Layer Twenty-Two, Week Two – Sunday


Sunday’s Focus

Spend the day gaining awareness of when, where, how, and why you generate the too much and not enough labels.

Sunday’s Concepts

Last week, you began a lifetime of energy expenditure awareness. Consciously recognizing where you spend your energy is a huge key to not only being efficient but also increasing health, growth, fun, and fulfillment.

Your subconscious mind doesn’t like change. New trajectories take your subconscious mind out of the familiar and into the unknown. Movement creates change. Change creates newness and unfamiliarity. Growth requires that you do, see, feel, hear, smell, and think about things in revolutionary ways. Discomfort will accompany growth, they are inseparable.

Improvement, growth, and evolution require change.

Here is a quick recap of the six steps from last week:

  1. Figure out where most of your energy goes.
  2. Does your subconscious mind whisper or scream that you are Too Much or Not Enough?
  3. How are your successes leading to insecurities?
  4. What is the nature of your ingrained and persistent resistance?
  5. Shift from being reactive to responsive.
  6. Change the world from the inside out.


Last week, we talked about the first step. Now, let’s look at the second. The two primary ways your subconscious mind tries to derail your evolution is by trying to convince you that you or something in your environment is Too Much or Not Enough. If your subconscious mind is successful, you fall back on familiar and habitual reactions and patterns.

Your subconscious mind uses Too Much and Not Enough to avoid change, discomfort, and growth.

Not Enough and Too Much are comparative projections. Your subconscious mind compares what is available to its current level of fear. Then, it creates demands whose goal is to reestablish the familiarity it seeks.  

Your subconscious mind exists as illusion and projection. Not Enough and Too Much are fictional values it creates as it deems necessary. When you quiet your subconscious mind, you exist without feelings of insufficiency or excess.

Layer Twenty-Two, Week Two- Monday



Monday’s Focus

Question where the energy source is for your labels. What image, belief, or patterns is being activated? What is the root of the story?

Monday’s Concepts

Your subconscious mind co-opts undigested energy as fuel. That means that all of your held trauma, anger, stories, and drama stay in your system BECAUSE your subconscious mind has identified them as future fuel sources.

Your subconscious mind creates a prison for your pain and then guards that pain until it needs to release some of it to continue to limit you.

Ask yourself, “What if my trauma and other held energies only purpose is to keep me trapped in my habitual patterns.”  

Ask yourself how much time you spend in comparison.

Your subconscious mind is reductive. It is constantly looking to shrink your options, to simplify opportunities into familiar (safe) and unfamiliar (unsafe).

This may be hard to accept. If your subconscious mind is keeping you from digesting your trauma, then your trauma doesn’t have any value on its own. It is a fuel source. This can be incredibly powerful.

I’ve probably shared this before, but one thing suggested while I was in healing school was for me to confront my dad for not being around when I was growing up. I was holding on to the story I came from a broken home and the school’s belief was that if I confronted my dad, it would somehow release. That felt shitty to me. It felt like blame and projection. I decided I could look at it differently. I could be grateful for the opportunities an absent father gave me.

I am self-reliant because I was a latch-key kid. I take chances and explore because I never had someone limiting my movements or decisions. I plot a unique course because I didn’t have to follow someone else’s path or succumb to their demands.

Once I consciously reframed and revalued my childhood, the associated value completely changed. My dad wasn’t the most open-minded guy. There was his way… and the wrong way. I’m sure I would have either surrendered to that model or fought it to the death of our relationship.

Layer Twenty-Two, Week Two – Tuesday



Tuesday’s Focus

Question what options or opportunities your subconscious mind is looking to reduce by upleveling your fear.

Tuesday’s Concepts

So, if held energy like trauma is just the gas tank for your subconscious mind, what about all your other images, beliefs, and patterns? What about your intolerances, judgements, and racism?

Yep, all of those are fuel.

What about your personality? Yep.

