List of Sensations

Achy, Empty, Moist, Spinning, Airy, Energized, Nauseous, Still, Bloated, Expanded, Nervous, Streaming, Blocked, Expansive, Nervy, Stringy, Breathless, Faint, Numb, Strong, Brittle, Flaccid,

Open, Suffocated, Bruised, Floating, Paralyzed, Suffocating, Bubbly, Flowing, Pounding, Sweaty, Burning, Fluid, Pressure, Buzzy, Flushed, Prickly, Tender, Calm, Fluttery, Puffy, Tense,

Clammy, Fragile, Pulsing, Thick, Clenched, Frantic, Queasy, Thin, Closed, Frozen, Quivery, Throbbing, Cold, Full, Radiating, Tight, Congested, Fuzzy, Ragged, Tingling, Constricted, Heated, Raw,

Tingly, Contracted, Heavy, Referring, Trembling, Cool, Hollow, Relaxed, Tremulous, Damp, Hot, Releasing, Twitchy, Dark, Icy, Restricted, Warm, Deflated, Inflated, Sensitive, Wobbly, Dense,

Itchy, Shaky, Wooden, Disconnected, Jagged, Sharp, Dizzy, Jittery, Shivery, Draining, Jumpy, Smooth, Dry, Knotted, Sore, Dull, Light, Spacey, Electric, Luminous,  Spacious, Swirling, Vibrating.

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List of Emotions

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