This week someone expressed that they felt it would take a lot of energy to get from where they are, to feeling big and magnetizing like me … more energy than they could imagine generating.

While I so appreciate that affirmation of who I am being, I have to debunk the idea that it requires a lot of energy to be this way.

I am going to share another video from the trails and a ridiculously simple drawing. Sometimes the most profound things are the most simple and elementary.

And … my friend Linda, an amazing professional artist, prodded me while having lunch recently to use more raw drawings to express concepts. I am a visual thinker and I often draw ideas to share them with clients and friends when I see that they are not “getting” something and it often helps.

Stuffy “professionalism” is quickly heading out the door in this post but I assure you, if you get the ideas I share, your professional life will also improve.

It is an illusion that it will take more time and energy to be bigger, more radiant, happier, etc – you actually generate energy when you are big. Watch the 4-minute video to get the basics:



Now to take it to the visual – your energy naturally expands outward with ease and flow. YOU ALREADY ARE RADIANT… under all that bullsh*t you are spewing at yourself.

To be more comfortable and hold you smaller and “safer”, your mind gets involved – usually this starts at a young age – and wastes a ton of your energy by focusing and repeating non-sense like in the diagram on the right below. These statements and the zillion customized variations you are creating, burn off that radiance.

It requires energy to stay small. Lots of it.

takes less energy to be than small

And then, it becomes a habit.

In order to be bigger, you simply stop the effort to keep yourself small and allow your goodness to expand out, attract rad opportunities, cool people, share ideas, share delight, etc. – like the drawing on the left. You simply let it be and acknowledge how awesome you are rather than trying to stop it.

It may require support to change your habit and some new tools to deal with your discomfort of all that goodness.

And then you have all that energy back to do more creative, fun stuff!

The crazy thing is that those who choose to be their radiant selves are rare. Are you one of us?




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