Communication is something we do all day long, everyday with the world around us yet most of us, including me, did not grow up with an emphasis on powerful, fulfilling communication nor do we have great role models for communication in common media or leadership that we see.

Often, the communication styles modeled for us are limited, manipulative and create distance between people rather than more connection and understanding.

On the other hand, here are a just a few possibilities when you communicate transparently:
confidence, intimacy, money, ease, joy, opportunities, higher levels of energy, connection, influence

It isn’t actually complicated to communicate in a way that is kind, fulfilling and powerful when you know how … AND the results are almost instantaneous!!!

It continues to amaze me to watch and hear what happens after my friends and clients start shifting the way they communicate using the simple practices I’ve learned. And I continue to be pleasantly surprised what occurs for me as well!

The other BIG reward is that you don’t have to avoid or fear conflict anymore!!! Whew. So many people don’t ask for what they want or avoid creating it simply to avoid conflict.

Workshop includes:  short teaching around some specific concepts and practices that can be helpful and then participant questions so you get answers to your own challenges. I’ve learned that most of us have similar challenges!

This conversation pertains to personal communication and business. Please share this with anyone you think would benefit from learning to communicate more powerfully and clearly.

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