Layer Seventeen, Week Four – Sunday


Sunday’s Focus

Watch this week’s video and begin to notice your exceptions. Feel for the fluidity that lives behind your resistance, fear, and habits.

Sunday’s Concepts

The last week of energy configurations is upon you and I’ve saved the best for last: Fluidity!

You can review the fluid movement here. Why it matters: Fluidity is the goal and identifying why it doesn’t exist will give you the solutions to change your configurations, behaviors, and beliefs. Identifying your resistance and imbalances will give you what you need to alter your current configurations toward fluidity. Happiness, success, and fulfillment will be effortless when you maintain fluidity.

Fluidity happens when resistance is minimized, and balance is maintained. It happens when your subconscious mind and all its fears are subjugated and silenced. Fluidity is the mental, emotional, physical, and environmental embodiment of playfulness. It is non-judgmental and undefended. It is the spherical upwelling of Essence choreographed by Hara.

Fluidity exists as the default. Without intervention, you would always be in a state of fluidity. Your fears, resistance, and subconscious mind create ways to keep you from being fluid. They keep you from expanding your capability and increasing your capacity to be fluid by stagnating your growth and limiting your movement.

Should you choose to accept it, your assignment is: incrementally lower your resistance, devalue your limiting beliefs, and overcome your fears. As you do, your level and duration of fluidity will increase. Hara and Essence will continue to be your navigator and expeditor.

To achieve fluidity and all its benefits, you don’t have to do anything. You will stop doing the things that get in its way.

Layer Seventeen, Week Four – Monday

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Monday’s Focus

Continue to notice your exceptions. Search for things you didn’t find yesterday. Explore your common interactions and subconscious habits searching for the things that limit your fluidity.

Monday’s Concepts

Use the bodies, components, and energy configurations to help you ascertain where, why, how, and when you lack fluidity. Make better choices, be more present and aware, and allow yourself to explore the unknown and embrace healthy discomfort.

Do it every day, in every minute, with everyone and everything around you. Do it from the inside out. Change your personality, habits, and beliefs. Lower your intolerance, stop making judgments, and let go of your demands. Be infinitely curious, uncomfortably playful, and embrace joyful exuberance.

That’s it. Wash, rinse, and repeat.

Take what you have learned in the first seventeen layers – 71 weeks of concepts, movements, and focuses – and craft a life of constant growth through tolerating healthy discomfort, increasing kindness, and intensifying presence. Your reward will be fulfillment, happiness, and intimacy. You will maximize your ability to change the world and you will have fun doing it.

So, why aren’t you there yet? It’s been at least 71 weeks. For that matter, why aren’t I there? It has been much longer than that for me. The answer lies in the patterning of the subconscious mind and its misinterpretation of homeostasis.

Your subconscious mind believes its primary role is to keep you safe by alerting you to possible threats and then triggering your body into fear reactions. It is a very primal, even animal, tendency that creates limiting beliefs, habits, and tendencies. Your subconscious mind concocts, connives, and colludes with your fears to create resistance. It believes the safest place is some place you have already been. It looks for repetition. It wants to cycle from one habit to the next without ever trying anything new.

Layer Seventeen, Week Four – Tuesday

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Tuesday’s Focus

Feel for the fluidity that exists below your physical resistance. As your identified resistances arise, soften, and feel for the rushing torrent of rhythm that lives below.

Tuesday’s Concepts

You have read these countless times before: growth requires adaptation. Adaptation is activated by the toleration of healthy discomfort. Change requires that something change. The only change you can absolutely control is your own.

Fluidity happens when the adaptation of the growth process stimulates your systems to relax into a fuller, softer, and more curious space. The fear – familiar – opportunity cycle leads to a lowering of resistance. Fluidity is a default and a result. It exists in the background or as a foundation. It is the hardwood flooring that you cover up with a cheap carpet of fear or the gaudy rugs of fiction your subconscious mind weaves.

Fluidity exists in all spaces not occupied by fear and resistance.

Let me run with this and see what happens. If you categorize all current thought, movement, feeling, and sensation as either known or unknown, fluidity will always be unknown. In this moment, the fluidity of the next moment cannot be identified. Fluidity arises in the space between moments when you find the most beneficial next moment.

