Layer Twenty-One, Week Two – Sunday


Sunday’s Focus

As you review the first four chakras in the concepts, take a minute and make sure you can connect to them and their associated auras. If not, go back and revisit the linked concepts and movements until you can feel each chakra/aura in 30 seconds or less. Don’t let yourself slide on this. It will be a critical skill going forward.

Sunday’s Concepts

 Congrats on making it through seven weeks of chakras! Here is a quick review of each to set-up the content for this week.

Each chakra will also have a primary body, component, and configuration(s) that it will manage. Chakras act as caches for held energy. Memories, beliefs, trauma, values, incomplete cycles, and everything unresolved in your life must have energy to continue to exist. That energy is held within constructs that give structure, form limits and hold a specific resonance.

Read that last paragraph again and make sure you can fathom the universal code that it holds. Everything that exists has to have energy to continue to exist. Every habit, dysfunction, relationship, kindness, frustration, shame, life, and love continue only as long as they are given energy.

First Chakra – Muladhara: Your root Chakra is connected to your Gravity Body and holds energy related to your foundational beliefs. A healthy first chakra will ensure that you are stable, grounded, and connected to the fundamentally beneficial aspects of your life. Your ability to be tolerant, understanding, and empathetic is directly related to the vitality and health of your first chakra. Your Muladhara Chakra helps you to value what you value most, first. Review it here (L19W3)

Second Chakra – Svadhisthana: Your second chakra prioritizes your Physical Body and the relationships you have with yourself. Energies that are preferentially absorbed by your Svadhisthana have to do with how you value yourself and any confirmations or threats to those values. Confirmations would be things that confirm your Hara and Essence. Threats would be anything that communicates with the internally held fears of your subconscious mind that you have and hold onto. Your second chakra can help you manage your subconscious mind and reduce distraction. Review it here (L19W4)

Third Chakra – Manipura: The third chakra tries to find a middle ground between who you are and who you are being in relationship. When your second and fourth chakras are aligned and balanced, you are enlivened and authentic. When not aligned; you act, react, and respond in different ways from your second and fourth chakras. You diverge from who you are into something less and your third chakra tries to make sense of it. A healthy Manipura Chakra will alert you to opportunities and allow you to digest internal and external energies more easily. It will be an early-warning system that indicates you are limiting your expressive potential. When you feel an overly active third chakra, you will know that you are hypersensitive to current potential threats. The Manipura Chakra is aligned with your Emotional Body. Review it here (L20W2)

Fourth Chakra – Anahata: The Anahata Chakra and its aura manage the energy of your relationships. It opens, expands, contracts, and closes depending on your willingness to engage with and absorb the energies of the people, places, and things in your environment. The heart chakra is your primary energetic connection to your Environmental Body, it is also the one most likely to be triggered by emotional energies in your environment. The heart chakra is the chakra most easily manipulated into emotional reaction by your subconscious mind.  Review it here (L20W1)

Layer Twenty-One, Week Two – Monday



Monday’s Focus

 As you review the upper three chakras in the concepts, take a minute and make sure you can connect to them and their associated auras. If not, go back and revisit the linked concepts and movements until you can feel each chakra/aura in 30 seconds or less.

Monday’s Concepts

Fifth Chakra – Vishuddha: The throat chakra is the listening chakra and is associated with your Mental Body. It absorbs the thoughts that your mind (conscious and subconscious) creates and then uses it to form opinions, assess threats, and evaluate opportunities. It creates mental Truths that corroborate fears and legitimize biases. Your throat chakra is the most mentally reactive of the chakras in most people. It is the primary fueling port, voice, and listening station for your subconscious mind. An unhealthy fifth chakra shuts down connection, unity, and intimacy as it creates excuses to distance. An unhealthy fifth chakra disconnects your head from your heart. Being able to feel the influences and results of your throat chakra energy will alert you when your subconscious mind is trying to take control, when you are leaning into your biases, and when your fears limit your ability to absorb energy and potential. Review it here (L20W3)

