Curiosity, kindness, playfulness and love are like ¨gateway drugs¨ to a deeply satiating sense of fulfillment. They are also the tenets for The Change Militia. Every concept, experiment or practice is done with these in mind.

These states of being give us access to an undiminished reality. To the unlimited version of ourselves without all the layers of defenses and stories.

What increases fulfillment is HOW we do what we do, not necessarily what we do. It is who we are being when we do it.

You can have the very same transaction from a state of frustration or urgency or curiosity or playfulness and get completely different results.

And you don´t have to wait for a future time to change things. You can change what you are creating RIGHT NOW.

You can go into your very next interaction with yourself or others and CHOOSE one of these gateway states of being and experiment with your results. Experiment with valuing your state of being more than what you think and see what else is possible.

ALL THAT SAID, the thing I see missing with most people is TRUSTING that it is possible for such silly, light and fluffy things such as curiosity, playfulness, kindness and love to make such huge fulfilling shifts in their lives. Our strong development of our minds in western culture is one of our greatest assets but often our mind becomes our greatest defect.

The ¨real¨ person inside tends to be bullied by the militant mind that THINKS its way and insists that it can FIGURE things out if we allow it. We literally stop trusting our selves.

You are not your mind. Your mind is simply a function of you – one part of the whole you. Your mind thinking it IS you, will rebel against these light ways of being, devaluing them as things that can happen AFTER you figure it all out …THEN you can be playful, curious and happy! So get back to the HARD WORK of life!! play later!

Don´t be a victim to your mind and life!

I could FILL a book with all the crazy shit my mind spews. And if I listened to it, I would miss the greatest gems of all – THE WAY TO FULFILLMENT is to BE these gateway states now. Not to wait. To create from these states of lightness.

Your states of being are simply habits.

To create the life you want you need to create habits of your being and mind that cultivate who you want to be and what you want to experience.
Choose to be curious,

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