hafiz“The words you speak become the house you live in.” – Hafiz

My most profound insight this year regarding me and my work was: Above all else, who you are BEing determines your results.

Our Being is the energetic vibe we are putting off. It can change in a second. Our thoughts and somatic sensations configure our state of being.

Change your thoughts OR sensations in your body and change your state of BEing.

Strong opinions and judgments (both thoughts) limit us. The more you rant on your opinions the more you get stuck in the state of Being you are already in. You reinforce a habit of limitation. The more we think “I KNOW”, the more limited our potential becomes.

This culture we live in consistently reinforces that we should know everything – not knowing is a weakness. BUT I see this as one of the greatest weaknesses in our culture. Knowing is inflexible and therefore actually weak.

Choosing to not know and being deeply curious is flexible, light, open and available.

Cultivating curiosity, cultivates true dynamic power.

I guide people through this work I do, NOT because “I know it all” – it´s the OPPOSITE. I absolutely DON´T know it all and I celebrate that! I EXCEL AT BEING CURIOUS during my work with clients so they can get out of their habits of thinking and powerfully know themselves better.

The more curious and less opinionated I have become, the more fulfilling and easy life has become.

Want to change? Detach from your opinions. Notice your habits. GET CURIOUS. Ask more questions. Open to possibilities.

From the wisdom of Hafiz – start by noticing what words you are saying. Your opinions and judgements about yourself and others are an excellent place to get curious.




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