Let’s make something clear. When you are centered, balanced, and being your most optimal self, it probably won’t feel like you think it will feel. It will be unfamiliar. There will be healthy discomfort.

At optimal levels, your bodies will be humming with energy. You will be mentally sharp, emotionally responsive, physically enlivened, energetically fluid, and have an ubernatural connection to others and the world around you. Optimum is you being your SuperHeroSelf, not your comfortable and familiar self. Today, you would probably label SuperHeroStatis as overwhelming and unsafe.

Picture yourself as a Porsche GT3. You won’t be at your optimal in the garage under a car cover or idling in stop and go traffic. You will be at your optimal on a race track or out on the open road. You will be at your optimal when you challenge yourself to fire on all cylinders and actively depress your right foot. You will have the most influence when you are seen living fully, testing gravity, and pushing your limits. The optimal you is the one that will change the world.

Excerpt from Layer 8 in The Change Militia

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