“I need to limit myself in some way because I am afraid to be unlimited.”

This came up in our Change Militia call two weeks ago and like so many other nuggets in these calls, it keeps flashing in my mind like a neon sign.

Jeff was sharing how we use labels to limit us. They work. We label things very simply even when they are complex because it limits the potential of a situation. He was pointing out that the reason we limit our world/selves with so many labels is because we are effectively and efficiently limiting our awesome potential.


A HUGE part of our human lives are spent limiting our vast and endless potential. Our potential for joy, happiness, love, connection, intimacy, lightness…. we constantly and consistently limit ourselves.

It´s fascinating to look at our lives from this perspective week after week in this group. We look at our lives and how absolutely fucking amazing we are as beings at our foundation and how we can un-limit ourselves.

The foundation is NOT that we are small, flawed and incomplete and need to fix ourselves to become greater … we are examining all the ways we can let go of the contrived limits(habits) – physically, mentally,emotionally, energetically – we’ve place upon ourselves and access our unlimited bad-ass selves.

It´s pretty fun to come at life from the viewpoint that WE ALREADY ARE THAT WHICH WE WANT TO BE rather than we have to become it, try, prove, explain or effort. When we balance all the parts of ourselves, tap into who we are and understand ourselves better WE ARE LIMITLESS.

Wow, so fun!!!! Stop buying the story that you are not enough and come join us!

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