Right now, who you are being matters more than what you are doing or saying.

As I scrolled through FB this morning I noticed something – how many people I see that don’t seem to realize the power they have to change things RIGHT NOW.

Not in the future, not in the next election, not when you make a lot of money, have more power, or the right title. Right now.

Who you are being ripples out effects constantly. What we think and feel create our “being.” For example, if you are saying something about love but feeling fear in your body… what I “sense” from you its actually NOT love but a configuration closer to fear and misalignment. That is what you are rippling out.

How I read people´s “being” is how YOU read people too. We are constantly looking for how someone is BEING.

All the work I do with clients(and myself) starts by going inside and becoming conscious of who they are being. The results ripple out from that. Relationships evolve, business increases, joy elevates, ease becomes available. People pay to do this work because they know that BEing someone who creates these results requires attention and new tools in our life kit.

Your Being is invaluable actually. It can move mountains.

There is an ILLUSION we bought into that what we DO is more important than anything. That illusion will keep us from what we really desire for as long as we keep buying into it.

You have more power to change the world RIGHT NOW than when you DO something later today or in the future.

Notice who you are Being when you post that post, make that call or connect with the next person.

Mahatma Gandhi is a perfect example. He changed the trajectory of a country by BEing love. It pervaded everything and changed millions of lives. BUT IT STARTED WITHIN HIM. He didn’t first preach it, change laws, make donations or achieve things to get there … first he became the configuration of love and was Being it so others could feel it, be attracted to it, mirror it and ripple it.

Who you are being matters more than what you are doing or saying right now. BE the person who changes the world from the inside out.







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