This is a question that I am asking myself everyday now, multiple times. “How can this be even more fun?”

But throughout the day many people are asking questions more like these.

  • If this feels easy can it possibly lead to success?
  • If this looks like fun, will I get respect?
  • Am I working hard enough?
  • Am I parenting good enough?
  • Am I working long enough hours?
  • This feels easy – is it irresponsible?
  • Is having fun and doing things for myself selfish?
  • Should I feel guilty because I’m having fun while everyone else is working so hard?

All because we buy into some idea that things can’t be joyful, easy and fun – That in order to EARN joy and play we must have worked hard. Be Serious.

In all my travels I would come back from being overseas for many months at a time and people would immediately ask “what did you DO over there for all that time?” They expected me to say work or volunteer. After years of this I started answering “a lot of nothing” and watch their body tighten up. It was quite fun actually. They could not imagine how I could feel OK not earning my enjoyment.

They couldn’t figure what value I had if I just played and explored … so often they would roll on to stories of how I would regret not being more responsible in the future. Their discomfort was palpable.

Actually, it tweaked their view of themselves and what they were doing with their lives. Having a lot of play time as adults can really trigger people who think there are a set of rules to follow.

To have a little more fun and be a bit less serious with this question, my dog Ed and I made you a video:

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