Here is a way to settle and reset your system when you are anxious, stressed, or feeling overwhelmed.

– Do this when it feels like you have driven off the cliff or are about to.

This practice works. Your mind might try to convince you that it is too simple or that it won’t work for you.
Give it a try. Allow yourself the opportunity to succeed.
Change requires action.

Video Description:

Navigating the Abyss

Part #1 – Stop, acknowledge, and accept the state you are in. Take a few very deep breaths. (Don’t skip this part!)

Part #2 – Soften. Let go of self-judgment and take a step back. Create a little distance.

Part #3 – Find a general label. Determine if it feels like you primarily want to fight, flight, or freeze?

Part #4 – Move. Find a healthy physical movement that parallels the fear you are feeling. Indulge the fear with a similar movement.

Alternative Movements: Walk, Run, Exercise, Swing your arms, Bear Crawl, Jump, Squat, Twist, Lunge, Plank, Skip, Jumping Jacks, Push-ups, Pull-ups, Yoga, Bike ride, Workout, Dance, Yell, Sing, Meditate, Isometric exercises, Plyometric movements, Stretch, Pulsing movements, Shadow Box, Core Exercises, Handstands, Dips, Elastic band exercises, Squeeze a ball, Martial arts, Tai Chi, Qigong, Unicycle, Scooter, Basketball, Batting cage, Soccer, Organized sports, Tennis, Ecstatic Dance, Table tennis, Hike, Climbing gym, Wood carving, Pottery, Sculpture, Pantomime, Yodel.

Part #5 – Persist! Continue the movement until the anxiety is gone and you regain your equilibrium.

*Your movement intensity and duration must match or exceed the energy level of your anxiety.

Part #6 – Reevaluate. If the anxiety persists, continue the movement or find another until you are centered and feel balanced. Celebrate! Affirm your success and acknowledge the change in your state of being.

Want to completely stop anxiety, stress, and overwhelm?

The movement in this video will help you reduce anxiety and overwhelm AFTER you are in the anxiety cycle. Keep doing it until it becomes habit.

When you are ready, check out our other programs. They will help you stop anxiety and all the other things that go bump in the night BEFORE they drag you down. 

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This program will completely change your understanding of what anxiety is and how it controls you. The success rate for our clients and group members is 100% – and they are people like you who have tried all kinds of things and hadn’t been able to stop their anxiety. Click the image above to sign-up. (or The Anxiety Fix program is included with your subscription to The Change Militia)

Included in the program:

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  • Email Support – Connect directly with the creator of the program with questions or concerns.

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Included in your subscription:

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  • Email Support – Connect directly with the creator of the program with questions or concerns.



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