On our Change Militia group call last month, Jeff shared that I can be very intolerant. I could practically hear the gasps from the group. What! Kelly intolerant?!

But it´s true, I am intolerant … primarily of myself. My greatest limitation is intolerance of my own potential.

Here´s how my intolerance works:

When I get too happy, big, vibrant, successful… ¨too¨ anything, I can´t tolerate it and I do something to get smaller, back to comfortable or familiar. My intolerance is directed at me.

When I get too something I do something – these are the wise words of Jeff

Intolerance of others is the same. If you get too much of anything then you look to decrease your vibrancy by judging others. So if someone else is too happy, too successful, too different, it creates a discomfort in you, they are ¨too much¨ and ¨should¨ be more like you. You can´t tolerate all that potential.

This limits you in relationship, leadership, success, joy, energy, health.

If you don´t expand your capacity to tolerate, ultimately embracing how much potential you have, you will continue to limit yourself AND the people in your life. This goes for me as well.

When you are intolerant, you are trying to control your environment… you are in threat assessment. The threat is to your comfort zone. Too much vitality, potential, possibility, potential – these are all threats to your subconscious mind which LOVES predictable.

Choose to be curious,





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