Here is the logic: Your subconscious mind doesn’t have an energy source on its own. It must co-opt some other energy and reconfigure it to do its bidding. Think about your physical body. Each cell, tissue, and organ has the ability to refuel. Each of your other bodies can metabolize energy for fuel using chakras. Your conscious mind responds to current energy flows by organizing chaos and opportunity into thought. Your conscious mind is rhythmic and dynamic, it syncopates with current energy flows to bring about change. It is looking to develop energy, momentum, and fluidity. It is opportunistic, like a hiker eating berries and drinking from streams as he or she travels.

Your subconscious mind is reductive. It is looking to minimize energy variance, limit momentum, and limit fluidity by manipulating energy into familiar patterns. And that requires an enormous amount of energy. Sometimes, enough to overwhelm every other body.

Your subconscious mind steals energy from other functions and holds it in fear-constructs.

Alexandra Owens is a marvelous dancer who can make a splash in a flash. Alex gets nervous before performances. She feels it like drunk butterflies stumbling around in her belly. Alex’s subconscious mind is trying to limit how much expression she can stomach. The more nervous, the less energy that will be available to dance. Her subconscious mind is trying to keep her to a familiar range. It is trying to limit her success because success brings about growth and change. 

Your instability, reactivity, addictions, and quirks are how your subconscious mind controls your conscious mind.

Layer Twenty-Two, Week Two – Wednesday


Wednesday’s Focus

Today, as you identify the too much and not enough labels, question their validity. Are they factual or fictional and to what degree?

Wednesday’s Concepts

The Not Enough and Too Much patterns are foundational to that process.

Consider your personality. It exists in a range. You do what you normally do and resist doing things out of the ordinary. Your subconscious mind whispers Not Enough and Too Much when you try to deviate. The more entrenched the pattern, the smaller the variance that your subconscious mind permits… before it crafts stories to convince you of the need to limit something.

I have a very low tolerance for being hungry and that tolerance is decreasing. Working from home gives me a ton of latitude about when, how, and what I eat. My subconscious mind has convinced me I need to eat often, and that hunger is a threat to my existence or at least my productivity and creativity. It tries to convince me that eating as a distraction will make me safer.

But the opposite is true. Eating funnels energy to my stomach. Eating poorly requires even more digestive energy. If I shunt my energy to digestion, I stunt my ability to be creative and productive. I get dull when I eat too much or too often. Afternoon naps follow afternoon snacks.

When I try to limit my workday snacking, I get anxious. The longer I go, the more anxious I get. And I know this is fictional anxiety because it doesn’t happen when I am not at home trying to work. I can go for an eight-hour hike with two protein bars.

When I mountain bike, stopping to eat feels like a threat. My subconscious mind links eating differently when I am riding. Eating becomes something to avoid. When I ride, my subconscious mind correlates momentum with safety. Stopping to eat stops the recurring pattern of riding. Riding is familiar. Stopping to eat takes me out of that familiar pattern.

Layer Twenty-Two, Week Two – Thursday


Thursday’s Focus

Deconstruct your personality. What aspects of your personality limit your expression?

Thursday’s Concepts

Not Enough and Too Much are going to always be comparative values. Your subconscious mind uses them to create some reference or story, and usually won’t have a clear delineation between one and the other. The tipping point between the two will be in constant motion and will be situational.

Your subconscious mind creates Too Much and Not Enough to limit your actions, mobility, and effectiveness.

The feelings will feel real but remember, they are fiction, illusion, and projection devised by your subconscious mind to bully your conscious mind into staying in a familiar range.

Your subconscious mind finds patterns of sensations and labels them as fear. When you feel fear, you are feeling something you have felt before. Those compounding sensations are working to get you to succumb to the manipulation.

The mental and emotional aspects of fear are habitual. They recreate previous experiences that have successfully shut down your energetic expressions.

Consider people with a fear of flying. What are they afraid of? Is it really dying in a horrible crash or is it moving too quickly from the familiar pattern of their life?

Do Arachnophobes really believe that every spider could kill them? Or, do their subconscious mind’s use spiders as a way to vent energy whenever they feel too much?

You create Too Much and Not Enough to manage or manipulate energy flows.

Layer Twenty-Two, Week Two – Friday


Friday’s Focus

Examine your habits. How do your recurring actions and reactions limit you?

