In my work with clients, resistance is THE main thing in the way of growth, ease, fulfillment, connection, business success … you name it, it is the way of everything.

Resistance only exists when I push against something and it wastes my energy.

When I resist, physically, mentally emotionally, spiritually, I start to feel powerless. I’ve give my power, focus, potential to the things I DON’T want to happen.

When I channel that same energy towards what I DO want, I am powerful and can more easily generate momentum. I make change happen!

I am powerful when I focus or channel that energy to create change. I gain clarity to see what is actually happening, not only what I can perceive through my lens of resistance. I literally refocus, moving in the direction of the thing that needs my attention to grow, or if it’s internal resistance to something I soften enough that it transforms and I can use that energy to create what I want.

Resisting something doesn’t make it go away or change – I am giving it my power to stay strong actually. IT KEEPS ME STUCK.

Resistance exists in my body, mind, and out in the world in the form of people, situations or ideas. Resistance is a dense and heavy energy that limits me. And what I resist, makes it continue to exist.

Powerful people cultivate their internal game daily. They have tools that help them stay focused and take action that aligns with their intentions.

The things in our life that are pervasively filled with resistance
– unhappy relationships,
– careers that are not moving,
– teams that are stuck unproductive,
– communities that exist with racism,
– businesses that are stuck,
– leaders who cultivate fear and division,
can be transformed by learning to identify the resistance, understanding how to shift it and creating momentum towards what we want.

Every single day I am identifying what I am resisting (most often the resistance is to my own greatest potential) because then I can choose consciously where I put my potential. When I cultivate and focus my thoughts and energy I AM power. When I allow my untamed mind go the way of resistance, my potential and power are scattered in unfulfilling directions.

FEEL where resistance is limiting YOU and choose to be curious,

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