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If you are checking this out, you’ve probably got a high-performer mindset and are experiencing a sense of anxiety that goes along with your drive to achieve.

You’ve probably done all the things you are supposed to do but you are still not experiencing relief.

Your anxiety may show up as overthinking, overworking, worry, tension, self-doubting, overly emotional, spinning, fear, uncertainty, exhaustion, money stuff, parenting anxiety, fear of never being or doing enough, fear of being too much, or impostor syndrome.

Maybe your anxiety is a pervasive low-grade feeling that plagues you daily or high-level anxiety that leads to panic attacks and overwhelm.

You’re not alone, we have yet to meet a high performer who didn’t have anxiety to some degree. 75% of adults reported moderate to high levels of stress in the past month.

Most people think anxiety is simply a part of life that they have to deal with, or who they are as a person … but it doesn’t have to be.

With The Anxiety Fix, in six short videos you can get instant relief from your anxiety and begin to eliminate it for good.

The success rate for our clients and group members is 100% – and they are people like you who had tried all kinds of things and hadn’t been able to stop their anxiety.

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I have a choice now. I don’t struggle with anxiety like I used to. I don’t deal with the depression at all. TCM has helped me recognize anxiety and drama in a second. Pre-TCM I had no idea that these concepts existed. I feel like I can read a practice, put it to use that day and wake up the next day changed. These changes happen so fast that you can be a different person week to week. A better version of you in a week’s period. It’s so cool to know that we’re not stuck being these stagnant old storied versions of ourselves. We can become so much. It is so exciting, it has made me such a better person in all aspects of my life. 

Shawna Haynes

I had low level anxiety all the time. I was easily confused about everything. Everything! In my business, I was in a constant battle with my mind. I would get total clarity and then the next day I would be thinking I don’t know what I am doing. So it would be this back and forth where “I know, I don’t know, I am constantly confused.” And that took a toll on my self-esteem because I would think I don’t know what I am doing, I totally suck. It was like that in my relationship, in my business, the pattern just perpetuated itself everywhere. I was constantly trying to “figure it out.”

Now, I don’t have to be a victim to my emotions or my mind, the over-thinking. Overall, the practices remind me that I have the power to get centered. That relaxed playfulness instantly connects me back to myself, I instantly feel at ease, joyful no worries, and I am just here. They are so valuable. Now I am able to take a deep breath and find it within me. I have a knowing.

Amy Birks

I was always anxious about not being clear. Mine was sort of a low-level anxiousness often times mixed with a feeling of depression. But yeah, there was always that feeling of the other shoe was going to drop or what next or how am I going to know what’s coming or how am going to know what to do next. Always that constant chatter. Now, I can live without feeling anxious.

Nick Coman

The Change Militia practices transformed the free-floating anxiousness that has been with me all my life.

Madeleine Eno

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