Make a grocery list of vegetables. Add carrots, broccoli, and collard greens. Which carrots are you going to buy? The best ones, right? How will you know until you get there and look at your options? You will never find the best carrots if you decide ahead of seeing, touching, and smelling them. You might believe that the best carrots are on the right side or never on the top, but to pick the best carrots from the carrots that are available, you must wait to get to the produce section at the grocery store. The best carrots are an unknown until the moment of choosing happens.

Fluidity is the same way, it is the unknown carrot. To find the most efficient and beneficial next moment requires that you actually be in the next moment. Any decisions that happen ahead of time will be limited to the known, to things you have done before, or things you project will be the best.

Layer Seventeen, Week Four – Wednesday


Wednesday’s Focus

Connect with the creative fluidity below your limiting mental constructs. What burgeoning bounty bubbles beneath?

Wednesday’s Concepts

The path of fluidity is an unknown. The reason it is so difficult to find and maintain is that your subconscious mind is constantly trying to keep the unknown hidden. It fears what it cannot predict, control, and recount. When your subconscious mind detects unknown potentials, it emphasizes known possibilities hoping to overshadow what it perceives as fearful.

Assisted by Essence and Hara, fluidity happens when your conscious mind chooses to exist in the unknown. Fluidity occurs when you are determined to not predetermine. Fluidity materializes when you allow yourself to be fearless, to take a step without knowing where your foot will land.

Evolution is fluid. Creativity is fluid. Both happen when unknown potentials arise and connect. Gods are born, exist, and die in unmanifested potential.

I have set an intention to go for a mountain bike ride later today. I scheduled the ride, but it has lots of unknowns. I’m not sure where I will ride, for how long, or at what intensity. My conscious decision infused with Hara and Essence is that I will ride in the moment. I will ride at the most beneficial speed and intensity for as long as is optimally healthy. If I do that, every moment will be different and unknown. I can’t know now any of the future answers. I will assess each climb, flat, and descent as they happen. Each pedal stroke will be a discovery. Fluidity happens as, not when, the unknown becomes known.

The carrot and mountain bike analogy can translate to every decision, movement, interaction, conversation, relationship; to every aspect of your life. Don’t assume.

Layer Seventeen, Week Four – Thursday


Thursday’s Focus

Emotional patterns that petrify and putrefy possibility cast shadows on your authenticity. Feel for the wellspring of emotional vitality coursing behind your limited emotional expressions.

Thursday’s Concepts

Picture yourself with your significant other, or some past significant other, and wonder what your experience would have been if you were fluid. What would every interaction, conversation, and collaboration have been like if you hadn’t assumed?

Take a conversation from earlier today or yesterday and deconstruct it. Where did it have fluidity and where didn’t it. Every conversation you have with someone has assumptions based on your previous interactions. That is your subconscious mind trying to ascertain future threat levels. It limits you and your fluidity. This is a fact; not a right/wrong or should/shouldn’t. Your subconscious mind tries to shunt the conversation toward things that it feels are safe, typical, or familiar. It wants to keep the conversation in the known as it determines if there is a future threat.

It is almost impossible to have a completely fluid conversation. It would require a complete override of your subconscious mind. You would have to completely devalue every previous interaction and the input from all your senses. Imagine trying to have a conversation with someone without valuing what they look like, how they smell, or verbal and physical cues like posture, tone of voice, and gestures. Not to mention the energetic cues and connections.

You use your senses and past experience to help you connect. Your systems seek resonance, places of mutual contact and benefit. Interactions seem to require context. Before it gets to opportunity, the fear – familiar – opportunity cycle needs to get past fear and familiar.

So, how in the f@$# are you supposed to connect in a fluid, authentic, and effortless way? The answer lies, as you might have guessed, in using Essence and Hara. Essence presumes. Hara asserts. Essence allows you to connect with your senses, knowledge, and intelligence without your subconscious mind feeling like it must look for threats.

Essence presumes you are safe, that your environment is familiar, and that opportunities exist. Essence is fearless and without resistance.

Hara fuels and encourages the drive into the unknown. It unleashes.

Essence and Hara allow you to fearlessly unleash your inner Rock Star.

Layer Seventeen, Week Four – Friday


Friday’s Focus

Environmental fluidity is the fusion of mental, physical, emotional, and energetic authenticity. Feel how your reluctance to connect, commune, collaborate, and coexist limits every possibility.