Sixth Chakra – Ajna: The Third Eye, the sixth chakra is your energetic forecasting radar, your early warning system for future threats and budding benefits. It absorbs and evaluates environmental energies and determines their trajectories. When left to the subconscious mind, your Ajna chakra will primarily project threats that could develop from the energetic ingredients present. Awareness and increased consciousness shift the Ajna toward discovering more beneficial options and discounting future fear projections. The sixth chakra communicates directly with the Energy Body. It takes the energy of your environment and absorbs it. After being absorbed, the energy is interpreted by the other bodies, minds, and components. Review it here (L20W4)

Seventh Chakra – Sahasrara: Sahasrara incarnates, brings to life in a new way, all the energies that make up the who, what, why, where, and how you are you internally and externally. It is the funnel that fills your inner blender. The Sahasrara Chakra creates new possibilities from ingredients you haven’t previously combined in a particular way. It gives birth to new ideas, possibilities, and ways of being. Your evolution materializes in your crown chakra. Personal growth and creativity potentialize in Sahasrara from your Ethereal Body. The crown chakra finds patterns in chaos. Review it here (L21W1)

Layer Twenty-One, Week Two – Tuesday



Tuesday’s Focus

Play with feeling the connection between each chakra and the Central Power Channel. At this point in your development, you should be able to feel the relationship. If not, spend some time making the connections. Reach out if necessary and I’ll give you some tips.

Tuesday’s Concepts

So, hopefully, the above reviews were familiar and made sense. If not, go back and get to know the chakras a little better and feel free to reach out with any questions.

Each chakra has an associated aura. And if you remember, auras are a field of influence. The more enlivened the chakra, the bigger and more influential the aura will be.

Each chakra also has an associated body. The healthier the chakra, the healthier and more fluidly balanced the associated body. As the chakras are balanced, so too are the bodies. As all the chakras balance, you balance. As one chakra starts to dominate or weaken, your balance is impaired. Someone with an overly strong heart chakra might seem compassionate and caring but know that something else has to be out of balance.

Elizabeth is a lover. She loves everything and everyone. She cares deeply about animals, the health of the planet, and the plight of the downtrodden. She is socially effusive and has a large pool of friends. What she isn’t is grounded. The overwhelming strength of her heart chakra and Environmental Body keeps her from connecting powerfully with her root chakra and Gravity Body. Her connections are external. She loves in other people’s energetic space. She projects her affection rather than radiating it. If she was balanced, her affection would be expressed from her core outward. It would be grounded.

Can you feel how this might be the case? Liz is overtly and overly connected to her environment and that limits how deeply she can be connected to her lower energies. People like Liz often shift their emotional focus very quickly. They lack the ability to harness their Essence and Hara toward what is really important to them. They focus on feeling, believing that compassion can somehow make them a better person.

Energetically, Liz feeds off of her environment and has a limited ability to create energy internally. She requires others to feel satiated, gratified, and fulfilled. She doesn’t have an established trajectory because her focus is external. She feeds off of the emotional energies of others because she hasn’t developed the ability to generate it internally. She uses love as a way to energize herself. Love is a food she harvests from others.

Layer Twenty-One, Week Two – Wednesday


Wednesday’s Focus

Throughout the day, check your degree of balance. Identify the bodies, chakras, and components that are over or under charged. Catalog each body, chakra, and component and determine a degree of balance. They will all be out of balance to some extent.

Wednesday’s Concepts

Let’s explore the nature of imbalance, how it happens, why it happens, and what to do to reduce its impact.

Nickels are heavier than dimes and dollars. If you base value on weight, you would prefer nickels. If you started trading a dollar for one nickel, your net worth would plummet. Nickels have a weight that is out of line with their value when compared to dimes and dollars. You might absolutely love nickels. Trading a dollar for a nickel will get you out of financial balance in a hurry. Your nickel preference is a choice.

