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There are six steps, and each is an important part of the progression to eliminate anxiety, stress, and overwhelm. Read this page first and then click NEXT button to take you to the first step.

If you are feeling anxious, stressed, or overwhelmed right now, click here now.
To get the most from this program:

Know that your mind is going to get in the way – We can guarantee that your mind will tell you this is too simple or too complicated to work. Your mind might try to convince you that you are too advanced, old, or broken. It might try to tell you that you are too busy, stressed, or unhealthy. Disregard your mind, do each practice, and allow the process to unfold.

Here is how you will access the content – Use the Next button at the bottom of each page to go to the next step. Do the course at your own pace. And remember, anytime you are actively anxious, do one of the Five F’s movements that matches your subconscious fear signal before getting into the content.

Do the practices – Reading the content and watching the videos won’t be enough. Thinking won’t change your anxiety levels. You have to do the practices. This is an action-based program of sensory awareness – you want to feel each step. Use the balancing and resetting videos as needed to help keep you centered and balanced.

Reach out –  Often the people who come to us are typically the ones who are relied upon to have the answers for others, so admitting to having difficulty can be hard or embarrassing. We get it and really do want to hear from you and support your success. Reach out at any time to ask questions or schedule a call with Jeff to identify how you can accelerate your success. Jeff@TheChangeMilitia.com.

We will present each step in the following way –

  • First, there will be an introduction to the concept and practice.
  • Next, there will a video.
  • Then, the practice and its description.
  • We will tell you why it matters, how you can use it every day, and the progression.
  • Last, a wrap-up and teaser for the next step.

Approach all these practices with curiosity and playfulness. Relax your mind and soften your body, take a few deep breaths, and don’t expect to learn everything instantly. Celebrate your successes as you go.

All of this has proven successful. It is valuable and will work. Take your time. Give yourself as many days as it takes on each step to digest and absorb the content and to feel the practices before moving on.

Click the Next button to take you to Step One. We will talk about the lies we have all been told about anxiety and introduce you to the first step to regain control.

And remember, anytime you are actively anxious, do one of the movements on the video page.

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