Layer Twenty-One, Week One – Sunday


Sunday’s Focus

Catch yourself, as many times as possible throughout the day, and actively search for new, previously unrevealed, choices, possibilities, and opportunities.

Sunday’s Concepts

Each chakra has a primary benefit and deficit potential. How those impact you, your environment, and your relationships is the next level in understanding your potential, communications, fears, relationships, and resistances. This week, the last in the series, your Sahasrara Chakra.

Common Name: Crown Chakra

Vedic Name: Sahasrara Chakra

Number: Seven

Location: In the center of the skull near the Pineal gland at the junction of the front and rear Ajna Chakras

Vortex – In line with the centerline of the skull pointing upward

Primary Responsibility – Actualizing impossibilities, conception and incarnation of personality, energy, ideas, beliefs, and configurations.

Body: Ethereal

Component: Rejuvenation

Healthy Configurations: Accumulating, Expansive, Fluid

Unhealthy Configurations: Stagnant, Scattered

The seventh chakra, Sahasrara, is located in the center of the skull near the Pineal Gland. Its vortex points upward. It is the Great Alchemist, Avatar, and Creator. Your Divinity enters, expands, and is replenished through your crown chakra. The Sahasrara Chakra provides the raw ingredients for creation and incarnation of energy, ideas, beliefs, personality, and configurations.

Sahasrara incarnates, brings to life in a new way, all the energies that make up the who, what, why, where, and how you are you internally and externally. It is the funnel that fills your inner blender.

Your Ajna Chakra finds existing potentials – things you have already experienced. The Sahasrara Chakra creates new possibilities from ingredients you haven’t previously combined in a particular way. It gives birth to new ideas, possibilities, and ways of being. Your evolution materializes in your crown chakra. Personal growth potentializes in Sahasrara.

Everything that can Be exists in your Ethereal Body and the funnel of your seventh chakra.

Layer Twenty-One, Week One – Monday



Monday’s Focus

Continue with Sunday’s Focus. Finding the unknown takes a considerable amount of practice.  

Monday’s Concepts

The other main function of the crown chakra is to flood your system with distilled energy. Distilled water can be made by collecting the condensation from boiling water. When water vaporizes it leaves behind all the minerals, irregularities and pollutants. What is left is just the water molecules.

Distilled energy, which could also be called clean or unconfigured energy, doesn’t have a bias or predisposition. It doesn’t have any acquired beliefs or intolerances. It lacks fear, projection, and demand.

A healthy crown chakra distills energy as it absorbs. Energy entering through the crown will feel clean or pure. The notion that the crown chakra is somehow connected to spirituality or religious experiences probably came from the feeling of clean energy being felt coming into the body. It is the feeling of infinite possibility which could easily be mistaken for the feeling of the Infinite.

Labeling it as spiritual or giving its value to a deity is a fear response. It limits the energic possibilities to whatever beliefs you currently hold. It puts the boundless potential in a box and lowers its accessibility.

An unhealthy crown chakra pulls the center of the body(s) into and above the head. It reaches out and collects bits of preconfigured energy.  It looks for ways to disconnect from the present moment and current possibilities. It wants to create distance from presence. Think of someone you know who is spacey, frenetic, or out of touch. Can you feel how their presence is no longer in their bodies? Can you feel how they are attached to something other than the present moment? It might be the past or a label, confabulation, or demand. It will feel mentally or emotionally inappropriate.  

Absent-minded, scatterbrained, zoned-out, day-dreaming, and erratic could all describe people whose crown chakra has displaced the centers of their bodies. Seriously dysfunctional crown chakras can also pull your conscious mind out of your body. Out of your mind is a thing that can happen.

The displacement is usually upward but can be in almost any direction. I haven’t felt anyone with downward displacement, but I guess it is possible. If not directly above, it is usually to some angle above.

Layer Twenty-One, Week One – Tuesday



Tuesday’s Focus

Look for your patterns in the choices, possibilities, and opportunities you typically overlook.

Tuesday’s Concepts

To recap, the primary responsibilities of the crown chakra are conception and providing uncontaminated fuel. Can you see how these two things might work in harmony? When clear, unencumbered energy combines with unbiased potential the result is fearless, creative fluidity.

Previously inconceivable ideas manifest in the crown chakra. Partly because no limits are being placed on them by the subconscious mind and partly because when you remove the constraints, the unknown is allowed to manifest.

The bigger the funnel, the greater the possibilities.

To some extent, this parallels my experience with Ayahuasca. The chemicals and the ceremony convinced or tricked my subconscious into letting go of all fear. Without fear, I had no preconceived limits. Without limits, I absorbed much more energy into my chakras, especially the seventh. When I did, the Universe seemed to expand, my mind and emotions seemed to expand, and my body softened into a fluid state. As the influence of the chemicals waned, my body, mind, and emotions returned to their normal, albeit truncated, programming.