When you value nickels over dollars or stability over fluidity, you are making a choice. Marin is married to Francisco. They met in the immigration line. Both were fleeing oppressive regimes. They bonded and their relationship was the golden gate to a new life. They settled in California where Marin got a great job, perfected her English, and made lots of friends. Francisco struggled. He couldn’t seem to hold a job and resisted embracing the culture and people. He began to resent Marin’s success. His resentment became hostility.

Marin’s life was great except for the growing animosity and conflict in her relationship. She struggled to maintain her home, social, and career balance. The tension, stress, and discord at home drained her. In her culture and religion, marriage was a life-long commitment.

In one possible reality, Marin stays in her marriage. It gets progressively worse. She begins to distance herself from her friends and spends more time at home, isolated and miserable, trying to fix her marriage. Eventually, she loses her job because the stress at home led to anti-social behavior and severely decreased productivity.

In another reality, Marin gets proactive. She lets Francisco know that his hostility isn’t acceptable. When the fog clears and she realizes that he is unwilling to let go of his resentment, she begins to make some changes. She finds a new place to live and focuses on her internal well-being. She keeps her fears at bay and creates a life for herself sans Francisco. Removing the source of her imbalance leads to improvements and greater fulfillment in all areas of her life.

Layer Twenty-One, Week Two – Thursday


Thursday’s Focus

Spend some time exploring your Hara and Essence. Can you feel them? Can you invoke and upwell them? Both will feel different than the bodies, chakras, and each other. Raise the level of your discernment until the distinction is clear.

Thursday’s Concepts

Marin chose to elevate the value she placed on her well-being. She chose to follow her Essence and Hara. When she did, it connected her to her foundational beliefs, the same ones that led her to leave her native country and reach for something more.

Essence and Hara are incredibly powerful and balancing because they have the power and ability to override the subconscious mind. If Marin had let her fear guide her decision making, she would still be riding the marriage streetcar, following the same path, and paying the same tolls. The power of her intention and drive (Hara) coupled with her underlying desire to fully express herself (Essence) gave her the tools to make uncomfortable and unfamiliar changes.

The subconscious mind connects to beliefs and creates stories that cement those beliefs into patterns of behavior.

The belief that marriage is for life is mental. It is co-opted by the subconscious mind because it is familiar. Staying in an unhealthy relationship is a habit. Getting out of a relationship requires a new habit. That new habit will be fueled by the balanced energies of your chakras, Hara, and Essence. The more balanced your chakras, the easier the transition will be. The more enlivened your Hara and Essence, the more powerfully you will make the change.

Essence and Hara reduce the back and forth from old habits to new. They provide clarity, resolve, and tenacity. They help increase your tolerance for the discomfort that accompanies all change and growth.

A wishy-washy Marin might take several years to bridge the old and new, constantly cycling back and forth. A determined Marin whose Essence is unleashed will burn the bridge and let it drop into the depths of the bay, never to return.

Layer Twenty-One, Week Two – Friday


Friday’s Focus

Track your configurations throughout the day and the influence they have on your chakras, auras, bodies, Hara, and Essence. Feel for some evolutionary shift in your awareness.

Friday’s Concepts

Balance is a process and a practice. Creating a relationship with your chakras, what they feel like in different situations and the feeling as they transition from healthy to unhealthy will assist you in making beneficial choices.

The balancing of your components will also be required to optimize your productivity and fulfillment.

Arnold is a professional weightlifter who moonlights as a strolling poet in a raw food emporium. When balanced, the transition from one job to the other is effortless. If he allows himself to get unbalanced, things go sideways. His configuration while weightlifting prioritizes strength, focus, and stability. If he doesn’t monitor his energies in the gym, he can get overly aggressive. Overly aggressive strolling poets ruffle the manbun-wearing feathers of heat-eschewing hippies. If he comes to the gym configured to fluidly recite Smart by Shel Silverstein, it will be exceedingly difficult to lift massively heavy weights.

Arnold succeeds because he has mastered the ability to optimize his current configuration to most efficiently meet his intentions and the opportunities present in his changing environments. He engages his Hara and Essence.

