This was my experiment on “being available.”
One of the greatest gifts I received while in Bali last year was a truer understanding of what I am capable of. It is still limited but the awareness I had blew my mind and moved me to a new awareness of who I can BE.

When I showed up for my clients in Bali, I determined that I would “be available.” I had been meditating daily and that was the message I kept hearing… “just show up and be available for what the people in front of you need.” And so that was to be my experiment.

What does it mean to actually be the essence and energy of “available” – in my mind, in my body, in my energy. How do I BE AVAILABLE, literally become the energy of available, rather than it being something outside of me that I am offering with limitation. To be available required me to soften and open, over and over. The results blew my heart open and I felt more good mojo than I’ve ever felt.
The Elite Bali Experience
What was even more interesting was that when I got home I told my friend Katie about this intention and she looked at me and said “And that itself is SO rare! Just to have someone be available” and then to illustrate it she put her hands up as if to block someone coming at her. I realized how true it is. When I was available to sense what my client needed and listen to the messages I was getting, I was able to serve at a level I honestly did not know I was capable of … YET sadly, in our modern societies we are increasingly resistant to being open and available and we expend a ton of energy, guarding our time and energy. W3e create a habit of being on guard for anything that might require “too much” of us.

As a result, we miss this opportunity to receive so deeply or give so big. When I opened, I received WAY more energy, love, kindness than I gave. I am ecstatic with all this potential I had been leaving out of my life.



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