My realization while intoxicated was that I could get to that place without chemicals. Ironic, isn’t it? I realized, while high on drugs, that I could get high or higher without drugs. My practice, sans drugs, has progressed steadily ever since. Now, when desired, I can get high in less than a minute with no adverse side effects.

Why it matters: If your life was a video game, your crown chakra is the secret ladder to the next level and the magic key to the levels above that. Your growth potential is realized in the undetected potential that exists in and around you. Your crown chakra can harvest and manifest that potential.

Everyday Usability: Opening your Sahasrara Chakra will allow you to create opportunities and understandings that are currently unimaginable or inconceivable. You will literally have understandings and realizations out of the blue. Creating depth and breadth to potential opportunities will lower the value you place on your current limiting beliefs, making it easier to choose differently.

Progression: As your crown chakra opens toward its full potential, it will feel like you have more clarity, time, and space to make decisions. You will be able to identify more of the influences that drive your desires, interactions, and decisions. Growth and changing habits will feel effortless.

Layer Twenty-One, Week One – Wednesday


Wednesday’s Focus

Continue with Tuesday’s Focus. Get good at recognizing how you overlook and disregard prospects and potentials that don’t fit your patterns and begin to ask yourself why.

Wednesday’s Concepts

Samantha is an introverted astrophysicist with a penchant for building sandcastles and speedskating. Sam’s life is regimented into four quadrants – work, play, exercise, other (rest, food, commute, social). She believes to succeed she must maintain a singular focus in one of her quadrants. When she is sand castling, there is no talking, interacting, or thinking about the other quadrants. She believes that if her attention drifts while speedskating, she will crash. Work is for working, nothing else belongs with work. Food, rest, and travel are necessary evils that allow her to do the other things that her life revolves around. Her social life is almost non-existent because she prefers being alone in her thoughts and quadrants.

As Sam opens her crown chakra, she begins to feel new opportunities, ways to incorporate more into her life, ways to improve her efficiency, and ways to be happier, fulfilled, and content. Sam realizes that her introversion is a major limiting factor. She uses it to control uncomfortable opportunities. As she allows more distilled energy to enter her body, she starts taking chances. She exercises her sociability.

Sam joins a speedskating club. She enters team sandcastle building contests. She uses some of her 37 weeks of accumulated vacation to visit new places. She returns to work with a new image of reality, discovers a galaxy of habitable planets, and wins a Nobel Prize for astronomy.

Sam quits her job and begins to write science fiction books on the beach in the Lesser Antilles. She starts the Caribbean Speedskating League and organizes the world’s third-largest sandcastle building contest. Locally, she is recognized for her Reggae Karaoke and Zouk Dancing, whose combination becomes famous as SamJammin’.

Sam has a genius-level IQ hampered by her limiting beliefs about who she was and what she could be. As she emancipated her crown energy, her beliefs evaporated, and her potential took a quantum leap outward. Her introversion disappeared as she realized it was the way she limited her opportunities. Her dormant and undercharged emotional and environmental bodies awakened, giving her balance and a new healthier and dynamic center.

Layer Twenty-One, Week One – Thursday


Thursday’s Focus

As you master Wednesday’s Focus, feel for the pull to allow your existing patterns to dominate. Feel for the habitual nature of disregarding and overlooking the unclassified, unknown, and the unexpected. How do your limiting beliefs encourage this tunnel vision?

Thursday’s Concepts

In Layer 19, Week Two, you met the Ethereal Body. Take a few minutes to review those concepts before moving forward.

Your Ethereal Body is the pool of possibilities and Sahasrara is the pool filter. Your crown chakra takes all the energy, clears it of debris, and replenishes the container that is you. As you consciously connect the energy in your Ethereal Body and your crown chakra, you will feel the synergy. You will feel how they work cooperatively to open doors and remove limits – to help you boldly go where you’ve never gone before … or even considered going before.

Like the pool, your Ethereal Body provides the material for the funnel of your crown chakra. The bigger the pool, the more fuel for creation, understanding, and manifestation. As you may have experienced in the movement from L19W2, as you expand your Ethereal Body to encompass your entire body, it can provide this same unconfigured, clean, energy to your other chakras. The impossible becomes unstoppable and the inconceivable materializes, effortlessly and fluidly.

Jonathon was a timid child, unsure of himself and his connection to the Earth, friends, and family. As such, all his chakras lacked energy, connection, and collaboration. His crown chakra and Ethereal Body were underdeveloped. He could feel very little of the grandeur around him. Nothing seemed interesting to him, nothing fascinated, he didn’t feel any sense of wonder, and he never felt curious enough to challenge his limits.

