences. If Aura is the steam, chakras might be the pot and the heat source in the above example. Chakras enliven with specificity. The bigger the chakra, the more general its influence. The smaller the chakra, the more specific. The flame heats the pot and to some lessening degree the area around the pot. Your liver chakra enlivens your liver and to a lesser degree the blood and bile going through your liver. Your liver chakra will have a negligible influence on your kneecap or elbow.

When you feel emotional, the energy goes from general to specific. Your emotional body chakra and your emotional body aura energize, and your mental body and/or subconscious mind search for labels, direction, and threat.

If your mind becomes involved, you will configure your emotional energy into something more specific. As you do, the configuration of your emotional body changes. If you are feeling emotional and then you determine that the emotional feeling is anxiety, you configure yourself as anxious.

You shift your aura (influence) from generally emotional to specifically anxious. A non-specific emotional person will have a different influence on the environment (internal and external) than an anxious person. Emotional will have a different influence that specifically anxious on all your other bodies too. It will influence your thoughts and subsequent emotions. If will change your physical and environmental postures. It will shift your energy body to a configuration that includes fear and defensiveness.

Empathy is the ability to feel the energy of the auras and chakras around you. To the degree that you are aware of the influencing energies, you are empathetic.

Self-empathy is your ability to discern the movements and influences of your auras and chakras. Your ability to feel energies arising, moving, compounding, degrading, and stagnating will tell you what configuration is present and its path. Once you can recognize the configurations, patterns, and trajectories, you direct them consciously.

Once you can direct your own, you can create a greater influence on your environment. Influence directly results from the balanced, fluid, and targeted energy of the chakras and auras. More energy, more influence. More beneficial energy, more beneficial influence.

This is where Essence and Hara come in. You absorb and ingest energy with your chakras and radiate it with your auras. Where and how you radiate energy is a choice. You will use your Hara and Essence to direct the energies of your chakras and auras to influence the world around you in the most beneficial manner.

Layer Twenty-Four, Week One – Friday


Friday’s Focus

The movement for this week was Manipura Kriya. This is the first of the chakra specific meditations or kriyas. It is a great way to learn to feel energy moving specifically.

Friday’s Concepts

L18W2 – Configuring Your State of Being – Where and how much energy you are metabolizing determines the strength and breadth of your auras which determines the amount of influence you will have. This all starts with an intention. Hara and Essence generate the beneficial configurations and your subconscious mind determines the rest.  

The movement for this week was Manipura Kriya. This is the first of the chakra specific meditations or kriyas. It is a great way to learn to feel energy moving specifically.

Your chakras and auras configure your state of being. If you want to alter, direct, or influence your state of being, control the energy coming into and out of your chakras which will determine the level of influence in the associated chakras. Health, growth, happiness, fulfillment, and contentment are states of being where the energy coming into your major chakras balance and enlivened. Non-beneficial states of being will have energy imbalances between the major chakras.

Resistance is a configuration that has a general chakra and an aura and a chakra and aura for each of your bodies. And you can probably feel this. As the spark of resistance forms in your subconscious mind, a chakra forms to configure the idea into a construct. As soon as the chakra materializes, it has influence, an aura.

Three general things can happen. The first is the construct doesn’t resonate with any of the bodies or existing auras. Without resonance, no additional energy will flow into the chakra and the chakra will cease to exist. The thought, feeling, or sensation will pass.

The second is when there is enough resonance to maintain but not grow the chakra and aura. The construct will continue to exist nebulously. Nagging doubts, unformed negativity, and vague feelings of sadness, nausea, frustration, etc. are examples.

The third is when the construct resonates sufficiently to enlist the other bodies, chakras, components, or beliefs into supporting its growth. When an idea or feeling resonates, it gets fed by other resonating resident resources.

There are some splendid examples in this week’s content. Check them out here.

Habits form when you generate chakras and auras repeatedly. Your system gets good at it. It also creates a bias. If you resist going to the gym for a week, the resistance imbeds in your system and is harder to overcome. At some point, there is nothing to resist because your desire fades.

Resistance requires conflict. There must be opposition for resistance to continue to exist. When you no longer want to go to the gym, there is nothing to resist.

Your field of influence has a recognizable feeling. Your aura is the manifestation of your physical, mental, emotional, and environmental bodies. You exude influence. Your bodies have an energetic field that influences you and the world around you. Auras are that projected energy.

As situations change, you reconfigure your chakras. You might add or subtract energy or increase or decrease size and throughput. With each reconfiguration, your chakras and auras will change to meet the new energy demands. As you change, your chakras reconfigure to shunt energy to meet the needs or perceived needs of the current situation. When you do, your auras and the resulting influence changes.

Without conscious input, your subconscious mind controls reconfiguration… which follows your fears and habits.

Layer Twenty-Four, Week One – Saturday


Saturday’s Focus

Detecting Auras explains auras and gives you some simple exercises to experience the concepts. Revisit it and verify you have incorporated the fundamentals of aura detection into your daily life.

Saturday’s Concepts

L18W3 – A New You Manifests Every Instant – From one instant to the next, your configurations change. You create a new energetic version of yourself in every instant in each of your bodies, chakras, auras, and configurations. 

The movement for this week was Detecting Auras. This practice explains (or maybe over-explains) the concepts behind auras, the influencing field of energy. It gave you some simple exercises to experience the concepts. It is well worth your time to revisit and verify you have incorporated the fundamentals of aura detection into your daily life.

The field influenced by the energy of the chakra is the aura. The larger the chakra, the greater the influence and the bigger the aura. As you transition from one state of being to another, your chakras and auras change to meet the new energy requirements. They either get more general or specific. They increase or decrease in energy. And when they do, their influence changes.

When you are in a very fluid and balanced configuration, the versions of you are in-sync, moving as one. When one or more of the versions of you are out of balanced, they pull, push, stop, fragment, redirect, compress, expand, contract, or stagnate the other versions.

When past versions have an unbalanced amount of value, they unduly influence current potential. Trauma, and its aura, are strong influencers when you choose, consciously or subconsciously, to give them value – more value, more energy, larger chakra, fuller aura… more influence.

Passion can influence you similarly but with different results. Find something you are passionate about. You will find your energies will align and stay aligned with a bias toward movement, curiosity, and discovery. Your Hara directs your passion and you infuse it with your Essence. Passion creates momentum, balance, and fluidity.

Love, kindness, intimacy, collaboration, relationship, habits, dysfunctions, beliefs – are results of chakra energy and auric influence. We feel love because it lingers. Intimacy is fluid, but it has a foundation, an established structure, that doesn’t need to rebuild in every familiar encounter.

Habits stay habits because your system gets proficient at creating those energy constructs (chakras). Most relationships persist because they are habits, not because they are the most beneficial choice you can make. When you go to the grocery store, most of what you will do, think, and feel is automatic and happens without a conscious decision. Your system creates going to the store chakras that mimic previous visits. You buy what you normally buy and resist better choices.

Energy has potential, like a block of clay or uncarved stone. You can sculpt energy into chakras and the accompanying auras. You can set a value on everything in your life and then determine actions based on long-term benefits. You can change the influence that everything in your world has by changing the configuration of your chakras.

You wake up in the morning, and the day is a block of clay. As the day progresses that energy is molded, spent, and replenished to varying degrees. To the degree you are habitual, your results will be habitual. Change alters your results. Sculpted change can create magnificent and enchanting results.

The process begins when you create a relationship with the energy coming in and out of your body. It requires the tactile feeling of balance, resistance, momentum, and transition. You will feel the energy of your chakras, the feeling of your aura’s influence and the energy and influence of the chakras and auras around you.

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