Friday’s Concepts

You can’t maintain fluidity without all the components in each of the bodies being in balance and vital. To have mental fluidity, you must be stable, focused, flexible, strong, rejuvenated, speedy, and endurance. The same will hold true for fluidity in the other bodies.

When a single body is fluid, you are still out of balance. You probably know really smart people who have a limited emotional breadth or reduced physical presence. One or more of their emotional and physical components is lagging.

Fluidity is the anti-configuration. It is what is left when the others disappear. It is anti-fear and anti-resistance. When fear and resistance vanish, fluidity materializes.

I’m sure you’ve heard some woowoo jargonized version of “You are perfect the way you are,” “You are a divine being of light,” “You were created in God’s image,” or my favorite “You are Love.” All are true when you are fluid, without fear, judgment, intolerance, and resistance.

I am a light-being of love, perfect and whole, an undeviating and exact image of God … when I’m not being a dick.

For me, I recognize my imperfections as signposts for growth and introspection. Every day, I playfully acknowledge my lack of fluidity and try to lower the levels of the things that limit me. I deconstruct and devalue my fears. I search for greater levels of balance and tolerate as much healthy discomfort as I can. I regularly celebrate my incremental successes.

My daily goal is to be present, aware, ever more playful, and a little bit softer. Some days are better than others.

Layer Seventeen, Week Four – Saturday


Saturday’s Focus

Spend today, tomorrow, and then the rest of your life exploring how your intolerance for discomfort impedes your fluidity. Let your explorations fuel bold, new choices.

Saturday’s Concepts

That’s it. The end of the first seventeen layers. Use the concepts, focus, and movements to get to know yourself better. Find your weaknesses, embrace them, and allow for growth. Let go of your stories, suffering, and intolerance.

Gradually, you will find some semblance of balance and then move toward a deeper, more subtle awareness. Use what you have learned about the bodies, components, and configurations to help you. Feel deeply and often. Use the feedback from your body and energy field to guide you.

Track the relative balance between your bodies. Let the components be your coach, scorekeeper, and cheerleader. Give more attention to your weaknesses and less to your strengths. Spiral toward your center.

  • Embrace your bodies equally.
  • Get out of your head.
  • Feel physical and energetic sensations.
  • Connect deeply with your environment.
  • Allow your emotions to radiate.


  • Deepen your stability,
  • Amplify your focus,
  • Increase your strength,
  • Expand your flexibility,
  • Enliven your rejuvenation,
  • Increase your speed, and
  • Build your endurance.


  • Encourage your Essence
  • Highlight your Hara.


Go forth and change your world … from the inside out.


Next week, a new chapter. Layer Eighteen begins your initiation into the esoteric world of energy flows, vortexes, and the quantum physics of love, connection, and creativity.

Finding Exceptions

Step 1 – The goal of this week’s movement is to begin to identify how your fear, resistance, patterns, beliefs, and habits curtail your innate ability to be fluid.

Step 2 – As you go through the day, ask yourself “Why am I not fluid?”

Step 3 – Feel resistance and all its cousins and then feel for the fluidity that exists beneath or behind those impediments.

Step 4 – Feel how resistance, et al., influences your ability to manifest fluidity.

Step 5 – Feel for what you are holding on to that limits your ability to be present and aware.

Step 6 – Find the patterns where you accumulate energy.

Step 7 – Go through each body exploring your resistance to fluidity.

Step 8 – Start with your gross exceptions and make your way to the subtle.

Step 9 – Take this practice into your day. Find your exceptions, feel them as weights that and make new choices

Why it Matters – You limit your fluidity by creating energetic containers for your resistance. Those containers come between you, others, and the world around you. They come between you and your parts, aspects, bodies, and components. They come between you and Potential. Gods exist in unmanifested potential.

Everyday Usability – Find the exception, make a new choice, and the world will change around you. You are a creature of patterns and habits. As you choose differently, your patterns and habits will change. Your environment is habitualized to the current you and patterns itself accordingly. As you make more fulfilling and efficient choices, your environment and everyone in it, will create new patterns to accommodate.

Progression – As you increase your potential for fluidity, more potentials will become apparent. Moments of fluidity will begin to connect and increase in depth and breadth.

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