Friday’s Concepts

Each of the five fears will have two aspects, Not Enough and Too Much. Let’s start with each aspect of the Not Enough fear patterns. Remember, Not Enough and Too Much come into play when your subconscious mind judges that there is more energy available than you can handle/process/metabolize. They can also come into play when the subconscious mind feels a demand greater than what it perceives is readily available.

Not Enough / Too Much: Fear Configurations

Fight fears show up as demands for more of something. It might be attention, recognition, energy, respect, affection, understanding, or the acknowledgment of existence. You might want more for yourself (not enough), or you might by fighting the demands of others (too much).

Flight fears will probably manifest as rejection confirmations. You might escape into storylines that affirm your beliefs you are insufficient (not enough). You might pull away at the slightest slight. You might run away from a situation your subconscious mind feels is overwhelming (too much).

Freeze fears might coalesce as energetic hibernation, stagnation, or compression. When confronted with too many choices, opportunities, or complexity, your system shuts down your energy flows. Hibernation and stagnation are usually not enough constructs. You feel you cannot progress because you are insufficient. Compression happens when you feel you are too much for the situation, so you take what you have and compress it.

Fix fears will manifest as a restructuring or redistributing of energy. You will try to reconfigure yourself or your environment to confirm your not-enoughness or too-muchness. You will try to control the incoming and outgoing energies to maintain the illusion that you are in control.  

Familiar fears will exist in all the above fears. Not Enough and Too Much are really just the manifestation of your familiar fears. They try to keep you in your safe zone.

Layer Twenty-Two, Week Two – Saturday


Saturday’s Focus

Go through the list of the fears from Friday’s Concepts and figure out which of the five you typically use.

Saturday’s Concepts

So, what do you do with all this?

You use the feelings of Not Enough and Too Much as signposts, flashing neon signs with horns blaring, to signal your conscious mind that your subconscious mind is trying to corrupt and manipulate you into being less than optimum.

When you feel either of those feelings, you try to identify how much energy they are imprisoning and begin to jailbreak it out.

That is where reframing and revaluing comes in. I recounted one in Monday’s Concepts. I reframed and revalued my dad not being around. He could be narrow-minded and overbearing. Being left alone gave me the opportunity to figure things out for myself… which eventually led me here. The Change Militia content is me figuring things out for myself and then sharing my conclusions.

Your subconscious mind does not want you to be self-reliant, confident, creative, and expressive. It uses Not Enough and Too Much to chain you to your past and your fears.

Explore and deconstruct your Not Enough and Too Much triggers. Find the wealth of energy they hold and unleash it to fulfill your dreams.

The Dots – Chakra Five

  1. Find a comfortable seat and make sure you have 15-20 minutes of uninterrupted time.
  2. Take several softening breaths, let the tension melt and your energy begin to flow.
  3. Make sure you feel settled and grounded before you continue.
  4. Connect to the energy in your Central Power Channel. Feel your Spinal Fluid coursing up and down your spine.
  5. Connect the flow of energy in your CPC to your breath. Feel it rise on the inhale and descend on the exhale.
  6. Don’t continue until you feel the ascending and descending energies.
  7. Feel the energy pool and build in the area around your throat.
  8. Encourage the energy to flow out of the fifth chakra.
  9. Relax the muscles in your throat and neck.
  10. Allow the energy to flow unimpeded through the chakra and down into the body.
  11. Feel the energy descend and open the descending chakras sequentially.
  12. Once you feel the energy metabolizing, open your awareness farther and farther from your body.
  13. Take this process into the rest of your day. Question what you are limiting and filtering.

Why it Matters – This is where the pieces come together. You have spent a couple of years getting to know your bodies, components, configurations, chakras, auras, values, and the relationships between them. This practice confirms and expands your awareness of those relationships. This particular movement will help you reduce your judgements, intolerances, and condemnations.

Everyday Usability – This practice will help you listen more fully. It will help you effortlessly metabolize more energy. It will increase your in the moment awareness of your environment and the people in it.

Progression – You will proceed to the six chakra next week.


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