Every private client I work with and every member of The Change Militia is changing the world in a diverse range of industries, locations and communities.

They have the intelligence, the knowledge, the skills and the expertise … except they couldn’t quite do it.


That’s it. Without those, they are bad-ass leaders who get out of their own way and make great things happen.

Here’s what I experienced and you may notice in yourself.

You get stuck because you’re afraid of being overwhelmed.

You actually create “stuck”, that pattern of being, in an effort to avoid getting overwhelmed by being too much.

Being “too” seen, busy, energized, powerful, much, big, vibrant, loud, etc. is an incredibly common fear with the men and women in my life and work.

You may also feel “not enough” which is a pattern of being that effectively limits your potential feelings of “too much.”


Celebration! You are damn good at employing patterns that work!

Stuck and overwhelm are incredibly effective patterns that help limit your potential so you don’t get too big. My clients are moderating their amazing by being “stuck” at one end of the spectrum or “overwhelmed” at the other.

I’ve been there, done this and know the way out. There is another way where we are tapping our potential, flowing and powerful.

How about learning to be so damn good at employing patterns that help you feel ease and power and actually change the world?

Have a vision to change something in the world but feeling stuck or overwhelmed? It might be time to make it happen. Come join us in The Change Militia or PM me and let’s connect to see what else is possible.

Choose to be curious,

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