Beatrice is a kindergarten teacher. Unfortunately, she doesn’t allow herself to transition to anything else. She holds on to that configuration. She connects to everyone as if they were five years old. She loves teaching kids. It is incredibly fulfilling for her. She is open, loving, empathetic, and kind. Unfortunately, she is those things configured to a child’s level. Her adult relationships are very superficial because she is limiting her mental and emotional energies, excluding the depth and breadth that comes with the age and experience that comes with adulthood.

Beatrice’s imbalance inhibits her ability to have deep and fulfilling relationships. She doesn’t connect from the totality of her being. What is fulfilling for a child usually has less value to an adult. Give some thought to all the ways adults connect that children don’t. Beatrice is missing those opportunities.

Layer Twenty-One, Week Two – Saturday


Saturday’s Focus

This is a big week of focuses and movement. Take your time. This is the crux of this program. Don’t let yourself slide. Spend enough time until you can feel each deeply.

Saturday’s Concepts

Optimal balance requires a great deal of introversion. Not introversion in the common psychiatric sense but introversion in the prioritizing of internal sensation over external perceptions. Finding your optimal balance points takes a lot of sensorial awareness and major increases in sensitivity. To maintain your fluidity, you will prioritize your energetic awareness until it becomes a habit. Once it is a habit, you will prioritize increasing your energetic discernment, both internally and externally.

Feeling your chakra energy and auras will become second nature, like feeling heat and cold. You will learn to feel them internally and in others. It will change the nature of your relationships because you will be connecting with existing and changing energy configurations instead of language or gestures.

As you do, you will give less and less value to your projections, fears, and limiting patterns. You will give more value to identifying opportunities and moving toward them. You will be driven by your Hara and Essence toward maximizing your fulfillment and beneficial influence.

Next week, we will spend a bit more time on the power of bias. How bias invests value and the interplay between bias, value, energies, configurations, and balance.

The Dots – Chakra One

Chakra One

  1. Find a comfortable seat and make sure you have 15-20 minutes of uninterrupted time to do this meditation.
  2. Take softening breaths until you feel yourself relax and your held tension melt.
  3. Feel for the energy in your Central Power Channel coursing up and down your spine.
  4. Connect the flow of energy in your CPC to your breath. Take slow, deep breaths and feel the energy rise on the inhale and descend on the exhale.
  5. Don’t continue until you feel the ascending and descending of your energy (Prana) along your spine.
  6. When you do, bring your attention to your first chakra. Feel the energy vortex of your Muladhara Chakra and the energy being absorbed into your CPC on the inhale.
  7. As you inhale track the energy as it ascends your CPC up to and beyond your seventh chakra.
  8. On the exhale, feel the energy return down your CPC and settle into your first chakra.
  9. After you feel that, feel for the relationship between the first chakra, its aura, and your Gravity Body.
  10. Feel for their bond and interplay. Feel for the flows into and out of each. Feel for how the energy is metabolized and expressed.
  11. Feel for the weight of your values and your Hara and Essence.
  12. Don’t proceed until you have felt the relationship in steps 9-11. Take your time, this might take a couple of weeks of dedicated practice. If you don’t feel it here, it will be increasingly difficult to feel it in the other chakras. Connect if you would like some help.

Why it Matters – This is where the pieces come together. You have spent a couple of years getting to know your bodies, components, configurations, chakras, auras, values, and the relationships between them. This practice confirms and expands your awareness of those relationships.

Everyday Usability – When you can successfully feel energetic relationships internally, you can more easily and quickly process external energies. As you are relating to your environment and the people in it from an energetic perspective, you will feel the fear that drives the majority of reactions, decisions, and relationships. When you do, you will be better able to respond in the most beneficial manner, for you and for them. Better responses lead to increased influence.

Progression – You will proceed to the second chakra in next week’s content and the final five in the following weeks. After that, you will practice Connecting the Dots.

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