This pattern followed him to adulthood where he distanced himself from every challenge. He was dull, stagnant, and uninterested – human unflavored gelatin. And then he was mugged. A nine-year-old kicked his ass and stole his wallet, Timex, and penny loafers and left him bumped, bruised, and belittled. It was the best thing that ever happened to him.

During the assault, Jonathon felt a spark and he realized he wanted to live. After the attack, he felt shame at his complete lack of self-defense. He joined a Jujutsu dojo and it changed his life. Jonathon sat and watched for the first week, too meek to participate. The second week, he donned his Gi and joined the class. It required him to interact in a very direct and personal way with his environment and the people in it. He felt his muscles, tendons, blood, and bones. He felt the physical and energic qualities of others. As he did, long-dormant energy began to stir. Each of his charkas began to absorb more energy. He got stronger, more supple, and increasingly confident.

As his crown chakra opened, he saw the potential for taking his new way of being out of the dojo and into the world. After the first year, feeling like a new person, he changed his name to Zeke Dafreke. By the end of the second year, he was teaching at the dojo and volunteering in low-income areas teaching Jujutsu to the elderly.

Jonathon went on to form the Meek to Freke system of collaborative community defense. He taught the old and infirm to train and interact as groups to improve their health, protect themselves, and do good works. At last count, 17,345 people over the age of 70 are active participants. Zeke can be found wearing brightly colored Kaftans with army boots strolling merrily through ghettos greeting Frekesters and encouraging the elderly to exercise their autonomy.

Layer Twenty-One, Week One – Friday


Friday’s Focus

Begin to identify the qualities of energy and increase your discernment for the difference in sensation between configured and unconfigured, pure, energy.

Friday’s Concepts

The primary component of your Sahasrara Chakra is rejuvenation. A healthy crown chakra brings in de-configured energy. It absorbs. That absorption revitalizes. When you allow it, the absorbed energy from the seventh chakra will cascade down your central power channel, recharging your bodies, other chakras, and components.

There is a different quality or feeling of rejuvenation from the Sahasrara than from other chakras. It is softer and smoother. It feels comforting, helping to settle and quell any energetic irregularities of the other chakras.

Healthy Configurations: Accumulating, Expansive, Fluid

Unhealthy Configurations: Stagnant, Scattered

The healthy configurations of accumulating and expansive should be evident. Sahasrara absorbs. It brings fluidity as its energy washes over the other chakras. Unhealthy crown chakras will feel stagnant or scattered. Scattered will appear frenetic, disconnected, or out-of-body. Stagnant will show up in people set in their ways, not open to new ideas, growth, or anything that doesn’t match their limited view of reality. Anyone who places a strong label on themselves will have some degree of dysfunction in their crown chakra. Any label – man, woman, Jets fan, Hippy, loving, wounded, compassionate, bald, funny, etc. Labels limit possibility which constrains the crown chakra.

If I label myself a funny, bald, man, I am not completely open to being more or less than that. What are your labels and how do they limit the mental, emotional, and physical of yourself?

Layer Twenty-One, Week One – Saturday


Saturday’s Focus

When you find yourself in a difficult or frustrating situation, tempted to connect to non-beneficially configured energy, challenge yourself to activate your crown chakra and absorb pure energy.

Saturday’s Concepts

Throughout the concepts, you have read that energy is energy, that there is not good energy and bad energy. The popular misconception of good/bad energy probably stems from unhealthy crown chakras – people connecting to configured energies outside of their bodies. When energy is absorbed by the Sahasrara into the Central Power Channel, it is unconfigured, clean. A displaced, unhealthy crown chakra connects to energy by projection. It reaches out and grabs energy. Most of that energy is already configured, some of it in unhealthy or non-beneficial ways.

Energy absorbed through healthy chakras is unconfigured or maybe more accurately de-configured. As it is absorbed, the chakra digests it, breaking it down into its original form or elemental properties.

As you can expand your Ethereal Body to envelop your entire being, it assists the other chakras in the energy de-configuring process in the same way it does with the crown chakra. It allows each of your chakras to absorb energy without configuration – beliefs, limits, demands, and limitations.

The Gravity Body and the Ethereal Body can work together to help you maintain the most beneficial and rewarding trajectories. If you remember, the Gravity Body (L19W1) configures incoming energy, giving it weight and mass. As you increase the influence of both your Ethereal Body and Gravity Body, the incoming unconfigured energy of every chakra will align with and configure to the resonances of your Hara and Essence.

You will learn more about this next week, when you explore more deeply the relationships between the Chakras, Hara, and Essence.

Climbing the Ladder


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