What happens when you CHOOSE fun and playfulness as primary intentions this week even when you suspect your “supposed” to be serious? 😜

Oh the fun police! That little voice in your head that suggests that you will only be valued, what you say will only be heard, your clients will only pay you… if you are SERIOUS.

Is that even true? In my experience the lighter I am, the more clarity I have. That means I bring more value. It means I become more attractive. It means people want to be around me. And it means I ripple good vibes out.

Leaders who are light and playful are loved … so are family members, spouses and lovers.

Children and animals are balls of playful energy available for us to receive.

Where are you resisting all the good vibes around you and where are you limiting your light, playful self?

Here’s an experiment that I shared in The Change Militia group this week and you can try it too:

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