I’ve been thinking about a “balanced life”. I am in a place where I am hyper-focused and really enjoying it. I am passionate, driven and productive. I feel a deep connection, a love, for myself and what I am doing.

I am completely unbalanced.

I find myself resisting anything that threatens my focus. I even have to pull myself away from my “work” to go running or go to the farm and I love picking veggies.

There is no balance, no “equal distribution of energy” no “maintaining equilibrium.”

I feel the most spiritual, the most connected to source, when I am happy, content and fulfilled. I am blissful when I experience myself without ego, without desire, not thinking about the past or worrying about the future.

Energetically expanded, deeply grounded, emotionally centered and mentally clear.

I am spiritual when I am basting my soul on the spit of the sacred fire.

Lately, Nirvana’s rotisserie has been fueled by one thing. Hara Yoga. It is my sacred marinade of strength, flexibility and fluidity. I feel the divine raising the temp, skewer turning faster and my juices flowing, upwelling from deep within my marrow.

I don’t feel balanced. But I do feel focused and driven. Gimme a T for tenacious. Gimme a T for teeth, lotsa teeth showing. I am happy.

Tenacity, “persistence of purpose” is my spice. Being committed, being driven, a yogaholic balancing upon a soapbox.

Soapbox? I guess the spit is far enough off the ground that I have to stand on something to slather on the analogy.

So, I’m efforting to stop when it is time to stop but allowing myself to spin.

How many stories have you heard about balanced people changing the world?

The seer’s sear.

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