¨Our subconscious mind likes Stuck. Stuck is under control and boring. It detours around the greatest potential for change; the possibility for completion and the opportunity of the birth of something better. ¨ – The Change Militia, Week 3

Argh. Stuck is a sluggish, heavy feeling and I notice when I am stuck, it definitely triggers self-criticism. My inner judge starts to shout in an attempt to get things moving … but it never works. It just makes it worse.

We can let our inner judge run the show and keep us right where we are. If we don’t know how to shift gears and create new habits, we can stay stuck for years. How quickly we move through stuck depends on our level of awareness and the tools we have learned.

Honestly, I´m impatient and really curious about what will come to life once I get unstuck so the tools in The Change Militia have helped me SO much. They get me unstuck fast.

Here´s something interesting about being stuck: You can’t think your way to a new way of being or a new experience of life with the same mind that got you there. So, you can´t read more or stoke your intellect and find a way out of stuck. In fact, your mind is limited. It is awesome and complex and competent in so many ways but it is actually the thing that got you stuck. It is also the part of you that triggers overwhelm … which gets you stuck.

Your subconscious mind doesn’t like change so the most efficient way to change is absolutely NOT by ¨figuring it out¨ with your mind, it is through movement.

Movement brings about change. From subtle movements of the breath to gross movements of the body, with enough know how to cultivate and direct movement, you can create deep, lasting change.

A couple weeks ago, one of our members shared that after just 6 weeks she has been feeling spontaneous bursts of happiness every single day! All by doing the simple movements in the program. She is more than unstuck! She´s now creating momentum so that this way of being, joyous, happy, and more connected to others becomes her normal way of being. She now knows how to use specific movements to get unstuck.

If you allow yourself to do the movements to get unstuck, every time you feel yourself getting stuck, you will be prepared. As your potential expands by staying unstuck and creating momentum, you naturally create bigger. And THAT becomes your habit. This can become your way of being.

Another member who is has a really powerful mind has said over and over stop thinking and ¨just do it, just do the movements¨ and watch what unfolds. It´s pretty awesome.

Have a stellar day,


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